Tom DeLonge’s UFO announcement which wasn’t – – excellent comment by Trevor Wozny, the Angry Ufologist

by Trevor Wozny, the Angry Ufologist:


This Tom DeLonge smells a lot like the illustrious Dr. Greer to me.

Both made grandiose claims, drop names of people that are clueless as he is, and promised groundbreaking UFOlogical truth.

DeLonge has promised now for an interminable amount of time to have Disclosure in his back pocket.

Even so much to publish images of himself dressed like a man-in-black while flashing the CIA logo.

Drops names like John Podesta.

He’s mini-Greer without the Ph.D.’s. Greer claimed to have held meetings with high-level CIA operatives even the Director, which was publically proven to be false and defamatory.

So many people actually thought and believed DeLonge actually had evidence NOT that he was starting yet another research organization.

One that is looking for $$$ and investors.

Investing in bullshit seems like a bad investment instrument.

In 2015, DeLonge has been building a new media company called To The Stars to act as a platform for his otherworldly interests.

Last year, he launched a multimedia franchise called Sekret Machines, which will next week release the first book in a series of three detailing his research on UFOs called Sekret Machines: Gods: Volume 1 of Gods Man & War.

He’s selling stuff say it isn’t so.

The truth real truth is FREE.

Know how I know that.

You ever been charged an entrance fee to get into a library?

Delonge released ZERO actual news about the UFO enigma.

Funny enough now that his announcement has been made people still believe in him.


He lied and mislead you all.

He was doing PR for his new $$$BUSINESS VENTURE$$$.

He took us all for fools.

It worked on the faction of UFO true believers that do not have a functional bullshit detector.

So many people just have no clue it seems.

Some notable quotes from DeLonge:

“I want you all to know in the UFO community that whoever’s passionate about this kind of paradigm-shifting subject matter, I need you all to look really really closely at that announcement and I need you to be a part of it,” he said.

“I want you as an educated group of people to read between the lines and look at the history of what I’ve been doing over the past couple years and get a sense for what the hell I’m getting ready to do.

If you guys come along for the ride, it’s going to be pretty fantastic.”

“I’ll leave you with one thing:  My job has only just begun on this subject matter and there’s some big shit planned and I’m excited about it.  Just remember whatever happens in the civilian world, it’s game on.”

Get this screenshot.

This screenshot from DeLonge’s Facebook page says it all.

He claims to be building a spacecraft that can instantaneously jump anywhere in the Universe. Anyone with even the slightest modicum of physics knowledge knows just how powerfully insane that claim is, AND YOU CAN INVEST IN IT.

There are a thousand tip-offs that this is just a money making scam, but this is a huge one. Praying on the scientifically illiterate is pathetic.

DeLonge recently received The 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year Award at the 2017 International UFO Congress, which he never even bothered to show up to accept.

No kidding.

He received this alleged award before he actually did anything.

It was all based on his fevered fans of his music.

How astute… Not!

That just shows you how desperate the masses of UFO enthusiasts are.

He’s a 1990’s-ish rocker not a scientist (educated person) or anyone that would or could have any inside information.

How could he?

Just like Greer he’s full of shit and looking for cash, no matter what he says to the contrary.

If he had the information he made us all believe he was going to drop in his announcement that would have been awesome to actually get something substantial which would advance the cause of UFOlogy.

Nope, he is a fraud and liar.

He released NOTHING of what he promised and eluded too.

But, the legions of true believers I am sure will still gargle his marbles at every chance.


You may wonder why the true intelligentsia of this planet takes UFOlogy as an embarrassing joke.

This is another prime example of why.

It is worth to go over what evidence actually is or would be in this field if any ever comes along.

I see an ever-increasing amount of people that actually believe that oodles of evidence exists to prove that extraterrestrials are here.

They then go off on grandiosity rants of how can scientists be so stupid, fooled, duped, closed-minded NOT to see it.

When pressed for links to white papers or research papers… silence…crickets.

Then a whole bunch of nonsensical profanity directed at anyone that dares to make them actually think.

In this day and age of Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, images and video is NOT evidence. Anecdotal evidence is NOT evidence.

The only evidence that the scientific community will ever accept is biological material or metallurgy.

That is it.

Fuzzy videos and pictures are what they line their toilet with.

I know there is something in our skies and our minds going on but there is no real evidence to prove it.

Some people just do not understand science in any measure at all.

That is the problem.

They never stood at lab tables all stained up with reactive dyes for hours or sat hunkered reading hundreds of books.

They believe TV and the fraudsters they see.

It is people like that that attack the scientific community.

What they can’t internalize into their fevered worldview they blame on the nameless, faceless, government boogeymen.

It is an easy out so they don’t have to think too hard or heaven forbids revise their beliefs in the presence of better contradictory evidence.

You know how science does.

You know the foundation of the scientific method! UFOlogy needs to have qualified scientists doing investigations if anything ever occurs that they can sink a spectrograph into.

That will never happen until we get rid of all this blind faith nonsense and bring this whole field up to an adult level.

The evidence is what it is all about. DeLonge ain’t it and has zero chance of ever finding it.




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Anomalous “object” photographed over Farmington, New Mexico in 2011?


It is quite rare for me to post an item such as this, especially a photo such as this, unless I consider it to be significant.

I have known Dave Oz of Farmington for quite a number of years and I consider him to be a sincere and trustworthy colleague of mine in our mutual desire to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, whatever it is…..and going beyond the superficiality of speculations and not coming to a definitive, dogmatic conclusion of what it is.

Photo taken by Dave Oz on August 28, 2011 (between 9:03 p.m. and 9:13 p.m.) in his Farmington, New Mexico neighborhood.  A series of photographs shows an object hovering almost motionless and silent, slowly moving to the left.  The stars are showing some streak, yet the object is quite stationary.

I know that Dave carries his camera (I am not talking about a cellphone) with him quite often (just like me).  I would say that he was lucky at this moment when he took this fascinating photo.  I wish it was me who took it, but I rejoice just as much the fact that it was he who was lucky enough to take this photo that evening

I am certain that this photo was analyzed by many photo specialists in detail, such as for possible lens flare, light from the streetlight reflected by the lens elements, etc.

But it seems that nothing conclusive has come up regarding this.

It is my understanding that Dave did see both the object above as well as the street lamp at the same time with his naked eye.

According to Dave, he took the photo while taking pictures of lightning, thinking the object was a bright star before photographing.  It moved very slowly to the left, changing angles.  After loading it in the computer, he zoomed it in realizing it was not a star.

According to Dave, “there’s always going to be skeptics, no matter how accurate your findings or evidence presented.  I’ve seen lens flares in photos, but few ever have detail, or drift and change angles like what I photographed.   I did see the object glowing dimly, thinking it was a star.  By the way, I remember talking to a young Navajo gal after showing her the photo, telling me she saw the “craft-object” floating over Ojo Amarillo Canyon 10 miles west of Farmington, while we were in math class at San Juan College.”

According to Dave, “lens flare is not an issue, since there is no bright object in another photo taken nor others after the time frame on the same spot with tripod:


…..time/date is 9:15 p.m., 08/28/2011 using a Sigma 28-70mm lens at F5 aperature.  Multi-coated Hoya filters used to prevent lens flare.  The “object” (the first photo on this page) was photographed between 9:03 p.m. to 9:13 p.m.  All seen here in this other photo are stars with minimal streaking on a 20-second exposure, clouds starting to move in from a storm.”

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, Dave again returned to the exact spot and took the following photo, showing no lens flare:



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CIA manipulates UFO disinformation in the “Coverup-Disclosure” game

The “Coverup-Disclosure” game, written by my colleague, the late Tomas Scolarici     (April 26, 2014):


“The rules of the game are these:

Ufologists proclaim that the authorities and scientific establishment conspire to keep people’s ignorance about the extraterrestrial presence in our planet.

This situation is ambiguous because the demand of disclosure “implies” that both, self proclaimed UFO experts AND the government know about the presence of the ET civilization(s).

This “implies” that authorities and UFO mythologists share UFO=ET knowledge while the “ignorant populace” remains unenlightened.

We can also see that in the Cover-up-Disclosure game, the authorities deny such cover-up, but accept the rules, probably because the game itself is the cover-up of the real cover-up that has nothing to do with extraterrestrials cosmic visitors and the massive rhetorical nonsense  (that we have been visited by physical extraterrestrial biological entities in their physical extraterrestrial spacecraft)  which is the corpus of UFO Subculture.

However, these demands of disclosure and cover-up denials are directed to those who buy books and lectures tickets.

If this is so, nobody remains outside the game that nobody can win or lose.

Given that nobody can win or lose the Coverup-Disclosure Game, the Coverup-Disclosure Game is not a real game but a show, a representation of a game.

Let’s consider the following developments:

UFO fantasists (should) know that there is no cover up, and authorities know that disclosure activists (should) know that they know this.

Disclosure activists conspire with the powers-that-be to keep the show going on.

The best friend of the  ‘cover up’  is the disclosure activist.”




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My latest on UFOs, underground aliens and much more – – Sept. 28, 2017

Here is one of my best interviews I have ever done, regarding my views on the real nature behind the UFO phenomenon.   It was held on September 28, 2017 on UNI ROCK program.  The first 2 minutes is a great music introduction to the program.   My interview actually starts around 2:30 into the video:


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Declaration of Human Sovereignty and Freedom from Extraterrestrial Nations

Although I believe this strange declaration originated from parts of the writings of Marshall Vian Summers  (who,  some people say,  is a leader of a new “UFO religious cult”),  I find this item quite interesting and somewhat understandable, only if we are to assume that extraterrestrials  (i.e. physical aliens – – extraterrestrial biological entities)  have indeed been coming here physically  (i.e., in their physical spacecraft),  of which we have no conclusive evidence yet whatsoever.

And, everybody knows that this type of “declaration” will never be workable !

courtesy of Human Sovereignty Organization:


Declaration of Human Sovereignty Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations and Forces

We, the People of Earth, extend greetings to all races in the Greater Community of the Universe.  We acknowledge our common heritage before the Creator of all the Universe, both visible and invisible.  We declare the planet Earth as humanity’s Planet of Genesis, our Homeworld, and our sacred inheritance.  We pledge henceforth to sustain and preserve the Earth for all generations to come.  We call upon all humanity to treat all races everywhere with wisdom and justice, here on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Fundamental Rights

We, the People of Earth, regard the need for freedom to be universal.  Therefore, we hold that all individuals in all worlds are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with sacred and inalienable rights.  Fundamental among these are the right to live as a free race on their Planet of Genesis, their Homeworld; the right of self-determination, self-sufficiency, and creative expression; the right to life without oppression; and the right to pursue in life a higher purpose and a higher calling that the Creator has provided to all.

Before the Greater Community of the Universe, we, the People of Earth, do now invoke these fundamental rights for ourselves and for our Homeworld, along with certain rights that naturally derive from them, including:

The right of sovereignty.  The People of Earth shall be self-governed and independent, neither subject to nor dependent upon any other authority.  No extraterrestrial force shall contravene or abrogate the human sovereignty of this planet.

The right of planetary sanctity.  As our Planet of Genesis, the Earth shall be free from extraterrestrial intervention, intrusion, interference, or exploitation, both mental and physical.  No extraterrestrial force shall make close approach, or assume close orbit, or make any landing, or engage in trade, except openly and with the expressed consent of the People of Earth achieved through a democratic means.

The right of sanctity of biological and genetic material.  No extraterrestrial power shall take, possess, or manipulate human biological or genetic material for any purpose whatsoever.

The right of occupation.  As the native people of the one known inhabited planet of this Solar System, we claim this Solar System as our sphere of influence.  No extraterrestrial bases may be established on bodies or stations orbiting the Earth, nor on other planets or bodies of this Solar System, except with the expressed consent of the People of Earth.

The right of peaceful navigation.  We claim the right to travel and explore within our Solar System without interference or restraint from extraterrestrial forces, and maintain the right to deny access to this Solar System by any extraterrestrial forces.

We, the People of Earth, consider it our rightful responsibility to assert and defend these fundamental rights, and to give and receive aid consistent with these rights. In the case of any dispute with extraterrestrial forces, the burden of proof of innocence shall fall on those who are not native to Earth.

The Assessment

When in the course of their evolution it becomes necessary for the native people of a planet to unite, to transcend the conflicts and differences that have separated them from one another, and to assume among the powers of the Universe a separate and equal sovereignty, a respectful consideration of that sovereignty requires that they declare the causes which impel them to this present course of action.

Although the Earth has undergone a long history of extraterrestrial visitation, the current situation is that the People of Earth are now suffering the effects of a global extraterrestrial intervention into human affairs.  This intervention employs a strategy of deception, manipulation, and exploitation, the goal of which is control over humanity, which will result in the loss of human freedom and self-determination.  It is now the sacred right and duty of the People of Earth to oppose, resist, and repel this extraterrestrial intervention, to declare and defend our sovereignty, our freedom, and our independence from all extraterrestrial forces.

Let these violations be considered by those supporting the cause of freedom throughout the Greater Community:

Intervening extraterrestrial forces have refused to openly disclose and reveal the nature and intent of their activities on and around Earth.  This extraterrestrial presence is clandestine, covert, uninvited, and unapproved by the People of Earth.  These extraterrestrial forces have concealed their own identity, their political or economic alliances and allegiances, as well as the authorities and powers which they serve.

As is becoming increasingly apparent from their actions, extraterrestrial forces intend to exploit the Earth, its resources, and its people, and are engaged in a systematic program of colonizing humanity into a subservient client state to be ruled by agents of these extraterrestrial forces.  The extraterrestrial intervention and occupation seeks commercial gain, economic power, and the strategic advantage offered by this world in relation to other worlds.

Extraterrestrial forces have repeatedly and with impunity violated national and international laws of the Earth’s people.  These offenses, which still continue today, have included violation of restricted airspace; abduction and transportation of humans without their consent; murder, rape, torture, sexual abuse, interbreeding with humans, and cruel experimentation; theft and trade of human biological and genetic materials; theft and trade of Earth’s natural resources; covert mental and psychological influence; mutilation of humans and animals; tampering with and disabling of military defense systems; and clandestine infiltration into human society.

Extraterrestrial forces have secretly negotiated treaties and agreements with human individuals and groups, without the informed consent of the People of Earth.

Extraterrestrial forces have systematically attempted to persuade and mislead humans through extending false hopes and promises of wealth, power, and protection; rescue from planetary catastrophe; membership in a “galactic federation”; and spiritual salvation and enlightenment.

Extraterrestrial forces have exploited and exacerbated human conflicts to serve their own ends.

Extraterrestrial forces have been disempowering humanity by leading us to believe that we can only survive with their help and their advanced technology, thus fostering our complete dependence upon them and denying our ability to ensure our own survival.

Demands and Declarations

Accordingly, we, the People of Earth, do hereby declare all previously existing agreements or treaties between any human government, group, or individual and any extraterrestrials to be forthwith null, void, and permanently suspended.  We demand that any such previously existing treaties or agreements be fully and publicly disclosed.  Any future agreements or treaties between human governments, groups, or individuals and extraterrestrials must be negotiated only with the full consent of the People of Earth, publicly and openly expressed by an international democratic body representing the nations and peoples of Earth.

We demand that all extraterrestrials now cease all operations and activities and immediately vacate and depart from the Earth and its surroundings including the Sun, Earth’s Moon, and all planets of this Solar System.  This includes vacating any natural or artificial satellites, as well as all space within the Solar System.

We demand that all extraterrestrial organizations who have established or operated bases on the Earth, its Moon, or anywhere else within this Solar System, dismantle these bases and fully disclose their nature.

We further demand that all living humans who are now in custody of extraterrestrials be returned immediately in good health; further, we demand a full accounting of all humans who have been taken or held by extraterrestrials, including those who have died in captivity.  In addition, we demand that all human biological or genetic materials taken from any individuals be accounted for and destroyed, and their intended use be identified.  Any devices implanted in living individuals must be identified so that they may be safely removed.

We demand full public disclosure of the purpose and details of the extraterrestrial hybridization program, including the location, identity, and activities of all living human-extraterrestrial hybrids, whether on Earth or elsewhere.

Be it known throughout the Universe that from this time forward, extraterrestrials may only enter our Solar System, approach our Earth, fly in our skies, set foot on our soil, or enter our waters with the explicit consent of the People of Earth.

We, therefore, do solemnly declare that the People of Earth are and should be a free and independent people; that all humans are hereby absolved from all allegiance to extraterrestrial powers, and that all political and economic connections between them and the People of Earth are totally dissolved; that as a free and sovereign race in the Greater Community of the Universe, we assume full power within this Solar System to conclude peace, levy war, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to undertake all other actions which a sovereign planetary race may rightfully and ethically do.

Concluding Statement

Let it be understood that in making this Declaration of Human Sovereignty, we, the People of Earth, affirm our future and destiny as a free race within a Greater Community of intelligent life.  We recognize that we are a part of this Greater Community and that we are destined over time to encounter many different races from beyond our world.

To them and to all others, we hereby declare that our intention is not conquest or domination in space.  We declare that the rights and privileges that we affirm here for ourselves, we also affirm for all races of beings whom we might encounter.

In making our Declaration of Human Sovereignty and Freedom, we proclaim our rights, responsibilities, and privileges as a free race in order that we may pursue greater unity, peace, and cooperation within the human family without unwanted or unwarranted intrusion and interference by any outside nation or force from the Greater Community.  We make this proclamation as an expression of our Divine right and honorable intent for the human family and for all races in the Universe who seek to be free.




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ALIEN INTRUSION, unmasking the deception – – a profound new documentary film to be released in U.S. theaters on January 11, 2018

Does the UFO phenomenon represent conclusive evidence of physical ET visitations on Earth? – – or, has the phenomenon always been intentionally deceptive by design?

Are UFOs and “aliens” really  (and physically)  from outer space?

They seem to be able to materialize and de-materialize at will, as if intruding paraphysically from another dimension.

However, they seem to be incapable of remaining in our physical realm except for a few moments at a time, or only for a short period of time.

They may not necessarily be objects nor could they be “flying”, yet they seem to be able to temporarily affect our physical parameters (such as radar, etc.).

The phenomenon itself seems to be the one that is in full control of the event, rather than the other way around, i.e., its seemingly pre-selected observer  (or a group of observers)  within a pre-selected location and time.

As a long-time investigator of the UFO phenomenon (since 1961),  I have come across hundreds of so-called UFO “documentaries” over the years.

But nothing comes even close to the ultimate, hard-core truth presented in this brilliant, profound new film:  ALIEN INTRUSION, Unmasking the Deception.

This new, unprecedented documentary film finally and undauntedly suggests that the origin of the UFO phenomenon may have nothing to do with physical extraterrestrials.

The accuracy of documented facts arranged throughout such a wide range of contents in this film is simply unprecedented and staggering.

This is a must-see film not only for those who are interested in this real but deceptive phenomenon but also for the public-at-large who have never thought about it from this angle.  I can guarantee that this film will open the eyes of everyone that views it.  It will completely change one’s worldview and will lead to a deeper understanding  (and for many, a re-confirmation) of what the truth is.

Watch these two official movie trailers for ALIEN INTRUSION, Unmasking the Deception – – documentary film to be released in U.S. theaters on January 11, 2018:

This film abundantly and undauntedly quotes from the following great researchers, Dr. Jacques Vallee and the late John A. Keel:

“Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception” – –  Dr. Jacques Vallee

“….often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscent of medieval tales of encounters with demons…” – –  Dr. Jacques Vallee

“The thousands of contact with the entities indicate that they are liars and put-on artists.  The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon” – –  John A. Keel



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Why can’t I see a UFO here in New Mexico, or anywhere else, for that matter?

Why can’t I see a UFO here in New Mexico, or anywhere else, for that matter?

I have lived in New Mexico continuously from 2008 till the present…and before, from 1965 to 1973.

So far I have never seen what I can definitely say is a UFO, even though I watch the skies almost every day and night…..absolutely none.

I even carry a pocket camera with me at all times…..and still haven’t seen a UFO.

And I am not talking about just some lights in the sky, which I see all the time and which, I am sure,  have prosaic explanations.

I am talking about the kind of sighting that my late beloved mother had in 1975:

My mother’s  ‘flying saucer’  sighting in 1975

This is why I feel that it’s the phenomenon itself  (“they”)  who control(s) the event and not us – – it’s the phenomenon  (“they”)  who pre-select(s) the observer(s), the location and time.

However, one time while living in Southern California, in 1993, around midnight, while standing right next to the fence of a Northrop radar cross section facility, a group of 5 of us did see what appeared to be 5 or 6 bright “incandescent” lights in a straight line  (just like a string-of-pearls)  in the sky above us, moving at a high rate of speed and absolutely silent, contracting and expanding  (just like an accordion)  as they flew towards Edwards Air Force Base.  Was it an after-effect of some kind of a pulse detonation engine of a secret aircraft?  I don’t know.

The only other time that I can say that I saw something that I couldn’t identify was around 1994 when I was walking on the Las Vegas strip at night, looking at the night sky. There was this strange rectangular object slowing moving high in the sky and I could see about 8 to 10 brilliant “balloons” moving inside the strange rectangular object.  I excitedly pointed it out to folks who were walking nearby but they weren’t interested.  I had no idea what they were.

Other than these, I have never seen what I consider to be a UFO.  And I have been involved with UFO research since around 1961, spending countless number of days and hours looking at the sky, both day and night, even telepathically asking for a sighting or a contact.

I actually spent more than 50 years of my life trying to look for a UFO or hoping for a UFO sighting anywhere.  But so far, nothing.

I have studied hundreds and hundreds of documents on UFOs, interviewed hundreds of people who had UFO sightings  (including many who claimed to have been abducted).

I have travelled far and wide, including Japan, Mexico, Chile and Argentina  (and even southern Europe)  hoping for a chance to sight a UFO.

Beginning around 1989, I spent many years investigating Area 51 in Nevada, accompanying TV crews and journalists.

Even now, I often visit the town of Dulce, New Mexico from time to time, since it is only about 3 hours away from where I live.   I have spoken with lots and lots of residents there who have told me that they have seen something.  But yet, I personally haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary in Dulce.

So far I have yet to see what I can definitely claim is a UFO.

I fully know that this is not about me.   Not at all.

I would do anything to be able to see a real UFO myself.

I would even pay anyone who can point out to me a real UFO.

Yet, all my efforts have been in vain.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is it because I am constantly carrying a pocket camera with me?

Or, is it because while acknowledging the reality of the UFO phenomenon, I am quite skeptical when it comes to “UFOs” as conclusive evidence of physical ET visitations in actual physical ET spacecraft?



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