There are at least 10 places in the world named Albuquerque (or Alburquerque)

by Norio Hayakawa, resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Not too many folks know that there are at least 10 places in the world named Albuquerque  (or Alburquerque), including the one everybody knows, the largest one being here in New Mexico, U.S.A.

But there are 6 places in Brazil named Alburquerque.  There is also one in Angola, Africa.  And there is one in Bohol, Philippines.

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s namesake came from the town called Alburquerque in Spain.

The Spaniards and the Portuguese adapted the name Alburquerque from Latin word “Albus” which means “white” and “Quercus” which means “oak”. Namely, “white oak”.   The name “Alburquerque” did not come from Arabic, as some folks mistakenly think.

So, when young folks here in Albuquerque, New Mexico stylishly call their city “BURQUE“, they are not totally wrong.  I believe it is a linguistic coincidence.

Here are some photos of Alburquerque in Spain:

(ABOVE PHOTO, taken by Alan Gorenz)

(ABOVE PHOTO, also taken by Alan Gorenz)

Here is a photo of Alburquerque in Bohols, Philippines:

By the way, here is a photo of a bridge officially named “Albuquerque Bridge” in the city of Sasebo, Japan which is Albuquerque, New Mexico’s sister city:

Another photo of Albuquerque Bridge in the city of Sasebo, Japan:



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Final conclusion to the fraudster Phil Schneider story

by Richard Geldreich, Jr. – – September 22, 2022:


Norio Hayakawa has already done a deep dive on this guy’s personal life, and it sure looks like Phil Schneider was a fraud:

PHIL SCHNEIDER    (Phil Schneider’s Dulce Base “delusions”)


However, many won’t believe it, so let’s go further and show he really was a fraud.

Around 2018 Joe from Carolina  (BeyondTheory on YouTube)  and his research team issued a FOIA request about Phil Schneider to the FBI

On March 22, 1975 an acquaintance of Phil Schneider turned him into the FBI in Oregon.

Phil claimed to have been attempting to build a nuclear device, and had radioactive materials.

Phil removed 300 pounds of this radioactive material and kept it under his bed.

The FBI detected radioactivity outside of his residence, in the parking lot.  This guy was definitely not playing with a full deck.


Here is an excerpt from above:

Schneider had an uncle who was a surgeon and a physician named Leo Schneider, M.D.   Dr. Leo Schneider had been questioned by the FBI regarding Phil’s possession of radioactive material, and Leo turned over two pieces of the material which Phil had given to him to display in his medical office.

Dr. Schneider also stated that Phil claimed to possess approximately 80 pounds of the radioactive material.

When the FBI processed it, they reported that the material was examined by Ray D. Paris, a radio-chemist from the Environmental Radiation Surveillance Section as well as another specialist.

The initial examination determined that the material was uranium ore, and it was radiating 100 Milliroentgen per hour (100 MR/HR).  The experts that the FBI sent this powdered form of material to stated that prolonged exposure to, or ingestion of this uranium ore that Phi Schneider had in his possession (and had also given to his uncle) could be extremely hazardous.

Phil Schneider, according to this just Declassified document, had agreed to be interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on March 26, 1975 about his possession of a dangerous, radioactive substance.  

Schneider gave the FBI consent to search his residence and they traced the source of the substance (by Phil’s own report) to a man that he met in a local tavern by the name of George M.

By his own admission he did not get the material from an underground base and this uranium ore was traced back through the FBI who tracked down the guy that ha sold it to Phil.

The FBI was also very clear in reporting that Phil Schneider had no license to possess any type of nuclear source material.

Schneider granted FBI consent to search of his room as well as the property in which he purchased the ore, and specialists were evaluating the area where Phil was residing detected four to five time the normal background radiation in the parking lot of the building.

Materials were found in both the basement and attic, emitting 10-20 MR/HR of radiation and were disposed of by radiation specialists.

The Atomic Energy Commission was consulted regarding all materials and facts in the FBI report.

Schneider’s brother, a deputy sheriff named George Schneider, in Portland, Oregon, was provided information about Phil’s physical conditions and indicated that he would seek additional help for Phil.


Phil would show various “super heavy” materials to people that attended his lectures in the 90’s.  If you received any of these materials from him, you should definitely be aware that they could have been dangerously radioactive.

The FBI document states that Phil was at the Dammasch State Hospital  (Wilsonville Oregon),  between 1968–1969, being treated for schizophrenia.

Under stress, he would mutilate himself, and he also amputated his two fingers and a thumb.

Please read the whole story here by Richard Geldreich, Jr.:





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