Norio Hayakawa, an unorthodox UFO conspiratologist

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Norio Hayakawa, born in 1944, is an American activist who lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  He is currently the director of CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL, a citizens’ oversight committee.  He has appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM multiple times, and is most known for his UFOlogy investigations in and around New Mexico and the American Southwest.

Norio Hayakawa is from Yokohama, Japan, but calls New Mexico his home.  He attended Spanish classes at the University of Albuquerque, and graduated in 1970 and also did graduate studies at the University of New Mexico.

During March 1990, Norio Hayakawa led a Nippon TV crew to Dulce, New Mexico, where they interviewed the locals, including the Jicarilla Apache tribal officials, general townsfolk and ranchers, about paranormal activity in the area.

In the past, he has been associated with film maker and activist, Anthony J. Hilder.  Hayakawa and Hilder are responsible for starting the Area 51 People’s Rally in 1998.  The event was formed in protest against what was seen as the secrecy surrounding Area 51.  The second rally was held in 1999.  The rally kicked off on the 5th of June at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada.  The event began with a press conference.  There were various topics discussed which included the New World and Global Government.

Speakers at the event included Hilder, Ted Gunderson  (former FBI agent-in-charge of Los Angeles)  and Spanish speaking talk show Victor Camacho who came with a truck load of Latino listeners.  The following day a gathering of about 200 people were congregating by the signs of Groom Lake Road.  Demands were being made by Hilder and some others directed at the Area 51 authorities.  Hayakawa opened the 2000 Rally.  The event was covered by KVBC and Channel 3 (NBC) with Hilder speaking to the gathering, with Joerg Arnu fielding the reporter’s questions.


A UFO conspiratologist is not quite the same as a Ufologist or a conspiracy theorist.

A UFO conspiratologist simply studies UFO beliefs and widespread conspiratorial thoughts that seem to be prevalent in today’s UFO culture.

The word conspiratology has not been used widely in the English language.

As far as I am concerned, one of the first persons to use this word years ago was Gary Schultz of Santa Monica, my former colleague.

Here is my definition of conspiratology:

Conspiratology is a comprehensive study on the origins, the role and effects of beliefs in conspiracy theories on society.

It is a general study on why beliefs in conspiracy theories or conspiratorial worldview are deeply ingrained in the psyche of a segment of human society.

(The Newsweek Magazine made a comment a few years ago that beliefs in conspiracy theories have become as American as apple pie.)

There are many conspiracy theorists but conspiratologists seem to be few in number.

It is important to bear in mind that a conspiratologist himself may or may not necessarily subscribe to any conspiracy theory.  However, if he does, he could give an impression to the public that he does not subscribe to any particular conspiracy theory.


On Area 51:

Bob Lazar’s claims regarding Alien technology at Area 51

On Roswell:

Roswell, 1947 – – creation of a modern myth, how it all started

On Ufology in general:

Norio Hayakawa, unorthodox, “rational” Ufologist trying his best to be open-minded



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Bob Lazar, a total fraud or a reluctant disinformant?

Stanton Friedman said Bob Lazar was a fraud.   Let’s look at what Friedman said:


Incredible claims have been made about Bob Lazar for years.  He supposedly is a physicist with an MS in Physics from MIT and an MS in Electronics from the California Institute of Technology.  He was a “Scientist” for Los Alamos National Laboratory, and obtained a job back-engineering UFOs at a very secret site S-4 near Area 51 in Nevada through noted Physicist, the late Dr. Edward Teller.

Supposedly he figured out how saucers work using Element 115 – – matter/anti-matter, etc.  He was able to steal a small quantity of 115 from the 500 pounds available, but this was stolen back.  There was indeed an announcement in early 2004 about the production of 4 atoms of element 115 by operating a huge European accelerator for many weeks.  It has a very short half life so there is no way to accumulate pounds of it.  He supposedly came forward with his story despite death threats because he thought the public has a right to know.  Videotapes are available with his claims.

It is all BUNK.

Not one shred of evidence has been put forth to support this story:

No diplomas, no résumés, no transcripts, no memberships in professional organizations, no papers, no pages from MIT or Caltech yearbooks.  He also mentioned, in a phone conversation with me, California State University at Northridge and Pierce Junior College – – also in the San Fernando Valley, California.  I checked all four schools.  Pierce said he had taken electronics courses in the late 1970s.  The other three schools never heard of him.

The page from the Los Alamos National Lab phone book with Lazar’s name on it clearly states that it includes employees of the DOE and outside contractor, Kirk Meyer. “K/M” follows Lazar’s name.  This proves he worked for K/M, not LANL.

I checked with LANL’s personnel department for Lazar’s name and that of an old colleague.  They found my guy, but not Lazar.

He was publicly asked when he got his MS from MIT.  He said “Let me see now, I think it was probably 1982.”  Nobody getting an MS from MIT would not know the year immediately.  He was asked to name some of his profs.  He said: “Let’s see now, Bill Duxler will remember me from the physics department at Caltech.”  I located Dr. Duxler.  He’s a Pierce Junior College physics prof, and never taught at Caltech.  Lazar was registered in one of his courses at the same time Lazar was supposedly at MIT!   Nobody who can go to MIT goes to Pierce JC, not to mention the rather long commute between LA and Cambridge, Mass.

I checked his High School in New York State.  He graduated in August, not with his class.  The only science course he took was chemistry.  He ranked 261 out of 369, which is in the bottom third.  There is no way he would have been admitted by MIT or Caltech.  An MS in Physics from MIT requires a thesis.  No such thesis exists at MIT, and he is not on a commencement list.  The notion that the government wiped his CIVILIAN records clean is absurd.  I checked with the Legal Counsel at MIT – – no way to wipe all his records clean.  The Physics department never heard of him and he is not a member of the American Physical Society.

When he declared bankruptcy in the mid 1980s for almost $300,000.00 he listed his occupation as a self-employed film processor.  With MS degrees from MIT and Caltech?  Caltech would not have accepted him for an MS program, if he already had one from MIT.

His propulsion scheme sounds good  (as do many science fiction stories),  but makes no real sense especially in view of how difficult it would be to add protons to #115.  Gravity wave amplification sounds great but what does it mean?

He could not have gotten a Compartmentalized Security clearance having operated a brothel.  His W-2 form from the Department of Naval Intelligence totals under $1000.00, at most a week’s pay for a scientist:

(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE – – the original “paycheck” of Bob Lazar, with his “fake” Soc. Sec. No. – – it did not belong to Bob Lazar but to a lady from New York whose first name was Carol and last name Strong, i.e., Bob Lazar’s first wife, Carol.  Everybody knows that Bob Lazar’s first wife, Carol Nadine Strong, committed suicide on April 21, 1986 in the garage at home in Las Vegas in 1986.  Also, it is important to understand that by 1986, Bob Lazar was heavily in debt from several banks in Los Alamos, NM, as well as from other financial institutions.)

You can’t get a security clearance in a week.

Scientists leave trails.  Lazar is NOT a scientist.  He couldn’t even answer scientific questions put to him.   An excellent review of Bob’s “Physics” can be seen at:

LAZAR CRTIQUE, by Dr. David L. Morgan

I should add that Bob is a bright and talented guy who operated a jet powered car, put on fireworks displays, and apparently helped physics professors working at the Los Alamos Meson accelerator facility.


But the big question is:

Was he a total fraud or a reluctant disinformant?

Please also read my old article:

The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged Area 51 scientist)



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Plasma weapons, emerging military technology

This type of military technology has been developing for more than 45 years or so.  So just imagine what we may have at the present moment.  Please read the following item from 1999:

by Justin Mullins, NEW SCIENTIST  – – December 25, 1999:


I was at a party in downtown Oakland when I first heard about the Voice of God.  It was the usual mix – – a few intellectuals from Berkeley and Stanford, the gracious host and hostess and a gaggle of greedy journalists, of whom I was one.

The conversation was highbrow and stilted but the food was plentiful, so I stayed to chat.  It was an innocuous, forgettable evening, except for one thing, a short conversation with an expert in laser optics from Stanford University.

His extraordinary tale left me spinning.

It involved a clandestine military project with a goal so outrageous that, even now, it is difficult to comprehend.  The story was set in the late 1980s, at an undisclosed military research facility hidden in the New Mexico desert.  (most likely the Manzano/Sandia base at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque).

Here, researchers working with high-power laser weapons discovered that they could create a glowing ball of fire in the sky by crossing the beams of two powerful infrared lasers.  The beams were invisible to the naked eye, but where they intersected, their electric fields became so intense that they ripped apart molecules in the air, creating a plasma – – a luminous mix of high-energy ions and electrons.

By moving the laser beams around the sky, the researchers found they could shift the plasma ball back and forth at very high speed.  They even discovered that by switching the beams on and off quickly and redirecting them to different spots, they could maintain several plasma balls in the air at the same time.  At night, they demonstrated their skills, flying their glowing creations in formation high above the cold desert.


Here is a timely comment by Smythers on Dreamland Resort:

“So this was a thing back in the day – lasers creating plasma balls that shifted and shimmered in the night skies, the science teams sweeping them across the heavens like red/burnt orange egg shaped chariots of the gods

and this is now back in the main stream.

The above was from a piece 20 years ago now – so this all in all is around 40 to 45 YEARS old.

Why am I posting this?  Because these laser spheres make a great defensive capability against hypersonic airframes of all sorts.  Hitting a dense ball of plasma at 120,000 feet is going to ruin your day.

Almost like a tic tac that could be visible on radars and IR tracking apparatus over a Navy fleet.

Food for thought as the Pentagon are now investing major money in this talking/visible field of energetic research. Publicly this time but wrapped up in the ‘less than lethal’ field – to make people hear and see things.”





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Not all Italian-Americans are for Columbus Day celebrations


It might be surprising to learn that I am an Italian American against Columbus Day.

I’m not a self-hating Italian.  Quite the opposite.  I couldn’t be more proud of my heritage.  My family comes from Basilicata and Molise in il mezzogiorno (Southern Italy).  They came here, as immigrants still do, to escape poverty and find work.

I was born and raised in the working-class streets of South Philly in the 50s and 60s, a time when Italians were still not considered completely white.  As a kid, I endured being called “dago” and “greaseball.”  I was told I had a Roman nose; “roams all over your face,” the kids would laugh.

Every October 12, I got to feel proud of my ethnic features and curly hair.  I didn’t know much about Columbus, only that he was Italian and had discovered America.

In college, I learned a different story.  Failing to find a new route to India, the sailor from Genoa “discovered” a land already occupied by millions of indigenous people.  Columbus wrote of them in his journal, “They would make fine servants…With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”  He then claimed their land for Spain.  He didn’t claim it for Italy, which was not even a country at the time.

His “discovery” led to the eventual death of 80% or more of the native populations from European diseases to which they had no immunity.  Not to mention the murder of those who dared to resist the will of the conquistadors.

I never felt the same about October 12 again.

I decided to search for real Italian-American heroes.  I studied the history of Italian immigration to this country, it was not a pretty picture.  Those of us from Southern Italy were considered a separate race from Northern Europeans.  Experts wrote that we would never amount to anything because we were innately inferior to Anglos.  There were NINA (No Italian Need Apply) signs to greet us in store windows, and lynchings in the South (where racists saw us as no different than blacks).

During World War II, President Roosevelt approved a blueprint for internment camps for Italian-Americans.  That plan was never executed, but thousands of Italians were relocated, imprisoned and harassed.  The “secret history,” as it is called, of that period is memorialized in a museum exhibit (“Una Storia Segreta”) that has toured the country.

In the midst of my digging, I uncovered heroes: Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two anarchists who were found guilty of murdering a pay clerk and security guard in Braintree, Massachusetts.  International protests did not stop the execution of those men, despite the fact that the evidence was flimsy and during the trial, the judge called them “dagos,” a derogatory term for Italians.

There were the brave Italian immigrant women who helped organize the female garment workers in the sweat shops in New York.  And of course Harlem’s amazing congressman, Vito Marcantonio, who pushed for civil rights for blacks in the 50s, Carlo Tresca, who was involved in the Italian Railroad Workers Federation and published two progressive newspapers, and Mario Savio, one of the founders of the free speech movement at Berkeley in the 60s.

Even the entertainment industry had its share of giants, such as Frank Sinatra who produced a music video in the 40s that promoted multiculturalism, and Tony Bennett, who marched with Martin Luther King in the South.

It’s time for Italian-Americans to say goodbye to Columbus and embrace our proud history.

Being proud to be Italian has nothing to do with Columbus.


New Mexico, USA celebrates its first Indigenous Peoples’ Day – – Monday, October 14, 2019



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New Mexico, USA celebrates its first Indigenous Peoples’ Day – – Monday, October 14, 2019

New Mexico, USA, officially marked its first Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, October 14, 2019.

Governer Michelle Lujan signed a bill this year creating this significant holiday.

Lujan Grisham said in a statement Wednesday that she was “proud” to legalize this new holiday:

“This new holiday will mark a celebration of New Mexico’s 23 sovereign indigenous nations and the essential place of honor native citizens hold in the fabric of our great state,” she said.  “Enacting Indigenous Peoples’ Day sends an important message of reconciliation and will serve as a reminder of our state’s proud native history.”

From now on every year this legal public holiday will always fall on the second Monday of October.

A’HO to this !!



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Bob Lazar and George Knapp peddling the same old story with a new book – – “DREAMLAND, An Autobiography”

(Available on AMAZON from October 15, 2019)

According to the description of this new book peddled by Bob Lazar and George Knapp:

“Bob Lazar is the reason Area 51 became infamous in the 1980s and his recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast with 7 million listeners is credited with inspiring the Storm Area 51 phenomenon.

In his DREAMLAND autobiography, Lazar reveals every detail of his highly controversial story about being an insider within the world’s most legendary military research base.”

But it’s the same old unsubstantiated story told over and over again.

Nothing new.

But if you are still gullible enough to want to buy this highly dubious “autobiographical” book, you can also buy it directly from Bob Lazar through his own website:

By the way, the FOREWORD in this book was written by none other than, you guessed it, debonair raconteur  (i.e., a dashing, skilled storyteller)  George Knapp, Lazar’s long-time promoter and handler who practically made a secondary career peddling Lazar’s “extraterrestrial” tale.



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ANCIENT ALIENS – – “ancient astronauts” crankery

(But it makes for a great entertainment)

“ANCIENT ALIENS is some of the most noxious sludge in television’s bottomless chum bucket.  Actual experts are brought in to deliver sound bites that are twisted and taken out of context while fanatics are given free reign.  Fiction is presented as fact, and real scientific research is so grossly misrepresented that I can only conclude that the program is actively lying to viewers.  To present the show as a documentary, on a non-fiction network, is a loathsome move by the History Channel spinoff.” – – Brian Switeck:

ANCIENT ALIENS is a “documentary” series on the (pseudo) History Channel which premiered in April of 2010.  The History Channel also screened a two-hour documentary of the same name in 2009.

Unsurprisingly – – given that ANCIENT ALIENS is just a rehash of ancient astronauts crankery, courtesy of Erich von Däniken  – – Däniken himself appears sweatily frequently in most episodes.

ANCIENT ALIENS now airs about every other minute, even outshining Pawn Stars in network executive love.

Re-branded as the Ancient Alien Theory, abusing the word theory in the process, von Däniken and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos set out to show how humanity achieved very little without the assistance of aliens.  While it could be more accurately be described as the Ancient Alien Hypothesis, it could be even more accurately described as the Ancient Alien Ass-pull.

The History Channel describes the “theory” as such:

According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history.  But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it?”



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