There is no S-4 facility by Papoose Lake, says a former Area 51 security guard

by Victor Coleiro, July 15, 2021:

April (2021) interview with Fred Dunham, former Security Guard at Area 51 from 1981 to 1992.


In April (2021) I, Victor Coleiro, interviewed Fred Dunham who was a security guard at Area 51 from 1981 to 1992.  We discussed:

Bob Lazar

His meeting with George Knapp.

Papoose Lake.

His time at Area 51.

Health issues he and his colleagues battled with from their time at Area 51.

Here is the 1 hour interview I  (Victor Coleiro)  did with Fred Dunham:

Some background on Fred Dunham and his health issues he says were derived from his time at Area 51:

Ailing ex-Area 51 worker gets help fighting feds

Fred had been to Papoose Lake as part of his job and said there is no S4 at Papoose.  No secret base there, etc.

There is an S4 at Tonopah Test Range, it’s a radar facility.  They have foreign radar systems there they fly new aircraft over to check their radar signature.  (It is located more than 65 miles northwest of Area 51)

Fred worked at Area 51 during the time Bob said he was flying there to then take a bus to a supposed S4 at Papoose.  Fred checked the Area 51 security lists (current and historical) and Bob was not on them.  Based on that and because there was no base at Papoose, Fred had told George (Knapp) that Bob’s story was not true.

Fred and some of his colleagues have suffered health issues that they attribute to toxic/radiation exposures at Area 51.

BTW, the EW (Electronic Warfare) small building that Fred mentions 60 people had access to including him, was not at Papoose.

I had asked in the interview if it was at Papoose, but Fred at the time did not answer.  I later got a clarification from Fred on where this small EW building was.  Fred told me that the building to the left side of this small lake was the building he was talking about.,+NV,+USA/@37.2622554,-115.840193,502m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80b81baaba3e8c81:0x970427e38e6237ae!8m2!3d37.2430548!4d-115.7930198



I, Norio Hayakawa, have also had the pleasure of communicating with Fred Dunham several years ago.  He is a fine gentleman and I believe his words 100%.   He called me several times and I cherish those conversations I had with him.


(By the way, in my opinion here is one of the best, thorough analyses of Bob Lazar’s claims:



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3 thoughts on “There is no S-4 facility by Papoose Lake, says a former Area 51 security guard

  1. I worked at Tonopah Test Range, which is the official name of this base. I was stationed there from 1970-2000. I worked on numerous aircraft while stationed there as part of my job.
    I know Fred although only in passing. He is correct about both S4 and Mr. Lazar.
    Also we used to laugh about all the stories about aliens and crashed craft.
    We have NEVER EVER had any craft, parts or pieces from craft not from Earth. Nor have we EVER had any non humans at the base. Nor have we ever had any bodies of either people or non humans at the base.
    These stories people make up are to just get attention. Its sad and just more of the extension of narcissistic behavior so prevalent in the world today.


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