What I like about the city of Rio Rancho in New Mexico, U.S.A.

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – – EACH PHOTO ON THIS PAGE CAN  BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING – – all photos were taken by yours truly, Norio Hayakawa)

This is just my biased opinion.

My wife and I have been living here in Rio Rancho since 2008 and we just love this city.

Here are just a few of the thing we like about this place:

Rio Rancho is the third largest city in New Mexico  (after Albuquerque and Las Cruces)  with a population of about 100,000.

But being such a fairly large city, there are no tall buildings here.

The beautiful and majestic Sandia Mountains are always prominently visible to the east.

Rio Rancho is very spacious.  In area size, it’s more than half of the entire area of the city of Albuquerque, with only one-sixth of Albuquerque’s population.

Rio Rancho is not a flat city.  Rio Rancho has a diversity of topography.  It has areas with nice hills as well as areas with great desert atmosphere.   Part of the city even touches the Rio Grande, with pretty riverside beaches.

There is no such a thing here as downtown, unlike other cities.

Rio Rancho is one of the safest places to live in New Mexico, as far as we are concerned.

The civic center and the city hall are located in an open space area, and are never crowded.

There are also plenty of nice, small neighborhood malls with plenty of amenities.

These are just some of the positive things about this city.

I hope you enjoyed my short presentation.


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Still unsolved – – is an abandoned ranch adjacent to the northern slope of Mt. Archuleta, northwest of Dulce, a former CIA operation?

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – A “hunting stand” in disguise? – – photo, courtesy of Greg Valdez)

It has been known by many researchers that the now-defunct National Institute For Discovery Sciences  (NIDS, formerly headed by Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow, who presently owns Bigelow Aerospace) reportedly had made an investigation earlier (ca. 1998) regarding this suspicious ranch.   This still seems to be unsolved.

This ranch, now totally abandoned  (and still off-limits to anyone),  has often been associated as part of an alleged Dulce “base”, even though there is no evidence so far that a large underground base has ever existed.  Such an alleged “base” was rumored to have existed on the northern slope of Mount Archuleta on the New Mexico side, just south of the Redding Ranch.  This ranch is not visible from Dulce.   In fact Mount Archuleta itself is not even visible from Dulce.   Mount Archuleta is located close to the northwestern portion of the Archuleta Mesa.   From Dulce, only the Archuleta Mesa and the Archuleta “Peak” (where the radio towers are located)  are visible.


(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT, reference provided by Norio Hayakawa – – How to get to the now-abandoned Redding Ranch which is still off- limits to anyone – – from Lumberton, go north on County Rd. 357, then go to 359 from Edith, then go west on 542)


The following report itself made by NIDS regarding this ranch seems to be more suspicious, even now.

(QUOTE, from the original NIDS report)

“It has been reported in the media and on the internet that the Redding War Ranch, located at 37° 2.91′ north latitude and 107° 1.44′ west longitude (GPS) next to Mt. Archuleta (straddling New Mexico – Colorado border), is rumored to be an undercover facility engaged in secret activity connected with Mt. Archuleta.

These rumors further state that the ranch has eight armed guard watch towers  (disguised as hunting stands?)  scattered along the property.

(ABOVE, close-up photos – – “hunting stands” in disguise?  – – courtesy of Edmund Gomez)

In addition, there is an unusual round steel (and air conditioned) building located behind a ranch entrance gate on the opposite side of the property (37° 6.02′ north latitude and 107°2.85′ west longitude – GPS).

A metal plaque prominently posted on a watch tower door identified the manufacturer as Houston Blow Pipe & Steel Plate Works (P.O. BOX 1692, Houston, TX 77251-1692, phone: 713-675-2273, FAX: 713-675-5038).

Having seen the towers and being interested in their origin and purpose, a simple phone call was made to the phone number above.

It was learned during the phone conversation that the President and CEO of the company is Mr. W. A. Redding.

Contrary to the myths that have been perpetuated, a simple explanation was provided by Mr. Redding.

1) Mr. Redding stated that the watch towers are actually hunting stands with the brand name “The Ultimate Hunting Stand.”  (But are they just disguised as “hunting stands”?)

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – “hunting stand” in disguise?)

The hunting stands on the ranch are weather proof-heavy gauge steel construction (5 feet diameter, 850 pounds est. total weight) equipped with 10 feet high steel angle frame supports, steel ladder or a steel walk-up type stairway with steel pipe hand railing, propane heater and tank, five large one way mirror-pane plate glass (hinged and latched) windows (hunters can see out, but game cannot see inside), swivel chair, and indoor-outdoor carpet on floor and side wall.

Further, the stands are used for photographing game and birds, and hunting of game (deer, elk, javelina,moose, sheep and turkeys).

According to published literature, the stands have been in production since 1963 and employ 75 years of hunting and 60 years of steel fabrication experience in their design for all-weatherhunting.

2) The round steel building is a bunk house for ranch hands designed and manufactured by Mr. Redding’s Houston steel company.

The bunk house design employs the same all-weather heavy gauge steel construction as the hunting stands along with air conditioning and fuel-oil heater.

It is not currently being used.

3) The owner of the Redding War Ranch is Mr. Redding himself.

He can be contacted at the phone number given above.

4) The Redding War Ranch is used to raise small herds of Beefalo”.




Yes, I think so.

Here is what Edmund Gomez from Dulce said about this.

And I agree with him.


“Based on the source of research by NIDS, yes, this was their take on the ranch years after the ranch let its defense down and allowed folks to travel through it.

From early 1960’s to late 1980’s, you could not trespass on the Redding Ranch, not even to retrieve a cow.


That is the million dollar question.

And, why are all the structures including the towers, doors and windows in bunkhouse constructed of a very heavy gage steel (making them bulletproof)?

(ABOVE PHOTO, courtesy of Edmund Gomez – – “hunting stand” in  disguise?)

NIDS continues to provide information  (or is it disinformation?)  to keep us off track, in my opinion.

In the fall of 1997, I led Gabe Valdez  (the late former New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of the Dulce area)  and two other scientists from NIDS on the expedition and continued through up to Mt. Archuleta.

We were able to go directly to the towers, enter, photograph and see the tags with the manufacturer.

I told them that the glass, doors, shutters and structures were bullet-proof and was going to show them, but inexplicably, Gabe Valdez stopped me.

I could not get them to go to the “bunkhouse and hangar” to investigate further.

Also, I noticed that the airstrip had been plowed and planted with oats.

But again, no interest was shown by the NIDS folks”.



I could not agree more with the above quote from Edmund Gomez.

I also never trusted NIDS  (National Institute of Discovery Sciences).

By the way, Greg Valdez, in his excellent book DULCE BASE, mentions that (the late) “Mr. Redding owned Houston Blow Pipe and Steel and was a military contractor providing manufacturing of heavy-duty plate rolling, which was commonly used at the Nevada Test Site for construction of underground tunnels during the testing of nuclear bombs in Nevada.

Mr. Redding’s company also provided air circulation systems (that’s one of the services a blowpipe company usually provides, in case you’re curious), which would be convenient technology to have for constructing an underground base or tunnel”.

Redding Ranch is currently owned by the Southern Ute tribe which purchased it from W.A. Redding on August 16, 2005.

It now seems to be abandoned.

Redding passed away in 2009 in Texas. Redding acquired the property in 1976.

According to Greg Valdez, in his book DULCE BASE, “the land directly south of the Redding Ranch did not indicate a previous owner.

The key to this is the fact that the United States government owned all the property prior to 1965 and it wasn’t the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management.

When Edmund Gomez looked into the property records during the 1980s, he found ficticious companies listed  (a common tactic of agencies such as the CIA as the owner on record of the Redding Ranch.

After Edmund’s finding of the fictitious companies became public, the ownership records changed back to Mr. Redding.”

The big question is here:

Was this some type of a remote test site  (such as small aircraft)  operated by the CIA?



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Mike Rogers says he is “no longer to be considered a witness to Travis Walton’s supposed UFO abduction”


by Robert Sheaffer, author of the book “Bad UFOs, March 19, 2021



On March 19, 2021, Michael H. Rogers posted the above image to his personal Facebook page.

What exactly does this mean?  Mike Rogers was the guy driving the truck at the time Travis Walton reportedly ran out into the woods toward a UFO, and was abducted by aliens.

Now on Rogers’ Facebook page, he refers to “Walton’s supposed abduction,” but is rather vague about exactly what that means.  Several people, including myself, have asked Rogers to please clarify what he is saying.  Jay Michael asked him, “Are you saying the event didn’t happen, or you no longer want to be associated with it?”, Rogers replied “I want nothing more to do with Big-T specifically.  The event most definitely happened, from our perspective anyway.”  Whatever that means.

Replying to a post saying, “It is unfortunate that after all of these years you have chosen to say that the abduction never happened,” Rogers said “I am not saying it didn’t, Chuck.  We witnesses all took polygraph tests, remember.  All I have said is ‘supposed‘.  Like in Yippee Maybe.  All I mean by supposed is like ‘still steaming pasture pie’ maybe.”  So maybe the abduction did happen, and maybe it didn’t.  And maybe it’s a still-steaming pile of manure.

Later, Rogers writes, “I am sure I will loose (sic) a lot of friends over this, but I hope not.  I have been waiting a very long time to say this…  I am very tired of holding this in.”

In a reply to this same posting on the Facebook group Desert Hart Paranormal, Rogers says, “Travis tried to keep a new remake of the movie a secret from me.  He has always had his big secrets that he has kept from me.  It angered me.  I tried over the last two weeks to reason with Big-T, but of no avail.  I don’t believe Travis is an honest person, and therefore I want nothing to do with him.”  This brings to mind what Steve Pierce, another member of the woodcutters’ crew, said about Travis:

Travis is the most ignorant, stupid person I’ve ever met in my life.  He ain’t got enough sense, you know the book he wrote, he couldn’t have wrote that book by himself.  He ain’t got enough common sense to write that book.”  (It was widely rumored that John G. Fuller, author of The Interrupted Journey and other rather sensationalist books, was Walton’s ghost writer.)

Pierce also says that he never liked Travis in the first place, and explains why..

Some are suggesting that this is just a spate involving money between former friends, in fact, in-laws (Travis Walton is (or was) married to Mike Rogers’ sister.  I hope this is not just another episode of Family Feud.

However, Rogers’ statement can be interpreted another way:  He seems to be saying that he will no longer vouch for Travis’ account of the event. Travis’ story is either a “real” alien abduction, or else it is a hoax.  There is no other reasonable possibility.  Rogers was in a position to know with certainty whether or not it was a hoax.  In fact, if Travis’ story is a hoax, Rogers must have helped him plan it and pull it off.

On March 20, Travis Walton wrote on Rogers’ Facebook Page “In his sudden attacks on me he wants attention and it’s working.”  To which Rogers replied, “Travis Walton, You hope?  But they are right, get off my page, or I will get even more truthful.  All I tell is the truth about you, Big ‘liar’ T.”


Here is another excellent, up-dated report on this whole matter, written by Robert Sheaffer, on July 3, 2021:




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Incredible shortage of available homes in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico, U.S.A.

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – a quiet neighborhood in Rio Rancho)

by Norio Hayakawa, March 16, 2021:

It seems like more and more people are moving in to states such as Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

But there is one problem.

Take New Mexico, for example – – an incredible shortage of available homes in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque.

More and more people are looking for homes in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, and that is causing inventory to drop and making it more challenging to close deals.

As soon as “FOR SALE” sign is up, homes are sold within a day or two, or at most, within a week or so here.

Newlywed and a recent homebuyer said finding a new home in Rio Rancho for her and her husband wasn’t easy.

“We saw some “for sale” signs, but once we put in our bids, someone beat us to it,” she said.

“We’re seeing multiple offers on properties now, especially in that $250,000 – $280,000 price range.  You’ll see anything from two to four offers on one property,” said a realtor here.

Companies such as Netflix, Facebook and Amazon are bringing people to the area and are convincing people that New Mexico is the place to be.

“It’s exciting, as an Albuquerquean.  We’re happy for that, for our economy, but we do need to start increasing the inventory of homes for people who are going to move here,” said the realtor.

If you are thinking of moving in, click the following video links and see some great neighborhoods in this area:




Now, some paranoid folks living in New Mexico seem to be worried that New Mexico will become another California, with the influx of more people.

Here is the big question:

Will New Mexico become another California?

My answer is:


New Mexico will always be New Mexico, with its distinct cultures, its great people, its great mild climate and great food.   It will never become another California.

New Mexico is the 5th largest state in the Union, yet the entire population of the state is only 2 million.   

With such humongous area in size, New Mexico can easily accommodate more people.

We must also take into consideration that New Mexico has a huge percentage of retirees from many areas.

While there may be new influx of people from elsewhere, many of these retirees are also passing away in large numbers at the same time.

No, I wouldn’t worry that much about New Mexico becoming another California.



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Strange clouds invade New Mexico, U.S.A. !! – – it happened on February 10, 2018

(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE PHOTO – – amazing photo taken by Cindy Romero on Febuary 10, 2018 in Albuquerque)

February 10, 2018 was the day when something strange happened to the skies of New Mexico, especially over Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

It happened around sundown.

Thousands of residents of both Albuquerque and Rio Rancho saw the sky turn into an eerie sight.

Many many folks took hundreds of photos of this phenomenon of stunningly magical and mysterious formations in the sky.

CLICK TO ENLARGE EACH OF THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS taken by some of the residents of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho on that memorable day – – February 10, 2018.

Here is one more stunning photo taken by Cindy Romero in Albuquerque:

Here is one that I myself took the very same day in Rio Rancho, around the same time:

And another one that I took minutes apart in Rio Rancho:

Here is one taken by Zinas Maxilom at Montano and Golf Course Rd. in Albuquerque’s west side:

Here is one taken by Rick Langlada, around the same time:

Here is one taken by Bill Sap, from the Sandia foothills, at the same time:

Here is one taken by Sofia Maestas, from the west side looking towards the east:

Here is the one taken by Jake Werth in Albuquerque, the very same day, around the same time:

Another one by Jake Werth:

Here are two great snapshots taken by Ernie Miranda:

Tod A. Wilson, during his visit to Albuquerque, put this beautifully in his short video clip:

Here is the one taken by Paula Bennett, the very same day in Placitas – around the same time:

Here is one by Ivan Gallegos of Albuquerque while driving through the city, few minutes earlier  (also see his amazing video footage at the bottom):

And here is the stunning video taken by Ivan Gallegos (mentioned above) from inside his car:



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Anomalous “object” photographed over Farmington, New Mexico, U.S.A. – – in 2011


It is quite rare for me to post an item such as this, especially a photo such as this, unless I consider it to be significant.

I have known Dave Oz  (formerly from Farmington, presently in Aztec, New Mexico)  for quite a number of years and I consider him to be a sincere and trustworthy colleague of mine in our mutual desire to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, whatever it is…..and going beyond the superficiality of speculations and not coming to a definitive, dogmatic conclusion of what it is.

This photo was taken by Dave Oz on August 28, 2011  (between 9:03 p.m. and 9:13 p.m.)  in his Farmington, New Mexico neighborhood.  A series of photographs shows an object hovering almost motionless and silent, slowly moving to the left.  The stars are showing some streak, yet the object is quite stationary.

I know that Dave carries his camera  (I am not talking about a cellphone)  with him quite often  (just like me).  I would say that he was lucky at this moment when he took this fascinating photo.  I wish it was me who took it, but I rejoice just as much the fact that it was he who was lucky enough to take this photo that evening

I am certain that this photo was analyzed by many photo specialists in detail, such as for possible lens flare, light from the streetlight reflected by the lens elements, etc.

But it seems that nothing conclusive has come up regarding this.

Dave stated that he did see both the object above as well as the street lamp at the same time with his naked eye.

According to Dave, he took the photo while taking pictures of lightning, thinking the object was a bright star before photographing.  It moved very slowly to the left, changing angles.  After loading it in the computer, he zoomed it in realizing it was not a star.

According to Dave, “there’s always going to be skeptics, no matter how accurate your findings or evidence presented.  I’ve seen lens flares in photos, but few ever have detail, or drift and change angles like what I photographed.   I did see the object glowing dimly, thinking it was a star.  By the way, I remember talking to a young Navajo gal after showing her the photo, telling me she saw the “craft-object” floating over Ojo Amarillo Canyon 10 miles west of Farmington, while we were in math class at San Juan College.”

According to Dave, “lens flare is not an issue, since there is no bright object in another photo taken nor others after the time frame on the same spot with tripod:


…..time/date is 9:15 p.m., 08/28/2011 using a Sigma 28-70mm lens at F5 aperature.  Multi-coated Hoya filters used to prevent lens flare.  The “object” (the first photo on this page) was photographed between 9:03 p.m. to 9:13 p.m.  All seen here in this other photo are stars with minimal streaking on a 20-second exposure, clouds starting to move in from a storm.”

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, Dave again returned to the exact spot and took the following photo, showing no lens flare:


Once again, let’s look at his original 2011 photo:




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