“Aliens are here, dressed as nuns”, says a former Minister of Defence of Canada

Paul Hellyer, a former Minister of Defence of Canada, had little to do with UFOs while he was in the employ of the Canadian government.

It was after he had long retired, that he began to devour UFO books and finally became a believer.

(Although,  according to researcher Chris Rutkowski, Hellyer, in 1967, ceremoniously opened the UFO Landing Pad at St. Paul, Alberta.  Rutkowski also stated that he located a document describing a Ministerial Inquiry into what would today be called crop circles, also in Alberta, Canada, in 1967.)

And now Hellyer is in high demand as a UFO conference speaker, since he was a former Minister of Defence of Canada.

“Aliens are here, dressed as nuns”, says a former Minister of Defence of Canada:


It seems that there are always a few in the crowd  (actually in every walk of life – including military personnel, pilots, generals and even astronauts)  who sometimes make nutty-sounding, rather outrageous remarks or statements  (mainly based on some pre-conceived personal beliefs of theirs, religious or not).

Yes, this includes even some policemen, pilots, generals and even astronauts whom we hold in high estimation.

Why is this?.

It is simply because they’re all humans, with pre-conceived notions of things or worldview.

School teachers, professors, scientists and even some well-respected politicians are no exceptions. This is why I feel that simply quoting from pilots, generals and even astronauts when discussing such things as UFO sightings should not be the final word.

After all, all humans are imperfect when it comes to personal, visual perceptions of things.

Jesse Marcel  (of the Roswell fame who kept changing his story)  had a history of embellishment and exaggeration.

He had a penchant for exaggerating things while repeatedly trying to “write himself” into the history books.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences   (exploration into the nature and potentials of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing, including intuition, feeling and the senses).

The list goes on and on.

The bottom line, however, is that the final evidence will only come when entire mankind is openly contacted by physical ETs, if ever.


Once again let’s watch what Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defence of Canada said.   Click the following link and watch the short video:




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“Aliens are here on Earth”, says a professional Ufologist

(professional “Ufologist”, Stanton Friedman)

by Jon Austin, EXPRESS – – March 27, 2017:


A scientist has issued a chilling warning that aliens are already here on Earth and are biding their time before unleashing a full reveal.

Stanton Friedman,a nuclear physicist, is convinced there have been multiple visitations of Earth by aliens, who will ultimately quarantine us here on Earth.

The Canadian claimed there “was not a shadow of a doubt” the existence of intelligent aliens was being covered up by global governments as part of a so-called truth embargo.

Mr. Friedman, 82, is a top Ufologist, who has been at the heart of investigations into the mysterious Roswell alleged UFO crash of 1947, after previously working on classified projects for American aerospace corporation McDonnell Douglas.

Speaking to DAILY STAR, he said: “We have enough to prove without a shadow of a doubt that planet Earth is being visited [by aliens].

“This is kept from people because who would want the world in upheaval?

There would be mass panic and distress.

“If they (the aliens) want to make themselves known, it’s easy – they will.”

He said recently declassified CIA files on UFO sightings were all part of the proof.

Mr. Friedman says aliens actually want to prevent humans colonizing space and will ultimately quarantine us here for the greater good to prevent mankind travelling.

He said: “I think they are here. I think they are here to quarantine us, keep us from going out there.

“With our track record – we’re evil.”

But Mr. Friedman claims our governments are trying to take advantage of aliens being here by obtaining their technology to achieve world supremacy.

He said: “The first country to replicate [alien] technology will rule the roost if they can build it.

“It’s political too – the US says ‘are we ready to put out anything if the Russians don’t or the Chinese don’t’.”

Mr. Friedman, who has written extensively on Aliens and UFOs, has described this culture of secrecy as the world’s “Cosmic Watergate” – a reference to the President Nixon cover-up scandal in the 1970s.

He now tours the globe giving talks on his beliefs at universities and conferences:

Some skeptics are not convinced by his arguments, however.

One poster on the forum skepticforum.com wrote: “Recently I was looking at some of Friedman’s arguments for UFO’s and against skeptics.

“When he says he debunks the debunkers he makes sweeping generalisations and says skeptics ignore some ‘big’ cases even though many of them were looked at by skeptics.

So my question is what’s his point?

He only uses old cases that were mostly debunked and just tries to discredit skeptics rather than provide non-speculative evidence.




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Robert Bigelow, eccentric billionaire executive, claims “Aliens are here on Earth”

by Lee Spiegel, HUFFPOST Science – – May 30, 2017:



In an eye-opening interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday night (May 28, 2017) , aerospace mogul and entrepreneur Robert Bigelow said he was ‘absolutely convinced’ there were alien visitors to Earth.

Most of the segment focused on how NASA and the Las Vegas-based Bigelow Aerospace are in a partnership to develop an expandable craft for humans to use in space.

Bigelow’s far-reaching vision puts him right in the middle of a new privatization of space, a race that includes billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

However, during the “60 Minutes” interview with correspondent Lara Logan, the conversation shifted to Bigelow’s reported obsession with UFOs and aliens.


Logan: “Do you believe in aliens?”

Bigelow: “I’m absolutely convinced….That’s all there is to it.”

Logan: “Do you also believe that UFOs have come to Earth?”

Bigelow: “There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence.

And I spent millions and millions and millions ― I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.”

Logan: “Is it risky for you to say in public that you believe in UFOs and aliens?”

Bigelow: “I don’t give a damn….. I don’t care.”

Logan: “You don’t worry that some people will say, ‘Did you hear that guy, he sounds like he’s crazy’?”

Bigelow: “I don’t care…..It’s not gonna make a difference…..It’s not gonna change reality of what I know.”

Bigelow wouldn’t elaborate on what kind of results he had achieved from his well-funded UFO research.

When asked if he thought future space missions would result in any encounters between humans and aliens, Bigelow said, “You don’t have to go anywhere….It’s just like right under people’s noses.”




After spending millions and millions of dollars on UFO research, has he shown his concrete evidence that Aliens are here?

So far, I haven’t seen any.

Everybody knows that in 1995 Bigelow established and funded the NATIONAL INSTITUTE  FOR DISCOVERY SCIENCES  (NIDS – that purportedly investigated the paranormal, UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the Skin Walker Ranch, etc. etc., ad nausem).

But in 2004, Bigelow deactivated the National Institute for Discovery Science, after years of failing to capture the supposedly supernatural.

Moreover,  Bigelow never elaborated on his definition of what an Alien was/is.

Was he talking about sentient, physical extraterrrestrial biological entities in physical extraterrestrial spacecraft of some kind?

In December of 2017, a New York Times story revealed that Bigelow Aerospace had conducted a study on UFOs—for the Pentagon.

The Pentagon’s Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program officially ended in 2012.  But similar work continues today—involving people from both the defunct Defense Department program and Bigelow’s dismantled paranormal enterprise.  They have become part of a for-profit company: TO THE STARS ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE, which launched in October 2017 to research and “reverse-engineer UFOs”, among other goals.

Click and read the following latest article on Robert Bigelow  (February 24, 2018):





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Family still at odds with the Air Force on Area 51 land seizure


by Tyler Rogoway of Foxtrot Alpha, THE DRIVE – – May 10, 2017:



As if the situation couldn’t get any more bizarre.

Now the family locked in a major land use battle with the US Air Force over their property that overlooked the air base at Area 51 wants the Air Force to tell them how a 200-pound antique anvil disappeared from the property just weeks after it was officially seized.

The Sheahans have, in one way or another, been fighting the Air Force for decades.

But now, more than a year after the property was condemned under eminent domain in the fall of 2015, the issue has come down to what the historic mine is worth.

As of late last year, the two parties were as far apart as one can imagine.

The US Air Force drastically dropped what it was willing to pay for the mine to a paltry $333,000, while the Sheahans claim the property could be worth as much as $116 million.

On top of that, the family says that by law all their personal property needs to be relocated from the site on the US Air Force’s dime, a fact that seemed to have been a given when the condemnation process was executed.

But now, according to the Sheahans, the Air Force isn’t even going to do that.


The family stated the following in a press release:

“After seizing the Groom Mine Property from the Sheahan family through eminent domain, the U.S. Government confirmed it would take a small army, many months and $2.7 million to move 130 years worth of family  belongings from the property – not including storage fees, incidentals and other unforeseen costs.

The Sheahan’s relocation expert agreed that the relocation would take several months, but the cost would be $4.5 million.

The government is now changing its initial position, arguing that it will only take several blocks of three to four days to move the belongings and cost less than $300,000 for both moving and storage.

The government claims that this position is justified on the grounds that the mining equipment on the property is considered a fixture that is attached to the land and needs to be valued as part of it, not moved.

However, the government initially took the exact opposite position when valuing the land, claiming the mining equipment should not be valued as part of the land, because it is personal property that needs to be moved.

These grossly inconsistent positions are nothing more than an attempt to outright take our family’s personal property without just compensation, said Joe Sheahan, one of the property owners.

The government is also refusing to move other items owned by the Sheahan family including a 1929 Model A Ford, a 1936 International truck, antique mining buckets and gears, and similar items.

Their excuse for this is that these items are high bulk and low value, although they have not provided a single valuation appraisal on any of these items.

In addition, the government has sent the landowners threatening letters ordering them to remove all of their property within 30 days, while not providing access to do so.

This is a clear violation of federal law. To assure that personal property of this type is fully protected, Congress adopted the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (URA).

The URA mandates specific rules to assure the government pays for moving and storage of all personal property and provides a reasonable time to do so.

The URA further states that the government is required to provide assistance with the relocation of the personal property “to ensure that persons displaced as a direct result of federal or federally assisted projects are treated fairly, consistently, and equitably so that such displaced persons will not suffer disproportionate injuries as a result of the projects designed for the benefit of the public as a whole” (49 CFR § 24.1.).”

The Sheahan’s property is a historic mine that overlooks Groom Lake.

The relationship has gotten so contentious between the Sheahans and the Air Force that the family is now demanding answers as to how an antique anvil that weighs 200-lbs could have disappeared within the most highly secured land mass in the world just weeks after the family was evicted from their property that lies within its perimeter.

Less than two months after the Government confiscated the Groom Mine Property, a 100-year-old, 200-lb. blacksmith’s anvil disappeared from the property.

The owners noticed the historic anvil was missing shortly after arriving on-site to conduct a personal property review with the U.S. Government’s moving company in November of 2015.

The Government conducted an investigation, but was unsuccessful in recovering this large antique anvil.

In spite of the numerous cameras, sensors, guards in Ford Raptors, helicopters and satellites, they still could not find a 200-lb. anvil.

Was this Area 51 black magic or just plain old theft?

Did someone slip it out of the most secret and secure location on the planet in their lunch box?” asked Patrick Sheahan, one of property owners.

The Sheahan’s puzzlement as to how such an ungainly object could have vanished from such a secure locale is totally warranted.

It’s an anvil, so we know it didn’t get up and walk away on its own, and the only people who would have access to the mine were presumably those who work at the base or who secure its heavily monitored perimeter.

In other words, random hikers didn’t casually rob the place.

Also, considering that most of the workers at Area 51 are either flown there or are bussed in daily, the ability to remove the anvil from the secretive installation’s grounds becomes even less plausible.

As sophomoric as it sounds, the historic anvil from the Sheahan’s property – –  the last private parcel of land with a direct line of sight of the flight test installation at the center of Area 51 – – would be a nice “victory trophy” for powers that be at the secretive facility.

Considering that the place is supposedly littered with test aircraft and is likely the most compartmentalized facility in the US, it’s unclear how exactly the US Air Force could investigate such an act.

In fact, investigating Area 51 on an official level is next to impossible, as proven by the lawsuit filed by workers that became gravely ill during the 1990s after toxic chemicals were systematically burned in trenches at the base.

Before that suit, the base never officially existed.

To this day, renewed executive orders are issued by the White House to keep it so classified that it is largely shielded from oversight and the American judicial system.

In other words, the chances that the Sheahans will be seeing their anvil anytime soon are probably as good as you or I receiving a formal invite to come take a personal tour of the installation.

So there you have it, the enigmatic Area 51 – – a wondrous place that is not only associated directly with aircraft that can disappear, but now also with mysteriously disappearing historical blacksmithing hardware.




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Ridiculous claims of “photos” of the Dulce base

(ENLARGE ABOVE – – a total disinformation)

A Farmington, New Mexico’s power generating plant (a.k.a., San Juan Power Plant) is ridiculously misidentified as the Dulce base on the Internet.

The BHP BILLITON, a coal mining operation and utilities company located just north of Hwy 64 and 15 miles northwest of Farmington, has been errouneously identified as the Dulce base.

There are some uneducated, gullible folks (and this surprisingly includes some college graduates) on the Internet who actually believe that these are aerial photos of the Dulce base.

(ENLARGE PHOTO ABOVE – – a total disinformation)

This misleading aerial photo on top appears on a book written by Gil Carlson under the title of “Secrets of the DULCE BASE, Alien Underground”. And he charges $45 for the book.


(Simply because there is no credible, tangible, irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever that the base exists, refuting and totally nullifying the claims of Phil Schneider)

Ridiculous “photos” of the alleged Dulce underground base – – CONTINUED:

Photos of Springfield, Missouri‘s large underground storage facility (a.k.a., Springfield Underground), Kansas City, Missouri’s underground warehouse facility (SubTropolis), as well as Americold underground storage facility in Carthage, Missouri are all often erroneously misidentified as Dulce underground base.

There are some uneducated, gullible folks (and, surprisingly, this includes some college graduates) who actually believe that these are authentic photos of the Dulce base.


(Simply because there is no credible, tangible, irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever that the base exists, thus refuting and nullifying the claims of Phil Schneider).



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UFOs – – A grand deception by manipulative fallen entities?


UFOs – – a grand deception by manipulative fallen entities?

It is a well-known fact that John A. Keel and Jacques Vallee were two of the first big name researchers who had departed from the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) of the origins of UFOs and the UFO phenomenon.

Although it is still considered to be a minority view in the field of Ufology, quite a number of researchers followed suit, including J. Allen Hynek, Arthur C. Clarke, Whitley Strieber, John Mack, Karla Turner, Guy Malone, Joseph G. Jordan and L.A. Marzulli.

Many of them seem to have gone from ETH to the “Fallen” and “Malevolent”.

They seem to have conclude that UFOs are inter-dimensional and not from outer space.

I totally agree.

Since the late 1970s, I, too, have maintained  (and will continue to maintain)  my opinion that we have never been visited by physical ETs in their physical spacecraft (so far).

The reality, in my opinion, is that “they” are deceptive, manipulative and malevolent entities from another dimension, “posing” and deceiving us as “ETs” from highly advanced civilizations from outer space.

This does not mean that “benevolent” ones do not exist.

Maybe they are doing good works without being seen by most of us.   But the ones that are “making noise”, deceiving people and causing “confusion” are certainly not the “benevolent” ones.

Tom Farmer, a researcher, stated:

“John A. Keel pointed out 50+ years ago that UFOs come in too many form factors, “crash” too often and spout too much nonsense to contactees to be nuts-and-bolts spacecraft crewed by explorers from afar.

They are a current-frame-of-reference manifestations of a trickster intelligence that has always been with us.”


The UFO phenomenon appears to be able to materialize and de-materialize at will.

But more significant is its apparent inability to stay in our dimensional realm except for a few moments at a time, or only for a short period of time.

In other words, it seems apparent that they’re unable to survive in our physical dimension except for a very brief period of time, at a time.

As Dr. Jacques Vallee suggested quite often, “UFOs” may not necessarily be objects nor are they “flying” as we understand “flying” by the use of any propulsion system.

Yet they are even said to be able to affect our physical parameters (such as radar, etc.)

It seems to me that in many cases a “UFO”, after making an initial appearance to what I call a “pre-selected” observer (or observers), simply appears to take off at a tremendous speed and disappear into the distance as if utilizing some form of advanced propulsion system.

But could this be a deception?

In other cases, “UFOs” seem to simply hover or “float” (again, as if they’re utilizing some form of a propulsion system capable of “floating”) before taking off or even de-materializing.

But again, could this be a deception?



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A flying saucer incident in Dulce, New Mexico in the late 1960s

(Above illustration – – courtesy of Legends of America)

According to a testimony given by former Dulce, New Mexico resident Darren Vigil Gray, it was in the late 1960s that this amazing incident took place on Hwy 64 between Dulce and Lumberton.

At that time Darren was a fourth grader on the Jicarilla Apache reservation in northern Rio Arriba County.

At around 6:30 a.m. that particular morning, he claims he saw a flying saucer on his way to a parochial school which was located in nearby Lumberton.

A “dirty metallic colored” disk about 20 feet in diameter passed about 50 feet in the air over his school bus between Dulce and Lumberton, he said.

“It created all this chaos on the bus,” Gray said. He said his brother, then a sixth-grader, yelled, “It’s a flying saucer !“,  but the priest driving the van didn’t stop to investigate the phenomenon and instead stepped on the gas.

Gray said the disk appeared to come from Archuleta Mesa and continued for several miles over the low hills south of the highway.

He said cattle mutilations soon began to be reported in the same area, and the mesa was said to be a sort of UFO base.

“The experience really changed my whole scope,” said Gray, now a well-known artist in Santa Fe:

This incident was also confirmed by a former Dulce rancher Edmund Gomez, who was also among more than a dozen students in that school bus.

(The Gomez family had the largest ranch in the Dulce area at that time.  Beginning around 1975, the Gomez family began to report many incidents of cattle mutilations in their ranch, which were soon investigated by State Patrol Officer Gabe Valdez, who was assigned by the State of New Mexico to find out what was actually happening.

To this date, the cattle mutilation incidents in the Dulce area of those years still remain unsolved.  – – both Edmund Gomez and the late Gabe Valdez have expressed their belief that it was the government, and not the aliens, that were perpetrating these incidents.)

Edmund Gomez stated that he was also in that bus and was a witness.

“There were more than a dozen students riding in that bus”,  he stated.

This incident was mentioned in Albuquerque Journal by Tom Sharp on April 5, 1996:http://www.abqjournal.com/roswell/ufo3.htm



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Not all V-shaped formation of lights in the night sky are UFOs – – a case in point


(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – photo of a group of 6 small aircraft pilots flying in formation in Upper State New York in 1984)

Not every single V-shaped formation of lights in the night sky is a UFO.

Some may be, but not all.

Case in point:

A group of 6 small aircraft pilots from a local airport in upper State New York did an experiment back in 1984.

They did about 18 night-time “missions”, i.e., flying in formation, sometimes with lights  –  sometimes without lights – – sometimes with little light.

This hoax fooled at least some of the witnesses.

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – Another photo of a group of 6 small aircraft pilots flying in formation in upper State New York in 1984)

At the same time, not every V-formation of lights is a hoax.

The “U” in UFO simply stands for “unidentified”.

It could be anything.

There are still unknowns

It is still difficult to dismiss every incident in the so-called Hudson Valley sightings in the early 1980s.

As for the 6 pilots’ V-formation footage, it is included in the following video:

– – –
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The “battle of Los Angeles” of 1942 – – Army colonel explains what really happened


from Robert Sheaffer, BAD UFOs:

Here we see another example that cautions us against taking “eyewitness accounts” at face value.

Let us examine a first-hand account of the “battle” written by Col. John G. Murphy, who not only witnessed the shelling, but participated in an official investigation of the incident.

Serious researchers realize that, the closer in time is an account to the event it describes, the more likely it is to be accurate.

Col. Murphy wrote, “We interrogated approximately 60 witnesses – civilians, Army, Navy and Air commissioned and enlisted personnel… Roughly about half the witnesses were sure they saw planes in the sky.”

Given that no planes were ever sent up – not ours nor any Japanese – here we see another example that cautions us against taking “eyewitness accounts” at face value.


Antiaircraft Journal

published by the United States Coast Artillery Association

Vol. LXXXXII No. 3. May/June, 1949 page 4



Los Angeles “Attacked”

by Col. John G. Murphy, CAC:

There were no enemy air attacks on the West Coast.

There were two submarine attacks by gunfire-one on Ft. Stevens, Oregon, and one on some oil docks north of Los Angeles.

However there were many alerts, many blackouts, many alarms, and the antiaircraft troops were always in a pertinent condition of readiness.

Prior to the battle of Midway there was a distinct tenseness all along the West Coast.

We believed the Japanese would attack Midway, but we also knew he could change his plans and attack any of the important cities of the West Coast.

AA troops during this period were ready for any action.

They were always ready for action, albeit sometimes overready or maybe even gullible – – as was shown by the famous “Battle of Los Angeles.”


On Feb 26, 1942, the author was on a Staff visit to the 37th Brigade.

Sometime after midnight I was awakened by the sound of gunfire.

A quick glance through the window was not productive of any enlightening information.

A quick trip to the roof of the hotel brought reward for the upward toil.

It was a beautiful moonlight night, but the moon’s magnificence was dwarfed by the brilliant glare of nineties and three-inchers spewing fire to the heavens, the glare and noise of the bursting shells, the delicate sky tracery of red and green forty-millimeters and fifty-calibers arching lazily through the skies, and the brilliant incandescence of the searchlights probing the heavens, hither and yon-up and down.

A beautiful picture – a grand show!

But at what were they firing?

Imagination could have easily disclosed many shapes in the sky in the midst of that weird symphony of noise and color.

But cold detachment disclosed no planes of any type in the sky-friendly or enemy.

And suddenly all was quiet and only the light of the moon relieved the grim picture of a city in total blackout.

I lingered on the roof, ruminated on what it was all about and was idly wondering if I could find my way to brigade headquarters through the blackout when all hell broke loose again.

A cacophony of sound and a glaring brilliance again pervaded all!

But soon it was over and quiet and darkness again descended on the awakened city.

On my way to brigade headquarters next morning, screaming headlines in the morning papers told of the many Japanese planes brought down in flames.

At brigade headquarters there was much gloom.

No one knew exactly what had happened.

Maj. Gen. Jacob Fickel and Col. (later Maj. Gen.) Samuel Kepner flew down from San Francisco and with the writer constituted a board to investigate the firing.

We interrogated approximately 60 witnesses-civilians, Army, Navy and Air commissioned and enlisted personnel.

Roughly about half the witnesses were sure they saw planes in the sky.

One flier vividly described 10 planes in V formation.

The other half saw nothing.

The elevation operator of an antiaircraft director looking through his scope saw many planes.

His azimuth operator looking through a parallel scope on the same instrument did not see any planes.

Among the facts developed was that the firing had been ordered by the young Air Force controller on duty at the Fighter Command operations room.

Someone reported a balloon in the sky.

He of course visualized a German or Japanese zeppelin.

Someone tried to explain it was not that kind of balloon, but he was adamant and ordered firing to start (which he had no authority to do).

Once the firing started, imagination created all kinds of targets in the sky and everyone joined in.

Well after all these years, the true story can be told.

One of the AA Regiments (we still had Regiments) sent up a meteorological balloon about 1:00 AM.

That was the balloon that started all the shooting!

When quiet had settled down on the “embattled” City of the Angels, a different regiment, alert and energetic as always, decided some “met” data was needed, felt it had not done so well in the “battle” and thought a few weather corrections might help.

So they sent up a balloon, and hell broke loose again.

(Note: Both balloons, as I remember, floated away majestically and safely.)

But the inhabitants of Los Angeles felt very happy.

They had visual and auricular assurance that they were well protected.

And the AA gunners were happy!

They had fired more rounds than they would have been authorized to fire in 10 peacetime years’ target practices.


For an excellent article on the “Battle of Los Angeles”, click and read Brian Dunning’s :



Also, as for the question, “if it was a balloon, why didn’t it pop?

UFOlogists argue that a balloon subject to shelling would have popped, but there is evidence that anti-aircraft fire might be less effective against Zeppelin-type airships and balloons than common sense suggests.

Rigid and semi-rigid aircraft do not rely on substantial overpressure to sustain their shape, and unlike a party balloon won’t necessarily “pop” and deflate immediately when punctured.

The flexibility of a balloon or blimp’s gas bag also provides some protection from explosive anti-aircraft fire; with the skin denting and distorting to absorb the impact without actually puncturing.

This is exploited in experimental spy blimps such as the LEMV.

This means that a balloon may well be able to sustain damage from the anti-aircraft fire but not be actually shot down immediately.

Secondly, it isn’t guaranteed that a hydrogen dirigible or balloon will ignite when hit by normal bullets or shrapnel common to anti-aircraft fire.

During World War I, a Zeppelin, the L33, was hit by anti-aircraft fire, but did not catch fire. The ship was forced to crash-land in Britain, whereupon her crew set her ablaze. Fighter aircraft only began to see successes against Zeppelins when they switched from normal ammunition to a mixture of explosive and phosphorus incendiary bullets. A combination of these fired at a Zeppelin would invariably ignite the ship’s hydrogen gas bags.

This adds some credence to the possibility that shrapnel from the anti-aircraft batteries would not necessarily have destroyed a balloon outright but could have punctured it, leaving it to descend in to, and later sink in, the Pacific Ocean.

For more on the “battle of Los Angeles”, CLICK AND READ THE FOLLOWING:



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Powerful microwave weapons systems being developed in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mock up of the CHAMP cruise missile microwave system shooting an electromagnetic wave. Courtesy of the Air Force Research Laboratory. dhanson@abqjournal.com Fri Apr 28 15:08:33 -0600 2017 1493413708 FILENAME: 553969.jpg

by Kevin Robinson-Avila, THE ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL – – May 1, 2017


Massive ray guns that use microwaves to instantaneously down a swarm of incoming enemy drones are approaching prime-time reality, and could propel New Mexico into a leadership role in the next wave of modern defense technology.

The Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base is leading an effort to move such weapons out of the lab and into the hands of war fighters, with help from industry partners like Raytheon Missile Systems’ Ktech division in Albuquerque.

Those efforts have strong backing from New Mexico’s congressional delegation, particularly from Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich, who is spearheading a push to pump more federal spending into development programs and to encourage the Pentagon to move faster on deployment.

“This technology using microwaves and lasers is ready for prime time,” Heinrich told the Journal.
“We’ve spent a lot on research and development over the years, but today we’re now capable of shooting down rockets, missiles or mortars that could put our troops in danger.
It’s developed enough to go beyond research and put this technology into the hands of Americans to make a difference.”

The military has concentrated in recent years on advancing laser weapons for fighter aircraft, Navy ships and Army vehicles.
But alongside that work, the Air Force lab in Albuquerque has done extensive research and development for decades on microwave, or high-power electromagnetic technology, to build systems that could add another layer of defense alongside lasers and conventional missiles and explosives – ones that would destroy enemy systems without harming civilians or infrastructure.

Mary Lou Robinson, chief of the High Power Electromagnetics Division at the Air Force lab, calls it game-changing technology.
“This is not evolutionary improvement in the way we fight wars, but a revolutionary improvement,” Robinson said.
“Directed energy systems (lasers and microwaves) have been called ‘systems of the future.’ They are the future, but the future is now.”

The Air Force lab’s role in laser-related work helped build a powerful industry cluster in New Mexico, with commercial contractors creating systems and spinning technology off into commercial markets.
The same could occur with microwave technology.
Apart from big firms like Raytheon and Boeing Co., dozens of small, local contractors already work with the lab on microwave technology.

“The AFRL has become the center of microwave development for the nation,” Robinson said. “The Navy is partnering with us on this because of our expertise in these technologies – – Albuquerque and New Mexico are well-poised to be a center of excellence for it.”

Despite decades of research, only a couple of systems have been deployed on the battlefield for actual use, or for testing and demonstration purposes. That includes the Air Force lab’s MaxPower System, which mounted a concentrated electromagnetic power system onto an armored truck. It was deployed for nine months of testing in Afghanistan in 2012 to destroy improvised explosive devices:

A microwave enabled armored vehicle built to destroy improvised explosive devices was developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory .Photographed on Wednesday February 15, 2017. .Adolphe Pierre-Louis/JOURNAL

The Air Force also used a nonlethal, vehicle-mounted Active Denial System, or “Pain Ray,” in Afghanistan. It causes a burning sensation on skin to disperse crowds or force people to drop their weapons, but it was never used.

Now, the Air Force lab is working with the Navy to adapt its Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, or CHAMP, for aircraft:

Mock up of the CHAMP cruise missile microwave system shooting an electromagnetic wave. Courtesy of the Air Force Research Laboratory. dhanson@abqjournal.com Fri Apr 28 15:08:33 -0600 2017 1493413708 FILENAME: 553969.jpg
One of the CHAMP microwave missiles developed by Raytheon Missile Systems’ Ktech division and the Boeing Co. Courtesy of the Air Force Research Laboratory. dhanson@abqjournal.com Fri Apr 28 15:08:33 -0600 2017 1493413708 FILENAME: 553970.jpg

The technology would fly over buildings and installations to destroy electronics, computers and other systems using microwaves but no explosions.
Raytheon and Boeing helped build that system, which was successfully flight-demonstrated in 2012.

Over the past two years, Congress has approved $15 million for the CHAMP program here, including nearly $5 million for Raytheon to upgrade two original CHAMP missiles that the Air Force and Navy will now continue to develop and adapt. Raytheon delivered the first one early this year, and the second is about to follow, said Raytheon Ktech site director Steve Downie.

Raytheon also developed its own “Phaserground system to protect bases and installations from incoming enemy drones or missiles. It successfully tested Phaser in 2013 at Fort Sill, Okla., downing two unmanned aerial vehicles simultaneously. It’s designed to take out multiple drones in a single sweep as they cross through the microwaves.
“Say there are 20 incoming UAVs,” Downie said. “If they all fly through our field, they all go down.”

That’s different from lasers, which must focus on one target. And lasers need a few seconds to destroy something, whereas microwaves are instantaneous.
“You don’t need to be Annie Oakley if you’re using a shotgun approach,” Robinson said. “The field spreads out to include a slew of UAVs in a large area. … We’re looking at opportunities to support Raytheon’s research and development on this and demonstrate it for base defense.”

If the system is deployed, Raytheon Ktech will manufacture the Phaser in Albuquerque at the Sandia Science and Technology Park, where it has a 103,000-square-foot facility. It’s adding a 72,000-square-foot building at the park this summer to better accommodate work on microwave systems and other technologies. Its workforce is expected to grow from 180 people now to 200 by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Heinrich is working to accelerate military efforts to deploy both laser and microwave weapons. He called in March for establishment of a new Directed Energy Weapon System Demonstration Fund to develop the tactics, techniques and procedures for future deployment.

But the Pentagon needs to get fully on board to start moving systems from lab to battlefield, Heinrich said.
“The biggest challenge now is not technological; it’s cultural,” Heinrich told the Journal. “I’m optimistic, because the interest we’re seeing by other nations in these weapons is having an impact on the top brass at the Pentagon. I believe it will soon become easier to transition this technology into real systems to defend our troops.”




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