The government may not be smart enough to keep secrets – – but smart enough to muddy the waters

We give way too much credit to the government, the government that is quite inefficient, unable to keep secrets for too long and unable to cover up anything for too long.

I stand with Col. John Alexander who stated time and time again that there is no intentional cover-up of the UFO phenomenon by the US government, even though the phenomenon seems to exist.


Because the government itself  (including the military)  has always been perplexed by this phenomenon, being unable to come up with any conclusions, mainly for the reason that this phenomenon in essence seems to be “paranormal”  (or better yet, paraphysical)  in nature.

It is therefore quite understandable that the government is incapable and unwilling to deal with this phenomenon and rightfully refuses to explain things of this nature.

It will never prematurely make any official announcement that this phenomenon constitutes actual physical ET visitation.

The military, however, seems to have taken advantage of such assumptions  (made by some in the government and the military that UFOs are extraterrestrial)  and continues to develop various weapons systems as a cogent reason to emulate such technologies emanating from the reported phenomenon, taking advantage of its psychological implications.

The bottom line here is that even though the UFO phenomenon may exist  (and we are still uncertain about its true nature),  it has not proven itself to be absolute, tangible evidence that we have been visited by actual physical extraterrestrial biological entities in any actual physical spacecraft of any kind.  The term “UFOs” is misleading since we still do not know if they are really objects or if they are actually flying as we understand flying to be  (as through the use of a propulsion system),  as often mentioned by Dr.  Jacques Vallee.

So, yes, I also agree with the recent statements made by Edward Snowden.

Please read the following extract from CNN report on October 23, 2019:


As a former employee of the CIA and contractor for the National Security Agency, Snowden had access to some of the nation’s most closely held secrets.

And, like any curious mind with access to the CIA’s version of Google might do, he went in search of answers to some of society’s most pressing questions.

As it turns out, the US government is not aware of any intelligent, extraterrestrial life, he says.

“For the record, as far as I could tell, aliens have never contacted Earth, or at least they haven’t contacted US intelligence,” Snowden writes in his recent memoir, “Permanent Record.”

Also, the moon landing did indeed occur.

“In case you were wondering: Yes, man really did land on the moon.  Climate change is real.  Chemtrails are not a thing,” he adds.

The NSA whistleblower addressed the conspiracies again on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, released Wednesday, saying “there’s no evidence” of aliens and chemtrails and the like.

“I know, Joe, I know you want there to be aliens,” Snowden joked to Rogan, the podcast’s host.  “I know Neil deGrasse Tyson badly wants there to be aliens.  And there probably are, right?

“But the idea that we’re hiding them — if we are hiding them — I had ridiculous access to the networks of the NSA, the CIA, the military, all these groups.  I couldn’t find anything,” he continued.


As I stated in the beginning the bottom line is that this phenomenon in essence seems to be “paranormal”  (or bettter yet, paraphysical)  in nature and for some folks almost bordering into the area of the supernatural and even involving religious beliefs).


Pentagon says “our secret UFO program” wasn’t about UFOs – – but something doesn’t add up


Norio Hayakawa, an unorthodox UFO conspiratologist



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Pentagon says “our secret UFO program” wasn’t about UFOs – – but something doesn’t add up

by Jazz Shaw, HOTAIR, December 8, 2019:

After two years of constant media buzz following the bombshell announcement in December of 2017 that the Pentagon had been investigating UFOs, or UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena, as they prefer to call them now), the government dropped another bombshell yesterday.  Or perhaps we should call it a “curveball,” as John Greenewald, Jr. of THE BLACK VAULT described it:


“According to a Pentagon spokeswoman I’ve also worked with in the past, neither the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) or its progenitor, the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) were related to investigating UFOs.

Claiming they want to correct the record and clear up some inaccuracies, the Pentagon now says AATIP was not a UFO or UAP program:

“Neither AATIP nor AAWSAP were UAP related,” said Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough in an e-mail to THE BLACK VAULT.

“The purpose of AATIP was to investigate foreign advanced aerospace weapons system applications with future technology projections over the next 40 years, and to create a center of expertise on advanced aerospace technologies.”

Since 2017, details have been scarce.  However, the DoD’s  (the Department of Defense) latest position that AATIP wasn’t a UFO program, seems to represent one of their most dramatic about-faces on the issue since the program was first revealed.

This caused quite the stir in the Ufology community last night as you could probably imagine. Some were pointing out that the language used in Gough’s email seemed carefully worded and left some wiggle room for them.  It was noted that the phrase “foreign advanced aerospace weapons system” is somewhat ambiguous because “foreign” simply means “not from the United States” in this context, and that could extend to the rest of the universe, not just “foreign countries” on Earth.  But that would seem to be in direct contradiction to the opening statement saying that neither program was “UAP related.”

I’ll get to the possible implications in a moment, but let’s first assume that we should take Gough at her word and say that AATIP had nothing to do with UFOs.  As far as I’m concerned, this means that either the Pentagon or the people at TO THE STARS ACADEMY (most specifically Luis Elizondo) are lying.  From the moment that TTSA came onto the scene, they claimed that Elizondo not only ran the AATIP program but that it definitely involved investigating UFOs.  In fact, Elizondo said he left government service because of his frustration over the slow pace of those investigations.

However, Susan Gough is the same spokesperson who previously told us that Elizondo wasn’t even involved with AATIP, to say nothing of being in charge of it.  According to Gough, Elizondo “had no assigned responsibilities” in AATIP and “was not assigned or detailed to the Defense Intelligence Agency.”

So basically, TTSA is saying that Elizondo ran the AATIP program and that it involved investigating UFOs.  The Pentagon is saying he wasn’t even associated with the program and (at least now) it wasn’t investigating UFOs anyway.  Both of these things can’t be simultaneously true.

Now let’s get to why the Pentagon would put out this statement.  As far as I’m concerned, Elizondo gets the benefit of the doubt here because it’s the Pentagon that’s been changing their story.  They’ve been telling reporters from across the spectrum for two years now that AATIP was created at the request of Harry Reid and that they were investigating unidentified aerial phenomena.  Heck, they were the ones that came up with the UAP acronym because the term UFO was so loaded.  The Navy came out and admitted that the objects in those three famous videos were UAPs because they had no clue what they were.  And now we get a 180-degree reversal?

Two possibilities come to mind.  The first is that they’ve grown uncomfortable with how close TTSA and others have been getting to uncovering whatever is responsible for all of this activity and they’ve decided to shut down the flow of information and clam up.  That would mean that there is no “big D” Disclosure on the horizon from the government and we’re stuck figuring it out on our own.

The other, more disturbing possibility is that the Pentagon actually does know the source of those flying objects, and possibly that they actually are some deep, black bag project of ours, the Russians or the Chinese.  That would make Gough’s statement true if the objects really aren’t “unidentified” after all.  But it would also demonstrate that a large number of their previous statements were fabrications.  I don’t put much stock in this second explanation, though, because it would require such a massive leap in technology that most scientists don’t think is currently within our grasp.

Unless and until the government offers up any further clarification, your guess is probably as good an anyone else’s.  But something here simply doesn’t add up as things currently stand.






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Jonathan Turley, a courageous law professor who once defended former Area 51 workers who were exposed to toxic chemicals

by Lia Eustachewick, NEW YORK POST, December 6, 2019:

A law professor called by Republicans as a witness in this week’s impeachment proceedings said he’s received threats over his testimony.

Jonathan Turley said the nasty messages began rolling in before he could even finish telling the House Judiciary Committee that impeaching President Trump was a bad idea on Wednesday.

“My call for greater civility and dialogue may have been the least successful argument I made to the committee,” Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, tweeted on Thursday. “Before I finished my testimony, my home and office were inundated with threatening messages and demands that I be fired from GW.”

In his testimony, the legal expert expressed concerns that lawmakers were “lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and abundance of anger.”

“Will a slipshod impeachment make us less mad?  Will it only give an invitation for the madness to follow in every future administration?” Turley said.  “This is not how you impeach an American president.”


by Colton Lochhead, LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL, December 4, 2019:

For Jonathan Turley, the legal scholar selected as Republicans’ lone expert to testify in the House impeachment proceedings Wednesday, being under the public spotlight is anything but alien.

Turley is a well-known legal expert from George Washington University Law School often cited in news articles who routinely makes the rounds on cable news networks as a legal analyst and pundit.

But decades before he stepped onto the national stage for Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, Turley was making waves in Nevada as the attorney representing former Area 51 employees who alleged that they were exposed to harmful and toxic materials while working at the top-secret military installation in the Nevada desert.

In that case, which was brought in 1994 and spanned a decade, Turley represented former workers from the site and two widows whose spouses’ deaths, Turley claimed, were caused in part by their exposure to fumes from the burning of stealth coatings at the installation facility near the Groom Lake salt flats (Area 51).

“If American people knew what is stored at Area 51, they would be outraged,” Turley said following a 1997 appeals hearing in San Francisco.  “It has nothing to do with national security.”

In 1998, a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruled that Turley’s clients were not entitled to learn what hazardous materials were used at Groom Lake or how they were disposed, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal in that case.



I have the highest respect for Mr. Jonathan Turley.   I remember receiving a very supportive e-mail from him during my days of Area 51 activism (during the late 1990s).



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Author says the US really has 11 separate ‘nations’ with entirely different cultures – – December 1, 2019


by Andy Kiersz and Matthew Speiser, BUSINESS INSIDER, December 1, 2019:

The nation is likely to become more polarized, even though America is becoming a more diverse place every day.  He says this is because people are “self-sorting.”

“People choose to move to places where they identify with the values,”  Woodard says.  “Red minorities go south and blue minorities go north to be in the majority. This is why blue states are getting bluer and red states are getting redder and the middle is getting smaller.”


Author and journalist Colin Woodard identified 11 distinct cultures that have historically divided the US.

His book “American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures in North America” breaks down those cultures and the regions they each dominate.

From the utopian “Yankeedom” to the conservative “Greater Appalachia” and liberal “Left Coast,” looking at these cultures sheds an interesting light on America’s political and cultural divides.

In his fourth book, “American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures in North America,” award-winning author Colin Woodard identifies 11 distinct cultures that have historically divided the US.

“The country has been arguing about a lot of fundamental things lately including state roles and individual liberty,” Woodard, a Maine native who won the 2012 George Polk Award for investigative reporting, told BUSINESS INSIDER.

“[But] in order to have any productive conversation on these issues,” he added, “you need to know where you come from.  Once you know where you are coming from it will help move the conversation forward.”

Here’s how Woodard describes each nation:


Encompassing the entire Northeast north of New York City and spreading through Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, YANKEEDOM values education, intellectual achievement, communal empowerment, and citizen participation in government as a shield against tyranny.  Yankees are comfortable with government regulation. Woodard notes that Yankees have a “Utopian streak.”  The area was settled by radical Calvinists.


A highly commercial culture, NEW NETHERLAND is “materialistic, with a profound tolerance for ethnic and religious diversity and an unflinching commitment to the freedom of inquiry and conscience,” according to Woodard.  It is a natural ally with YANKEEDOM and encompasses New York City and northern New Jersey.  The area was settled by the Dutch.


Settled by English Quakers, THE MIDLANDS are a welcoming middle-class society that spawned the culture of the “American Heartland.”  Political opinion is moderate, and government regulation is frowned upon.  Woodard calls the ethnically diverse MIDLANDS “America’s great swing region.”  Within the MIDLANDS are parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.


TIDEWATER was built by the young English gentry in the area around the Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina.  Starting as a feudal society that embraced slavery, the region places a high value on respect for authority and tradition. Woodard notes that TIDEWATER is in decline, partly because “it has been eaten away by the expanding federal halos around D.C. and Norfolk.”


Colonized by settlers from the war-ravaged borderlands of Northern Ireland, northern England, and the Scottish lowlands, GREATER APPALACHIA is stereotyped as the land of hillbillies and rednecks.  Woodard says APPALACHIA values personal sovereignty and individual liberty and is “intensely suspicious of lowland aristocrats and Yankee social engineers alike.”  It sides with the DEEP SOUTH to counter the influence of federal government.  Within GREATER APPALACHIA are parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, Illinois, and Texas.


The DEEP SOUTH was established by English slave lords from Barbados and was styled as a West Indies-style slave society, Woodard notes.  It has a very rigid social structure and fights against government regulation that threatens individual liberty. Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina are all part of the DEEP SOUTH.


Composed of the borderlands of the Spanish-American empire, EL NORTE is “a place apart” from the rest of America, according to Woodard.  Hispanic culture dominates in the area, and the region values independence, self-sufficiency, and hard work above all else.  Parts of Texas, Arizona (southern half of Arizona), New Mexico (about two thirds of New Mexico), Colorado (parts of southern portion of Colorado) and California (parts of Southern California) are in EL NORTE.


Colonized by New Englanders and Appalachian Midwesterners, the LEFT COAST is a hybrid of “Yankee utopianism and Appalachian self-expression and exploration,” Woodard says, adding that it is the staunchest ally of Yankeedom.  Coastal California, Oregon, and Washington are in the LEFT COAST.


The conservative west.  Developed through large investment in industry, yet where inhabitants continue to “resent” the Eastern interests that initially controlled that investment.  The FAR WEST spans several states, including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico (half of New Mexico), Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, and California.


A pocket of liberalism nestled in the DEEP SOUTH, its people are consensus driven, tolerant, and comfortable with government involvement in the economy.  Woodard says NEW FRANCE is among the most liberal places in North America.  NEW FRANCE is focused around New Orleans in Louisiana as well as the Canadian province of Quebec.


Made up of Native Americans, the FIRST NATION’s members enjoy tribal sovereignty in the US.  Woodard says the territory of the FIRST NATION is huge, but its population is under 300,000, most of whose people live in the northern reaches of Canada.

Woodard says that among these 11 nations, YANKEEDOM and the DEEP SOUTH exert the most influence and are constantly competing with each other for the hearts and minds of the other nations.

“We are trapped in brinkmanship because there is not a lot of wiggle room between Yankee and Southern Culture,” Woodard says.  “Those two nations would never see eye to eye on anything besides an external threat.”

Woodard also believes the nation is likely to become more polarized, even though America is becoming a more diverse place every day.  He says this is because people are “self-sorting.”

“People choose to move to places where they identify with the values,”  Woodard says.  “Red minorities go south and blue minorities go north to be in the majority. This is why blue states are getting bluer and red states are getting redder and the middle is getting smaller.”



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Air Force Research Laboratory creates tool to take down drones

by Brian Ripple, 88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs, AIR FORCE MATERIAL COMMAND, September 24, 2019



With small unmanned aircraft systems – frequently called drones, becoming more common every day, the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, has developed a counter-swarm high power weapon that should cause those with nefarious intentions of using drones against United States forces at U.S. military installations at home or overseas to think twice about such actions.

AFRL exhibited the technology, called the Tactical High-power Operational Responder (THOR), at the 2019 Air Force Association Air, Space, and Cyber Conference at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, located just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. and Virginia, September 16-18.

Although AFRL’s THOR is not a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder and lightning, it is a counter-swarm electromagnetic weapon that AFRL developed for airbase defense.  The system provides non-kinetic defeat of multiple targets.  It operates from ground power and uses energy to disable drones.

“THOR is essentially a high-powered electromagnetic source that we put together to specifically defeat drones,” said Stephen Langdon, chief of the High-Powered Microwave Technologies Branch of AFRL’s Directed Energy Directorate.

A demonstration system has been built and tested on military test ranges near Kirtland AFB where it has successfully engaged multiple targets.  Further testing against a larger set of drone types in swarming configurations is being planned.

THOR stores completely in a 20-foot transport container, which can easily be transported in a C-130 aircraft. The system can be set up within three hours and has a user interface designed to require very little user training.  The technology, which cost roughly $15 million to develop, uses high power electromagnetics to counter electronic effect.  When a target is identified, the silent weapon discharges with nearly instantaneous impact.

Rather than being used just as harmless hobby systems, drones can also be employed as weapons intended to cause harm at long standoff ranges.  As they become more common and technically mature, it is important that there be a safe way to protect air bases against these threats.

With much of the necessary basic research previously completed at AFRL, THOR was rapidly developed and tested in 18 months.

Although there are other drone defensive systems available, including guns, nets and laser systems, THOR looks to extend the engagement range to effect and decrease the engagement time over these other deterrent devices.

Langdon said the THOR team hopes to transfer the technology to a System Program Office soon in order to get it into the hands of U.S. warfighters as soon as possible.


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Area 51 veteran and CIA electronic warfare pioneer weigh in on Navy UFO encounters

by Tim McMillan, THE WAR ZONE, November 25, 2019


When it comes to recent accounts of Navy UFOs, with decades working on the world’s most advanced aerospace projects, T.D. Barnes has a theory:

“This takes me back to circa the 1960s when the CIA designed and was building the Mach 3 A-12 Blackbird to replace the U-2,” says Barnes.  At the time, the CIA was gravely concerned that the Soviet Union’s new P-14 “Tall King” radar system would be able to detect the A-12 flying over their airspace.  To combat these concerns, the CIA launched an audacious program to develop technology that could electronically generate and interject false targets into the Soviet radars, to trick them “seeing” and tracking non-existent “ghost aircraft.”  The project’s codename was PALLADIUM.

The WAR ZONE was first to establish a potential historical relationship between PALLADIUM and the Navy’s UFO sightings last Spring.  The history of the project is as such:

In 1960, when the Soviet Union moved a Tall King radar system to Cuba, the CIA began covertly using PALLADIUM to trick Russian air-defense radars into thinking unidentified aircraft were flying towards and even into Cuban airspace.  As one of the few members of the PALLADIUM team, Barnes served as the air-defense artillery (ADA) and electronic/electromagnetic countermeasures (ECM/ECCM) officer for the classified program.

“Using an electronics-laden C-97 [EC-97G], we could make Soviet radars believe they were tracking any number of aerial objects,” mused Barnes.  “At one point, a Russian MiG-15 pilot even claimed he could see the target and had a lock on it.”

Ultimately, PALLADIUM gave the United States forewarning that Russia’s radar capabilities were advanced enough they would soon be able to track and shoot down the Blackbird surveillance planes.  As a result, no official crewed surveillance flights were ever conducted over Russia with the jet.

When it comes to the more recent Navy UFO encounters, Barnes says, “I don’t have the answers to what the Navy aviators saw, but in my mind, I’m thinking, we are doing it again.”

Barnes’s comments are remarkable given The WAR ZONE’s recent exclusive on the Navy’s latest revolution in electronic warfare, the Netted Emulation of Multi-Element Signature against Integrated Sensors, or NEMESIS.


Similar to the 1960s Project Palladium at its most basic level, but almost unimaginably superior in scale and capabilities, NEMESIS gives the Navy the ability to simultaneously fool a vast array of enemy sensors spread out over a large area, giving the illusion of ghost fleets of vessels on and below the surface of the ocean and formations of aircraft in the sky.  The shadowy system achieves this via networking a vast array of disparate electronic warfare platforms and decoys together, including various swarms of unmanned aircraft and vessels, to create high-fidelity and unified electronic warfare effects across a battlefield.


When it comes to potential PALLADIUM-like connections with recent UFO events, there’s likely no one more capable of providing answers than the arguable father of electronic intelligence warfare, retired CIA executive officer, S. Eugene “Gene” Poteat.  Described as one of the “Wizards of Langley,”  Poteat is the man who founded and for 15-years ran PALLADIUM while working at the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology office.

Now in his late 80s, in a rare interview, Poteat said he wasn’t familiar with the recent Navy UFO encounters, yet admitted the events sounded “interesting.”  Ultimately, Poteat said he would need to see more of the Navy’s data in order to give his opinion.

Poteat was, however, able to offer some little-known details about PALLADIUM that potentially hold significance to recent UFO reports.  “To determine Russia’s ability to detect small targets, we used submarine-launched balloon-based metallic spheres,” said Poteat.  “The idea was for the early warning radar to track our electronic aircraft.  Then for our submarine to surface and release the calibrated spheres up and into the path of the oncoming false aircraft.”

Though descriptions of “balloon-based metallic spheres” sound somewhat similar to eyewitness accounts of UFOs, Poteat explained that the different size spheres were used to detect Russia’s radar cross-section detection capabilities and not to try and fool the Soviet Union into thinking they were seeing a flying saucer.

This fact was previously discovered by The War Zone’s Tyler Rogoway who also found a balloon-borne radar reflector patent that fits the description of exactly what some Super Hornet pilots saw off the East Coast in 2015, described as bizarre floating “orbs with cubes inside.”  Check out his full report here.

Similar to what Rogoway surmised, Poteat’s description of sub-launched radar balloons potentially supports a prosaic explanation for at least some of these strange encounters.

Undeniably, there are some conspicuous similarities between when the USS Nimitz (in 2004) and USS Roosevelt (in 2014-2015) carrier strike groups began to encounter strange unknown aerial objects.   Namely, these encounters occurred only after the groups had begun using a host of brand-new and highly sophisticated technologies, both of which The WAR ZONE was first to point out.

In both instances, 2004 and 2014-2015, the carrier groups underway were equipped with revolutionary new systems that would give them huge leaps in networked air defense capabilities.  In the first instance, the Navy’s groundbreaking Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) was preparing for its first deployment ever.  In the second, a far more capable evolution of CEC was about to head on deployment, along with the new and massively capable E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, which is networked into the CEC ecosystem.  The WAR ZONE’s in-depth coverage of this cutting-edge integrated air defense system and how it fits into the larger story about the Navy pilot encounters can be found here.

Also by 2015, many Super Hornets had gained new the significantly upgraded Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar systems.  This seems to have drastically helped with detecting the hard to track objects in question.  Again, you can find The War Zone’s extensive coverage on this aspect here.

T.D. Barnes believes the deployment of these new technologies to be key and thinks it’s likely the Navy’s “UFO encounters” involved simultaneously testing of ship’s air defense capabilities and the ability of new technologies to defeat them.  “Testing and evaluating advanced technology, both domestic and our adversaries was much of what we did while I was with Special Projects at Area 51,” said Barnes.

Some argue, had the Navy’s UFO encounters been related to classified testing, military personnel would have been briefed and made aware they were part of a training mission.  Still bound by security oaths, T.D. Barnes was limited in what he was willing to say, however, the Area 51 veteran didn’t out-right dispute the idea sailors would have been in on operational plans had these been training events.

“When we were testing the MiG-21 against our planes, we’d often use National Guard pilots, who were only told that they were on a classified mission against foreign-made technology on Nellis Gunnery Range.  They knew nothing about it being a CIA, DIA, Navy, and Air Force Foreign Technology Division project out of Area 51,” said Barnes.

Even with eyewitness accounts, and the Navy’s recent statements that these objects are truly “unidentified,” T.D. Barnes still feels fairly certain someone in Pentagon knows exactly what the Nimitz and Roosevelt Carrier Groups were dealing with.  In Barnes’ opinion, the edited and shortened ATFLIR videos and pilot’s demeanor suggests aviators were at least vaguely aware of what they were targeting.  “The videos ‘I’ve seen, the pilots were whooping it up.  I think they knew,” said Barnes, referring to the “Go Fast” and “Gimbal” videos.  With the pilots who have spoken about the incidents, all deny having any knowledge of what were the mysterious objects they encountered.

For the Navy to point at video evidence and say, that’s “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” represents a rare move by a branch of the American military.  For a lot of people, this declaration seems to slam the door on any debate of whether or not the objects in question are highly exotic and classified aerospace technology.  However, referring back to The WAR ZONE’s in-depth coverage on Special Access Programs (SAPs), if these aircraft were related to an unacknowledged SAP or waived-unacknowledged SAP, the existence of this technology would be denied to everyone outside of the program.  Moreover, if these were highly classified technologies emerging from a SAP being run by another branch of the Department of Defense, the Navy could indeed be unaware of what these objects really are.

Barnes told me he’s aware of many past UFO sightings in the Seattle and Southern California regions that were actually advanced aerospace tests by Boeing or Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks.  According to Barnes these “proof of concept” flights frequently occur prior to a company bringing the platform to Area 51 in hopes of selling it to the Air Force, Navy, or other branches of government.

“These were definitely UFOs because they were so secret that they didn’t exist,” said Barnes.

When asked, both T.D. Barnes and Gene Poteat declined to comment on whether they were aware of any oblong shape, hypersonic capable, aerospace platforms in existence.

When it comes to the subject of UFOs in general, T.D. Barnes offered me these parting words:

“On NASA High Range and Area 51, I spent thousands of hours tracking aircraft.  Though I tracked many that I could not identify, I never suspected them of being extraterrestrial.  On these same projects, I worked with many test and operational pilots.  I have never heard of one suspecting that they may have spotted a UFO.

I believe a true extraterrestrial sighting would excite the world to the point that there would be millions of people leaving the city lights to stare at the heavens hoping to see whatever it is.  That would be all the media would talk about.

That said, I would like to think that we’re not the only rock in the universe with life.”




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