An in-depth look at America’s growing conspiracy culture

I am giving a series of public lectures in community centers in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area  (see my schedule at the bottom of this page),  entitled:

“An in-depth look at America’s growing conspiracy culture”

Why Americans are affected by belief in conspiracy theories  (many of which are not based on reality, lacking factual proof)  and how this is impacting and dividing our nation.

Presented by Norio Hayakawa.

I am a long-time investigative reporter on the UFO phenomenon and commentator on conspiracies.  Criminal conspiracies have existed since time immemorial.  The Latin verb “conspirare” simply means “to breathe together“.  Whenever two or more persons  (like-minded persons)  plan to cause detriment to another person or a group of persons, whether small or large, there is conspiracy. 

However, I also say that it is so important to make a distinction between real conspiracies and conspiracy theories.  They are two entirely different subject matters.  I do not consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist, but a conspiratologist who simply studies how belief in conspiracy theories can affect society.

To some people, a belief in conspiracy theories is “comforting” when faced with harsh realities and facts.  To some people it is an easy way out solution to understanding complex events and problems in our society.  Suspicion has always been part of a human trait.   However, excessive and constant suspicions about everything often leads to paranoia.

There is even a thriving PARANOIA INDUSTRY – – businesses benefitting from gullible folks’ indiscriminate beliefs in all things conspiratorial.

In my presentations, I will be giving references to some of the significant post World War II events which added fuel to the rise of conspiracy theories, such as:


Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of “flying saucers” on June 24, 1947 that ushered in the modern-day era of the public’s fascination with UFOs

The establishment of the CIA and the passing of the National Security Act and the subsequent creation of NSA in 1947

The birth of the State of Israel in 1948

The Kennedy Assassination of 1963

The 3rd Middle East war involving Israel in 1967

The moon landing of 1969

The Randy Weaver incident of 1992

The Waco siege of 1993

The Oklahoma bombing of 1995

The 9-11 incident of 2001


I will also be giving references to such as:

The rise of the John Birch Society in the 1960s and 1970s

Gary Allen’s 1971 book “NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY”

Hal Lindsey’s 1971 book “THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH”  (a best-seller among America’s Evangelical Christian community at that time)

The NEW WORLD ORDER conspiracies (seeds that were planted by fundamentalist Christianity concerned with the end-time emergence of the Antichrist and rightwing populist conspiratorial beliefs, including the promotion of a fabricated “document” “THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION” (based on paranoia and hatred about alleged Jewish world domination).

Freemansonry, the Illuminati and the occult

The popularity of the weekly SPOTLIGHT newspaper published by the Liberty Lobby in the 1980s

The rise of the militia movement (a.k.a., the “Patriot” movement (Linda Thompson, Mark Koernke, the Michigan Militia), Ted Gunderson, Bo Gritz, Bill Cooper (author of “BEHOLD A PALE HORSE”), David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, etc., etc.

Area 51/UFO alien conspiracies in the early 1990s

The Dulce base conspiracy

Underground bases and tunnels conspiracies

Denver International Airport conspiracy

HAARP and AIDS conspiracies

Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg conspiracies

Chemtrails” conspiracy

FOX News versus CNN

Science versus pseudoscience

Alex Jones

The QAnon conspiracy of 2020, etc., etc., ad nauseum


Here is one fascinating item that I have posted before.  This also is not based on factual evidence but simply my favorite speculation.  Please click and read:


My first public lecture will be held on Tuesday, July 5, from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Bear Canyon Senior Center in Albuquerque.

My second public lecture will be held on Saturday, July 9, from 2 p.m. at Cherry Hills Public Library in Albuquerque.

My third public lecture will be held on Thursday, August 4, from 1:30 p.m. at Meadowlark Senior Center in Rio Rancho.



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My kind of a UFO researcher – – Richard H. Ruhl (1931 – 2022)

Richard (Dick) H. Ruhl Passes at Age 91

February 26, 1931 – April 6, 2022

By Bernard O’Connor, THE OBSERVER:


At age 8, Richard knew he wanted to be an artist.  He attended the School of Industrial Arts, Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts.  He went on to become an award-winning photo-retouching specialist who ran his own studio and worked for some of the biggest agencies on Madison Avenue.

His nature photography hobby led to many Art Gallery showings and awards as well.  Utilizing his life-drawing, and illustration skills, he worked closely with the Nassau/Suffolk County Police Department as a volunteer Police artist.  The infamous “Son of Sam” terror spree was one of the many cases he worked on with police.

Then one night, in the early 1960’s, upon returning late to his home in Massapequa, Long Island, Dick saw something in the sky that would change his life forever.  A huge black object swooped down over his house and continued slowly moving down the street away from him.

Having not given any attention to the “Flying Saucer frenzy” that was in all the newspapers at the time, Dick was shocked and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  At that moment he became determined to find out everything he could about UFOs.

With that, he became a field investigator for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (A.P.R.O.) and his caseload took him from one end of Long Island to the other.  His no-nonsense approach to investigating UFO reports quickly made him one of A.P.R.O.’s most trusted team members and a consultant to Jim and Coral Lorenzen, the founders of A.P.R.O.  With his background in art, photography and retouching, he was often called upon to evaluate UFO photo cases for them.

Not afraid to pound the pavement in search of answers, UFO researcher Richard Ruhl is seen interviewing an officer involved in the Long Island Sightings.  As an artist with a keen eye for design, Ruhl created an official card for A.P.R.O. investigators to place in their car windows, similar to a press pass.

Dick’s most famous investigation was the Freeport Long Island sighting that involved multiple police officers observing and following a huge, pulsating lighted object in the sky.

As they watched the large object suddenly stood still and a smaller, glowing object appeared and merged with the larger one.  At that point, the object shot away at incredible speed and disappeared.

The next day, a 30-foot circle of flattened grass laying in a clockwise position was discovered by a police helicopter while paroling the same area.  His close working relationship with the local police department allowed him to interview all the key witnesses within 24 hours of their sighting and later explore the possible landing zone.

Dick worked tirelessly promoting Ufology with his many slide-show talks and lectures at libraries, civic organizations, schools and colleges.  He was a regular UFO guest expert on WBAB FM radio, hosted by Joel Martin.  Ruhl also scheduled guests for Martin such as John Keel and local UFO witnesses.

Many of Dick’s articles appeared in Official UFO Magazine and the A.P.R.O. Bulletin.  He also served as an advisor to Harry Lebelson, who wrote the UFO column for OMNI magazine.  Dick’s “A History of A.P.R.O.” article was adapted by the Lorenzens and used to recruit new investigators to A.P.R.O.

Ruhl wrote articles about various UFO-related topics in the 1970s.

As to what UFOs are, Dick was very open-minded to different theories.  He believed that a great number of sightings could be secret government devices.  But, in cases that had paranormal overtones, he felt that there might be a demonic component involved.  He was a very religious person and had extensively studied Biblical prophecy with his father.

To people who knew Dick, he was a warm and kind person who always had time to help you out any way he could.  He was deeply devoted to his family.  He is survived by his daughter Kim and his son Glenn.  Dick was predeceased by his wife Lois, who he shared many happy years with.  They also, consequently, shared four UFO sightings together.

-Remembered by Bernard O’Connor




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Totally deranged, crazy old Japanese TV programs on UFOs – – produced and shown in Japan in 1990 and 1991

Totally deranged, crazy old Japanese TV program on UFOs – – produced and shown in Japan during prime time in 1990 and in 1991.



This one, directed by Charles Lee for Nippon TV’s THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL was shown on prime time in Japan in March of 1990, featuring the South African case of 1989, Area 51, Bob Lazar, the Billy Goodman show, the Medlin Ranch, Joe Travis, the Dulce base, Archuleta Mesa, cattle mutilations, MJ-12, aliens abductions and implants, Don Ecker, the mysterious “Tal Levesque“, John Grace, etc. etc., ad nauseum.    I had the privilege of accompanying the crew on this one.


Here is another one, produced and shown in Japan in 1990:
This one, directed by Junichi Yaoi for Nippon TV’s THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL, featured Robert Dean, MJ-12, UFO abductions, Christa Tilton and her daughter Monica, the Dulce base, William (Bill) Cooper, John Grace, etc.,.etc. ad nauseum.
This one, directed by Junichi Yaoi, for Nippon TV’s THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL, featured Ed Walters and the Gulf Breeze controversy, alien abductions and implants, Christa Tilton  (who flew over the Archuleta Mesa and Soldier Canyon in Dulce with Junichi Yaoi),  the Dulce base, Hoyt Velarde, Richard C. Doty and William Moore at Kirtland Air Force Base, Paul Bennewitz, Thunder Scientific Laboratory, Manzano underground base in Albuquerque, Val Valerian (John Grace), Bob Lazar, Area 51, etc., etc., ad nauseum.    This video of that TV program has deleted all commercials.
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The difference between a conspiracy theorist and a conspiratologist

by Norio Hayakawa, April 15, 2022:

In the dictionary the word “conspiratology” has not been officially recognized.

It is a word that was claimed to have been coined by several individuals over the last couple of decades.

To the best of my knowledge, one of the first persons to have used that word was Gary Schultz of Santa Monica, California, who was a former colleague of mine in the early 1990s when I was leading an informal group  (citizens’ government accountability watchdog group) called the Civilian Intelligence Network.

Here is my definition of “conspiratology”:

Conspiratology is a comprehensive study on the origins, the role and effects of beliefs in conspiracy theories on society.

It is a general study on why beliefs in conspiracy theories or conspiratorial worldview are deeply ingrained in the psyche of a segment of human society.

(The Newsweek Magazine made a comment a few years ago that beliefs in conspiracy theories have become as American as apple pie.)

There are many conspiracy theorists but conspiratologists seem to be few in number.

It is important to bear in mind that a conspiratologist himself may or may not necessarily subscribe to any conspiracy theory.  However, if he does, he is expected to give an impression to the public that he does not subscribe to conspiracy theories.

He simply is expected to study and evaluate the impact of beliefs in conspiracy theories on society and how people’s beliefs in such theories could be manipulated or benefited by an individual or individuals  (who may or may not represent an organized group, such as certain governmental intelligence agencies or the military), partly in order to bring about certain agenda, to conceal certain agenda, or to detract attention away from certain agenda, such as muddying the waters of certain agenda.

Creation and manipulation of certain “cover stories” play a vital role in such operations.

Many large defense contractors seem to have some specialists who create “cover stories” as a means to mislead curiosity seekers among the civilian public especially during the times of certain Black Project programs testing phases.

For example, a creation and manipulation of such “cover stories” may have taken place during the mid 1980s to the early 1990s when several sensitive projects such as the stealth technology, hypersonic spy planes as well as remotely-controlled platforms such as UAVs and UCAVs programs were conducted at locations such as at Area 51.  Bringing about the “laughter curtain” to the public  (for example., creation of “flying saucers” stories or “alien” technology stories)  to the goings-on at the Groom complex in Nevada seems to have been a brilliant strategy conceived by both the defense contractors and the Department of the Air Force.

Going back to the idea of the manipulation of beliefs in conspiracy theories, it is said that on occasion, an individual or individuals (who may or may not represent an organized group such as certain governmental intelligence agencies or the military), may even assume and play the role of a “conspiracy theorist”, posing himself as one  (i.e., implanting himself as a “mole” in a segment of society, such as among UFO organizations like MUFON, etc.)  in order to gather information on what the public or a segment of the public knows about certain specific agenda.

Immediately after the end of World War II, when a large number of former German scientists, engineers and SS intelligence officers were brought to the U.S. to places such as Kirtland Army Air Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1945 (present-day Kirtland AFB……through the U.S. program called Operation Paperclip), the U.S. did benefit from acquisition of SS officers’ know-hows in intelligence operations and techniques.

The German officers were skilled in the use of certain intelligence operations and strategies, such as the use and manipulation of misinformation along with creation of disinformation, as well as intentional “staging” of certain events to deflect the enemy’s espionage attempts to scrutinize sensitive projects being conducted.

By the way, many German scientists were transferred to places in New Mexico such as Los Alamos Laboratories.  Others, especially those whose specialties were in rocketry and various types of experimental aircraft were transferred to places such as White Sands missile ranges and adjacent desert areas where many tests of various types were conducted in 1946, 1947 and 1948.

(Even in recent years, the presence of German pilots in air bases such as Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico has been quite noticeable. Holloman Air Force Base seems to have had a special relationship with the German Air Force for many years.)

It is quite possible that “cover stories” along with disinformation tactics  (and even “staged” incidents)  were used by the U.S. military in order to conceal certain sensitive testings at locations such as White Sands and other nearby desert areas in New Mexico in 1946, 1947 and 1948.

When the CIA was established as a successor organization to OSS in 1947, the role of former German SS officers was quite significant.

The same can be said of NSA, which was also established in 1947.

The intentional creation of paranoia  (as well as creation of conspiracy theories, to a great extent)  was a minor but important element in the vast areas of intelligence operations that the CIA and other U.S. agencies have acquired all these years from the former SS agents.



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The coming Anti-Christ and the New World Order – – Bible prophecy or science fiction

Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic which some say may last for several more years, here are some astounding events still to happen subsequently  (in the future, whether it be in the near future or far future),  according to the End-time beliefs of some Evangelical Christians.

by Norio Hayakawa:

One of the main characteristics of America’s Bible-believing, Evangelical Christians, is their total support of Israel through the belief that contemporary Israel   (since 1948)  is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies and that the U.S. must continue to support the State of Israel, no matter what.

A large number of these American Bible-believing, Evangelical Christians, therefore, believe that we are living the the “End-time” period of God’s prophetic calendar.

It is of utmost importance to point out some of the “End-time” scenarios as believed by the supporters of this view.

Here is the typical order of the prophetic events to come, as outlined by many of those Christians who seem to hold on to the so-called Pre-millenial, Dispensationalist, Pre-Tribulation viewpoints:



They seem to believe that this could easily begin with the escalation of the Middle East conflict, involving Israel.  They seem to believe that Iran and Syria will play a major initial role in this scenario.

They say that the Ezekiel 38 scenario includes the attempted invasion into Israel by major Islamic forces  (led and orchestrated by the northern-most power, i.e., Russia and will conclude with a miraculous Israeli victory.

(China will play a major role in a scenario 7 years later during the Battle of Armageddon)

They believe that it is suggested in the Bible that it will take 7 years to bury the dead from this unprecedented conflagration.  (The U.S. will be involved, directly or indirectly in this conflagration, they explain).



According to their belief, the Ezekiel 38 scenario will conclude with the mysterious appearance of the Anti-Christ who will create a superficial Peace Treaty between Israel and the Palestinians (and all Islamic confederation).



They say that the Ezekiel 38 scenario could also conclude with a simultaneous, mysterious disappearance of millions of people from this earth, which will result in total chaos, confusion and fear among the global populace.

This, they say, is the “Rapture“.

It will be a mysterious, mass “evacuation” of the believers to meet the Lord in “mid-air“.

(The physical bodies will be mysteriously and instantaneously converted to celestial bodies).

In other words, “born-again” believers will be translated from one side to the other, i.e., from the earthly plane to the heavenly dimension and will meet Jesus in “mid-air“.

They say that the “Rapture”  (from Latin “raptare“, to “snatch” away, as in the eagle “snatching” away her baby when danger comes and taking it away to a safer location, etc.),  is a supernatural event clearly suggested in the Bible that has not happened yet in the history of mankind, but will be certain to happen, according to most of these pre-tribulationist, dispensationalist believers.

It will be an inexplicable, instantaneous disintegration of all atomic particles of each of our cells of our tissues, i.e., the instant conversion of our physical body into a spiritual, celestial “body” which will be swooshed up into “mid-air”.

In other words, they believe that “in the twinkling of an eye“, our physical bodies will go through a mysterious, sudden transmogrification  (a favorite word used by John Keel)  and will be lifted up to meet the Lord in “mid-air“.  Our entire physical bodies  (the tissues, the cells will go through a sudden, inexplicable atomic fission-type transformation, they say.)

They believe that the “Rapture” is a conduit prepared by God for us to escape the coming global wrath known as the Tribulation  (comparable to the days of Noah, when God safely place a few faithful believers in the ark first and then caused the rain to pour down thereafter).

Pre-tribulationist, dispensationalists believe that this unprecedented event will take place simultaneously with the appearance  (the revealing)  of the Anti-Christ.

The Anti-Christ, according to these believers, will not be able to come to power until the “body of believers”  (together with the presence of the Holy Spirit)  is removed from this earth.

Only then, at that moment, can the Anti-Christ come into power.

According to these Christians, the “Rapture” will literally be a celestial wedding, the union of the bride  (the “church” or “the body of believers”)  and the Groom (Jesus Christ).

This “wedding” celebration in the air will last for 7 days, which could symbolically be equivalent to 7 earthly years, according to some interpretations.



They speculate that when the Anti-Christ appears on global emergency TV news conference, many of these Evangelical Christians say that he would calm down the frightened people of the earth with his ingenious, well-calculated explanation regarding the sudden disappearance of millions of people from the earth; this could be when “UFOs” are brought up; the Anti-Christ could use some type of “extraterrestrial” intervention explanation.

(By the way, in the U.S., the majority of Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians seem to hold on to the viewpoint that somehow the “UFO” phenomenon is “Satanic” or “diabolical“.)

These groups seem to believe that “UFOs” will play a major role in these future biblical prophecies.

However, some of these Fundamentalists seem to emphasize that only one-third of the entire angelic entities of the universe are demonic or malevolent or “fallen” and that the rest, i.e., the remaining two-thirds are benelovent or “good” angels.   They are all paraphysical extradimensional sentient entities that co-exist with us in the parallel dimension.  They are able to materialize and de-materialize at willRevelation 12:4 is the reference they seem to use.

There are some Fundamentalist ministers who state that the malevolent one-third are the ones posing as “extraterrestrial aliens” and are deceiving a segment of the population in the time period they describe as these “End-time” period of history.  It was Lucifer who first caused the cosmic revolt against God and took a third of the entire cosmic angelic entities to follow him. 

However, they say that two-thirds of the entire angelic entities in the universe are benevolent ones that are personally protecting each of us from harm’s way, i.e., as “guardian angels”.

Some theorists even believe that if a global government of some sort  (the “New World Order”) is to be set up intentionally  (by force)  in the future, there are several ways to accomplish it.  Creating wars is one example, they say.

Creating other series of “crises” is another, such as manipulating natural global catastrophes, or even creating artificial ones.  Some researchers call this the “ORDO AB CHAOS” theory.

(They also point out that Henry Kissinger at one time suggested that should the world suddenly face an external threat,  i.e., from “outer space“ whether REAL or PROMULGATED, it would accelerate a cry for a global unified government.  They say that Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev also had allegedly made such similar remarks, that if the world is faced with such an extraterrestrial threat, we will all forget our differences and be united as one to defend this earth from such threats.)

Some conspiracy theorists seem to pose this question:

Can the “world government” stage a deceptive, “alien contact/landing” scenario?   It is possible, they say, with actual assistance from malevolent paraphysical demonic entities themselves.

If the secret government were to stage such a fake, “extraterrestrial” type of event, it would definitely be beneficial to them if there remains an adamant element of society who have always believed in “UFOs” and “aliens“.

In any case, Bible-believing Evangelical Christians seem to believe that somehow the Anti-Christ will come up with a brilliant, convincing explanation for the “Rapture” event and that somehow  (supernaturally)  the world will have a sigh of relief by his explanation.



According to these believers, this event will be the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation Period  (i.e., the “New World Order” of the Anti-Christ, the first half of which will be relatively and deceptively peaceful, and the second half of which will be an iron-fisted rule of the Anti-Christ, who will declare himself to be God at mid-point).



Towards the end of the 7th year, nations such as China  (prophetically referred to as “Kings of the East“)  will challenge the dictatorship of Anti-Christ’s New World Order and will begin to cross the Euphrates and make a move towards the valley of Megiddo.

This battle, the battle of Armageddon, will be the final global battle.

During the climax of this battle, celestial forces led by Jesus Christ  (and accompanied by those who had been “raptured“)  will descend and will destroy all earthly forces.



Jesus Christ, according to these believers, will rule from Israel for a 1,000 years.

This is the Millenial Kingdom.



At the end of the 1000 years, there will be a minor rebellion by the descendants of those who may have survived the Armageddon and continued to procreate, thus having physical bodies.

That minor rebellion will be crushed by God, these believers say.



This is the gist of the events to occur in the near future, according to many of the so-called Fundamentalist, Dispensationalist, Evangelical, Pre-Millenial, Pre-Tribulationist Christians.


Is this all wild, “science fiction“?

Maybe.  But again, no one knows.

Does it hurt to believe in this “unbelievable” scenario?

These Evangelical Christians seem to say that it won’t hurt at all to believe that if such scenarios could come true.

They say that they have nothing to lose by believing in it even if it doesn’t come true, but everything to gain if it indeed takes place, if one is a believer.

Yes, I am the one who wrote this article  (in the style of a “third person”)  because I also believe in it.




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“Schoolkids are falling victim to disinformation and conspiracy fantasies” – – Scientific American

by Melinda Wenner Moyer, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN – – February 1, 2022:


When Amanda Gardner, an educator with two decades of experience, helped to start a new charter elementary and middle school outside of Seattle last year, she did not anticipate teaching students who denied that the Holocaust happened, argued that COVID is a hoax and told their teacher that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

Yet some children insisted that these conspiracy fantasies were true.  Both misinformation, which includes honest mistakes, and disinformation, which involves an intention to mislead, have had “a growing impact on students over the past 10 to 20 years,” Gardner says, yet many schools do not focus on the issue. 

Children, it turns out, are ripe targets for fake news.  Age 14 is when kids often start believing in unproven conspiratorial ideas, according to a study published in September 2021 in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology.

Many teens also have trouble assessing the credibility of online information.

One tool that schools can use to deal with this problem is called media literacy education.  The idea is to teach kids how to evaluate and think critically about the messages they receive and to recognize falsehoods masquerading as truth.  For children whose parents might believe conspiracy fantasies or other lies fueled by disinformation, school is the one place where they can be taught skills to evaluate such claims objectively.

Yet few American kids are receiving this instruction


In my opinion, it’s not so much about school kids but their parents.   Blame should be on those parents who seem to be brainwashed into believing in some ridiculous (and dangerous) unproven conspiracy theories.  They are the ones that need to be educated first.

Here is a comment by Jon D, a frequent contributor to this forum:

“The parents can only be blamed until a certain point.  Schoolkids?

Yes, parents can take the blame I agree.

But take for instance the QAnon conspiracy theories, the victims of that disinformation were mostly adults.  I have thought quite a bit about what it is that brings people to believe so strongly in such things where they will actually drive across country to attend “rallies”.

People I know very well fell into that.  I can only imagine there’s some type of emptiness in their lives, and they needed something new to believe in.  These people had no prior influence whatsoever, it just overwhelmed them.

I do believe the QAnon conspiracy was a disinformation campaign, and a very effective one.

Although it did cause some problems, the danger now exists for the future where a similar type of new belief system/disinformation campaign can overcome a large amount of people and make them do things they normally wouldn’t have done.”



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Am I just another conspiracy theorist? – – the answer is no

Am I just another conspiracy theorist? – – the answer is no.

Nowadays it seems that the word “conspiracy theorist” has a derogatory connotation especially among the so-called main stream news media folks.   The general public also seems to equate “conspiracy theorist” as one who believes in wild, ridiculous, unfounded conspiracies, such as:

“we never went to the moon”, “the deep state government is spraying dangerous chemicals in the air (‘chemtrails’), “fluoride is intentionally placed in ordinary drinking water to exert mind control”, “the U.S. government was behind the 9-11 incident”, “vaccination will kill people”, “the QAnon conspiracy”, etc. etc., ad nauseum.

In this sense, am I just another conspiracy theorist?   The answer is no, but it comes with an explanation which is at the very end of my comment.

I despise being branded as another proverbial conspiracy theorist because I am not.

I would rather describe myself as a conspiratologist and not a conspiracy theorist.

Unfortunately this word is not officially recognized in the English language.

Conspiratology is simply a study of all kinds of conspiracies, their history and their influence in society.


But do I believe that conspiracies exist?

The answer is yes!

Conspiracies  (especially criminal conspiracies)  have been around ever since the dawn of mankind.

Simply stated, whenever two or more persons conspire to cause detriment to someone else  (or a group of persons, whether small or large),  there is conspiracy.

However, there is one conspiracy that I firmly believe in, that is to say, the one that took place way before the dawn of mankind.

It is my religious belief  (and the belief of many Biblical scholars and Christians)  that eons and eons ago, it was Lucifer who conspired against God in a cosmic revolt in which he took a third of all cosmic, angelic entities to his side.    Lucifer became Satan, and his followers, fallen angels.

According to this religious belief, ever since then, this world is under Satan’s control, until Christ comes again to set up his earthly millennial kingdom.



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Unfortunately, I am now being branded as a conspiracy theorist by Wikipedia

Unfortunately, I am now being branded as a conspiracy theorist by Wikipedia  (from the list of American Conspiracy Theorists)


Norio Hayakawa, born in 1944, is an American activist who lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  He is currently the director of

Civilian Intelligence Central,

a citizen oversight committee.  

He has appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM multiple times, and is most known for his


investigations in and around New Mexico and the American Southwest.


1              Biography

2              Bibliography

3              Filmography

4              References

5              External links


Norio Hayakawa is from Yokohama, Japan, but calls

New Mexico

his home.  

He attended Spanish classes at the University of New Mexico, and graduated in 1970. During March 1990, Norio Hayakawa lead a Nippon TV crew in

Dulce, New Mexico,

where they interviewed the locals, including from the Jicarilla Apache, tribal officials, general townsfolk, and ranchers, about paranormal activity in the area.

In the past, he has been associated with film maker and activist, Anthony J. Hilder. Hayakawa and Hilder are responsible for starting the

Area 51 People’s Rally.  

The event was formed in protest against what was seen as the secrecy surrounding

Area 51.  

In 1999 the rally kicked off on the 5th of June at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada.  The event began with a press conference.  There were various topics discussed which included the New World and Global Government.  Speakers at the event included Hilder, Ted Gunderson and Spanish speaking talk show Victor Camacho who came with a truck load of Latino listeners.  The following day a gathering of about 200 people were congregating by the signs of Groom Lake Road.  Demands were being made by Hilder and some others directed at the Area 51 authorities.  Hayakawa opened the 2000 Rally. The event was covered by KVBC and Channel 3 (NBC) with Hilder speaking to the gathering, with Joerg Arnu fielding the reporter’s questions.


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UFO Digest, November 18, 2010 Area 51 base commander keeps his cool in a rare 1998 interview!!

1999 Peoples Rally at Area 51

Dreamland Resort 2000 Peoples Rally at Area 51

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Did Nazi Germany actually try to make a stealth fighter? – – the answer is no

(Click above photos for enlargement – – Horten 229 never made it off the ground, unlike its predecessors Horten 9  V1 – – H.IX V1 and Horten 9 V2 – – H.IX  V2)

“As the Second World War progressed, the Nazi Germany came up with numbers of inventive ways to bludgeon its enemies.  Much to the delight of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, the Wunderwaffe  (Miracle Weapon)  program, known to the west as the Wonder Weapons churned out some of the most ingenious hardware of World War II.  To the eyes of the modern observers, futuristic is one way to describe it.  The machines meant to dominate the air, land and sea were years ahead of its time.  This included the notorious V-weapons program, where ballistic missiles and unmanned flying bombs devastated London and Antwerp, and a collection of exotic vehicles.  And as the tide of war turned against the Nazi Germany, the program proved to be an important propaganda tool for convincing the public that a new game changing weapon is on the way.

One might wonder if the Nazi Germany could have won, if the Wunderwaffe program was implemented earlier. 

The answer is no

Though impressive, the technology used was still in its early days.  They were unreliable and expensive.  Development ate a lot of precious time, with the Reich wasting a lot of money in testing and evaluation.”  – – Mamerto Adan, Nov. 22, 2020, HUBPAGES

(Nevertheless, here is an interesting comment by this site’s frequent discussion contributor, Jon D:

“I see no logical way Germany could have build up such a formidable army with capable logistics on it’s own with such a gutted economy, in only a 20 year period.  There were powerful people behind it, many of which were here in the United States.  Although a lot of these advanced research projects took place in Germany at the time, the funding behind it is questionable, and as seen with Operation Paperclip, many of these scientists conveniently ended up in the United States after the war.”)

by Sebastian Roblin, THE NATIONAL INTEREST – – November 5, 2016

As everyone knows by now, Northrop Grumman is presently developing a second flying wing stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider, to succeed its B-2 Spirit.  Not a stealth fighter.


However, it was a pair of German brothers in the service of Nazi Germany that developed the first jet-powered flying wing—which has been dubbed, debatably, “Hitler’s stealth fighter.”

But maximizing speed and range, not stealth, was the primary motivation behind the bat-shaped jet plane.

Walter Horten was an ace fighter pilot in the German Luftwaffe, having scored seven kills flying as wingman of the legendary Adolf Galland during the Battle of Britain.

His brother Reimar was an airplane designer lacking a formal aeronautical education.

In their youth, the pair had designed a series of innovative tail-less manned gliders.

In 1943, Luftwaffe chief Herman Goering laid out the so-called 3×1000 specification for a plane that could fly one thousand kilometers an hour carrying one thousand kilograms of bombs with fuel enough to travel one thousand kilometers and back—while still retaining a third of the fuel supply for use in combat.

Such an airplane could strike targets in Britain while outrunning any fighters sent to intercept it.

Clearly, the new turbojet engines Germany had developed would be required for an airplane to attain such high speeds.

But jet engines burned through their fuel very quickly, making raids on more distant targets impossible.

The Horten brothers’ idea was to use a flying wing design—a tail-less plane so aerodynamically clean it generated almost no drag at all.

Such an airframe would require less engine power to attain higher speeds, and therefore consume less fuel.

Flying wing designs were not an entirely new idea and had been used before in both gliders and powered aircraft.

During World War II, Northrop developed its own high-performing XB-35 flying wing bomber for the U.S. military, though it failed to enter mass production.

Despite the aerodynamic advantages, the lack of a tail tended to make fly wing aircraft prone to uncontrolled yaws and stalls.

The Horten brothers were given the go-ahead to pursue the concept in August 1943.

They first built an unpowered glider known as the H.IX V1.

The V1 had long, thin swept wings made of plywood in order to save weight.

These “bell-shaped” wings compensated for yawing problem.

Lacking a rudder or ailerons, the H.IX relied upon “elevons” (combinations of ailerons and elevators) and two sets of spoilers for control.

The elevons could be moved differentially to induce roll, or together in the same direction to change pitch, while the spoilers were used to induce yaw.

Following successful tests of the V1 glider at Oranienberg on March 1944, the subsequent V2 prototype was mounted with two Jumo 004B turbojet engines nestled to either side of a cockpit pod made of welded steel tubing.

It also featured a primitive ejection seat and a drogue chute deployed while landing, while redesigned tricycle landing gear was installed to enable the plane to carry heavier loads.

The first test flight occurred on February 2, 1945.

The manta-shaped jet exhibited smooth handling and good stall resistance.

The prototype even reportedly beat an Me 262 jet fighter, equipped with the same Jumo 004 engines, in a mock dogfight.

But the testing process was cut short on February 18 when one of the V2’s jet engines caught fire and stopped mid-flight.

Test pilot Erwin Ziller performed a number of turns and dives in an effort to restart the engine, before apparently passing out from the fumes and spiraling his plane into the ground, mortally wounding him.

Regardless, Goering had already approved the production of forty flying wings, to be undertaken by the Gotha company, which mostly produced trainers and military gliders during World War II.

The production planes were designated Ho 229s or Go 229s.

Because of the Ho 229’s great speed—it was believed the production version would be able to attain 975 kilometer per hours—it was repurposed to serve as a fighter with a planned armament of two heavy Mark 103 thirty-millimeter cannons.

Construction of four new prototypes—numbered V3 throuh V6— was initiated, two of which would have been two-seat night fighters.

However, the Ho 229 never made it off the ground.

When American troops of VIII Corps rolled into the factory at Friedrichroda, Germany in April 1945, they found just the cockpit sections of the prototypes in various stages of development.

A single pair of corresponding wings was found 75 miles away.

The most complete of the four, the V3 prototype, was shipped back to the United States for study along with the wings, and can today be seen under restoration at the Udvar-Hazy Center of the United States Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia.

The Hortens were reassigned to draft specifications for a flying wing jet bomber with range enough to deliver an atom bomb to the east coast of the United States.

Their resulting schematics for the Horten H.XVIII “Amerika Bomber” flying wing were never realized, except arguably in the film Captain America [3].

Was the Ho 229 a stealth fighter?

One word you haven’t seen in this history so far is “stealth” — and that’s because there isn’t any documentation from the 1940s supporting the notion that the flying wing was intended to be a stealth aircraft.

And yet, the Hortens had stumbled upon the fact that a flying wing design lends itself to the sort of reduced radar cross-section ideal for a stealth plane.

Reimer Horten moved to Argentina after the war, and in 1950 wrote an article for the Revista Nacional de Aeronautica arguing that wooden aircraft would absorb radar waves.  Thirty years later, as the theory behind stealth aircraft became more widely known, Reimer wrote that he had intentionally sought to make the Horten flying wing into a stealth plane, claiming that he had even constructed the airframe using a special radar absorbent mixture of carbon, sawdust and wood glue without notifying his superiors.

Two tests were undertaken to determine the presence of the carbon dust, one of which supported his claim and the other that didn’t.

In general, historians are skeptical that stealth was a design goal from the outset.

In 2008, Northrop Grumman teamed up with the National Geographic channel to reconstruct a mockup of the Ho 229, which they tested for radar reflection, and then pitted against a simulation of the British Chain Home radar network.

Their findings were less than overwhelming — the flying wings would have been detected at a distance 80 percent that of a standard German Bf. 109 fighter.

The Northrop testers stressed that combined with the Ho 229’s much greater speed, this modest improvement would have given defending fighters too little time to react effectively.

But of course, the flying wing’s main feature was always supposed to be its speed, which could have exceeded the maximum speed of the best Allied fighters of the time by as much as 33 percent.

Detection time would not have mattered greatly if it could outrun everything sent to intercept it.

Furthermore, stealth would have had little usefulness in the fighter role the Ho 229 would actually have assumed, as the Allied daylight fighters ranging over Germany did not benefit from radars of their own.

The Ho 229 might have been a formidable adversary over the skies of World War II, but in truth the plane was far from ready for mass production by the war’s end.

While it seems a stretch to claim that the Ho 229 was intended to be a stealth aircraft, there’s little doubt that it pioneered design features that continue to see use in low-observable aircraft today.




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‘Flying Wing’ UFO incident at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico in 1950

by Chet Dembeck, August 27, 2021, UNKNOWN BOUNDARIES

Atomic Test Group Witnesses UFO in broad daylight, March 22, 1950 at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Here’s what happened:

Investigator Dan Wilson:

11:00 a.m.

Eleven members of the 4925th Test Group (Atomic) witnessed a UFO northwest of Kirtland AFB, New Mexico in broad daylight.

Heights 25,000 to 30,000′, described as about the size of a golf ball at arm’s length with the approximate shape of the “flying wing“, tan in color to brown on the edges.  Horizontal flight, extremely high speed, heading northwest, then turned north.  Out of sight in 5-9 seconds.

Investigator Fran Ridge:

The Armed Forces Special Weapons Command constructed two operational sites after World War II.  One was known as Site Able, located in the foothills of the Manzano Mountains, just east of Sandia Base.  Construction on Site Able started in 1946, with the first operational facilities activated on 04 April 1950.  The area to the east of the sighting position in this series of incidents and the time frame are very close, close enough for inclusion in the possible Nuclear Connection Projects file.  On 22 February 1952, Site Able was renamed Manzano Base.  These formerly classified documents were discovered on the Blue Book microfilm site by researcher, Daniel Wilson.  Information on the witnesses was found in a book by John D. Hardison, USAF retired.

“With top priority established, the 4925th was staffed with highly experienced people.  Bomber, fighter, and chopper pilots, triple-rated bombardiers (Bomb/Navigator/Radar), staff officers, nuclear project engineers (military and civilian), depot-level modification personnel, aerial cameramen, photo lab technicians, bomb leading specialists, crew chiefs, and crews.  Col. Ritland “welded” these pros into a highly sharp TEAM. If there ever was an ELITE outfit, the 4925th was it”.



(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – for more clarity)

It is of utmost importance to bear in mind that this 1950 UFO incident was not the only UFO incident at Kirtland Air Force Base.   There have been many other incidences at the base, particularly near the Manzano Base areas.



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