New doubts cast upon 1986 UFO case over Alaska, by Japan Airlines Flight 1628


NEW DOUBTS CAST UPON 1986 UFO CASE OVER ALASKA – – the Japan Airlines Flight 1628 case (by Robert Sheaffer):

“Leslie Kean is enormously impressed by pilot sightings, which she describes as ‘a unique window into the unknown.’   She writes that pilots ‘represent the world’s most experienced and best-trained observers of everything that flies… these unique circumstances potentially transform any jet aircraft into a specialized flying laboratory for the study of rare anomalous phenomena.’

However, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the late USAF Project Blue Book consultant who Kean repeatedly cites as a respected UFO authority, came to exactly the opposite conclusion.   On page 271 of his 1977 book The Hynek UFO Report, he wrote,  ‘Surprisingly, commercial and military pilots appear to make relatively poor witnesses.’   Kean actually quotes from other pages of that book, but makes absolutely no mention of Hynek’s low opinion of pilot sightings.


Re-reading Terauchi’s own statements about the incident, I don’t think that anyone could call him an unbiased or objective observer.”

Terauchi, a UFO repeater:

Terauchi UFO repeater






Here is the big question.

It seems that there are always a few in the crowd (actually in every walk of life) who sometimes make nutty-sounding, rather outrageous remarks or statements (mainly based on some pre-conceived personal beliefs of theirs, religious or not).

And this includes even some policemen, pilots, generals and even astronauts whom we hold in high estimation.

Why is this?

It is simply because they’re all humans, with pre-conceived notions of things or worldview.

School teachers, professors, scientists and even some well-respected politicians are no exceptions.

This is why I feel that simply quoting from pilots, generals and even astronauts when discussing such things as UFO sightings should not be the final word.

After all, all humans are imperfect when it comes to personal, visual perceptions of things.

Paul Hellyer, former Defense Minister of Canada, only became interested in UFOs after he read some books on UFOs.
He is well known for his claims that the U.S. Government is presently working with aliens and that some aliens could be dressed up as nuns and could be walking the streets in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jesse Marcel (of the Roswell fame) had a history of embellishment and exaggeration.

He had a penchant for exaggerating things while repeatedly trying to “write himself” into the history books.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (exploration into the nature and potentials of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing, including intuition, feeling and the senses).
The list goes on and on.

Whatever the case may be, the final evidence will only come when entire mankind is openly contacted by physical ETs, if ever.


UFO Industry…..the show must go on!!

UFO Industry

(A clever and funny, sarcastic poster of a typical “UFO Conference” created by Claude Falkstrom – – CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT)

UFO INDUSTRY….THE SHOW MUST GO ON   (written by my colleague, the late Tomas Scolarici):

Those who engage in the ufological circus.


“Are these self proclaimed experts in Unidentified Flying Objects mad?
No, I don’t think so, at least when we talk about the Easy Money Ufologists.

Let me analyze the process of “insanity” in the career of  self proclaimed experts in UFOs, Extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories and similar tricks of the UFO Industry.

Let’s consider an intelligent individual who “discovers” the UFO myth, and in the beginning believes in the UFO-ET hypothesis.  Now, some of these new ufologists not only believe in the Flying Saucers folklore but also think in the possibility of making some money with it.

So, after reading some books written for his/her predecessors in the ufological pseudo-science and do some google, they try their hand with a book, a blog or lectures about UFOs and related Memes.

After some time, the new professional ufologists learn that some things sell more than others, and this market law has nothing to do with truth.

When this happens the self proclaimed researchers realize that they are faced with a serious dilemma:  To leave a subculture run by charlatans, crooks and maniacs, or engage in the despicable game.

Of course, if the neo-ufologists are sane, they have learned already that practically the whole UFO mythology is a great quackery.  Just fiction sold as truth.  Repeated unsubstantiated non-events, nonexistent sources, and total disrespect for those who want to believe.

They must choose to leave or remain in the “show”.  The future decision is based on personal ethics … or lack of ethics.

If they remain in the ufological circus, perhaps they can make some easy money, but there are prices to pay.  Cognitive dissonance is one of the consequences of this self-denial.

Someone should write about the sad personal stories of many who chose to remain in the company of charlatans and hoaxsters.


The Internet has revolutionized how information as well as misinformation can be accessed instantaneously.
For many gullible folks among a segment of the society (and there are many such folks in the so-called UFO Community), the Internet has become a cesspool of totally unfounded “facts” created by hucksters and hoaxsters so much so that even college-educated folks seem to fall into it.

Such hucksters and hoaxsters have become so skillful in their “art forms” that it is becoming harder and harder for many folks to distinguish what is true information and what is misinformation.

(Also add to all this those who are propagating the UFO Industry, i.e., some authors, some UFO talk show hosts and many UFO Conference promoters.)

Here is how it works.
Conference promoters sell booths to many vendors (the vast majority of the vendors are propagators of the so-called New Age movement and are vendors of New Age books and trinkets such as crystals, miniature pyramids, fortune telling paraphernalia, New Age DVDs, ad nauseam).
Conference speakers (not only UFO “experts” but also some self-claimed “abductees” and “experiencers”) in turn, get their own booths in order to sell their books (by and large dubiously “substantiated” UFO books), DVDs, etc. etc. ad nauseam).
It’s basically all about selling and selling.
This is why it is called the UFO INDUSTRY.

_The Show Must Go On copia

By the way, Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defence of Canada, had nothing to do with UFOs while he was in the employ of the Canadian government.   It was only after he had long retired, that he began to read some UFO books and became a believer.  Now he is in high demand as a UFO Conference speaker.

Paul Hellyer

One of the honored speakers of the Hungry Raccoon UFO Conference (above), The Hon. Paul Hellyer,  former Minister of Defence of Canada who states that “Aliens are here, dressed as nuns”.   Watch the following video:

Former Minister of Defence of Canada says: “Aliens are here, dressed as nuns”





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Laying to rest, once and for all, the fake UFO “document”….SOM 1-01 “Special Operations Manual”

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.18.50 AM

SOM 1-01 was evaluated as a fake by reputable UFO researchers, including MUFON’s Richard H. Hall and Thomas P. Deuley:

“The SOM-01-1 manual arrived in the mail to Don Berliner as a roll of film form an anonymous source.  This immediately raises suspicions, since there is no identifiable source whose veracity and reputation can be checked and no original documents that can be subjected to forensic analysis.  We believe this to be a hoax document, a deliberate fake designed to mislead the public and to plant a false information in the UFO research community”:


Kirtland AFB, New Mexico

(Above, part of fake document:  SOM 1-01…..notice the clever mention of Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico…..a la modus operandi of Richard C. Doty)

(According to Caer Bannog, “Richard C. Doty was the front man.  He may not have been the actual author of the MJ-12 story or documents, and he denies being the source, however, he was the disseminator of it.  The first mention of Majestic 12 in history was from the faked documents Doty fed to Paul Bennewitz of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which Doty admitted were disinformation.”)




Please also click and read:  Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz victimized by a “self-proclaimed” government UFO disinformation agent, Richard C. Doty


(Above, part of fake document:  SOM 1-01……CONTENTS page)

Mention of Area 51 S-4

(Above, part of fake document:  SOM 1-01…….SOM 1-01, purportedly printed in April 1954, contains many flaws.  For example, it stated that crashed ET craft should be sent to “Area 51 S-4” in Nevada.  But that portion of Nellis Air Force Base was not given the name “Area 51” until several years after SOM 1-01 allegedly was printed.)



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My mother’s ‘flying saucer’ sighting in 1975……Do I believe her?……Yes, without any doubt!!

Motomachi courtesy of Ambassadors Japan

(Motomachi Street in Yokohama, Japan, where my mother’s incident took place……photo, courtesy of Ambassadors Japan)

by Norio Hayakawa, written on February 5, 2007:

Because of my fear of public ridicule  (even though I have already been ridiculed by many people for believing that the UFO phenomenon seems to exist)  I usually do not tell this following true story even to my friends.

It is only just recently that I have decided to go ahead and share this with the public:
My beloved mother passed away a few years ago in Yokohama, Japan, at the age of 88.

One of the most fascinating things my mother had ever told me happened one bright, clear, cloudless day in the spring of 1975 in Yokohama, Japan.

I was living in Phoenix, Arizona.
I remember receiving from her a most interesting letter.
I could see her excitement in that letter.
She wrote to me in that letter saying that about 10 days before, she had distinctively observed a silvery, metallic, “flying saucer“-shaped object (with a dome) hovering just over a crowded railway station in Yokohama.

It was in broad daylight, around 11:30 a.m.
She described the object incredibly as a typical, “flying saucer“, just as “flying saucers” have always been depicted in comic books or in Sci-Fi movies.
She said in the letter that it happened while she and her grandson were walking away from the railroad station and walking towards home.  (They lived in a busy shopping street called Motomachi Shopping Street…..see the photo above of the street).  

She felt as if “something had told her” to turn around and look back towards the railway station.
And, Lord, behold, right over the station, she suddenly saw this shiny, silverish, metallic, typical “flying saucer” with a dome hovering over!
She immediately pointed to her grandson to turn around and look, and at that very moment, the object was gone…..vanished!

The street was filled with people coming from and going to the railway station.
She was so awe-struck that she didn’t even notice anyone observing the object.

My mother had always been skeptical and always used to ridicule my serious interest in “UFOs”.

(In my childhood years, I had always taken a great interest in “UFOs” or “flying saucers”, as they were called then, ever since my father had told me of his sighting of a strange, greenish “ball of fire” slowing moving over Yokohama bay one summer night in 1947, as he was night-fishing, his favorite hobby of many many years.  He swore that the object seemed as if it were “intelligently controlled” or “intelligently maneuvering”.  He said he had never seen anything like it before.  My father had passed away in 1982):

But getting back to my mother, her amazing sighting totally made her a believer.
Do I believe her sighting?
By all means, yes.
I have the highest respect for my mother and I totally believe what she said in the letter.
I visited my mother a few years later and she confirmed her sighting right to the dot.
There is no doubt in my mind that she did see what she said she saw.

But what do I think the “flying saucer” she saw was?


(typical “flying saucers” that you see in Science Fiction movies such as above)

Even after many, many years of research behind the UFO phenomenon, I have yet to come to any definitive conclusion as to what UFOs are.   (I have been investigating this phenomenon since around 1961).
Is it a physical phenomenon?   Or, can it be classified as a ‘paraphysical’ phenomenon?
I do not have the answer.
But I can definitely state that I believe my mother saw a “flying saucer”.   Again, as to what that “flying saucer” really was, I haven’t the slightest idea.

During my years of research, I have read hundreds and hundreds of sighting reports, analyzed hundreds of documents, seen many many footages of sightings, interviewed hundreds of eyewitnesses (including some so-called “abductees”) and traveled far and wide to many sightings locations in both Japan and the United States,  including visiting Mexico, Chile and Argentina – – even though I have never seen what I can confidently say was a UFO, much less a “flying saucer”.

Surprising as it may sound, after all these personal efforts of many years, I cannot even come close to stating what is behind the UFO phenomena.
It still remains a mystery to me.
However, after all these years, the bottom line in my view is that we have yet to come up with a single physical, solid, hard, tangible, irrefutable evidence to prove that the UFO phenomena are physical manifestations of physical extraterrestrial intelligent entities from beyond this earth.

I am not saying that the UFO phenomena do not exist.
I am simply saying that empirical science, the only discipline available so far that we can rely on to determine a physical existence of a phenomenon, has not come up with any concrete evidence to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that “UFOs” are “nuts-and-bolts” physical craft operated or manipulated and occupied by physical entities from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

This is why I came to consider that the entire phenomena could even be some form of “psycho-spiritual” manifestations or such by a power which we cannot comprehend simply by physical pursuit, a power which apparently is capable of presenting an “instant” (but only “temporary“) “appearance” or “illusion” of being a physical phenomenon to the observer.  Some suggest that it could even be a momentary, holographic intrusion from some “parallel intelligence”.
Some others even suggest that it could perhaps be some form of temporary “time-slip” or an interdimensional “intrusion”.

We just don’t have the answer.

It seems to me that as a possible projection from “another” reality, the phenomenon appears to be able to materialize and de-materialize at will.

But more significant is its apparent inability to stay in our dimensional realm except for a few moments at a time, or only for a short period of time.

In other words, it seems apparent that they’re unable to survive in our physical dimension except for a very brief period of time, at a time.

Also interesting is their (spacecraft and its occupants’) apparent inability to be photographed with clarity, if at all.

As Dr. Jacques Vallee suggested quite often, “UFOs” may not necessarily be objects nor are they “flying” as we understand “flying” by the use of any propulsion system. Yet they are even said to be able to affect our physical parameters (such as radar, etc.)

It seems to me that in many cases a “UFO”, after making an initial appearance to what I call a “pre-selected” observer or observers (as well as at a pre-selected location and time), simply appears to take off at a tremendous speed and disappear into the distance as if utilizing some form of advanced propulsion system.

There is no doubt in my mind that this lady in the video below (in England, in 1954) also saw exactly what she described she saw – – but did her sighting constitute absolute conclusive evidence of an actual physical ET visitation in a physical ET spacecraft?

Or was it deceptively “staged” by extradimensional tricksters?

“Her description of the occupants of the unusual craft with their long blonde hair and beautiful faces, matches that of  “The Space Brothers”   –  beings who claimed to originate from the planet Venus, and who were  –  at that time, ( the 1950’s ) before the advent of  ‘the Grays‘  –  the most prevalent ‘aliens’ reported.    It should be noted that after the Soviet Venera satellites (launched in the early 1970’s) showed that conditions on Venus were  ‘hellish’  to say the least, it was reported that the ‘aliens’ claimed to originate from planets outside our solar system…according to later contactee reports.” – – courtesy of Bobby Sullivan:

Could this be a deception?

In other cases, “UFOs” seem to simply hover or “float” (again, as if they’re utilizing some form of a propulsion system capable of “floating”) before taking off or even de-materializing.

But again, could this be a deception?


(I have always had the highest respect for Dr. Jacques Vallee, the world’s top authority on the UFO phenomenon in my opinion)

“Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.” – – Jacques Vallee



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