Introduction to basic, Beginning Conversational Japanese (Lesson 1)

by Norio Hayakawa:


Practical conversational Japanese is relatively not that difficult to learn, mainly because of its simple phonetic pronunciation of words and its surprisingly logical sentence structure.  The main characteristic of the Japanese sentence structure is that the verb comes at the end of the sentence.   The secondary characteristic of the Japanese language is that any simple declarative sentence can be easily converted into a question simply by placing the question particle, ka, at the end of the sentence.

Now let’s begin.

There are only 5 vowels in Japanese:   a, i, u, e, o.      These 5 vowels’ pronunciation is exactly the same as in Spanish or Italian and also Hawaiian.   As simple as that.   All phonetically pronounced.

Let’s begin with the pronouns.

watashi =    I                    watashitachi =   we

anata =     you                  anatatachi =   you  (plural)

(extreme polite form = anatagata = you, plural)

kare  =   he                       karetachi =   they   (masculine)

(alternate form =  karera, they, masculine)

kanojo =  she                  kanojotachi =  they  (feminine)

(alternate form =  kanojora, they, feminine)

For the moment, please just use watashitachi, anatatachi, karetachi, kanojotachi 


(By the way, there are so many ways to say “I” in Japanese.  However, the most common one for practical reasons is watashi, as mentioned.)

(For example, in the olden days, a samurai would say “ore“, instead of watashi, for “I”.

For example:    Ore wa samurai da!    (I am a samurai!)     (da means “is, am, are” in colloquial, emphatic form)

Ore wa ninja da!    (I am a Ninja!)

Or, sometimes, a samurai would say “sessha” for “I”.   Females usually say “atashi” for “watashi“.  But actually, “watashi” is just as popular, even for females.)


In order to change these pronouns to possessive forms, such as my, mine, our, ours, your, yours, his, her, hers, their, theirs), all you have to do it add the possessive particle no after the pronouns.      watashi no =   my, mine       anata no =  your, yours      watashitachi no = our, ours, etc.


A simple declarative sentence can be made by placing the subject and adding the particle wa and at the end of the sentence placing the verb desu, which means “is, are, am”.

(In colloquial Japanese, the final u in desu is not pronounced.   In other words, desu is pronounced like des)


Watashi wa sensei desu. =     I am a teacher.

Kare wa Supeingo no sensei desu. =   He is a Spanish teacher.   (literally, “He is a Spanish language’s teacher).

Kanojo wa watashi no Eigo no sensei desu.  =   She is my English (language’s) teacher.

Kanojo wa watashitachi no tomodachi desu. =   She is our friend.

Anata wa enjinia desu ka? =    Are you an engineer?

Hai, watashi wa enjinia desu. =    Yes, I am an engineer.


Next, let’s look at some demonstrative pronouns.   There are actually three of them.

kore     (this)             sore  (that, or it)           are   (that, that one yonder)


Kore wa jisho desu.   =   This is a dictionary.

Are wa gakkou desu ka?  =   Is that a school?

Are wa ninja no gakkou desu ka?  =   Is that a school for Ninjas?


Lastly, let’s talk about interrogative words.

Doko?   =   where?

Donata?  =   who?         (or, Dare?, more informal)


Other words to learn.

koko =   here

soko =  there

asoko =  over there (yonder)


Koko wa basu no eki desu.  =   Here is the bus station.

Koko wa doko desu ka?   =  Where is here?


That’s enough for LESSON ONE.

Here is the review of LESSON ONE on YouTube:



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Dulce base may not exist but the UFO phenomenon seems to exist in Dulce, New Mexico

(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE ILLUSTRATION, courtesy of Fernando Silva Hildebrandt)

by Norio Hayakawa – – October 23, 2017

I began my research on the UFO phenomenon around 1961.

That’s more than 50 years of continuos study.

After more than 50 years of research on this topic, I can clearly state that the UFO phenomenon seems to be real, even though I have personally never observed what I can confidently say is a UFO, so far.

But, yes, I believe in the reality of the UFO phenomenon.

However, I can also state that UFO phenomenon does not constitute conclusive evidence of actual physical ET visitations by physical extraterrestrial biological entities piloting or maneuvering physical extraterrestrial spacecraft of any kind.

There is more to this phenomenon than the physical ET hypothesis.  I am also highly skeptical of the existence of authentic UFO artifacts.

In fact, there is not a single physical, tangible, solid as well as credible documentary evidence whatsoever that we have ever been visited by physical extraterrestrial biological entities in any physical extraterrestrial spacecraft.

By the way, Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico are two of my favorite topics.

I can confidently state that there seems to be no evidence of any UFO or “alien” connections to Area 51 in Nevada (which I have continuosly researched since around 1988) 

To me, Area 51 is a very important US Air Force’s research, development and testing complex for advanced military weapons systems integrated with avionics and aeronautics and continues to expand every year.

It involves our hard-earned tax dollars and rightfully deserves its role in protecting our nation from global threats, domestic or foreign.

As far as Dulce is concerned, there is no evidence at all that there is a US/Alien collaborative biological underground facility or base in Dulce, New Mexico:

Yet, reports of sightings of strange objects seem to continue in the Dulce area, indicating that the phenomenon itself seems to be active in that area:

Yes, as I stated earlier,  the UFO phenomenon seems to be real.   There is no question about it.

By the way, the phenomenon itself is not new.

It has existed since time immemorial.

There are historical records of people seeing strange objects in the skies, throughout history, such as “flying shields”:

The depiction of the objects seen seems to correspond to the cultural as well as technological understanding of the people of each era.   In modern times, the objects seen seem to be more aerodynamic in form.

In the late 1700s and early 1800s, people reported seen strange objects that appeared to be huge, rather crude-looking airships:

Later on, actual airships and other dirigibles were built by the U.S.

In the early 1980s when the U.S. was testing prototypes of stealth aircraft, there were many reports of humongous flying triangular craft over the East coast, which had nothing to do with prototypes being tested by the U.S. Air Force.

Reported humongous triangular craft  (sometimes reported to be 3 or 4 times the size of a football field)  hovered absolutely silently in the night skies:

No, they did not belong to the U.S. Air Force.

The UFO phenomenon seems to occur frequently in certain areas, such as Dulce, New Mexico:

According to a testimony given by former Dulce, New Mexico resident Darren Vigil Gray, it was in the late 1960s that this amazing incident took place on Hwy 64 between Dulce and Lumberton.

At that time Darren was a fourth grader on the Jicarilla Apache reservation in northern Rio Arriba County.

At around 6:30 a.m. that particular morning, he claims he saw a flying saucer on his way to a parochial school which was located in nearby Lumberton.

A “dirty metallic coloreddisk about 20 feet in diameter passed about 50 feet in the air over his school bus between Dulce and Lumberton, he said.

“It created all this chaos on the bus,” Gray said.  He said his brother, then a sixth-grader, yelled, “It’s a flying saucer !”,  but the priest driving the van didn’t stop to investigate the phenomenon and instead stepped on the gas.

Gray said the disk appeared to come from Archuleta Mesa and continued for several miles over the low hills south of the highway.

He said cattle mutilations soon began to be reported in the same area, and the mesa was said to be a sort of UFO base.

“The experience really changed my whole scope,” said Gray, now a well-known artist in Santa Fe:

This incident was also confirmed by a former Dulce rancher Edmund Gomez, who was also among more than a dozen students in that school bus:

(The Gomez family had the largest ranch in the Dulce area at that time.  Beginning around 1975, the Gomez family began to report many incidents of cattle mutilations in their ranch, which were soon investigated by State Patrol Officer Gabe Valdez, who was assigned by the State of New Mexico to find out what was actually happening.

To this date, the cattle mutilation incidents in the Dulce area of those years still remain unsolved.  – – both Edmund Gomez and the late Gabe Valdez have expressed their belief that it was the government, and not the aliens, that were perpetrating these incidents and that it may have had something to do with the government’s attempt to covertly investigate the radiation effects on local cattle resulting from the 1967 underground nuclear experiment  (Project Gasbuggy  – December 10, 1967)  which took place about 22 miles southwest of Dulce:

But, getting back to that strange incident involving a “flying saucer” in Dulce,  Edmund Gomez stated that he was also in that bus and was a witness.

“There were more than a dozen students riding in that bus”,  he stated.

This incident was mentioned in Albuquerque Journal by Tom Sharp on April 5, 1996:

To me, here is the bottom line – – and it may sound stranger and stranger:

The phenomenon appears to me as a temporary paraphysical intrusion into our physical dimension by an unknown intelligence or unknown sentient entitities, paraphysically materializing themselves to a pre-selected observer (or a group of observers) and presenting to the observer as a physical phenomenon.

The pre-selection also seems to include a particular location as well as a particular time.

The phenomenon seems to be able to materialize and de-materialize at will.

(Great researchers such as Dr. Jacques Vallee, John A. Keel and Dr. J. Allen Hynek all seem to be in agreement here).

However, the phenomenon does not seem to be able to survive in our physical dimension except for a few seconds or a few minutes at a time.

According to these researchers, the phenomenon seems to be able to temporarily affect our physical parameters  (such as radar, etc.)

Yet the phenomenon also seems to be incapable of being photographed with clarity, if at all.

Here comes my personal belief:

It is my personal belief that in this incredibly vast universe  (better yet, multiverse),  there exist what I describe as paraphysical sentient entities, both benevolent and malevolent types.

They have co-existed with us since time immemorial.   It seems that the benevolent types are seldom seen in their temporary materialized form but it is my personal belief that they are doing good works (without being visible),  often giving us protection from perilous situations.

The “malevolent”, deceptive entities are the ones that are paraphysically materializing themselves and presenting themselves as physical “alien” entities from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations originating from outer space and piloting or maneuvering their extraterrestrial spacecraft.

No, they are not extraterrestrial visitors from outer space – – they are nothing more than a newly disguised version of extra-dimensional tricksters of old.

By the way, I will be speaking on this topic at the 2018 DULCE BASE UFO CONFERENCE which will be held on June 23 and 24 in Dulce, New Mexico:




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Anomalous “object” photographed over Farmington, New Mexico in 2011


It is quite rare for me to post an item such as this, especially a photo such as this, unless I consider it to be significant.

I have known Dave Oz  (formerly from Farmington, presently in Aztec, New Mexico)  for quite a number of years and I consider him to be a sincere and trustworthy colleague of mine in our mutual desire to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, whatever it is…..and going beyond the superficiality of speculations and not coming to a definitive, dogmatic conclusion of what it is.

This photo was taken by Dave Oz on August 28, 2011 (between 9:03 p.m. and 9:13 p.m.) in his Farmington, New Mexico neighborhood.  A series of photographs shows an object hovering almost motionless and silent, slowly moving to the left.  The stars are showing some streak, yet the object is quite stationary.

I know that Dave carries his camera  (I am not talking about a cellphone)  with him quite often  (just like me).  I would say that he was lucky at this moment when he took this fascinating photo.  I wish it was me who took it, but I rejoice just as much the fact that it was he who was lucky enough to take this photo that evening

I am certain that this photo was analyzed by many photo specialists in detail, such as for possible lens flare, light from the streetlight reflected by the lens elements, etc.

But it seems that nothing conclusive has come up regarding this.

It is my understanding that Dave did see both the object above as well as the street lamp at the same time with his naked eye.

According to Dave, he took the photo while taking pictures of lightning, thinking the object was a bright star before photographing.  It moved very slowly to the left, changing angles.  After loading it in the computer, he zoomed it in realizing it was not a star.

According to Dave, “there’s always going to be skeptics, no matter how accurate your findings or evidence presented.  I’ve seen lens flares in photos, but few ever have detail, or drift and change angles like what I photographed.   I did see the object glowing dimly, thinking it was a star.  By the way, I remember talking to a young Navajo gal after showing her the photo, telling me she saw the “craft-object” floating over Ojo Amarillo Canyon 10 miles west of Farmington, while we were in math class at San Juan College.”

According to Dave, “lens flare is not an issue, since there is no bright object in another photo taken nor others after the time frame on the same spot with tripod:


…..time/date is 9:15 p.m., 08/28/2011 using a Sigma 28-70mm lens at F5 aperature.  Multi-coated Hoya filters used to prevent lens flare.  The “object” (the first photo on this page) was photographed between 9:03 p.m. to 9:13 p.m.  All seen here in this other photo are stars with minimal streaking on a 20-second exposure, clouds starting to move in from a storm.”

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, Dave again returned to the exact spot and took the following photo, showing no lens flare:

Once again, let’s look at his original 2011 photo:



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