Thule Air Base, America’s little known air base in Greenland, becoming more vital than ever before

by Brett Tingley and Tyler Rogoway of THE WAR ZONE – – September 23, 2019:


For over 60 years, America has operated one of its most strategic military outposts in Greenland with the permission of the Danish government.

This northernmost military base is key to the United States’ ability to provide early warnings of an impending nuclear attack and serves as a major logistic hub in a very important, but remote region.

In 1950 the Air Force began constructing this Thule Air Base in secret under the project name OPERATION BLUE JAY.





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Cult of the Alien – – America’s growing sub-cultural ‘religion’

Cult of the Alien – – America’s growing sub-cultural ‘religion’  – – August 2, 2021

by Norio Hayakawa:

More than half of American adults and more than seventy-five percent of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life, despite any conclusive evidence for it, so far  – –  it is no different from a religious belief, at this point in time.

An unquestioning belief in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life  (despite any conclusive evidence for it, so far)  is based on faith until it is conclusively proven.

This level of belief rivals that of belief in God.

There is nothing wrong in religion per se.

I myself strongly belief that God exists, only because of my personal faith in God.

I also believe in the reality of the UFO phenomenon, even though we have not been able yet to come to any definitive conclusion of what this phenomenon truly is.

Over the years, places such as Area 51 and Roswell have become a social, cultural and psychological phenomenon.  Not only that but they have become a good business opportunity for some.

They have become an integral part of the UFO subculture in America and the world, despite the fact that the overwhelming, vast majority in the scientific community have been skeptical when it comes to UFOs as conclusive evidence that we have been  (or are being)  visited by physical aliens in physical alien spacecraft of any kind.



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‘Area 51 Raid’ draws much smaller crowds than expected – – in fact, a virtual disaster, September 21, 2019

Millions said they would ‘storm’ Area 51, but only 75 showed up at the gate !!

by Ed Komenda – – RENO GAZETTER JOURNAL – – September 21, 2019


RACHEL, Nevada – They prepared for 30,000.

But the number of visitors that descended on this Extraterrestrial Highway town 150 miles from Las Vegas to “storm” Area 51 peaked at 3000  (but in reality it was more like 2000 – according to most residents of Rachel),  allowing authorities on Saturday to begin scaling back resources.

“We planned for 30,000 with contingencies above that,” said Lincoln County Emergency Manager Eric Holt. “Anything less than that was acceptable.”

In the end, the ‘storm’ was more of a September shower.

The middle-of-the-night meme that exploded into a viral space spectacle in this far-flung Nevada town served as both a challenge to law enforcement and county leaders with many lessons learned and an opportunity for otherworld seekers to be a part of something they thought could become the next Burning Man or Woodstock.

No aliens appeared.  No flying saucer beams illuminated the desert sky.  But to the people who showed up to open a new chapter in the extraterrestrial saga, being here was enough.

“Fifty years from now,” said Pahrump resident Stacey Villines, “we can say we were here.”

Tensions were high on the first night of “Storm Area 51” activities in Rachel, where about 100 people  (in reality, more like 75) visited the back gate of the top-secret military compound in the middle of night.

But by the time the sun came up, only one man had been arrested – for urinating in public.

On Friday night, as temperatures in the desert dropped to the upper 30s, the scene outside Area 51 was calm with minimal activity.  The cold intervened as an unexpected crime deterrent.

“It definitely put a damper on their party and their enjoyment,” said Holt, the emergency manager. “That was an ally to us.”

Meanwhile, an amalgam of all-in festival campers and tourists who stopped for a glimpse of the mysterious gathering remained “orderly” as the live music from Alienstock burned into the night.

Heading into the third day of the festival on Saturday, authorities began sending first responders home.

“We were planning for the unknown, planning for something where we didn’t know how many people were coming, what their intention was,” Holt said.  “We were ready to respond to a large influx of people.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

As of Saturday, six people had been arrested – all but one for trespassing.  Car crashes included two vehicle-versus-cow incidents and a rollover that sent a man to the hospital.

Over the next several weeks, authorities expect people to keep coming to Rachel to visit the military compound gates.  The town – in the aftermath of Alienstock and Storm Area 51 – has in many ways leveled up as a tourist attraction.

Lincoln County Chairman Varlin Higbee, a fifth-generation Nevadan always in a cowboy hat, called Alienstock a success.

“We pulled this off without losing one life other than a cow,” Higbee said Saturday.  “We’re over the hump – unless it gets crazy tonight.”

To Higbee, the challenges that come with preparing for the unknowns of a viral event sweeping into a small town taught leaders here an important lesson – an “eye-opener.”

“We live in pretty secluded, protected communities and societies out here, and all of a sudden the door to the world is throwed right open at you and you’ve got millions of people possibly coming – it’s like panic. Well, now we know we don’t need to panic.  Whatever happens, we can face it.”

When California college student Matty Roberts created the “Storm Area 51 – They Can’t Stop All of Us” Facebook event, he was bored.

Little did he know his joke would manifest into a cure for boredom.

That’s precisely why 22-year-old Hazel Dianna and her 20-year-old friend Hunter Riley drove up from Las Vegas.


But all of them were there for the same reason: To be a part of something.

“No matter what happens, this will never be the same again,” said Robert Hauser, a 72-year-old extraterrestrial junky from Salt Lake City, who visited Rachel with his 36-year-old son, David – both men wearing tin foil hats.

“We wanted to be a part of the group.”




The Rachel event attracted about 2,000 visitors to a less than organized event site.  It was essentially a dusty dirt lot with amateur bands playing on a makeshift stage and a couple of food vendors.

There was very little infrastructure but fortunately most visitors seemed to have come prepared.  Many of the visitors chose to camp on surrounding public land instead of paying for a camp site.

All weekend long increasingly annoyed local residents were bothered by tourists racing through town on the dirt roads.  Rachel became a dust bowl. 

By official statements this event cost the county upward of $250,000 for EMT, rescue units, overtime for local law enforcement and cost for calling in various departments and agencies from out of state.  On top of that is cost for equipment, meals for first responders etc.  

After the event ended the town was left with trash blowing all over town.  The organizers do not make any attempts to pick it up and within a few days the wind will have it spread all over the valley.




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New yellow gate installed at Area 51 on Groom Lake Rd. (the East Gate) – – September 11, 2019


A new, yellow gate was installed on September 11, 2019 on Groom Lake Rd.   This gate is commonly known as the East Gate on Groom Lake Rd.

However, this gate has been temporarily closed until September 23, 2019, most likely due to the ‘Storm Area 51’ events held in Rachel and Hiko.

The workers’ bus will return on September 23 and will once again use this gate.

In the photo above, you can see a lock and chain in the middle that joins the two arms.



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Lincoln County, Nevada may sue Facebook and ‘Storm Area 51’ creators for funds – – September 17

by Mick Akers – – LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL, September 17, 2019

Lincoln County may sue Facebook, ‘Storm Area 51’ creators for funds


PIOCHE – – The “Storm Area 51” events planned for Lincoln County this week will pile up a hefty bill, and officials could pursue legal action against Facebook and the original event organizers to recoup some of that.

“This money is no joke,” Cory Lytle, director of planning and building, said Monday.  “We’re on a shoestring budget.”

Additionally, the county could look to press charges and seek restitution from event creator Matty Roberts and Brock Daily and anyone else who was pushing the “Storm Area 51” movement.

“Anybody who is promoting any illegal activity, we will be seeking to possibly prosecute,” said Dylan Frehner, Lincoln County district attorney.

The possible gross misdemeanor charge of publishing a matter in breach of peace or other crimes would carry up to a year in county jail and a $2,000 fine on top of the restitution sought, Frehner said.

Charges and restitution could be sought as early as next week, once the events are over and once the exact costs associated with working the event are known, Frehner said.

The legal action could include Facebook, where Roberts first proposed the event.  His July social media post, which suggested the Air Force couldn’t stop a civilian invasion of the top-secret base long rumored to house extraterrestrial technology, was “liked” by millions and triggered planning throughout the state for a massive September gathering.

The county would seek to recover any money the state doesn’t match.  Emergency Manager Eric Holt said the county is budgeting $250,000 for oversight of Alienstock, which takes place Thursday through Sunday in Rachel, and Area 51 Basecamp, occurring Friday through Sunday at the Alien Research Center in Hiko.  The rural areas more than 100 miles north of Las Vegas lack the services and infrastructure to host a large event, let alone a pair of days-long festivals that could draw tens of thousands of people.

The money will come from interest accrued in the county’s land act fund, which has $785,000 available, according to county Recorder-Auditor Amy Elmer.

It’s uncertain whether the state will award any money to the county based on a pre-signed declaration of emergency, Holt said.  Any grant money provided by the state would be capped at a maximum of 50 percent.

Holt said the county is budgeting $90,000 for meals to feed 350 attending first responders from at least 15 agencies, made up of state, local and private entities. Timbers Grill in Alamo was brought on to feed the responders.

Additional costs include $40,000 to $50,000 for personnel and travel, $36,000 for portable toilets and hand-washing stations, and $10,000 for fuel for emergency services. The balance would cover budget overruns.

Threats of legal action are nothing new with the festivals just days away.

Roberts and Daily issued a cease-and-desist letter to Connie West, owner of the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, late Thursday stating that she could no longer to use the term Alienstock, and that they deemed the event canceled due to lack of preparation.  Roberts earlier abandoned his planned affiliation with the Alienstock event in favor of an event in downtown Las Vegas.  West and the organizers of Area 51 basecamp have insisted the events will still take place.




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No more Area 51 for these two morons – – trespassers pleaded guilty, September 16

PAHRUMP, NEVADA  (FOX 5 NEWS – September 16, 2019):

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office said two men from the Netherlands who were arrested for trespassing at the Nevada National Security Site pleaded guilty on Monday.

Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, 21, and Ties Granzier, 20, were arrested on Sept. 10 after they were caught trespassing at Nevada National Security Site  (Nevada Test Site).   Deputies from the sheriff’s office found a car parked three miles into the site property. 

(*These two morons didn’t even know how to get to Area 51.  Instead, they made an entry from Mercury, Nevada and crossed into Nevada National Security Site (Nevada Test Site).  Area 51 is not located inside the security site.   Area 51 is located outside the far northeast corner of the site.   The Nevada National Security Site is located inside Nye County.   Area 51 is located inside Lincoln County. – – see the map at the bottom of this page)

Sweep and Granzier told deputies they knew English, and could read warning signs, but wanted to see the property, according to a video news release from the sheriff’s office.

They said they were YouTubers and consented to a search, in which deputies found cameras, a laptop, a drone and phones. Footage of the site was on the devices, authorities said.

The men also surrendered computer and camera equipment and an aerial drone that their attorneys, Adam Solinger and Michael Becker in Las Vegas, valued at about $10,000.

They were released on Sept. 12 after posting a $500 bail.

On Sept. 16, Sweep and Granzier appeared in Beatty Justice Court.  According to Nye County Sheriff’s Office, both pleaded guilty to trespassing and illegal parking, both misdemeanors.  They also face a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit trespass.

Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia said the conspiracy charge was on hold pending the “completion of the terms of the plea agreement.”

According to NCSO, Granzier and Sweep sentenced to a year in Nye County Jail, with all but 10 days suspended, on the condition they stay away from any events near or related to NNSS and that they not go within 500 yards of the site for the next year.

“If they comply with all the terms of the agreement, the gross misdemeanor conspiracy charge will be dismissed,” Arabia said.

If Sweep and Granzier do not comply, they face one year of jail time and an added gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit trespass, according to the agreement.

Sweep and Granzier were taken into custody to serve their sentence, but are expected to be released within three days if their fines and fees, totaling $4,560, are paid by early Sept. 19.

According to Arabia, the other suspended days would be converted into suspended jail time.

“It was important to us these men served jail time and pay a substantial financial penalty,” he said.  “We take this crime seriously, and people need to understand that we will not put up with this kind of nonsense.”

“We didn’t want to cause any trouble,” Granzier said in a video statement released by NCSO.  “It’s all gone a little bit out of hand, but we learned from our mistakes and it’s good to be going back home in a bit.”

Sweep added that neither he or Granzier would “not get into any trouble again.”





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The FAA just posted a Temporary Flight Restriction north and northeast of R-4808N (Area 51) and around the entrance to Nevada National Security Site near Mercury, Nevada – – September 14, 2019



RACHEL, NEVADA – – Septembe 14, 2019:

Airspace near Area 51 will be closed to news helicopters and drones during  ‘Storm Area 51’  Shitshow:

The FAA just posted a Temporary Flight Restriction north and northeast of R-4808N  (Area 51)  and also around the entrance to Nevada National Security Site (Nevada Test Site) near Mercury, Nevada – – according to the information provided on Dreamland Resort by Gregos, resident of Rachel, Nevada.

According to the FAA posting, this restriction will be in effect from September 19 to September 23.

The dates coincide with the dates of the upcoming  ‘Storm Area 51’  events and activities.




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Arrest made at Nevada Test Site, September 10, 2019 – – these two morons didn’t even know how to get to Area 51


An arrest was made on September 10, 2019 at the Nevada National Security Site  (formerly known as Nevada Test Site).

These two morons didn’t even know how to get to Area 51.

Instead, they made an entry from Mercury, Nevada and crossed into Nevada National Security Site (Nevada Test Site). 

Area 51 is not located inside the security site.   Area 51 is located outside the far northeast corner of the site.   The Nevada National Security Site is located inside Nye County.   Area 51 is located inside Lincoln County

Each of these morons were released on $500 bail.   Their arraignment will be held on Monday, September 16 in Beatty in Nye County. 

Click and read the whole news article here:



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A strange, close encounter case in Taos, New Mexico – – September 6, 2019

by Staci, Mattlock, TAOS NEWS – – September 6, 2019 – –,59354?fbclid=IwAR3303ELZ4Sy426SwTgbX0RUs2wJZ6PIMDlZ_68lRhuhLPrGty5cfq-dWWU


Bow hunters Josh Brinkley and Daniel Lucero, dressed in camouflage gear, looked a little uncomfortable sitting in chairs at a local newspaper.

The Santa Fe County residents had just come into Taos after several days in rugged terrain near Cerro de la Olla, also called Pot Mountain, northwest of town near Ute Mountain.

They had a strange tale to tell and they weren’t sure of their reception.

“We’re a couple of guys that don’t believe in much, but we believe now,” Brinkley said.

They went hunting for elk.

They encountered aliens or something else so strange they don’t know what to call it.

Brinkley, 41, said he’s been going to the Pot Mountain area hunting for 15 years.  He had never seen anything particularly odd.

He said he works construction and on movie sets.  He’s a family guy who doesn’t want anyone to think he’s crazy.

He and Lucero have worked together for eight years.

They say they aren’t prone to seeing things and didn’t particularly believe in aliens.


Opening morning of bow hunting season was Sunday (Sept. 1).  The two men had gone a couple of days early to scout the area for elk.  Lucero, 26, had never been there.

They set up along the tree line on different sides of a field and waited.  After three hours and no elk, Brinkley became restless.  It was about 9:30 a.m.

“I take off walking, creeping around through the woods, looking for elk,” Brinkley said.

He reached the top of the mountain where there’s a caldera, a kind of wide bowl left behind by a collapsed volcano.  He went to the edge on the southwest side.  As he walked to the edge he noticed two figures on his side of the caldera.  He thought at first they were hunters.  But, they were “very tall shapes of these beings, standing side by side, staring right at me,” he said.

He walked toward them across the brushy field.  He estimates they were about 35 yards away.  As a bow hunter, where measuring distance is critical to hitting a target, he said he’s pretty adept at it.  He went around the bush and looked again.  The figures were gone.

He looked around and didn’t see them.  “Figured I would talk to them.  They were gone, just gone,” Brinkley said.

He thought more about what he had seen:  With their lower half concealed by bushes in the caldera, he had only seen them from the waist up.  “The shape that would be like their heads, it looked like they had huge hoods on.  It looked like two ribbons coming off either side to a point at the top and bottom (like a banana).  The right side was black, left side was white and a little shiny.  Torsos were kind of black,  I couldn’t see many details.  It definitely looked like clothes.  In middle of the oval was just gray.”

He thought maybe it was the back of hunters’ heads.  “But it looked too strange, too crazy.”

Later, he drew what he could remember of them in a leather bound sketchbook he carries with him.  And he drew what he saw next.


Brinkley hurried back to where Lucero was still waiting.  Still no elk.  “I was a little weirded out,” he told his friend.

He told Lucero he had seen a couple of hunters and that’s probably what had scared off the elk.  He couldn’t bring himself at first to say what he might have just imagined.

They went back to camp.  “I couldn’t take it any more,” Brinkley said.  “I told him what I saw was weird.  They were too tall, their heads were too big to be hunters.”

“Anyone who knows me knows I don’t tell these weird stories.”

Lucero said he had known something was up when Brinkley had walked quickly and noisily up to his position at the field. Normally his friend is quiet, a hunter’s slower, more measured speed through the bushes.

After Brinkley told him, Lucero felt a little weird, too.  “I didn’t know what to believe,” Lucero said.

Brinkley kind of wrote off what he saw.


On Labor Day (Sept. 2), they headed out again to hunt early in the morning and hiked all around the area.  No elk.  They got back to their Jeep at about 2:30 p.m.

“We couldn’t figure out why there was no elk,” Brinkley said.

They decided to drive to the other side of the mountain and see if there were other hunters or four-wheelers scaring off the elk.  As they drove, the men saw no signs of any wildlife at all, they said.

They drove about 10 minutes, when they saw it.  They both work with movie sets.  At first they thought it was a movie base camp.  “It’s this big tent structure, like a circus tent, 50-60 feet tall.  Coming off the left of it was this long building, almost like what you would build for an archery lane for target practice.  It was a third the height, but really long, maybe a couple hundred feet.”

They were about a quarter mile away and couldn’t see the bottom of the structure.

They watched it for about a minute as they drove.

“What is it,” he asked Lucero, “a base camp for a movie?  Or are they building an alien ship set?”

They drove down a little hill, lost sight of the structure for at most five seconds, Brinkley said.

“When we topped the hill, it was gone.  Just gone.”

Lucero said he was watching it the whole time while Brinkley drove except for those few seconds.  “There was no dust, there was nothing,” Lucero said.

They drove around the area searching for what they had seen until dark.


“I just know it was real,” Brinkley said.  “It was huge and white and then gone.”


When the two men reached a place with cell signal, they told a few friends what they had seen.  They thought about calling the Air Force.  A friend put them in touch with Peter Davenport, longtime executive director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Washington state.

Davenport confirmed they had called him.  “It was a dramatic story,” he said.  “If it is true, it is profoundly unsettling.”

He said out of the thousands of calls he gets every year about supposed alien sightings, they rarely describe seeing aliens on the ground.

They aren’t the first hunters to see something they can’t explain.  Four hunters in Challis, Idaho, in 2000 described having a large triangular craft hover a couple of hundred feet above them before moving off over the mountains.

After listening to some 350,000 phone calls over 25 years, Davenport thinks he can tell those that are credible.

This was one of them, he said.

Brinkley and Lucero said they weren’t drinking and weren’t on drugs.

The hardest thing is telling their story.  “People probably think we are insane,” Brinkley said

He said he didn’t believe in UFOs.  “I sure do now,” he said.

Lucero said he doesn’t know about aliens.  “I just know I’ve never seen anything that big just disappear.”

“The two aliens, you can say I imagined that.  But you cannot explain something that big just – –  gone,” Brinkley said.

After telling their strange tale, the hunters did what they came to do – go try one more time to find elk.




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