Personalities behind the initial Dulce base rumors

Dulce 31 (2)

(Archuleta Mesa in the background – – photo taken by Norio Hayakawa)

When it comes to the “Dulce base” topic, it is really not about the “base” itself ….(since, apparently and evidence-wise, it does not exist), but rather about the various personalities that have initially promoted this myth.
Let’s examine some of the enigmatic personalities, how it all started (from around 1979 to 1983) , etc. and how, ultimately, deluded con artist Phil Schneider took advantage of the Dulce base myth:



Owner of Thunder Scientific Corporation (contractor to Kirtland Air Force Base), located right next to the entrance of Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM, presently operated by his sons.
From around 1979 Paul Bennewitz began to witness some strange lights hovering over Manzano underground nuclear storage area, not too far from his residence in the Four Hills area of Albuquerque.
Some researchers (such as Greg Bishop) theorize that he was looking at some tests of Project Starfire (laser-based optical tracking system being developed at that time by Sandia Laboratories next to the Manzano base) or possibly some tests of prototypes of remotely-controlled aerial platforms (present-day UAVs) possibly being developed by Sandia Laboratories at that time.

Paul Bennewitz later became convinced that those objects were somehow related to an underground base in northern New Mexico near Dulce, a suggestion seemingly pushed then by a Richard C. Doty of AFOSI at Kirtland Air Force Base.
Articles on Bennewitz soon began to appear in newspapers such as the Albuquerque Journal and Albuquerque Tribune.
Paul Bennewitz began to suffer from paranoia and was later institutionalized.
He passed away in 2003. His remains are buried in Veterans Cemetery in Santa Fe.
Paul Bennewitz’ sons refuse to be interviewed, the main reason being that Thunder Scientific Corporation still does business with Kirtland AFB.
They sell military grade humidifiers and callibration instruments, many of which were developed,modified and improved by the late Paul Bennewitz.
Paul Bennewitz’ wife, Cindy Bennewitz, still lives at the residence, which is located close to the original Manzano underground nuclear storage facility (which allegedly was closed down in 1992) in the Four Hills area of Albuquerque.


In 1980 she claimed to have been abducted near Cimarron, NM and claimed to have been taken to an unknown underground location.
She was at at that time a resident of Eagle Nest, New Mexico.
Paul Bennewitz interviewed her at his house, together with Leo Sprinkle who did a hypnotic regression.
Paul Bennewitz later on decided that she must have been taken into the Dulce base.
This was allegedly only after Bennewitz begun to suspect that there was a base in Dulce.
Later on, a Richard C. Doty (who was with AFOSI Kirtland AFB at that time) suggested to her that she might have been taken to an underground weapons storage facility in northern New Mexico.



He was investigating cattle mutilations in the late 1970s.
Tom Adams first heard about the Dulce base from reading Paul Bennewitz’ article in the newspaper and other sources from around 1981.
It is alleged that Tom Adams knew “Ann West”).



Her true identity was not initially confirmed, although it was Tal Levesque who claimed that she had been on Facebook with a different name (Cherry Hinkle, who claimed that her “half-alien” cat has lived for 29 years).
She was said to have been an acquaintance of Tom Adams.
“ANN WEST” (Cherry Hinkle) claimed to have drawn the initial pictures of the vats of the Dulce base in 1987, yet claimed to have never heard of Paul Bennewitz before.
She allegedly knew Tal Levesque.
She also claims to have known a “Thomas Edwin Castello”.
Tal Levesque claims that she visited him and his wife and also “Thomas Edwin Castello” in Santa Fe.
Tal Levesque claims that Ann West is dangerous and is part of the “invisible government”.
However, Levesque’s claim (that Ann West is part of the “invisible government”) sure sounds like lunacy.


Lear heard about Dulce allegedly from “Ann West”.
Lear befriended TAL through John Grace (a.k.a. Val Valerian).
According to Tal Levesque, John Lear retouched the Dulce drawings of “Ann West” that he received in 1987.
Lear first came up with his Hypothesis in 1988 about Dulce and also about Area 51.
John Lear has never been taken seriously by the UFO community.
Some people suspect that John Lear purposely throws in some ridiculous-sounding items as part of PSYOPS.
He recently claimed that there are cities on the back side of the moon.


(The enigmatic Jason Bishop, a.k.a., TAL Levesque when he appeared on a Japanese Nippon TV special two-hour program on Area 51 and Dulce in March of 1990)

TAL LEVESQUE, a.k.a., TAL or Jason Bishop:

His real name is Thomas Allen LeVesque (“Le Vesque” in French means “The Bishop”, thus his a.k.a.).
TAL Levesque claimed that he worked in Santa Fe as a security person for a private company around 1980 or 1981.
He claimed to have begun contact with “Thomas E. Castello” who, Tal Levesque claims, worked in the same company in Santa Fe.
“Thomas E. Castello” allegedly revealed his secrets to Tal
(the secret was that there was an underground U.S./alien bio-lab under Archuleta Mesa, next to Dulce and that he had worked as a security person at that facility).

But before coming out with this “Thomas Edwin Castello” story, Tal Levesque also seems to have heard initially about the Dulce base rumors from reading about Paul Bennewitz.
Tal Levesque claimed that he was visited by a tall Reptoid at his home in Santa Fe in 1979.
He currently lives in Mariposa, California.

It was Jason Bishop (a.k.a., TAL Levesque) who originally came out with the so-called underground tunnel systems map with Dulce, New Mexico as its central hub….CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT:


(A few years ago I had corresponded with Jason Bishop’s sister who told me that he has always had some type of psychological problem (i.e., a form of mental “delusion”), to put it mildly – – probably from indoctrination from reading too many SHAVER MYSTERY science fiction novels of the 1950s that dealt with underground civilizations):

Click the following for more on JASON BISHOP (a.k.a., Tal Levesque, a.k.a. TAL)



Of course, there are many persons with the same name.
However, an “alleged” retired Air Force Colonel who claimed that he was involved in Dulce, claimed that there has never been a Thomas Edwin Castello that was ever employed as security personnel in Dulce.
(The late Gabe Valdez also stated that there was never such a person connected to the alleged Dulce base).



Some researchers seem to say that she came to the scene slightly after “Ann West”.
They say that Christa Tilton and Tom Adams were initially partners and that she was in touch with Myrna Hansen.
According to Tim Beckley, Christa Tilton later on got together with Wendell Stevens.
Christa Tilton was said to have distributed her manuscript, “The Bennewitz Papers” in 1987.
She claimed that she was in touch with a Richard C. Doty (formerly with AFOSI at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque).
Christa Tilton was featured on a Japanese TV program about the Dulce base back in 1989 and 1990.
Christa Tilton flew over the Archuleta Mesa and over Soldier Canyon with Junichi Yaoi of Nippon TV in 1989.
She appeared on Japanese TV a couple of times and claimed to have taken a photo of a circular structure over Soldier Canyon, which is slightly SW of Dulce.
Tilton, in her manuscript “The Bennewitz Papers” expressed her belief that the whole “Thomas E. Castello” story was a fabrication.
“Ann West”, in turn, reportedly claimed that Christa Tilton’s information was nothing more than disinformation of the highest degree.


BRANTON…….a.k.a., Bruce Walton, a.k.a., Alan B. de Walton:

Beginning in the early 1990s, “Branton” compiled a book called the DULCE BOOK….and aslo DULCE WARS.
Walton allegedly got most of the information from TAL…some from John Lear, some from Val Valerian (John Grace).
Tal Levesque claimed that Bruce Walton was incarcerated in 2009 in Utah for felony charges.
(Google Search – – Bruce Walton incarcerated in Utah)

Click here for more on BRANTON



The late Gabe Valdez was a retired New Mexico State Patrol Officer who was in charge of the Dulce area for many years (from the early 1970s to the late 1980s)..
He passed away on August 6, 2011 at his residence in Albuquerque.
Valdez claimed that the government was most likely responsible for the cattle mutilations which started happening from around 1975.
He claimed that the government may have begun to periodically monitor the radiation levels of certain cattle some years later, after the 1967 underground nuclear explosion (Project Gasbuggy) which took place about 22 miles southwest of Dulce.
Valdez also stated that the government “staged” several UFO incidents in the Dulce area (Archuleta Mesa, etc.) by use of high tech equipment such as prototypes of holographic image projections as well as unmanned aerial vehicles or remotely-controlled platforms that were made to resemble “flying saucers”.
Valdez believed that bio-warfare experiments were conducted at Dulce and that “UFO/alien” stories were concocted by the government as cover stories to conceal various Black Projects in the area.
Here is a very rare interview with Gabe Valdez, courtesy of John Gomez:



It was Moore who first propagated (or “revived”) the story about Roswell in 1980 when he (together with Charles Berlitz) published the book INCIDENT AT ROSWELL (until this book came out, most Americans had no interest or knowledge about the Roswell incident since it was long forgotten and dismissed as misidentification by the U.S. Army in 1947).
He claimed that around the same time that he began to propagate the Roswell story, he was working with Richard C. Doty of Kirtland AFB and participated in a disinformation ploy to saturate Paul Bennewitz (who was pursuing his independent investigations on Dulce) with false information on the Dulce base.
This he claimed in a 1989 MUFON Conference that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.
However there is no verifiable documentation whatsoever that Moore participated in such disinformation ploy in any official capacity except for his verbal “confession” that he made at a 1989 MUFON conference in Las Vegas, Nevada).


Initially with Kirtland Air Force Base AFOSI around 1979, 1980 and 1981 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
He was not a high-ranking officer.
He claimed that he participated in disinformation in official capacity, along with Moore.
Again, there is no documentation that he participated in such disinformation ploy at Kirtland AFB AFOSI in any official capacity, even though Paul Bennewitz’ name and Doty’s name appear on one or two Kirtland OSI documents because Kirtland AFB invited Bennewitz to testify to what he allegedly was seeing over the Manzano storage areas.
Later on Richard C. Doty became a promoter of the SERPO PROJECT (which some researchers seem to describe as being a total fabrication).
Project Camelot seems to have bought Doty’s story hook, line and sinker. Presently he is working as New Mexico Highway Patrol Officer, just about to retire soon.


Phil Schneider was never a part of the initial Dulce base rumors.
Apparently he must have read many articles concerning the alleged Dulce Base by the time he came out into the scene in 1995 and started giving lectures.


It was only in 1989 that Bob Lazar first came out with the story that there was an altercation between the U.S. military and “alien entities” in an underground installation. Lazar never specified any location. Phil Schneider also heard about the Bob Lazar story.

Apparently, knowing that no one had yet come up with any claim of personal involvement in the alleged 1979 “altercation”, he conveniently cast himself into the scene, claiming that he was a survivor of the Dulce “Wars”.



The most sane persons, surprisingly, may have been Paul Bennewitz himself and Gabe Valdez.
It is quite possible that Paul Bennewitz had long only pretended that he had been “brainwashed” by some within the AFOSI, while he continued to conduct his own investigations into Dulce.
But, nevertheless, he couldn’t himself overcome his growing paranoia. Another possible scenario may have been that there was a dissension among the AFOSI and an element among the group may have accidentally provided Bennewitz with some crucial information on an alleged crash of a U.S. military’s prototype stealth aircraft near Mount Archuleta.
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Who was Branton, author of The Dulce Book and The Dulce Wars?

The Dulce Wars

Who is (was) BRANTON?

Branton, a.k.a., Bruce Walton, a.k.a. Alan B. deWalton, was a prolific compiler of conspiracy theories, particularly on alleged underground bases. He compiled quite a lot of information/misinformation on Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico, especially in the early 1990s.

Branton lived in Utah.


According to his own written biography:

Branton” was born into a large family who lived near the western base of the Rocky mountains, in the year 1960.
As he grew up, he realized that his neo-masonic ‘religious’ background was somewhat restrictive, if not outright deceptive.
(Later on in life he came to realize that MOST mainline denominations of ‘church-ianity’ had also been intentionally infiltrated by this Masonic ‘virus’)
However, before this realization came to pass, he was drawn into various secret neo-masonic (and so-called ‘new age’) cults which used mind-control in order to manipulate their ‘members’, as well as perverse ‘molestation’ rituals within their deeper levels.

Being ‘infected’ with this psycho-spiritual poison caused him many mental and emotional problems later on in life.

Also, being trapped in a system of ‘legalistic’ religion merely drove him deeper into the pit of depravity and bondage to the evil one, just as the intollerant ‘religious church-ianity’ of the Pharisees led to the execution and crucifixion of Jesus the Christ… the very author of LIFE !!!

He is not proud of the fact that he was ‘used’ by the evil one at one time in his life to harm others around him. However before his ‘defection’ from this parasitical kingdom of darkness he did learn many of the ‘deep’ secrets and inner-workings of the kingdom of darkness, and now feels that it is his duty — regardless of the personal risk — to EXPOSE this darkness in the light of truth, so that others might escape the traps which almost ruined his life…
It eventually became apparent to him that his focus should NOT be placed on any particular pharasitical neo-Masonic “church”, “denomination”, or “religion”, but rather on the savior, Jesus Christ, himself.
He became aware of how he was being used and manipulated by the lord of darkness and his ‘hive’ of vampirial and parasitical followers, as a result of childhood ‘abductions’ and other factors, such as ‘alien implants’ – which the top leaders of many of these cultic Neo-Masonic organizations were aware of … and some of these secret society leaders were (and are) even reportedly in close contact with the darker ‘reptilian’ entities from beyond and within our world.

‘Branton’ was able to escape most of their hold upon his mind, with more than a little help from the Lord of LIGHT!
Jesus Christ, he realized, had many believers in many denominations. There is no one “true” denomination since in EVERY denomination in the world you have those who practice pharasitical “church-ianity” and then those who practice true apostolic “Christ-ianity”.

…….Branton began to study “paranormal” phenomena at the age of 12, after reading Frank Edwards’ book FLYING SAUCERS – SERIOUS BUSINESS, and he still lives surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains,
and he continues THE fight (within and without) to ‘help’ make this world, this country, and all people FREE from ignorance and oppression of all kinds… realizing that we are all individual ‘cells’ in the ‘body’ of humanity… so in essence the ‘T-cells’ (so to speak…) must work TOGETHER to rid this ‘body’ of the ‘cancerous’ draconian ‘cells’ that would devour all light and life — like a dead star or a black hole — if given the chance.

He was an associate of Jason Bishop (a.k.a., TAL Levesque) by correspondence. Branton compiled a huge amount of information/misinformation not only from Jason Bishop but also from many many others. (In fact, I have to admit that I had also corresponded with him regularly during those years).

Jason Bishop, John Lear, and Val Valerian (a.k.a., John Grace of Las Vegas – who at one time was with Nellis AFB) were some of the folks from which Branton received information/misinformation.

Jason Bishop, a colleague of John Rhodes (a self-claimed researcher on “Reptilians”), presently lives in Mariposa, California.


It was Jason Bishop (a.k.a., TAL Levesque) who originally came out with the so-called underground tunnel systems map (with Dulce, New Mexico as its central hub…..CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT):

Dulce 37 (1)

(A few years ago I had corresponded with Jason Bishop’s sister who told me that he has always had some type of psychological problem, to put it mildly – – probably from indoctrination from reading too many SHAVER MYSTERY science fiction novels of the 1950s that dealt with underground civilizations).

Branton wrote two major books, THE DULCE BOOK and THE DULCE WARS.
In 2001, it was rumored that someone attempted to assassinate Branton in Utah, as was reported by the DAILY HERALD newspaper:

“BICYCLE ACCIDENT– A 40-year-old Orem man remains in critical condition after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle on Sunday.
Bruce Walton was riding his bicycle eastbound on 500 North, Provo, near the crosswalk on the south side of the intersection at Freedom Boulevard, when northbound 21-year-old Jayton Wakefield, of Provo, hit him with his 1992 Nissan 4×4 pickup.
Walton was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was later flown by a LifeFlight helicopter to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City.
He sustained injuries to his head and has several broken bones in his face and is in the intensive-care unit in critical conditions.
Wakefield was not injured.
No citations have been issued and the accident is still under investigation to determine fault”.
This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page A2.

Jason Bishop, however, claimed later that Bruce Walton was incarcerated in 2009 in Utah for (rather unmentionable) felony charges.
It was extremely difficult for me to accept that information, but, it sure looks like it was him.
(Google Search – Bruce Walton incarcerated in Utah):
If it was him, it was devastating for sure.
I cannot judge anyone.
Yes, Branton had a tremendous impact on so many people who have been fascinated with the Dulce topic for all these years.

Branton is best known for his book THE DULCE BOOK which he made available for everyone to be read free of charge on the Internet:

The Dulce Book

I just really do not know what more to say.

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Another Land Grab coming to Nevada Test and Training Range, including areas near Area 51


(Nevada Testing and Training Range – – CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT)

Official announcement from the U.S. Air Force – – August 25, 2016 – – from the Federal Register (August 25, 2016):

The United States Air Force (Air Force) is issuing this notice to notify the public of its intent to prepare a Legislative Environmental Impact Statement (LEIS) for the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) military land withdrawal at Nellis Air ForceBase, Nevada.

The LEIS is being prepared in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969; 40 Code of Federal Regulations(CFR), Parts 1500–1508, the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations for implementing NEPA; and the Air Force Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP) [32 CFR part 989].

This notice also serves to invite early public and agency participation in determining the scope of environmental issues and alternatives to be analyzed in the LEIS and to identify and eliminate from detailed study the issues which are not significant.

To effectively define the full range of issues and concerns to be evaluated in the LEIS, the Air Force is soliciting scoping comments from interested local, state and federal agencies, interested American Indian tribes, and interested members of the public.

This Notice of Intent also serves to provide early notice of compliance with Executive Order (EO) 11990, ‘‘Protection of Wetlands’’ and EO 11988, ‘‘Floodplain Management.’’ State and federal regulatory agencies with special expertise in wetlands and floodplains have been contacted to request comment.

Scoping comments may be submitted to the Air Force at the planned public scoping meetings and/or in writing.


The Air Force plans to hold five public scoping meetings from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., on the dates and at the locations listed below.

• Wednesday, October 12, 2016: Beatty Community Center, 100 A Avenue South, Beatty, NV 89003

• Thursday, October 13, 2016: Tonopah Convention Center, 301 Brougher Avenue, Tonopah, NV 89049

• Tuesday, October 18, 2016: Caliente Elementary School, 289 Lincoln Street, Caliente, NV 89008

• Wednesday, October 19, 2016: Pahranagat Valley High School, 151 S. Main Street, Alamo, NV 89001

• Thursday, October 20, 2016: Aliante Hotel, 7300 Aliante Parkway, North Las Vegas, NV 89084

The agenda for each scoping meeting is as follows:

• 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.—Open House and comment submission
• 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.—Air Force Presentation
• 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.—Open House and comment submission resumes

Local notices announcing scheduled dates, locations, and addresses for each meeting will be published in the Bullseye, Pahrump Valley Times, Lincoln County Record, Tonopah Times-Bonanza, and Las Vegas Review Journal newspapers a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to each meeting.

Comments will be accepted at any time during the Environmental Impact
Analysis Process (EIAP).

However, to ensure the Air Force has sufficient time to consider public input in the preparation of the Draft LEIS, scoping comments must be submitted no later than December 10, 2016.


Information on the NTTR Military Land Withdrawal and LEIS process can be accessed at the Project Web site at
The project Web site can be used to submit scoping comments to
the Air Force, or comments and inquiries may also be submitted by mail or email to the 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs, 4430 Grissom Ave., Ste. 107, Nellis AFB, NV 89191 or by email at


The current NTTR land withdrawal expires in November, 2021.
In accordance with the Military Lands Withdrawal Act of 1999, the Air Force has notified Congress of a continuing military need for the NTTR withdrawal.

Military land withdrawal applications have been prepared and submitted to Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The segregation of lands proposed for military withdrawal are addressed in a separate BLM Federal Register notice. The Air Force LEIS supports Congressional decision-making for the proposed military land withdrawal and will be programmatic in nature, adding value by setting out a
broad view o environmental impacts and alternatives for Congress to consider.

Following Congressional action on the NTTR land withdrawal proposals, site specific proposals based on particular DoD or Air Force defined needs for the range would be evaluated with the appropriate level of tiered or supplemental NEPA.

In particular, the LEIS will analyze alternatives for military land withdrawal of the NTTR to improve the range capacity and capability to support military test and training requirements now and into the future. The LEIS will assess the potential environmental consequences of the proposal to extend the existing NTTR military land.

Site Map Revise
Site Map Revise


(before Nevada Test Site became Nevada National Security Site)

WATCH THIS VIDEO, the only publicly accessible viewing spot for Area 51 may soon become inaccessible?:

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Two stories of the Japanese who saved the lives of Jewish refugees from the Nazis


(photo and information, courtesy of Wikipedia…..CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT)

Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who served as Vice-Consul for the Empire of Japan in Lithuania.
During World War II, he helped 6,000 Jews to leave the country by issuing transit visas so that they could travel to Japanese territory, risking his career and his family’s lives.
The Jews who escaped were refugees from German-occupied Western Poland or Russian-occupied Eastern Poland as well as residents of Lithuania.
In 1985, Israel named him to the Righteous Among The Nations for his actions, the only Japanese national to be so honored.

Chiune Sugihara remembered by Jewish Survivors:

Second story:

The year 1938.
In the extreme cold of temperatures below 20 degrees, many Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazi persecution were held up in Otopol at the Soviet border of Manchuria.
While the Manchukuo Foreign Ministry Immigration Office refused to grant them visas due to the watchfulness of their German allies, the Harbin secret military chief at that time, Major General Kiichiro Higuchi, saved the lives of those Jewish refugees on the verge of freezing to death, estimated to be up to twenty thousand.
He rightfully declared to the Chief of Staff of the Kantou Army, Major General Hideki Tojo: “Japan is not a vassal state of Nazi Germany. Is it truly correct for us to carry Hitler’s stick to make misery on unwanted people?”
It would be two years until Chiune Sugihara was appointed as Lithuanian Consulate in Kaunas and issued “Visas for Life”.

The miracle of General Kiichiro Higuchi:

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The unlikely struggle of the family whose neighbor was Area 51


(partial view of Groom Lake can be seen in this photo, courtesy of the Sheahan family….CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)

by Tyler Rogoway, FOXTROT ALPHA/JALOPNIK – – November 9, 2015:


“Plenty of landowners have fought the government over plans to seize their property.
But the Sheahan family of Nevada have not spent decades defending some mundane corner of farmland from being covered by a proposed interstate.
The Sheahans’ ancestral mining land was seized over its very unique next-door neighbor: America’s top secret flight test facility, known to most as Area 51.

It’s remarkable the Sheahans wanted to save this place at all.
It is a place where the family claims they were strafed by machine gun fire.
Where cancer and burns came as a likely result of nuclear detonations mere miles away. Where they have faced invasive, terrifying security measures from men in uniform.

Now, after years of trying to maintain a grasp on their beloved property, the Sheahans got the boot once and for all by the United States Air Force.
The military acted to condemn the family’s property, and they are seeking in court what they hope will be adequate compensation for their land and for their struggles.
But how do you appraise a property that exists under such strange circumstances?
How do you get the fair value of a place whose biggest resource is its bizarre view?
And how does one family prevail over a titan as big as the United States military?”

Area 51 6 (2)

(Area 51 in the distance, by Groom Lake….photo, courtesy of the Sheahan family………..CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)


Here is the only report made after the government officially took over the family’s property in October of 2015….Channel 8 News, Las Vegas, Nevada – – November 11, 2015:


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Now is the most important moment of your life, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not even a few hours ago, not even a few minutes ago, but right now !!

(CLICK AND ENLARGE ABOVE – – taken on July 19, 2017 at 8:15 p.m., from my backyard in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA. – – thank God for another day)

Now is the most important moment of your life, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not even a few hours ago, not even a few minutes ago, but right now!!

by Norio Hayakawa:

Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not even a few hours ago, not even a few minutes ago, but right now….this very moment!
Let’s not dwell in what happened yesterday.  Yesterday is gone.   A few hours ago are gone.   A few minutes ago are gone!
Neither should we dwell in what might happen tomorrow.  Let tomorrow come first.
Let’s not dwell in what you have or what you have not accomplished in the past.

There is absolutely nothing in this world worth worrying about because the most important thing in this life is the fact that you are still alive!!

We must not dwell in the past.

We must never forget to look beyond others’ faults and see their need, just as God looked beyond our faults and saw our need.

We must ask God for forgiveness constantly, since we may have offended God as well as others in ways which we may not realize.
And we must forgive others constantly, just as much as we would want others to forgive us for what we may have done to others, whether we know it or not.

We must forgive others for hurting us physically or otherwise, no matter what.   Yes, being humans, it is extremely difficult to do so.  But we must.   Forgiveness is one of the greatest virtues given by God to us.

Forgive and forget” should be the motto of each of us.

There are some who can forgive others immediately, no matter what they have done to us.  Those are rare folks.  However, for many of us it takes times to forgive and forget.   Perhaps for some, it may take several years to completely do so.    Perhaps for some, it may take even many, many years to do so.    But we must forgive.

Forgiving others will bring about special blessings in our lives in some special ways that we may not realize.


We must also think about life and death, and death and life.
They are inter-connected.


Let us begin with death, a subject matter that most people do not want to discuss.
Did you know that death actually begins the moment we are born?
It’s a slow process.
The moment we are born we are immersed into this physical world and begin to experience sickness and disease and finally we die a physical death.
For some it could be very short.
For others death may come in an unexpected way before sickness and disease take over.

There is no guarantee at all if you will still be alive in the next few years, or in the next few months, or in the next few hours or even in the next few minutes.

We all have an appointed time for death.
This thought sounds rather morbid but let’s face it.
This is a fact.

Therefore, to the best of our ability, we must live these precious few moments of life to the fullest possible and take time to enjoy it while we can.

We must continually thank God for giving us this precious physical life, even though it’s a short life.

We must not hate ourselves but love ourselves for who God created us to be.
But more than that, we must love others more than ourselves and do good to others.
This is the golden rule.   Yes, it may be extremely difficult, but we must.

We must also continue to have total faith (or unconditional “TRUST” or “RELIANCE”) in God and live the way He would want us to live.
This may sound strange, but since we are all taking the journey to death, the most important time in our life, therefore, is NOW.
The past cannot be repeated.
What happened even a few seconds ago cannot be repeated.
It’s gone.
The past is history.
We have the PAST, PRESENT and the FUTURE.
Our finite mind cannot see the FUTURE.

This is why the most important period of our life is NOW, this very minute, this very second!!
We need to thank God for giving us the opportunity to be here, even for a short time.

We need to thank God every single day for giving us this precious life to live.
We need to thank God for every new breath that we can continue to breathe while on earth, even if we may be so sick in bed and are faced with death.
Yes, many times we may feel that it is extremely difficult to do, but we must try.
We must continue to count our blessings every day.

By the way, there are no such things as “coincidences” in our lives, if we fully trust in the Creator.

There may be a reason for everything that happened so far in our personal lives.
Moreover, we do make many mistakes and made bad decisions.
There’s no turning back the clock to change the events that happened in our lives.
We can only learn from the past mistakes and ask for forgiveness for our mistakes.

Many times we question God why certain things, especially “bad things”, happen in our lives.
But we must bear in mind that God never wishes “bad things” in our lives.
God never creates “bad things”.
God is not the creator of evil.

Often times we have tragic moments in our lives which are beyond our doing.
At the time of the tragic event, we tend to question God and even complain to Him why the tragedy happened.

But later on, as the years go by, we come to a point and realize that had it not been for that tragedy in the past that I would not be here where I am, not only physically, mentally but above all and most importantly, spiritually.
We didn’t see it right then before.

As they say, “all things work out for the good for those who love and trust Him”.
Lastly, together with this thought, we can rest assured that God answers all our sincere prayers.

There are only three ways that God answers our prayers.
That is: YES, NO or NOT NOW.

When we ask God for a certain thing:

1) God can respond and say “YES”. “You will get your wish right away” (as long as your wish is not for selfish reasons).

2) God can respond and say “NO”.
(God knows exactly what is good for you).

When God says “NO”, He will give you an alternative to your request.
He will say “NO, but I will give you something that is even better for you, and you will know the reason why later on, in due time”.
and finally,

3) God can respond and say “YES, but not now, you will just have to wait patiently and then it will be granted. Now is not the right time, but it will be granted at the most appropriate time for you.”


And after everything is said and done, and when the time comes for us to take our last breath, we must do so, believing with confidence that death is not the end of life.
Therefore we need not fear death at all.
Death is only the beginning of real life.
It is simply the door through which we enter true eternal life, not the superficial, temporal, limited existence we have here in this physical world.
Words will be inadequate then to describe the eternal bliss to come immediately the moment we step into the new dimension to explore!!

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Why haven’t we found any aliens yet?…….by Andrew Fain


(“Some experts say we won’t see evidence of extraterrestrials for another 1500 years. That’s the time it will take for our TV and radio signals to have reached enough stars and have the best chance to be discovered.
In my opinion, I think highly advanced extraterrestrial societies already know we’re here and in about 10-15 years we’ll start getting some of the answers we’ve been looking for.” – – Andrew Fain)

by Andrew Fain, UNIVERSE TODAY: Space And Astonomy News – – August 10, 2016:


Many years ago, Carl Sagan predicted there could be as many as 10,000 advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.

After nearly 60 years of searching without success, a growing list of scientists believe life on Earth only came about because of a lucky series of evolutionary accidents, a long list of improbable events that just happened to come together at the right time and will never be repeated.
Is it possible they are right and we are all there is?
Highly unlikely.

Earth is a typical rocky planet, in an average solar system, nestled in the spiral arm of an ordinary galaxy. All the events and elements that came together to build our world could happen almost everywhere throughout the galaxy and there should be nothing unusual about the evolution of life on this planet or any others.

In a galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars, the law of averages dictates that intelligent life must exist somewhere.
So, why haven’t we found it yet?
There could be many reasons.


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