Introduction to basic, Beginning Conversational Japanese (Lesson 1)

Practical conversational Japanese is relatively not that difficult to learn, mainly because of its simple phonetic pronunciation of words and its surprisingly logical sentence structure.  The main characteristic of the Japanese sentence structure is that the verb comes at the end of the sentence.   The secondary characteristic of the Japanese language is that any simple declarative sentence can be easily converted into a question simply by placing the question particle, ka, at the end of the sentence.

Now let’s begin.

There are only 5 vowels in Japanese:   a, i, u, e, o.      These 5 vowels’ pronunciation is exactly the same as in Spanish or Italian and also Hawaiian.   As simple as that.   All phonetically pronounced.

Let’s begin with the pronouns.

watashi =    I                    watashitachi =   we

anata =     you                  anatatachi =   you  (plural)

(extreme polite form = anatagata = you, plural)

kare  =   he                       karetachi =   they   (masculine)

(alternate form =  karera, they, masculine)

kanojo =  she                  kanojotachi =  they  (feminine)

(alternate form =  kanojora, they, feminine)

For the moment, please just use watashitachi, anatatachi, karetachi, kanojotachi 


(By the way, there are so many ways to say “I” in Japanese.  However, the most common one for practical reasons is watashi, as mentioned.)

(For example, in the olden days, a samurai would say “ore“, instead of watashi, for “I”.

For example:    Ore wa samurai da!    (I am a samurai!)     (da means “is, am, are” in colloquial, emphatic form)

Ore wa ninja da!    (I am a Ninja!)

Or, sometimes, a samurai would say “sessha” for “I”.   Females usually say “atashi” for “watashi“.  But actually, “watashi” is just as popular, even for females.)


In order to change these pronouns to possessive forms, such as my, mine, our, ours, your, yours, his, her, hers, their, theirs), all you have to do it add the possessive particle no after the pronouns.      watashi no =   my, mine       anata no =  your, yours      watashitachi no = our, ours, etc.


A simple declarative sentence can be made by placing the subject and adding the particle wa and at the end of the sentence placing the verb desu, which means “is, are, am”.

(In colloquial Japanese, the final u in desu is not pronounced.   In other words, desu is pronounced like des)


Watashi wa sensei desu. =     I am a teacher.

Kare wa Supeingo no sensei desu. =   He is a Spanish teacher.   (literally, “He is a Spanish language’s teacher).

Kanojo wa watashi no Eigo no sensei desu.  =   She is my English (language’s) teacher.

Kanojo wa watashitachi no tomodachi desu. =   She is our friend.

Anata wa enjinia desu ka? =    Are you an engineer?

Hai, watashi wa enjinia desu. =    Yes, I am an engineer.


Next, let’s look at some demonstrative pronouns.   There are actually three of them.

kore     (this)             sore  (that, or it)           are   (that, that one yonder)


Kore wa jisho desu.   =   This is a dictionary.

Are wa gakkou desu ka?  =   Is that a school?

Are wa ninja no gakkou desu ka?  =   Is that a school for Ninjas?


Lastly, let’s talk about interrogative words.

Doko?   =   where?

Donata?  =   who?         (or, Dare?, more informal)


Other words to learn.

koko =   here

soko =  there

asoko =  over there (yonder)


Koko wa basu no eki desu.  =   Here is the bus station.

Koko wa doko desu ka?   =  Where is here?


That’s enough for LESSON ONE.

Here is the review of LESSON ONE on YouTube:



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The Zuni Enigma – – are the Zuni Native American people descendants of Japanese?

Are the Zuni Native American people descendants of Japanese?

Whether this is a far-fetched theory or not, I thought I’d take a closer look at this since more than ever before I have become skeptical of Columbus being the first non-indigenous person to have set foot on this part of the world, i.e., the Americas.

“The Zuni of America’s Southwest occupy a special place in Native American culture and ethnography.   Their language, religion and blood type are startlingly different from all other tribes.  Most puzzling, some of these Zuni attributes have much in common with the people of  Japan.   In a book with groundbreaking implications, Nancy Yaw Davis examines the evidence underscoring the Zuni enigma and suggests the circumstances that they may have led Japanese on a religious quest – – searching for the legendary “middle world” of Buddhism – – a quest across the Pacific to the American Southwest, where they merged with the Zuni over seven hundred years ago.

An engaging and persuasive presentation of an alternative migration theory.”   – – from LIBRARY JOURNAL

“A landmark in transpacific contact research…..the most comprehensive and best documented evidence yet offered for a pre-Columbian transpacific introduction”  – – Betty J. Meggers, Smithsonian Institution.


from Nekom Luke:

“I haven’t yet read the book “The Zuni Enigma” but I have read some of the points made, and I must admit it’s an interesting theory.

The theory basically is that a group of 12th century Japanese people somehow got to the west coast of north America, moved inland and either became or merged with the Zuni, a group of native American pueblo peoples.

Now there are a lot of fringe theories out there, but this one doesn’t seem to be agenda driven and there are some really creepy coincidences.

Many of the words sound very similar between the Japanese and Zuni languages.  This alone proves nothing, there are always bound to be a few words that sound similar in any two languages, but they also have a similar syntax, the verb usually the last word of a sentence.

Then there’s the frequency of type B blood that the Zuni share with the Japanese, and more importantly NOT found in any other native American populations.

There is also a rare kidney disease they share, dental similarities and they are said to have some of the same very specific origin myths.

Now there are other possibilities.

Perhaps the Zuni and the Japanese share a common ancestor and they just stayed isolated from other tribes.

Most people believe that the Americas were populated via the Bering land bridge and possibly Polynesian migrations.

However, if this theory is true, how many other fantastic voyages were made long before the voyage of Columbus?

We now believe that the Norse made it to what is modern day Canada 500 years before Columbus.

Could a group of 12th century Japanese sailors have made it to the west coast?

What do you think?”



“The peaceful Zuni of New Mexico and Arizona are much studied, partly because their language, culture and physical appearance set them apart from other Native American peoples.

Davis, an anthropologist who has made 10 visits to the Zuni pueblo, now offers the startling thesis that a group of Japanese Buddhists left earthquake-wracked medieval Japan and came by ship to the Southern California coast, eventually migrating inland to the Zuni territory, where they merged their culture and genes with Native Americans to produce the modern Zuni people around A.D. 1350.

Davis uses “forensic” evidence–including analyses of dental morphology, blood and skeletal remains–to support a Japanese-Zuni connection.

Further, she notes the Zuni’s exceptionally high incidence of a specific kidney disease that is also unusually common in Japan.

Yet she acknowledges there have been no DNA studies to confirm or refute her hypothesis, and she has not turned up a single 13th-century Japanese item in North America.

Her bold, highly speculative theory gets a boost from some cultural parallels, including striking similarities between the Zuni and Japanese languages; between the Zuni “sacred rosette” found on robes and pottery and the Japanese Buddhist chrysanthemum symbol (presently Japan’s imperial crest).

A Zuni mid-January ceremony with masked monsters, aimed at frightening children into proper behavior, is almost identical to one in Japan.

Davis’s broader thesis that the Pacific was a “liquid highway” mounts a serious challenge to the entrenched idea of the peopling of the Americas solely via the Bering Strait land bridge.

Open-minded readers will enjoy her beautifully written book as an opportunity to ponder our shared humanity.”


LIBRARY JOURNAL:   (by Elizabeth Anne Salt, Otterbein Coll. Lib., Westerville, OH)

“Davis, an independent anthropological researcher with a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, has developed a bold and unorthodox theory to account for some of the cultural, linguistic, and religious characteristics that set the Zuni people apart from other Pueblo Indian groups.

Davis hypothesizes that a small group of Japanese men, possibly on a religious pilgrimage to find the “middle-world” of Buddhism, may have sailed to North America in the late 13th century and then traveled eastward.

Eventually, she posits, they may have settled in the area of present-day western New Mexico, intermingling their customs and religious practices with those of the local Native Americans.

Davis’s theory is well thought out and provides intricate comparisons among many Japanese and Zuni cultural characteristics.

Her work is an engaging and persuasive presentation of an alternative migration theory that perhaps deserves more serious consideration by anthropological scholars.  Recommended for academic libraries.”



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Paraphysical activities in Dulce, New Mexico and other locations – – I said it all!!

(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE ILLUSTRATION, courtesy of Fernando Silva Hildebrandt)

by Norio Hayakawa – – October 23, 2017

I began my research on the UFO phenomenon around 1961.

That’s more than 50 years of continuos study.

After more than 50 years of research on this topic, I can clearly state that the UFO phenomenon seems to be real, even though I have personally never observed what I can confidently say is a UFO, so far.

But the phenomenon seems to be real.

However, I can also state that UFO phenomenon does not constitute evidence of actual physical ET visitations by physical extraterrestrial biological entities piloting or maneuvering physical extraterrestrial spacecraft of any kind.

In fact, there is not a single physical, tangible, solid as well as credible documentary evidence whatsoever that we have ever been visited by physical extraterrestrial biological entities in any physical extraterrestrial spacecraft.

By the way, Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico are two of my favorite topics.

I can confidently state that there seems to be no evidence of any UFO or “alien” connections to Area 51 in Nevada (which I have continuosly researched since around 1988).

To me, Area 51 is a very important US Air Force’s research, development and testing complex for advanced military weapons systems integrated with avionics and aeronautics and continues to expand every year.

As far as Dulce is concerned, there is no evidence at all that there is a US/Alien collaborative biological underground facility or base in Dulce, New Mexico.

Yet, reports of sightings of strange objects seem to continue in the Dulce area, indicating that the phenomenon itself is active in that area.

Yes, as I stated earlier,  the UFO phenomenon seems to be real.   There is no question about it.

By the way, the phenomenon itself is not new.

It has existed since time immemorial.

There are historical records of people seeing strange objects in the skies, throughout history, such as “flying shields”.

The depiction of the objects seen seems to correspond to the cultural as well as technological understanding of the people of each era.   In modern times, the objects seen seem to be more aerodynamic in form.

In the late 1700s and early 1800s, people reported seen strange objects that appeared to be huge, rather crude-looking airships.

Later on, actual airships and other dirigibles were built by the U.S.

In the early 1980s when the U.S. was testing prototypes of stealth aircraft, there were many reports of humongous flying triangular craft over the East coast, which had nothing to do with prototypes being tested by the U.S. Air Force.

Reported humongous triangular craft  (sometimes reported to be 3 or 4 times the size of a football field)  hovered absolutely silently in the night skies.

No, they did not belong to the U.S. Air Force.

The UFO phenomenon seems to occur frequently in certain areas, such as Dulce, New Mexico, even now.

To me, here is the bottom line….and it may sound stranger and stranger.

The phenomenon appears to me as a temporary paraphysical intrusion into our physical dimension by an unknown intelligence or unknown sentient entitities, paraphysically materializing themselves to a pre-selected observer (or a group of observers) and presenting to the observer as a physical phenomenon.

The pre-selection also seems to include a particular location as well as a particular time.

The phenomenon seems to be able to materialize and de-materialize at will.

(Great researchers such as Dr. Jacques Vallee, John A. Keel and Dr. J. Allen Hynek all seem to be in agreement here).

However, the phenomenon does not seem to be able to survive in our physical dimension except for a few seconds or a few minutes at a time.

The phenomenon seems to be able to temporarily affect our physical parameters  (such as radar, etc.)

Yet the phenomenon also seems to be incapable of being photographed with clarity.

Here comes my personal belief.  You may totally be turned off by my rather religious-sounding belief but here it is:

It is my belief that eons ago in the universe, there was a cosmic-shaking revolt led by an entity known as Lucifer and one third of the entire cosmic angelic paraphysical entities joined Lucifer in that cosmic revolt.  Lucifer became Satan, and his followers “Fallen Angels”.

Satan and his “Fallen Angels” were thrown out from their special domain by the Creator and were hurled down towards our Earth.     ( Rev. 12:4 )

But not all angelic entities followed Lucifer.   Only one third of the entire angelic entities in the cosmos joined forces with Lucifer, as I stated.  Lucifer became Satan, and his followers, “Fallen Angels”, malevolent and deceptive paraphysical entities.


“We are told that one third of an “innumerable company of angels” (Hebrews 12:22) chose to rebel with Lucifer who became Satan.

Since Satan is referred to as a star which fell or was cast down to earth, and Revelation 12:4 says a third of the stars were cast out with him, then the conclusion is that the stars in Revelation 12 refer to fallen angels, fully one third of the heavenly host.

If the one-third number is in fact accurate, what assurance that is!”  – – from Pilgrim 777 on the Internet)


Two thirds of the angels are still on God’s side, and for followers of Christ, they are on our side.

In other words, to every malevolent “Fallen Angel”, there are two “benevolent” angelic entities.

The ratio is 2 to 1, two “benevolent” angelic entities for every one “malevolent”  fallen entity.

There are “benevolent” entities present in this world but for the most part, they are rarely seen.

Those are the ones who we often describe as “benevolent” angelic beings, doing good works and protecting us in many ways.

The “malevolent”, deceptive entities are the ones that are paraphysically materializing themselves and presenting themselves as physical “alien” entities from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations originating from outer space and piloting or maneuvering their extraterrestrial spacecraft.

No, they are not extraterrestrial visitors from outer space – – they are nothing more than extra-dimensional tricksters of old.

They are the ones that are confusing people, deceiving people (by “posing” as physical extraterrestrial entity) and even destroying the spirituality of people.


(By the way, it is quite important to understand that fallen angels and demons are different entities although they have some similarities.  Both are evil entities that work to deceive people.  Demons are disembodied human spirits and they do not have the ability to manifest in human form.  Because of their desire to experience physical reality, they have the need to possess a physical body.

Demons do not have the freedom of movement and the power of manipulation of the physical realm.  They cannot manifest and appear as ET-aliens-UFO or maintain human forms as fallen angels do. – – Philippe Besnard)



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Tom DeLonge’s UFO announcement which wasn’t – – excellent comment by Trevor Wozny, the Angry Ufologist

by Trevor Wozny, the Angry Ufologist:


This Tom DeLonge smells a lot like the illustrious Dr. Greer to me.

Both made grandiose claims, drop names of people that are clueless as he is, and promised groundbreaking UFOlogical truth.

DeLonge has promised now for an interminable amount of time to have Disclosure in his back pocket.

Even so much to publish images of himself dressed like a man-in-black while flashing the CIA logo.

Drops names like John Podesta.

He’s mini-Greer without the Ph.D.’s. Greer claimed to have held meetings with high-level CIA operatives even the Director, which was publically proven to be false and defamatory.

So many people actually thought and believed DeLonge actually had evidence NOT that he was starting yet another research organization.

One that is looking for $$$ and investors.

Investing in bullshit seems like a bad investment instrument.

In 2015, DeLonge has been building a new media company called To The Stars to act as a platform for his otherworldly interests.

Last year, he launched a multimedia franchise called Sekret Machines, which will next week release the first book in a series of three detailing his research on UFOs called Sekret Machines: Gods: Volume 1 of Gods Man & War.

He’s selling stuff say it isn’t so.

The truth real truth is FREE.

Know how I know that.

You ever been charged an entrance fee to get into a library?

Delonge released ZERO actual news about the UFO enigma.

Funny enough now that his announcement has been made people still believe in him.


He lied and mislead you all.

He was doing PR for his new $$$BUSINESS VENTURE$$$.

He took us all for fools.

It worked on the faction of UFO true believers that do not have a functional bullshit detector.

So many people just have no clue it seems.

Some notable quotes from DeLonge:

“I want you all to know in the UFO community that whoever’s passionate about this kind of paradigm-shifting subject matter, I need you all to look really really closely at that announcement and I need you to be a part of it,” he said.

“I want you as an educated group of people to read between the lines and look at the history of what I’ve been doing over the past couple years and get a sense for what the hell I’m getting ready to do.

If you guys come along for the ride, it’s going to be pretty fantastic.”

“I’ll leave you with one thing:  My job has only just begun on this subject matter and there’s some big shit planned and I’m excited about it.  Just remember whatever happens in the civilian world, it’s game on.”

Get this screenshot.

This screenshot from DeLonge’s Facebook page says it all.

He claims to be building a spacecraft that can instantaneously jump anywhere in the Universe. Anyone with even the slightest modicum of physics knowledge knows just how powerfully insane that claim is, AND YOU CAN INVEST IN IT.

There are a thousand tip-offs that this is just a money making scam, but this is a huge one. Praying on the scientifically illiterate is pathetic.

DeLonge recently received The 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year Award at the 2017 International UFO Congress, which he never even bothered to show up to accept.

No kidding.

He received this alleged award before he actually did anything.

It was all based on his fevered fans of his music.

How astute… Not!

That just shows you how desperate the masses of UFO enthusiasts are.

He’s a 1990’s-ish rocker not a scientist (educated person) or anyone that would or could have any inside information.

How could he?

Just like Greer he’s full of shit and looking for cash, no matter what he says to the contrary.

If he had the information he made us all believe he was going to drop in his announcement that would have been awesome to actually get something substantial which would advance the cause of UFOlogy.

Nope, he is a fraud and liar.

He released NOTHING of what he promised and eluded too.

But, the legions of true believers I am sure will still gargle his marbles at every chance.


You may wonder why the true intelligentsia of this planet takes UFOlogy as an embarrassing joke.

This is another prime example of why.

It is worth to go over what evidence actually is or would be in this field if any ever comes along.

I see an ever-increasing amount of people that actually believe that oodles of evidence exists to prove that extraterrestrials are here.

They then go off on grandiosity rants of how can scientists be so stupid, fooled, duped, closed-minded NOT to see it.

When pressed for links to white papers or research papers… silence…crickets.

Then a whole bunch of nonsensical profanity directed at anyone that dares to make them actually think.

In this day and age of Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, images and video is NOT evidence. Anecdotal evidence is NOT evidence.

The only evidence that the scientific community will ever accept is biological material or metallurgy.

That is it.

Fuzzy videos and pictures are what they line their toilet with.

I know there is something in our skies and our minds going on but there is no real evidence to prove it.

Some people just do not understand science in any measure at all.

That is the problem.

They never stood at lab tables all stained up with reactive dyes for hours or sat hunkered reading hundreds of books.

They believe TV and the fraudsters they see.

It is people like that that attack the scientific community.

What they can’t internalize into their fevered worldview they blame on the nameless, faceless, government boogeymen.

It is an easy out so they don’t have to think too hard or heaven forbids revise their beliefs in the presence of better contradictory evidence.

You know how science does.

You know the foundation of the scientific method! UFOlogy needs to have qualified scientists doing investigations if anything ever occurs that they can sink a spectrograph into.

That will never happen until we get rid of all this blind faith nonsense and bring this whole field up to an adult level.

The evidence is what it is all about. DeLonge ain’t it and has zero chance of ever finding it.




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Anomalous “object” photographed over Farmington, New Mexico in 2011?


It is quite rare for me to post an item such as this, especially a photo such as this, unless I consider it to be significant.

I have known Dave Oz of Farmington for quite a number of years and I consider him to be a sincere and trustworthy colleague of mine in our mutual desire to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, whatever it is…..and going beyond the superficiality of speculations and not coming to a definitive, dogmatic conclusion of what it is.

Photo taken by Dave Oz on August 28, 2011 (between 9:03 p.m. and 9:13 p.m.) in his Farmington, New Mexico neighborhood.  A series of photographs shows an object hovering almost motionless and silent, slowly moving to the left.  The stars are showing some streak, yet the object is quite stationary.

I know that Dave carries his camera (I am not talking about a cellphone) with him quite often (just like me).  I would say that he was lucky at this moment when he took this fascinating photo.  I wish it was me who took it, but I rejoice just as much the fact that it was he who was lucky enough to take this photo that evening

I am certain that this photo was analyzed by many photo specialists in detail, such as for possible lens flare, light from the streetlight reflected by the lens elements, etc.

But it seems that nothing conclusive has come up regarding this.

It is my understanding that Dave did see both the object above as well as the street lamp at the same time with his naked eye.

According to Dave, he took the photo while taking pictures of lightning, thinking the object was a bright star before photographing.  It moved very slowly to the left, changing angles.  After loading it in the computer, he zoomed it in realizing it was not a star.

According to Dave, “there’s always going to be skeptics, no matter how accurate your findings or evidence presented.  I’ve seen lens flares in photos, but few ever have detail, or drift and change angles like what I photographed.   I did see the object glowing dimly, thinking it was a star.  By the way, I remember talking to a young Navajo gal after showing her the photo, telling me she saw the “craft-object” floating over Ojo Amarillo Canyon 10 miles west of Farmington, while we were in math class at San Juan College.”

According to Dave, “lens flare is not an issue, since there is no bright object in another photo taken nor others after the time frame on the same spot with tripod:


…..time/date is 9:15 p.m., 08/28/2011 using a Sigma 28-70mm lens at F5 aperature.  Multi-coated Hoya filters used to prevent lens flare.  The “object” (the first photo on this page) was photographed between 9:03 p.m. to 9:13 p.m.  All seen here in this other photo are stars with minimal streaking on a 20-second exposure, clouds starting to move in from a storm.”

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, Dave again returned to the exact spot and took the following photo, showing no lens flare:



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