Do aliens exist?

by Norio Hayakawa, January 18, 2023:

My answer is:

We still do not know for sure.

As I stated before many times elsewhere, it seems to me that the UFO phenomenon is real, even though we still have not been able, yet, to get to the bottom of what this phenomenon truly is.   As far as “aliens” are concerned, there is no scientifically proven evidence yet of their physical existence, so far.

The only thing we know is that we humans exist:

Sentient, intelligent, physical terrestrial biological entities


In the meantime, as far as “aliens” are concerned, it is so important here to understand the definition of “aliens”, as widely interpreted, if they exist in any shape or form.

Here is the most universally accepted definition of “aliens”:

Sentient, intelligent, physical, extraterrestrial biological entities    (But so far there is no scientifically proven evidence for their physical existence)


To this I would like to add my own definition of “aliens”:

Sentient, intelligent, extradimensional, “paraphysical”  entities  (Even though so far there is no scientifically proven evidence for their existence)


Some say God is an “alien”.

And in this sense, those folks say that what are popularly regarded as angels  (whether they are “benevolent” ones, such as “guardian angels” or “malevolent” ones, such as “fallen, demonic ones”)  are “aliens”.

Whatever the case may be, it is my opinion that only humans are given a chance to change. 


Lastly, here is an interesting comment by this site’s frequent commentator, Jon D,  on all this:

“I believe the best way to describe what ‘aliens’ are, is any form of life that may be more intelligent than we are.  That generally scares most of us.  Why does the thought of something more intelligent inflict fear?  I think it’s the result of a damaged or karma-induced human psyche.  We’ve mistreated forms of life we have deemed less intelligent than us for millennia now, so we fear something more intelligent than us would be capable of treating us the same way.”



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2 thoughts on “Do aliens exist?

  1. Think of one of the most memorable vivid dreams you have ever had, one you will never forgot. Can you prove you had this dream?

    We overvalue the idea of “physical” proof, especially in matters of higher importance. We live in a reality where not all things within it can be validated with physical proof, nor should physical proof be needed to validate.

    The topic of aliens seems to fall into this category, and rightfully so. We are not ready for “physical” interaction with any type of life more advanced than us technologically. It seems this game of hide and seek is by intelligent design, they show themselves not too much, and not too little. They wont leave many clues behind.

    Would physical proof benefit us right now? If an alien craft crashed here in a populated area past the point where it could be covered up, dead alien bodies and all, how do we react? Instinctually I feel we both know that undeniable physical proof of alien life would have a hugely negative reaction driven by our automatic fear of the unknown.

    We must reach a point where as a large majority, we do not fear the unknown, where we welcome it. We have to be willing to learn from it, understand it with an open mind. We have to avoid a future where our minds will be so numbed and incoherent that we will just never be compatible for interaction with other outside forms of advanced life. As a species, we are always going to be judged as a whole.


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