When Bob Lazar lived near Albuquerque, New Mexico

by Norio Hayakawa, January 26, 2023

The UFO community is quite familiar with the eccentric and still enigmatic Bob Lazar who first gained fame  (or notoriety, as some would say)  after 1989, when he first revealed that he had worked at a secret location in Nevada, just 10 miles south of Area 51, which he called “S-4”, which was allegedly located at that time by Papoose Dry Lake.

Bob Lazar’s background is shrouded in mystery and much of his story still cannot be verified.

He was born in Coral Gables, Florida but apparently lived in New York and then later, in Southern California.  Later on, he allegedly moved to Massachusetts.   After that he moved to New Mexico and lived in Los Alamos where he claimed he worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratories  (under the auspices of Kirkmayer Corporation, a contractor for the Laboratories).

In the early 1980s, Lazar moved to Las Vegas, Nevada after Edward Teller allegedly recommended E.G. & G. Corporation that they hire him for a specific job at Nevada Test Site.  The rest is history.

But after his stint in Las Vegas ended, Lazar moved back to New Mexico, if I am not mistaken, in the early 2000s.  This time near Albuquerque. 

He settled down in a small community called Sandia Park, just behind the Sandia Mountains.    It was here that he set up his small company called United Nuclear, and he started selling small scientific equipment and chemicals to the public, but mainly to some small defense contractors in Albuquerque.   His warehouse was not too far from his house.  Some say that it was not Sandia Park but Edgewood, which is contiguous to Sandia Park.

I believe it was around 2007 or 2008  (I could be wrong on that.  In fact I was just told that the raid took place in 2006)  that Federal agents raided his home and his business in Sandia Park, alleging that he had been selling illegal chemicals as well as uranium to the public.   I only learned about the raid after my wife and I moved from California to New Mexico in 2008.

Whether or not Bob Lazar had any dealings with a uranium mine in the Navajo Reservation, I do not know, because, coincidentally, there is a large company called United Nuclear Corporation that owns a uranium mine and mill within the Navajo Nation in Church Rock, New Mexico.

In any case, after the raid, Bob Lazar then moved to Michigan and restarted his Unite Nuclear company.  Some say that at one time he did some work for Raytheon, a defense contractor.

But a few years ago, I understand that he and his operations now moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon.    While in Michigan, however, from what I heard, his house there and his business were again raided by Federal agents.

Here in Albuquerque, I met a gentleman by the name of Jim Brockway who said he interacted with Bob Lazar several times at Bob Lazar’s home in Sandia Park.  Jim was doing business with Bob Lazar since Jim was working at that time for a small company here in Albuquerque that dealt with scientific equipment and chemicals.

Jim told me that indeed Lazar was kind of eccentric but he knew his stuff very well.

Jim told me that one day Bob Lazar had a barbecue party here in Albuquerque and invited several of his clients  (including him)  to a house right near Thunder Scientific Corporation located right next to the main gate of Kirtland Air Force Base on Wyoming Blvd.

Whether or not Lazar had any dealings with Thunder Scientific Corporation I do not know.    As many in the UFO community are familiar, Thunder Scientific Corporation was founded by the late Paul Bennewitz, a scientist who lived in the Four Hills area of Albuquerque, almost right next to the former Manzano Underground nuclear storage site.   After Bennewitz’s death in 2003, his sons took over the company and even today, Thunder Scientific Corporation does business with Kirtand AFB, selling scientific equipment to the base, such as high altitude calibration equipment, etc. etc.

Here is an interview I just had with Jim Brockway:

In the interview, I believe there was a discrepancy (or confusion on his part) as to the year that he interacted with Lazar (he said it was around 2013) because Lazar was long gone from New Mexico by then.   After the raid (which took place in 2006), by 2008 he had already moved to Michigan.



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2 thoughts on “When Bob Lazar lived near Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. I do believe Bob Lazar did work with unidentified craft. Was it alien? In my opinion, no. It was more likely ancient terrestrial technology that was uncovered. The idea of it being alien works as a veil to cover the truth that human history goes much further back than currently taught, and the technology was quite different and in some cases more advanced than where we are now. If asked, he may agree with this. To most people, the idea of aliens visiting here seems more plausible than the idea of a previous human civilization more advanced than we are now.

    I can’t get behind the idea that an alien craft possibly thousands of years more advanced than us would just crash here on earth, recklessly, leaving behind technology that could transform our civilization with likely destructive repercussions. I can’t believe that. That would to me seem like a major violation of our development.

    So if Lazar did in fact work on some type of solid physical unidentified craft, to me it’s more logical that it was just unearthed from a previous human civilization, which could easily date back to well over 10,000 years ago. The atomic bomb itself in my opinion was not a modern human invention, it’s more accurate to state it was re-invented. There is evidence of prior use of atomic weapons in many places here on earth, and even on Mars as far fetched as that sounds. So there must exist a library, somewhere, in which some of the information and technological blueprints still exist from many moons ago, a past which was erased from history.


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