Government UFO report showed nothing new !!

June 26, 2021:

A much-anticipated Pentagon report on UFOs concluded … well, not a lot. 

It said that UFO sightings by credible witnesses, including military pilots and ship crews, are of unknown origin.

They’re not cutting-edge American military hardware, the Pentagon concluded.

But what they are remains unknown or at least unsaid. 

Are they made of extraterrestrial hardware? 

Or are they optical illusions of sun, sky and other natural factors? 

Or tricks that cameras can play on us? 

These latter two are why the trendier term for UFO is Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP, because they might not be objects at all.  Or, for that matter, flying.*

The unclassified report was released to the U.S. Congress on Friday, June 25, 2021.

Click the following link and see the full report:

UFO Report from the Office of National Intelligene – – June 25, 2021



*Is this a paraphysical” phenomenon?

Some researchers point out that the UFO phenomenon itself is capable of materializing and de-materializing at will.

Can temporarily “materialized” phenomenon be caught on radar?    I don’t see why not, if it is “materialized”, even if temporarily.

Who is to say that such phenomena cannot exist?



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Heaven or hell on earth after real UFO disclosure takes place in the future.

by Norio Hayakawa, June 19, 2021

Some people think that someday in the future, UFOs will become the top TV news story.

But, will that day ever come?

It will never come unless:

The government officially and publicly announces that some UFOs are alien spacecraft and that we have not only been visited, but that we have been contacted by aliens.

If that happens, it will definitely be the biggest news story ever in the history of mankind !!

It will cause an unprecedented upheaval in every level of society – – science, economy, politics as well religion !!

(UFO researcher Scott Corrales describes a possible scene – – “crowds standing in front of landed saucers demanding freebies – – free energy, free cures for diseases, free travel to other planets”)

But it is highly doubtful that the government will make such disclosure.

The only disclosure that will happen will be when the entities themselves  (whoever they may be)  reveal themselves to the global public.   And most importantly, we will not know for sure what their true intentions will be, from that moment on.

There will be no guarantee that the world will be a peaceful, happy place from then on, at least on the short run.

(I am talking about a seven-year time period).

Will it be heaven on earth?   Or, will it be hell on earth?

Please read the my following hypothesis:


Bible prophecy or science fiction – – the coming Anti-Christ and the New World Order



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Saucers, spooks and kooks — UFO disinformation in the Age of Aquarius

A fascinating, thought-provoking new book, now available at AMAZON.

Saucers, Spooks and Kooks – – UFO disinformation in the Age of Aquarius, a 300-page blockbuster book written by Adam Gorightly.

“From flying saucer crashes to underground alien bases, a number of modern mythologies have come into being since the advent of the UFO era in the 1940s.  But how much of these myths is real, versus being the invention of either government agencies or deluded conspiracy theorists?

Saucers, Spooks and Kooks provides an eye-opening survey of the history behind these stories, and the individuals promoting them.

It’s a brilliantly original way of explaining the massive rise in conspiracy theories in today’s age of hyper-individualism.  Adam Gorightly tells a fascinating story not just about the rise of conspiracy theories and the people involved, but also how their emotional drives and inner psychologies shaped the strange stories – making them ever more complicated and bizarre.  It’s a very modern kind of history that properly explains our time.  Because it shows how the forces that have led us into today’s strange world lie as much inside peoples’ head as in the world outside of them”  – – Adam Curtis, film-maker.

Here is a review by Jack Brewer:

“A thorough and well-sourced account of tall tales that arose (and persisted) out of the Bennewitz Affair and surrounding circumstances.  Those interested in the overlapping of the intelligence community with such events, as well as social dynamics of the UFO genre, should particularly appreciate this book.  A worthy and appreciated work.”

Here is a review by PoeD:

“Gorightly nailed it with this book.  An exciting, entertaining, and thought-provoking journey to the edge and back when it comes to the UFO subculture and community.  The staunch beliefs that often cloud our judgment is our front and center as it should.  And so is the possibility that the US Government may use those beliefs to weave their own myths for their own purposes.  This is an essential read for anyone who calls themselves a UFO researcher, enthusiast, believer, or skeptic.  Definitely worth the read and then some!”

Here is one more review, by Robert Guffey:

“Not only is Adam Gorightly’s SAUCERS, SPOOKS AND KOOKS one of the most illuminating and entertaining books about UFOs ever written, but — more importantly — it’s also one of the best books about psychological warfare, disinformation, and all around mindfuckery perpetuated against the general population.  If you want to understand how a conspiracy-benighted world came to be so dazed and confused, then this is a good place to start.”

Here is a fascinating quote from the book, a confession from an alleged whistle blower:

“I had a copy of the 1959 RAND Project on Deep Construction; my friend’s father designed improvements on the Tube Shuttle System, he worked with Werner Von Braun.  I would go on vacations with them to Edwards Air Force Base….VIP stuff;  my father worked for MAJIC;  I worked in Advanced Project Development, later as counter-Intelligence and as a security supervisor.  I mixed stuff I was not supposed to make public into the Dulce mythThe goal was to manipulate Ufology into another direction, away from the boring lights in the sky stuff.  To effect the public imagination.   So….Norio Hayakawa was right.  I was behind a mind game.  When it caught on, I could not reveal what was true and what was not.   I had to protect that CH was out of her mind and keep it going.”



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Why there will be no real UFO “disclosure” by the U.S. government – – some religious pushback from the Pentagon

by Norio Hayakawa, June 28, 2021

Despite all the hype, nothing new or drastic was disclosed by the U.S. government.

It’s the same old thing.  Nothing has really changed.


It’s because there has always been a deep division within the government on this matter.

The government will never deal with real UFOdisclosure” because there are still quite a number of government officials and higher echelon of the military who seem to adhere to the belief that aliens are not physical visitors from physical outer space but are deceptive, “demonic”, extradimensionals.    This view seems to be quite prevalent among some Evangelical Christians within the government and the military.

A recent interview with Japer Hamill of Britain’s METRO revealed that:


“UFO investigations carried out by the Pentagon and British Ministry of Defence were hampered by the religious beliefs of senior staff, former employees have revealed.  Two men who worked on secret UFO programs on both sides of the Atlantic said their work received ‘pushback’ from high-ranking officials who feared fast-moving objects glimpsed in our skies were either ‘demonic’ or divine.”

Luis Elizondo who claimed to have been a former intelligence officer who ran AATIP, has also told LAS VEGAS NOW that his study also received ‘pushback’ from The Pentagon because some top-ranking officials ‘opposed it on religious grounds’.

Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence, told us that he encountered the same sort of attitude when working in the UK.  “I was aware that Pentagon pushback on UFO research was in part due to the religious belief of some of those involved,” he said.  “It was an odd irony that UFO investigations were being hampered because some people’s belief in God meant that they either didn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life or that they regarded UFOs and extraterrestrials as demonic.”


I also concur that “they” (the entities as well as the “craft” themselves) are manipulative and malevolent entities from another dimension, deceiving us by “paraphysicallymaterializing and “posing” as “ETs” from highly advanced civilizations from physical outer space.

Of course, if this were the case, the government will never disclose this.

Only the entities themselves will be the ones who will disclose themselves in a deceptive manner in the future.



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UFOs will never become the top news story unless…….

by Norio Hayakawa,  June 5, 2021

It’s the same old story, time after time.    Nothing really has changed.

“UFO sighting” news have never been  (and most likely will never be)  treated as the top headline story in most national and local nightly TV news, despite all the recent hype about the government supposedly getting close to some form of a UFO “disclosure”.

News stories about UFO sightings are still not treated as the top story.

Most of the time news stories about UFO sightings come at the very end of the half-hour nightly national or local TV news.

Never have they been treated as the top news story.

Why is it so?

Simply because the mainstream news media still seem to consider and categorize the subject of “UFOs” as part of the “fringe news” item.

The news stations still seem to do its best to avoid any ridicule.

And so they have no choice but to treat such news with a “light-hearted” attitude.

Usually the news anchor makes a cynical, smart-alecky and  (most of the time) comical remarks about the sighting or about the subject matter in general.

And then, usually all of the anchors end up together with a laughter.

It is a convenient way to end the nightly news on a “light” note, a break from “serious” and increasingly depressing subject matters such as economy, politics, wars, terrorism, crime, environmental destruction, ad infinitum.

The subject of “UFOs” occupies the very end of a long list of all available topics, and usually only as a “filler” if they can’t find any other items to bring the half-hour news program to a close, on a rather “happy” or “light-hearted” tone.

The U.S. government has never officially and publicly stated that “UFOs are real”.

(Here we are not talking about some personal opinions or comments made by some officials within the government or the military.)

The only acknowledgement so far has been that the Pentagon will look into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

We all hope that some day in the future, UFO news will become the top story in the nightly news program.

But, will that day ever come?

It will never come unless:

The government officially and publicly announces that some UFOs are alien spacecraft, and  that we have not only been visited, but that we have been contacted by aliens.

If that happens, it will definitely be the biggest news ever in the history of mankind!!

Will that happen?

I remain somewhat skeptical.


Please click and read the following article:




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