Albuquerque, New Mexico’s important military research, development and testing complex since 1947

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by Norio Hayakawa, July 29, 2021

The Sandia/Manzano base areas have always been a vital portion of Kirtland Air Force Base which was established in 1947, the very same year that C.I.A.  (successor to O.S.S.)  was established.   It was also the very same year that N.S.A.  (National Security Agency)  was established.   And perhaps, unrelated, the very same year of the so-called Roswell incident.  Kirtland Air Force Base, until 1947, was known as Kirtland Army Air Field.   But, in 1947 everything changed, with the creation of the Air Force.

The above-mentioned Manzano base consisted of underground nuclear weapons storage area  (dug under the Manzano hill).  It also was an underground storage area for other sensitive materials.

It was closed in 1992 and the facility moved to another area of Kirtland Air Force Base.

Today, Kirtland Air Force Base is also home of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Directed Energy Directorate, focusing on the continuation and improvement of its Project Starfire  (which was started in 1979),  a laser-based optical satellite tracking systems and other related projects.

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The Air Force Research Laboratory is presently also involved with research and development of ground-based  (as well as airborne)  directed energy weapons systems.

A few years ago, I interviewed a colleague of mine Jim Brockway who has an extensive knowledge of this whole complex:

Click and watch the YouTube video: 

Manzano-Sandia Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico’s military test base since 1947



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There is no S-4 facility by Papoose Lake, says a former Area 51 security guard

by Victor Coleiro, July 15, 2021:

April (2021) interview with Fred Dunham, former Security Guard at Area 51 from 1981 to 1992.


In April (2021) I, Victor Coleiro, interviewed Fred Dunham who was a security guard at Area 51 from 1981 to 1992.  We discussed:

Bob Lazar

His meeting with George Knapp.

Papoose Lake.

His time at Area 51.

Health issues he and his colleagues battled with from their time at Area 51.

Here is the 1 hour interview I  (Victor Coleiro)  did with Fred Dunham:

Some background on Fred Dunham and his health issues he says were derived from his time at Area 51:

Ailing ex-Area 51 worker gets help fighting feds

Fred had been to Papoose Lake as part of his job and said there is no S4 at Papoose.  No secret base there, etc.

There is an S4 at Tonopah Test Range, it’s a radar facility.  They have foreign radar systems there they fly new aircraft over to check their radar signature.  (It is located more than 65 miles northwest of Area 51)

Fred worked at Area 51 during the time Bob said he was flying there to then take a bus to a supposed S4 at Papoose.  Fred checked the Area 51 security lists (current and historical) and Bob was not on them.  Based on that and because there was no base at Papoose, Fred had told George (Knapp) that Bob’s story was not true.

Fred and some of his colleagues have suffered health issues that they attribute to toxic/radiation exposures at Area 51.

BTW, the EW (Electronic Warfare) small building that Fred mentions 60 people had access to including him, was not at Papoose.

I had asked in the interview if it was at Papoose, but Fred at the time did not answer.  I later got a clarification from Fred on where this small EW building was.  Fred told me that the building to the left side of this small lake was the building he was talking about.,+NV,+USA/@37.2622554,-115.840193,502m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80b81baaba3e8c81:0x970427e38e6237ae!8m2!3d37.2430548!4d-115.7930198



I, Norio Hayakawa, have also had the pleasure of communicating with Fred Dunham several years ago.  He is a fine gentleman and I believe his words 100%.   He called me several times and I cherish those conversations I had with him.


(By the way, in my opinion here is one of the best, thorough analyses of Bob Lazar’s claims:



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Presumptive arrogance of humans in the universe and the UFO phenomenon – – it’s not what you think

by Gary Bates, author of ALIEN INTRUSION (2004)


Many who are sympathetic to the notion of extraterrestrials widely inhabiting the universe often criticize some Christians, believing them to be arrogant for presuming that we might be the only inhabitants of this vast universe.

But this is actually a form of presumptive arrogance on the part of the accuser, thinking that if we humans had made the universe we would have filled it with other life forms.

It assumes that God would do things our way.

He doesn’t, and he states this in Isaiah 55:9:

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Perhaps his interest in and love for us are made all the more profound by our tinyness and uniqueness in an immense though otherwise  (possibly)  uninhabited universe  (at least, by physical entities).

Perhaps he’s showing us that size and distance and space and matter, regardless of their vastness, are insignificant compared to the worth of a human soul.

(My comment:  To me it is truly mind-boggling that every single individual living now among the nearly 8 billion in this entire world at this time is unique and different from the rest.  To me, this is simply miraculous, even mathematically speaking.  The only conclusion is that God made every single individual a unique, precious human soul!   In a similar manner, can the earth be a unique presence in the universe?)

God put stars in the heavens, not only for his glory, but, incredibly, for mankind whom he loves.

Genesis 1:14 states:

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”

More and more discoveries suggest design, intelligence and purpose in this amazing universe.

As we discover more of these truths, though, we have a paradox because another mystery seems to exist – – that is, the UFO phenomenon.

Why is it, when the search of space seems to be decreasing the likelihood of extraterrestrial visitors, the circumstantial evidence for UFO sightings and alien abductions seems to be constant?

Could Dr. Jacques Vallee be right?

Are these creatures from another “reality” or “dimension” that co-exist with us, rather than from far physical outer space?


Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deceptionDr. Jacques Vallee

In my opinion, Dr. Jacques Vallee is probably the world’s top-most authority on the deep nature of the UFO phenomenon.

I totally concur with Dr. Vallee when he stated that “the things we call  ‘unidentified flying objects’  may neither be objects nor flying”.

One of the strangest characteristics of this phenomenon seems to be its ability to materialize and dematerialize at will, violating the laws of motion as we know them.

The phenomenon even seems to be able to interact with our physical parameters  (such as radar, etc.)

Another is its seeming difficulty in surviving in our physical dimension except for a short period of time, such as few seconds or for few minutes at a time.

It is my belief that the phenomenon also seems to “pre-select” its observers and locations, for reasons yet unknown.

Please click the following link and watch this important trailer of a documentary film which was released in January of 2018:





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Physical extraterrestrial visitations may not be likely

by Mark S. Callis, THE HARVARD CRIMSON – – September 1, 2010

Even though this article was written in 2010, in my opinion it is just as relevant today as it was in 2010.  And even though it is not specifically indicated in the article, the author here undoubtedly is referring to physical* extraterrestrial visitations.   (Please read my comments at the bottom)


The modern UFO phenomenon began in the 1940s. 

Yet despite decades of evidence, and the fact that opinion polls  (such as Gallup)  have consistently shown that the majority of people believe that flying saucers are real, this phenomenon has yet to be seriously and systematically investigated by the academic and scientific mainstream.


In large part, it has to do with the hypothesis that unexplained UFO sightings represent encounters with artificial, intelligently-controlled craft of non-terrestrial origin.

Extraordinary evidence, such as an alien body or an intact craft, has yet to be made publicly available; many claim that such evidence is indispensable to justify any serious investigation at all into this issue, as claims that Earth has been visited by a non-terrestrial intelligence are inherently extraordinary.  But while perhaps intuitively correct, this notion crumbles in the face of logical reasoning and facts.

Naturally, this begs the question, “If the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth is not an inherently extraordinary claim, then what is?”

An example soon comes to mind.

Bigfoot sightings typically occur in the northwestern United States of America.  Whether or not Bigfoot exists  (and let me be “clear” that I do not intend to argue for or against the existence of Bigfoot in this op-ed), what matters here is that in the case of Bigfoot, there does in fact exist a clear frame of reference justifying a standard of proof far higher than would normally be required for a phenomenon new to science. 

The region as a whole is highly populated, includes major urban areas, and enjoys a modern, fully-developed infrastructure of roads, airports, hiking trails, etc., that allow people more or less free access to even the remotest parts of the region.  Large numbers of scientists and experienced outdoorsmen have operated throughout the region for more than a century, and in that time have achieved intimate familiarity with the area’s fauna, large and small.  As such, one has at least some reasonable basis to claim that, if Bigfoot exists, its existence would probably have been confirmed by now.  The notion of Bigfoot as an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence stems from a frame of reference firmly based in sound logic and relevant facts.

The prevailing assumption – – that interstellar travel is extremely rare or even non-existent  (in our corner of the galaxy at least) – – is made with no basis whatsoever in observable fact.

As such, the notion that reports of objects appearing to be intelligently controlled craft of non-terrestrial origin must be subjected to extremely high standards of evidence similarly lacks basis in fact.  Despite the extraordinary things our astronomers have accomplished in recent decades, even the nearer reaches of deep space remain a near-total mystery.  We’ve yet to even detect other Earth-like planets, let alone acquire the degree of detailed knowledge about such planets that would justify current demands that abnormally high standards of evidence be met before science entertains the possibility of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.

Given our current frame of reference, there is simply no logical reason to hold reports appearing to be of non-terrestrial craft to any higher standards of evidence than is customary for other previously unknown phenomena encountered by science.

Granted, the possibility of interstellar travel is difficult for many to comprehend.  But cell phones, the Internet – – even such now-antiquated technologies as radio and the film projector – – would have perplexed even the most advanced scholars of the ancient or medieval world.  And yet, we think of all those things as commonplace today.  Given human history, it does not take a great deal of imagination to hypothesize the existence elsewhere of technology far beyond our current understanding.

If we are to hold those UFO reports apparently caused by sightings of unknown craft of probable non-terrestrial origin to the abnormally high standards of evidence currently deemed acceptable, we must do so based on a solid, logical frame of reference derived from facts, and not from vague, poorly thought-out, and emotionally-derived notions that aliens and interstellar travel are somehow “wacky” or “out-there.” 

Even the most rudimentary survey of human history compels any thinking person to accept the potential for technology based on principles that we do not at the moment comprehend, and be open-minded about the possibility that maybe, just maybe others have solved advanced technological riddles before we have.  Otherwise, we shall be no wiser than the Aztecs, who thought the Spaniards were gods due simply to their technological head start on things like ship design and metallic weaponry, or those  (at the time)  eminent scholars at the turn of the last century, who loudly proclaimed from the heights of academic authority that powered flight simply could not be done.


*It is my belief that not everything existing in this cosmos may be physical.  I believe that there are some things or entities that are “paraphysical”.

Here is a quote from Nicola Tesla:

“The day science begins to study non–physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”



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