My ultimate position on UFOs


It seems that the majority of the world’s astronomers and scientists do not discount the possibility that we are not alone in the universe, even though we still have no definite, scientific evidence for it……so far.

I was a director of the Civilian Intelligence Network, a loosely-knit citizens’ watchdog group on government accountability and network of researchers, investigators and intelligence gatherers whose primary focus was on the government’s so-called Black Budget Programs at locations such as the operating base at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51).

The Civilian Intelligence Network was established in 1990.

It is now a defunct group.
I now support the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) which is the nation’s largest and most well-funded citizens’ watchdog group on government accountability.

I have researched the UFO phenomenon since around 1961.

In 1990 I organized a network called the Civilian Intelligence Network and began to conduct a thorough research on Area 51 in Nevada.

I have also investigated some widespread claims about the existence of Dulce underground base in New Mexico, and have spoken in many conferences nationwide, especially in the early 1990’s.

In 1995 I was invited by a radio talk show host, Art Bell, to appear on his program called “Dreamland”. During my two-hour appearance, I brought out a theme, which was my belief then that the government already had enough technologies to simulate a fake “extraterrestrial” invasion or threat scenario in order to create a forced global unity in the future, if necessary.
That was in 1995.

My present research is on why a segment of the population keeps holding on to their beliefs in “UFOs” (as physical alien spacecraft from outer space, piloted or maneuvered by physical alien entities), despite the apparent lack of globally accepted physical, irrefutable scientific (empirical) evidence.

My focus is also on the study of how a segment of the population’s “beliefs in UFOs” have been manipulated (and in some cases, even created) and taken advantage of by the U.S. intelligence community and by the military in counter intelligence operations, even though they themselves may have given the impression of having been perplexed by this enigmatic phenomenon which they cannot explain and thus will not disclose to the public.

I fully support the organization Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team (based in Washington, D.C.) which stated:

“The serious study of UFOs has been suspended for decades.
The entire field of UFOs has become a toxic swamp of pseudoscience, puerile pranks, sophisticated hoaxes, conspiracy mongering, shoddy and often unethical research, new age claptrap, cheap entertainment and true belief.

Although we agree with the mainstream scientific consensus that the evidence for alien visitation is not persuasive, we think there are hints that something unknown may be going on, although judging whether or not that unknown is extraterrestrial is premature at best.”




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