Anthony J. Hilder, author, speaker, conspiracy video producer, talk show host and former actor, passed away on April 26, 2019

So sad to hear that Anthony J. Hilder, author, speaker, prolific conspiracy video producer, talk show host, broadcaster and former actor  (and a friend and former colleague of mine during the early 1990s)  passed away on April 26, 2019.

A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, May 10, 2019, from 2 p.m. at Woodlawn Cemetery – – Sunburst Chapel     1847 14th Street, Santa Monica, California.   Open to family and friends.


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Russia’s new surveillance jet continues its U.S. visit to photograph military bases

by Joseph Trevithick, April 22, 2019 – – THE DRIVE:


Russia is sending one of its two Tu-214ON observation aircraft the United States under the Open Skies Treaty, which gives signatories the opportunity to fly surveillance missions over each other’s territory, including the most sensitive of locales.

Less than a month ago, an older Tu-154-ON aircraft flew a route that touched on, among other things, the secretive flight test facilities at Area 51 and the Nevada National Security Site.    (formerly known as Nevada Test Site)

The aircraft also made photo runs over many of America’s most important military installations in the Southwestern United States.

However, the Tu-214-based planes have been a particular point of contention between the two countries and the U.S. government briefly refused to certify them as being compliant with the treaty’s terms last year.

The Tu-214ON is set to arrive at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base, which is attached to Rosecrans Memorial Airport in Saint Joseph, Missouri, on Apr. 22, according to an official statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The aircraft will conduct flights from that base through Apr. 27, 2019.

The Kremlin did not specify what locations the plane would fly over and the U.S. government has not issued any statement of its own.

“The Russian aircraft will carry out the flight according to the route agreed with the observed party,” the Russian statement read.  “U.S. experts on board will monitor the procedure for using the observation equipment and compliance with the provisions stipulated by the agreement.”

Online flight tracking software showed one of the Tu-214ONs, with the registration number RF-64525, and using an Open Skies call sign, OSY332T, landing in Reykjavik, Iceland just after 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on Apr. 22, 2019.  The aircraft took off again around 11:10 to continue its flight to Rosecrans.

Rosecrans is an ideal location to stage the Open Skies flights given its central location in the United States.  The Kremlin says that the treaty mission will encompass a distance of no more than approximately 2,980 miles in total.  From the base in Missouri, this would give the Tu-214ON the ability to fly routes that could touch on various significant U.S. military installations.

The plane wouldn’t have to go very far to start surveilling very sensitive sites, though. Whiteman Air Force Base, home to the U.S. Air Force’s B-2A Spirit stealth bombers, is also in Missouri, situated around 100 miles to the southeast of Rosecrans.  There are other strategic bomber bases well within range, too.

Offutt Air Force Base in neighboring Nebraska could be another possibility.  This base hosts U.S. Strategic Command’s headquarters, including a new command and control bunker, the U.S. Air Force’s 55th Wing, which controls the bulk of the service’s RC-135 spy planes, as well as other specialized aircraft, such the E-4B Nightwatch “doomsday” planes.  Other locations of interest would be the intercontinental ballistic missile fields in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

But the Tu-214ON would also be within range of Texas’ Fort Hood, one of the largest U.S. Army bases in the country.  The plane would even be able to fly over the greater Washington, D.C. area.  These are just a small few of the many possibilities.  Much of the contiguous United States would be within the Tu-214ON’s range from Rosecrans.  The central United States by itself is covered in numerous military facilities that the Kremlin could be interested in observing.

This level of access—the ostensible goals of which are to promote transparency in military activities and reduce the likelihood of a dangerous misunderstanding—has often been an issue in the United States.  A number of members of Congress over the years have felt the agreement gives Russia outsized benefits, especially given the country’s limited satellite surveillance networks.  Legislators, and senior U.S. military officials, have accused the Kremlin of abusing the treaty’s parameters to gather more serious intelligence data about highly sensitive locations. You can read more about this ongoing controversy here.

In recent years, the disputes had looked like they might completely upend the treaty. Since at least 2014, the Tu-214ONs, which are derived from the Tu-204 airliner, have been a particularly pointed issue. The U.S. government’s official complaints centered on concerns about Russia’s plans to equip them with digital cameras, including infrared-capable ones, and that it could be considering added synthetic aperture radar to the plane’s sensor suite.





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New Mexico, USA – – the new top retirement destination

(CLICK ABOVE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT – – the beautiful Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande as seen from Albuquerque’s West Mesa)

New Mexico is so spacious and so beautiful, with its generally mild climate.

It’s the 5th largest state in the Union, yet its entire population is just 2 million and has remained so for quite some time.

New Mexico is blessed with its rich and diverse culture and its great people.

The cost of living is reasonable, compared to most other states in the U.S.

by Darla Mercado and John W. Schoen, CNBC – – April 17, 2019 – –


More than 4 out of 10 people moving to New Mexico cited retirement as a reason, according to data from United Van Lines.

Retirement was also a top reason why people relocated to Florida and Arizona — and why they are fleeing New Jersey.

But step aside, Florida.  New Mexico is the new top retirement destination.

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – Sandia Mountains in the distance…..from the east end of Rio Rancho  (population 100,000)……April 25, 2014…..7:30 p.m…..temperature 62 degrees F, 16 degrees C.  

Rio Rancho is a modern city, the third largest city in New Mexico with a population of 100,000.    Area wise, it’s so spacious and spread out that there are no need for any tall buildings.   It is one of the safest cities I have ever seen.   There is no “downtown” in this city.   The tallest building in Rio Rancho is a 5 story hospital.   And that’s about it, except for a couple or three more office buldings 3 or 4 stories tall.)


Those were the findings from a survey by United Van Lines.

The relocation company polled 26,998 of its customers who moved last year, through Nov. 30, 2018.

Among those who moved to New Mexico, 42% said they did so because of retirement, making the Land of Enchantment a top destination.

Florida came in second, with 38% of people moving there citing “retirement” as a reason.

Arizona followed in third, according to United Van Lines.

Meanwhile, those golden years were also a primary reason why people fled New Jersey, with a third of households citing that as a driver behind their decision to leave the Garden State.

Maine and Connecticut round out the top three states people are moving away from citing retirement, the moving service found.


There are a number of reasons why people approaching retirement might want to relocate.

Chief among them is the need to stretch their savings and their Social Security checks.

“The cost of living is a key factor, said Dan Herron, a CPA and partner at Better Business Financial Services in San Luis Obispo, California.

“We look at their budget and see how much they spend and how long it will last,” he said.

That means examining the cost of housing, medical expenditures and more.



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(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE PHOTO – – Just another beautiful sunset, here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA…..August 6, 2018, looking west, across from the fire station – – this type of sunset could happen any time of the year, here in New Mexico)



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My thoughts on UFOs have never changed since the late 1970s

I concur with the vast majority of the world’s scientists and astronomers who seem to accept the possibility that since there are probably billions and billions of planets circling the billions and billions of sun-like stars within the billions and billions of galaxies in the undescribably huge universe(s), there has to be intelligent life somewhere there and that we are probably not alone.

But when it comes to UFOs, the same vast majority seem to be skeptical that we have ever been  (or are being)  visited physically.   I agree with them again.

To me it takes more than a tremendous leap of faith to conclude that UFOs represent just such physical visitations to our Earth.

Yet the UFO phenomenon itself seems to be real.

But is it a definite proof that we have been  (or are being)  visited by physical extraterrestrial entities in physical extraterrestrial spacecraft?

Should we start to look beyond the ETH(Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) ?

Yes, according to both Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee.


I myself also believe that the genuine UFO phenomenon itself has existed since time immemorial.

The phenomenon seems to be definitely real to a “pre-selected” observer or a “pre-selected” group of observers.  The definition of “reality” has become my main interest.

I am open to the speculation that the UFO phenomenon could be a temporarily manifested, “seemingly” materialized intrusion into our physical dimension by what I describe as sentient, paraphysical entities that seem to dwell in a parallel dimension that co-exists with us, similar to the ideas presented by Dr. Jacques Vallee and the late John A. Keel.





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UFO community credibility in the toilet – – Alien Metal Alloys Hoax

by Tim Doyle, May 11, 2018 – – UFO SEEKERS – –


In December, 2017 the NY Times published an article claiming the Pentagon was looking for alien spacecraft on Earth.  The revelation came from the VP of Security at a book company that publishes UFO related content, Luis Elizondo.  Yes, that’s the same Luis Elizondo.

Having just become an employee of a publicly traded book company that publishes UFO books, two weeks before the company’s initial IPO stock release was set to close, Luis Elizondo told the NY Times he was the former Director of a Pentagon Study searching for alien spacecraft on Earth.

The NY Times ran full steam with the story.

Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aviation Weapon System Application Program (AAWSAP), Luis Elizondo, threw the NY Times under the bus.

Alien metal alloys from an alien spacecraft were not stored in a Las Vegas warehouse.

They never existed at all.

For years, this supposed program supposedly investigated reports of unidentified flying objects, allegedly according to Defense Department officials, interviews with program participants and records obtained by The New York Times.  It was supposedly run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze:

A private contractor is mentioned and performed work for the contract, program, or study  (whatever the individuals involved are calling it).  That contractor was Bigelow Aerospace headquartered in Las Vegas.

The NY Times goes on to state the following in their article:

Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.

In that statement the NY Times points to information relayed from “Mr. Elizondo and program contractors.”  The “metal alloys” were “recovered from unidentified aerial phenomenon”, or in laymen’s terms, possible alien UFOs.


The AAWSAP program is also referred to as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

It has since been revealed by The Black Vault, “Aerospace” was actually “Aviation”.

The NY Times also failed to put “foreign” in the name of the program.

It was a foreign aviation identification program looking for advanced foreign aircraft and drones.

All of this had to be uncovered by media personnel in the UFO Community as the NY Times seems to have skipped fact-checking in their editing process.


The alien metal alloys story was then given traction from other main stream news agencies.

In an article published by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, I-Team  (headed by debonair raconteur George Knapp):

Mystery metal studied in Las Vegas – – the journalist states the following:

“…do government scientists have a piece of a flying saucer? … According to a New York Times story, scientists in southern Nevada had a chance to study a piece of mystery metal which had some unusual properties.

Nick Pope, a former official with the British Ministry of Defense study of UFOs said he believes such material does exist:

‘…multiple sources have confirmed to us that there was a weird piece of something at the Bigelow plant.'”

The narrative of alien metals alloys from a flying saucer was born.

It also seems to be confirmed by the former British MOD UFO Study Director!


Canadian UFO Researcher, Grant Cameron, was also instrumental in building the Alien Metal Alloys story.

In a 2018 news radio interview with Dave Scott on Spaced Out Radio, Cameron stated he was invited to handle the Alien Metal Alloys.  Cameron said on Spaced Out Radio, the metals would be presented to him and others at a secret meeting being hosted at a location somewhere just north of San Francisco.

Alien Metal Alloys Story Dies In 2018

Now fast forward to 2018.

Luis Elizondo has formally discredited the Alien Metal Alloys story in a statement run in a MUFON Journal.

Elizondo states the NY Times writers misrepresented the existence of alien metal alloys recovered from unidentified aerial phenomenon.

He says that :

“…it was an honest attempt by someone who needed to take a little bit more complex discussion and dis-till it down to a more consumable format.

So, it was never about unidentified metal alloys.”

Scientists reading the NY Times article wouldn’t know the difference between metal alloys and meta materials/isotopes, so they just went with alloys?

The leakers behind the NY Times article should have explained their story better, or at least told the truth.

Now that individuals behind the so-called Pentagon UFO Study story, have been unable to produce Alien Metal Alloys to back up their initial claims in the December, 2017 NY Times article, the story has now evolved to a new insinuated narrative.

Elizondo is quoted as saying:

“…discovery of certain meta materials in which their isotopic ratios at the molecular level are so unique and so precise that they are not found naturally on this planet… the origins of those materials remain unknown.”

So they’re from an alien planet or spacecraft?

Did someone forget to ask that question?


The writers given access to Elizondo are ruining the UFO Community and its credibility.

Literally destroying it for fame and views.

They insinuate extreme views to perpetuate a hoax created by UFO celebrities and UFO book publishing company.


The Pentagon confirmed, the NAMES of two programs: AAWSAP and FAATIP.

AAWSAP was a weapon system program and FAATIP was looking for foreign military aircraft.

Just because Bigelow Aerospace investigated UFO Sightings, did not mean the US Government was looking for alien spacecraft on Earth.

The language used in the programs clearly explains THEY WERE LOOKING FOR FOREIGN AIRCRAFT AND FOREIGN MILITARY THREATS.

That’s the problem with the UFO Community and its celebrities.

People want “Disclosure” so bad, or  they’re willing to accept opinions as fact, no matter the consequence.

In fact the UFO Community never even discusses the alien metal alloy story anymore to ensure no damage to the credibility of the individuals involved.




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The UFO phenomenon – – the bottom line, so far

To equate the UFO phenomenon unequivocally with physical extraterrestrial visitation borders on pseudoscience and is no different from a religious belief.

However, religion is religion and science is science.

There is nothing wrong in having a religious belief, since it is an intrinsic part of human nature.

I, for one, am a strong believer in the existence of God, His creation and His divine plan for our life.

Dr. Jacques Vallee suggested that “there is a spiritual component – – the UFO phenomenon is controlled by a nonhuman sort of consciousness.”

But he also proposed the possiblity that the UFO phenomenon could even be “material photoplasmic projections of the collective unconscious of the human family”.

But the bottom line is we still do not know.

While suggesting that the government has been just as perplexed by this phenomenon as a segment of the public, I agree totally with Col. John Alexander that there has never been any intentional “cover-up” of this phenomenon.



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