Richard C. Doty, self-claimed government UFO disinformation agent, a UFO charlatan and con man


Did Richard C. Doty ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz?

Richard C. Doty, self-claimed government UFO disinformation agent, a UFO charlatan and con man. 

He said:

“I do not have anything to do with UFO research or investigations.  I attempted to perform certain duties which would enable our team to trap possible foreign agents working against the interest of the United States.   My supervisors, however, saw my actions as being unauthorized.   Therefore, I was asked to leave AFOSI, which I did voluntarily”.

The UFO community has been familiar with Richard C. Doty, self-proclaimed “disinformation agent” who used to work as an AFOSI officer in Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Doty now goes by the name of Rick Doty on Facebook:

Most folks seem to agree that he indeed had a deep impact on the life of businessman Paul Bennewitz, owner of defense contractor THUNDER SCIENTIFIC LABORAOTORIES in Albuquerque located right next to Kirtland Air Force Base.


Richard C. Doty fed a lot of misinformation  (or, better yet, disinformation)  to Bennewitz which eventually caused Bennewitz’s mental deterioration and paranoia, to the point of hospitalization.  Doty’s claim was that he was part of the governmental ploy to detract attention away from Bennewitz’s interest in pursuing military research projects such as Project Starfire within the Kirtland Air Force Base.

Of course, it ended up with Bennewitz’s misinterpretation of what he witnessed there  (he began to be convinced that it was some kind of alien technology at work).

Doty cleverly capitalized on Bennewitz’ suspicion and fed him more disinformation which led to Bennewitz’ pursuit of unsubstantiated “Dulce Base” myth in northern New Mexico.


Here is a partial view of former Manzano underground nuclear storage facility, as seen from near Paul Bennewitz’s residence  (photo by Norio Hayakawa, CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT):

Northeastern edge of former Manzano underground nuclear storage facility,  not too far away from Paul Bennewitz’s residence   (photo by Norio Hayakawa, CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT):


(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – satellite imagery of former Manzano underground storage area, inside Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico)


The same goes for William L. Moore.  It seems to me that both William L. Moore and Richard C. Doty, together, or if not, individually, fed disinformation to Paul Bennewitz allegedly under the delegated authority from the CIA or NSA.

But this is simply their grandiose claims that they were officially assigned this task by these governmental agencies.

It is difficult to obtain any documented governmental evidence that they were officially part of that assignment (because there are no such documents).

It is likely that they did all that primarily on their own, and not officially sanctioned by governmental agencies.

By the way, it was in 1980  (the very same year of the publication of William L. Moore’s largely disinformative book THE ROSWELL INCIDENT – – co-authored with Charles Berlitz – – a book that propagated the Roswell alien “myth”)  that Moore visited Kirtland Air Force Base to collaborate on several additional “projects” with Richard C. Doty.

William L. Moore, another “self-claimed” UFO disinformation agent?

Paul Bennewitz passed away in 2003.

Bennewitz’s sons today operate the business but refuse to talk about their late father, since they are still doing business with the Air Force.

In his excellent book, “DULCE BASE: The Truth And Evidence From The Case Files of Gabe Valdez”, Greg Valdez, middle son of the late Gabe Valdez (New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of Dulce, New Mexico for many years) brings out some significant points:

He writes:

“The transfers of Maj. Earnest Edwards (Kirtland Security Police) and Richard C. Doty (of AFOSI) to Germany coincided with the involvement of Senator Peter Domenici in the mystery.

As his office began inquiries into the activities in Dulce to the Air Force, Richard C. Doty and Maj. Earnest Edwards ended up in Germany.

It was also at this time that Doty  ‘retired’  from the Air Force, and it appears from other evidence that he was forced out of the Air Force.

Senator Domenici was very influential with the Los Alamos and Sandia Laboratories, and his inquiries were more than likely what ended Richard C. Doty’s Air Force career.

What is also important to remember is that the NSA (as well as CIA) never obtains search warrants to place listening devices in homes.

Under the guise of ‘National Security’, they placed these warrantless bugs in Gabe Valdez’s and Manuel Gomez’s homes in Dulce, New Mexico.

That type of covert activity is usually conducted by the NSA or CIA, and usually outside the general working proceedings of the AFOSI.

It’s also something the CIA typically gets involved in, especially if the mystery aircraft (that allegedly crashed on Mount Archuleta, northwest of Dulce, New Mexico in 1983) was a CIA aircraft”.

I am just simply quoting from Greg Valdez’s book.


For a while, Richard C. Doty worked as a State policeman in the small community of Grants, New Mexico.

However, he is no longer associated with New Mexico State Patrol.

The problem with Richard C. Doty is that he was  (and still is)  spewing out UFO nonsense even after he became a State policeman, and even after he left.

To put it bluntly, he is a UFO Charlatan and a con man.

Recently he appeared on a short documentary called “MIRAGE MEN“.


It seems to me that this documentary was nothing but double-talk by Doty.

It seems to me that Richard C. Doty (with zero credibility) conveniently claims he promoted the UFO mythology bascially as a cover for secret aviation technologies developed during the Cold War.

(ABOVE, Richard C. Doty when he was with AFOSI at Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, New Mexico)


(“SOM 1-01, MJ-12 group Special Operations Manual”….most likely another of Richard C. Doty’s scams)

Yet he himself seems to be a firm believer in some of the very same UFO mythologies he claims he promoted, such as his claims that humans were genetically manipulated by extraterrestrials!!

The bottom line to all this is the question:

Was Richard C. Doty, while under the employ of AFOSI, fully responsible for ruining the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz?

Of course, if he was, then some day soon Richard C. Doty will have to pay for what he has done!!

Whether or not Doty had a direct role in the following, here is a comment from R. Edmund Gomez, one of the sons of Manuel Gomez, proprietor of formerly the largest cattle ranch in Dulce, New Mexico:

“Based on his stated intentions, law abiding U.S. citizens were treated as “possible foreign agents” for defending their family and property.  Was breaking into civilian homes and stealing pictures and documents, planting electronic listening devices, making threatening telephone calls and, overall, violating basic U.S. civil rights part of his M.O.?  If so, he is a domestic terrorist, a criminal and coward and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  Oh, by the way, he was commissioned a New Mexico State Police officer after being terminated from the U.S. armed forces for performing his atrocities. God help us”.

Please read this important item:


Again, here is what Richard C. Doty had stated:

“I do not have anything to do with UFO research or investigations.  I attempted to perform certain duties which would enable our team to trap possible foreign agents working against the interest of the United States.   My supervisors, however, saw my actions as being unauthorized.   Therefore, I was asked to leave AFOSI, which I did voluntarily”

But, was it too late?   Did Richard C. Doty already ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz?   The answer is affirmative.  Yes!!


Majestic 12, a UFO disinformation scandal

As I stated, Richard C. Doty now goes under the name Rick Doty and is on Facebook:

More on Richard C. Doty  (Rick Doty):

BACKGROUND ON THE MOORE-DOTY “DISINFORMATION” ACTIVITIES  – sent hoaxed material to APRO, the “Weitzel” letters:



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My totally insane life story – – but I have no regrets !!

I have always had diversity in my life.

So far, in my tumultuous life of almost 79 years, 5 cities have impacted me greatly:

1) Yokohama, Japan, where I was born and raised, from 1944, in Motomachi Street:

I attended a Catholic school there for 12 years  (from grade school, all the way through high school) and in my 12th year there, I finally became a Catholic:

2) Albuquerque, New Mexico, where from 1965 I attended a Catholic college and majored in Spanish and where I fell in love with Country & Western music as well as Tex-Mex music:

During my college years there I made a 90 degree turn, got myself involved in the Catholic Charismatic (Pentecostal) movement, eventually departed from Catholicism, became a Protestant and began to attend a fundamentalist, Pentecostal church:

3) Phoenix, Arizona, where I became a public high school Spanish teacher in 1973:

(Imagine the stunned look on the students the first day of class, looking at a Japanese-looking guy as their Spanish teacher!!). 

It was also in Phoenix later on that I joined a Country & Western band, playing lead guitar for Johnny Whitecloud, a half-Irish, half-Cherokee singer and played at a club called Scott’s Corral, north of Scottsdale.

Later on, we travelled to Nevada and played for an officer’s club at Nellis Air Force Base:

From Arizona, we also travelled to Canada one December (Thunder Bay and Sudbury) and played at a Canadian Indian reservation at Heron Bay (it was there that I almost died, being stuck in a treacherous blizzard that I had never experienced in my life !!).:

4) Los Angeles, California, where from 1982 I worked at a Japanese-American funeral home and later became a Licensed Funeral Director until 2008 when I retired.  (Boy, have I got stories to tell !!):

(In 1982, after moving from Phoenix, Arizona to California, I was looking for a job in Los Angeles.   I went to an employment agency and they said there was a job opening in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles.   I went to the location and found out it was a funeral home !!
Coincidentally, they were looking for someone to stay there at night and answer the phone.  And so I took that job because I needed somewhere to stay.  This is how I ended up at the mortuary.   Eventually I became a licensed funeral director and worked there all the way till 2008 when I retired.   It was definitely the best, the most rewarding and the most interesting career of my life !!)

It was in 1988 while working as a Funeral Director that I became interested in Area 51 in Nevada, after I received a packet from a researcher by the name of William L. Moore who lived in Los Angeles.

And in 1989 while I was in the morgue after midnight listening to the radio, I happened to catch a talk radio show being broadcast from Las Vegas.  And that’s when I heard Bob Lazar being interviewed.  I was fascinated!

And during my vacation (in 1990) I accompanied a Japanese TV crew to document the goings-on near that secret base.

Japanese TV crew’s arrival at the “Black Mailbox” on Hwy 375 and mile marker 29 and a half (February 21, 1990):

Unknown craft over Area 51 that evening, filmed by Japanese TV crew:

May 16, 1991 – – the day I thought I was going to die in the desert, dangerously and continuously chased by a CH-53 chopper less than 20 feet above our moving vehicles., on public land   (on Groom Lake Rd.)

(Photo 1) – – courtesy of UFO Magazine:


(Photo 2):


And then, my appearance on Art Bell radio show in 1995 changed my life:

Here is MY complete BIO, as far as Area 51 is concerned.  Click the following link and read;


Reminiscing about my crazy involvement with Area 51 research – – Norio Hayakawa


On the same trip (in March of 1990) we also visited Dulce, New Mexico, trying to get to the bottom of a rumor about an underground alien base there.

Our first visit to Dulce, New Mexico in 1990:

While in Dulce, we were detained by the local Indian police there while interviewing the people on the street in Dulce!!

Here are my final thoughts on Dulce, New Mexico and the UFO phenomenon:


In 1994 I did a week-long lecture circuit in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska for the Prophecy Club, giving a presentation about Area 51 and “End-time UFO deception”.

By 1995 I had already begun to espouse this rather outrageous notion that the ‘secret’ government will have enough technologies to even stage a “fake”, “extraterrestrial” event in the future to create panic in order to forcefully create a global government of some kind.

That year (1995), I was invited by a radio talk show host by the name of Art Bell to appear as a guest on his show.

During the two-hour appearance, I talked about a nutty video of 1994 entitled “SECRETS OF DREAMLAND“, which was one of my presentations that I did throughout Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

“SECRETS OF DREAMLAND” – – a nutty, out-dated presentation I made back in 1994:

Secrets of Dreamland

(By the way when it comes to UFOsaliens and global conspiracy theories, I am somewhat skeptical – – by this I mean:

“while I am convinced that the UFO phenomenon itself seems to be real, I am not convinced that we have ever been visited by sentient, physical extraterrestrial biological entities in their physical extraterrestrial spacecraft”.   

My belief  (which is based strictly on my personal religious view)  is that we have been visited by fallen, malevolent sentient paraphysical entities emanating from another dimension, often materializing themselves temporarily and selecting observers in advance to cause deception.   I also believe that real conspiracies do exist and have existed since the dawn of mankind.   However, there is a big difference between real conspiracies and conspiracy theories.   There are many conspiracy theories that are simply delusional and are not based on proven facts.

Again, let me state that while I believe that the UFO phenomenon itself seems to be real, I have yet to see any single, credible, physical, tangible as well as documentary evidence whatsoever that we have ever been  (or are being)  visited by physical extraterrestrial biological entities in any physical extraterrestrial spacecraft of any kind, so far……that’s the bottom line). 

Here are my thoughts on this.   Click the following link and read:



5) Rio Rancho, New Mexico, where my wife and I moved in 2008 from California to retire.

We lived in Rio Rancho from 2008 to 2021.  While living there, I taught both Beginning Guitar and Intermediate Guitar classes at the Senior Center, besides spending at least 6 hours a week playing Table Tennis at the Center.

We loved living in Rio Rancho.   However, in 2021, we moved to Albuquerque where we presently reside.


By the way, when I was living in Phoenix, Arizona, I also played the guitar in a trio at a Mexican restaurant called Poncho’s in South Phoenix:

The benefit of that was that I could freely partake of their delicious Mexican food and drink great Mexican beer as long as I didn’t get plastered to perform.

I also played at a German restaurant in Phoenix (Felsen Haus):

I was a lead guitarist for a German accordion player and played German polkas and waltzes.

The benefit of that was that I could eat the most delicious wienerschnitzel that I have ever tasted in my life.

The same group played on weekends at a German American club in north central Phoenix.

The benefit of that was that I could freely partake of the best knackwurst and bratwurst sandwiches I have ever eaten in my life besides being able to drink their great German beer as long as I didn’t get too plastered to perform:

However, there were other times in Phoenix that I played music with some sleazy musicians in some sleazy “dives”. (Boy, have I got stories to tell !!).

It was in Phoenix in 1978 that I began to devour books by John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee and I started to believe that the UFO phenomenon was some type of a temporarily manifested “demonic” type of phenomenon.

(Later in 1978, I was featured in the Religion Column of ARIZONA REPUBLIC, talking about the connection between the UFO phenomenon and the “demonic” phenomenon!) :


The UFO phenomenon as demonic activity?

Towards the end of my years in Phoenix I started to get this crazy notion that I was going to give up everything and become a Christian minister.

I began to attend a fundamentalist Bible college (Assemblies of God affiliated) in Phoenix and was going to become a preacher (the Pentecostal, “charismatic”kind) and travel to South America (since I was fluent in Spanish).

In a way,  I’m glad I didn’t become one.  The rest of my life would have been totally different.

By the way, it was in Phoenix that I became a U.S. citizen in 1976 and I cherish this so much!!

All this, besides being a dedicated extracurricular “Ufologist” since 1961  (with nothing to show for it, so far !!).

(It all started when I was growing up…….my father used to tell us of his sighting of a strange greenish ball of fire slowly maneurving itself over the Bay of Yokohama one summer night, he said, sometime around 1947 or 1948….. after being rather skeptical  of my father’s account, my mother even surprised me when she confided to me many years later that she had finally seen a flying saucer  – with a dome on top  – hovering over a railway station during broad daylight in 1975).:

My mother’s ‘flying saucer’ sighting in 1975 – – do I believe her? – – Yes, without any doubt !!

Here is the photo of my late mother:

Here is the photo of my late father:

Although my highest respect goes to men of science, such as the late Carl SaganStephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth Shostak, etc., etc., ad infinitum, I have never regretted the fact that throughout all thee years I have somehow gotten myself involved in the weird field of “Ufology” because I still say that this is a strange world we’re living in and that there are still so many things we don’t really know about our world and our vast universe, including the question:  What is reality? 

After my retirement in 2008 (after moving to Rio Rancho, New Mexico, from California), I have been performing live music with my One-Man Band  (i.e., as a keyboardist) at various locations in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, such as at senior centers, retirement homes, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, homeless shelter, community centers, etc. etc., where they appreciate my kind of music  (i.e., the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s music of all genre….Pop, Standard, Rock, Country, Latin and New Mexico music):

I still have about 8 “gigs” a month, performing live music at various locations.

I have especially enjoyed playing for a couple of Italian American organizations here, playing my favorite Italian music.

The benefit of this was that I could freely partake of the most delicious, home-made Italian/Sicilian food that I have ever tasted in my life!

Three years ago someone in Rio Rancho anonymously sent a copy of a local newspaper’s ad for an Oktoberfest (where I was performing)  to a TV talk show host.

It was about me playing for an Oktoberfest at the Italian-American Association hall  (imagine a Japanese Country Western singer appearing at the German Oktoberfest at the Italian-American Assocation hall !!).

And Jay Leno actually read the whole advertisement on his Tonight Show.

It was simply hilarious.

Here it is……from the Jay Leno‘s Tonight Show of three years ago:

Here is my version of Wayon Jennings’ song I’m A Ramblin’ Man

By the way, besides the 50s, 60s and 70s music of all genre (i.e., Standard Pops, Rock’n’Roll, Latin, Country & Western and New Mexico Music), I also dabbled on what I describe as “cosmic wave” music.

Here is how I practice at home – – a nutty, practice session at home.

In 2011, I was invited by film-maker Oren Peli to come to Las Vegas for filming a short segment of my appearance in his movie AREA 51:

Performing live music is my passion now:

Here I am in a brief segment of Oren Peli’s movie AREA 51:

By the way, in 2013, I had a wonderful privilege of been interviewed by Anthony Bourdain when he came to visit New Mexico for his PARTS UNKNOWN New Mexico Episode.

At that time I was not aware that he had joined CNN and was not even aware that the title of his program was going to be PARTS UNKNOWN.

The producers asked where would be a good place for the interview.

I suggested the parking lot of the Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque, right next to Kirtland Air Force Base, since I understood that the topic with me was going to be about UFOs and extraterrestrials in New Mexico and about the our group called the “New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum”.

It was a perfect background because there was a tall replica of Redstone rocket there, alluding to the importance of rocketry in the U.S. and the beginning of post-World War II Space Age in New Mexico.

The interview was held way after midnight.

I believe that Anthony Bourdain and his crew were tasting some street tacos at a taco stand on Central Avenue that night, prior to our interview.

There wasn’t a soul in the spacious parking lot except for Lesley Gunter, writer for the UFO Magazine and who was instrumental in bringing Bourdain and his crew to Albuquerque.

At the parking lot, I explained to Anthony Bourdain the importance of rocketry and the importance of Sandia/Manzano Base inside Kirtland Air Force Base.

We also talked about UFOs.

He seemed to be very interested.

He said he was aware of the existence of Black Projects, as well as Operation Paperclip – bringing in of German scientists to the U.S.  (particularly to New Mexico)  after the close of World War II.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The person in the middle of the photo is Jim Brockway, aerospace researcher and friend of mine.

Anthony Bourdain was so natural and so authentic, just as I had seen him many times before on TRAVEL CHANNEL’s “No Reservations”.

I was so impressed.

Therefore it was such a shock to me to learn that Anthony Bourdain took his own life on June 8 in France while he was doing his another episode of PARTS UNKNOWN.

I still have a difficult time accepting it.   May you rest in peace, Anthony Bourdain !!

By the way, also in 2018, I was featured in a 2-hour documentary film entitled:


And, also in 2018, I was quoted several times in a non-fiction book written by a well-known NEW YORK MAGAZINE writer, Mark Jacobson’s book Pale Horse Rider – – William Cooper, the Rise of Conspiracy, and the Fall of Trust in America:

By the way, two years before he was killed in a shoot-out in Arizona, William ‘Bill’ Cooper, author of BEHOLD A PALE HORSE stated:


Lastly, here is the reason why I will spend the rest of my life here in beautiful New Mexico, USA, the Land of Enchantment:


By the way, you can see all my insane videos right here:

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Also,  I just found out that I am no longer a private person:
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Who is Norio Hayakawa?

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