Award-winning short documentary film “THE CONSPIRATOLOGIST”, featuring Norio Hayakawa

A 2022 short documentary film produced by filmmakers Stephen Bradford and Justin Jay Jones.

The film examines the colorful life of Norio Hayakawa, a 79-year old Japanese American conspiracy researcher living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Watch the entire movie here:



By Stephen Bradford producer:

“For most my life I have had a fascination with UFOs.  After college, I began reading much of the literature on the subject.  In the last 15 years, I have written extensively on the subject, appeared on podcasts, started a book, and forged many strong friendships with some pretty interesting people.  Although I am not a firm believer in metal disks visiting us from outer space, I do think there is SOMETHING to the phenomena.  At the very least, the subject challenges your mind and forces you to think a bit deeper about reality.

One person who always fascinated me was Norio F. Hayakawa.  Earlier this year when Justin Jay Jones and I founded our first video production company, I knew I wanted to make short documentaries on a handful of people.”

This film was awarded the best film in the short documentary category at Santa Fe International Film Festival in 2022, the Midwest WeirdFest Film Festival in Wisconsin in 2023 and also at the Parapod Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2023.




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Please also watch Norio Hayakawa’s YouTube videos

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