Possible B-21 test flight over Area 51 conducted on July 29, 2019?

Special report from Joerg Arnu of Dreamland Resort, July 30, 2019:


“Last night between 12 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., I recorded a test flight in the Dreamland MOA on 377.250 MHz.

The test aircraft used call sign “ROMEO“, talking to Dreamland Test controller “RAMROD“.

Romeo flew a number of test runs testing on-board systems referred to only as Tango 1, 2, etc.

Code phrases were used for the test results of each run.

ROMEO was accompanied by chase aircraft “Juliet 41“, which also identified as N99NG.

That aircraft is a known Northrop Grumman test bed equipped with a JSTARS radome under its belly.

I record nightly test flights in the Dreamland MOA quite frequently.

But several things got my attention:

ROMEO did not refuel upon arrival, departure or for the entire 2+ hour duration of the test, so it is not a fighter jet but an aircraft designed for longer range.  Use of code words for systems and test results is common, but I had never before heard the code words used in this particular test flight.

The chase aircraft is a Northrop test bed, which would seem to indicate that the test aircraft is a Northrop project as well.

Both aircraft checked into the ranges coming fro the direction of Edwards AFB.

Most flight of N99NG can be tracked on ADS-B Exchange, but not this flight.

N99NG currently flies out of Edwards AFB.

What does all this mean?

You decide.

A systems integration test of the new Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider  (which is not officially supposed to fly until 2021)?

A system test of B-21 sub-systems?

Something entirely different?

Who knows, but quite interesting, nevertheless.






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The best analysis of the ‘Phoenix Lights’ of 1997


In my opinion, Tim Printy has:


On March 13, 1997 something unusual happened over the state of Arizona.

An unusual formation of lights was seen to fly over the entire state.

The question is, “Who, or what, were these lights?”

If you ask any member of the public who saw them, you get mixed answers.

Those with a paranoid and/or “ET Believer” mentality, it was a top secret government project or aliens coming to visit us.

For those that are more skeptical, it appears that the objects were something strange but not extraterrestrial.





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B-21 to fly in December, 2021

by John A. Tirpak, AIR FORCE Magazine – – July 24, 2019:

The new B-21 Raider stealth bomber is making good progress and should fly in December 2021, USAF Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen “Seve” Wilson said July 24.

Wilson, speaking at an AFA Mitchell Institute event in Washington, D.C., said the service continues to analyze its capacity for long-range strike.  The Air Force still believes it is short, and is reviewing alternative force mixes.

Speaking on deterrence and the need to modernize the nuclear command, control, and communications network, Wilson said he was at Northrop Grumman’s facilities in Melbourne, Fla. in the last few weeks, “looking at the B-21,” and said the company is “moving out on that pretty fast.”  Wilson said he has an application on his phone “counting down the days … and don’t hold me to it, but it’s something like 863 days to first flight.”

That would put the first flight of the B-21 in December 2021.  The Air Force has said from the beginning that the first B-21 would be a “useable asset” but has also said it doesn’t expect an initial operating capability with the B-21 before the “mid 2020s.”

Northrop Grumman CEO “Kathy Warden and her team are focused on software integration and making sure … we’ll have the software ready for the plane when it’s delivered,” Wilson said.

The Air Force is “focused on the development of the new bomber as well as modernizing the B-52,” with new engines and radar, “and we’re exploring the force structure between the B-1 the B-2 and the B-52,” Wilson noted.  “The general consensus is, we don’t have enough long range strike capacity, and that came out in ‘The Air Force We Need,’ ” study the service published last September.

“We continue to look at what that force will be for the future across the bomber force, what mix it will be.”  He maintained the service needs “at least 100” B-21s.”

Air Force Magazine asked Wilson why the service has not advanced the planned number of B-21s, given the acknowledged shortfall in bomber capacity.  The Air Force said in “The Force We Need” that it requires another seven bomber squadrons.  Increasing the planned buy would also have the effect of reducing the unit cost, by amortizing development over a larger number of units.

“That’s exactly what we’re looking at,” Wilson replied, as well as “what the right balance” will be as B-21s come online.  The service has yet to decide if it will extend the B-1 and B-2 bombers—slated to retire in the early 2030s—to increase the bomber fleet or simply go for an all B-21 and B-52 fleet. “But we can’t have four bombers” Wilson said.

Asked if the Air Force will have the new bomber plan by September, or in time for the fiscal 2021 budget, Wilson said only “it may take some time” before the Air Force reaches a final decision.  He acknowledged that Air Force Global Strike Command boss Gen. Timothy Ray has openly questioned whether the B-1 and B-2 should be retired as the Air Force has planned.

Wilson also said that while the Air Force “isn’t going to get any new B-52s,” AFGSC might still take “one or two more out of the boneyard.”  He noted that Ray has “already brought one B-52 out of the boneyard.”



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Photo of secretive drone test base Area 6 (Yucca Lake airstrip) near Area 51 accidentally released through an industrial site !!


July 24, 2019 – –  from Tyler Rogoway’s THE DRIVE:

For those who keep tabs on the physical developments out at Area 51 and across the sprawling NTTR  (Nevada Test and Training Range),  this installation has become a regular location to pull up on satellite imagery providers like Google Earth.

So far, photos of this shadowy facility have been limited to those taken from space, such as indicated on Keith Rogers’ LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL article of 2016:

Yucca Lake Airstrip (Area 6) in Nevada, facility of utmost importance

Until now !!

“This photo does not show anything sensitive but I doubt it was cleared for publication.  Nice catch.”, stated Joerg Arnu of Dreamland Resort.

Here is the website of this industrial site that accidentally released it:




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Alien Conspiracy of 1998 – – those were my days of wild conspiracies

Yes, I have to admit that in 1998 I was still very much into crazy conspiracies – – I was a conspiracy nut at that time:

From the front page article of LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL that appeared on June 7, 1998:


Believers of an American plot to unite the world against UFOs say such a concept is being generated at Area 51 and the result will be a fascist rule similar to Germany under Adolf Hitler.

For the 150 people gathered at sunrise Saturday near one of the most talked about classified military facilities in the world, “Area 51” is home not to alien UFOs but to a good old American conspiracy.

The alien-UFO story, most of them now say, is government-concocted propaganda designed to throw people off the real story behind Groom Lake, as the military prefers to call Area 51.

While he tiptoed on the issue of the purpose of the research being conducted at Area 51, organizer Norio Hayakawa also cautioned that research at the base could be used against the American public.

“We believe they have a right to build weapons for the national defense,” Hayakawa said.  “But we believe they could also be used for surveillance on us in the near future.”


But, over 20 years later, my belief has changed somewhat:

I now believe that:

Area 51 is a vital U.S. Air Force-based research, development and test complex for various programs relevant to our national defense interests and supported by our hard-earned tax dollars.

It has nothing to do with “UFOs” or “Aliens”.   (On this, I had the same thoughts back in 1998)

It’s pure American leading-edge military technologies at work.

It’s there to develop advanced weapons systems that will ultimately protect our nation from any hostile nation and other enemies, foreign as well as domestic.


For the complete front page news article from LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL of June 7, 1998, click the following:

ALIEN CONSPIRACY – – The historic People’s Rally at Area 51 in 1998





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Should Japan apologize again? – – perhaps, for the last time, once and for all – – but maybe not

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – Photo taken by yours truly when my wife and I visited Tokyo in 1916 to see her relatives)

by Norio Hayakawa – – July 14, 2019:

Some say that there are two things Japan should do immediately, if it wants to remain a great nation.

Japan is a peaceful, prosperous, beautiful and ultra-modern country, one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world today.   It is blessed with rich, ancient cultural traditions that blend harmoniously with the modern.

Japan is also becoming the most popular travel destination among millions of people around the world.  The Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo in 2020.

I am proud of having been born and raised in Japan.

But is Japan truly a great nation?  Some people may question this.

But I believe that it can be, if it accomplishes one of the following:


1)  Japan should unconditionally sign the long-overdue Peace Treaty with Russia, i.e., without expecting the return of any of the 4 “Northern Islands” (the southern Kuril Islands)  taken by Russia towards the close of WW2.  Signing the Peace Treaty unconditionally will economically benefit both Japan and Russia.   It will play a major role in the complete development of Russia’s Far East region and Siberia.   Millions of jobs will be created, benefiting both the Russians and the Japanese.  I believe this is a must situation.

2)  Second, Japan as a nation should officially and publicly apologize and give at least $20,000 individually to each of the surviving Korean victims who were forced to work in Japan during WW2, including the Korean “comfort women” who were abused and victimized by the Japanese military.  Ideally, the apology should officially come not only from Prime Minister Abe but also from the present symbolic head, Emperor Naruhito, who just recently acceded to the throne.  Ideally, this apology should take the form of a televised press conference both in Japan and South Korea.  Ridiculous as this may sound, this may be the only way to end this lingering problem, for the last time, once and for all.  But I doubt that it will ever happen.   And it shouldn’t have to happen!!

(With the 1965 Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and South Korea, agreement between Japan and Korea concerning the settlement of problems in regard to property and claims and economic cooperation was signed.  Japan provided South Korea with $300 million grant in economic aid and $200 million in loans together with $300 million in loans for private trust, a total of $800 million as “economic cooperation”.

The official policy of Japanese governments has been that, in regard to war-time property issues and individual claims for compensation, such issues were settled completely and finally by this agreement.

In 2015 Japan also gave an additional $10 million to a South Korean organization for the purpose of dispersing $10,000 each to the known, surviving victims who were categorized as “comfort women” – – this was done by the organization that was set up by Korea and Japan, not by Japan directly to the individual victims.)

There are endless things Japan could do in order to completely correct the wrong it committed during WW2 and even before.  But it is endless and impossible to satisfy everyone who were victimized by the horror of war.

Even though Japan had already apologized for what it had done in WW2 and has made numerous Post-war reparations to Asian nations ( as well as other nations)  that were brutally victimized by its imperialistic militarism of the past, such apologies in the past did not seem to have been genuinely felt by the victimized nations.

The heinous crimes committed by Japan will never be forgotten by those nations.

(The sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, the Bataan march, massacre of the Chinese people in Nanking, China, annexation of the Korean Peninsula and subsequent oppression of the Korean people, annexation of Taiwan, etc. etc. – – the list is endless)

Money will never resolve what Japan did.  Japan is still hated by those nations.  I don‘t blame them.  It will take more than several hundred years or even more before those nations would eventually forgive Japan’s past atrocities.

Some say that it’s about time that Japan learned from the United States which admitted in 1988 that it unjustly had incarcerated Japanese-Americans in internment camps during WW2.  I am proud to be a naturalized citizen of the United States, a nation that is not afraid to correct the wrong, a nation that believes in doing the right thing, in righting the wrong to the best of its abilities.

The United States gave each of the Japanese-American internees a sum of $20,000 in 1988.  Of course money alone was never enough.  But what was so important was the United States’ symbolic gesture of admittance of its error.  Action spoke louder than words.  I truly commend the United States on this matter.

Some say “Why can’t Japan do the same for the surviving Korean victims of War crimes commited by Japan?  $20,000 will never suffice, but it will be a tremendous symbolic action for Japan and may become a step towards eventual lessening of hatred by those Asian nations, as well as other nations or people who still have hatred or animosity towards Japan.”  Prime Minister Abe will never let it happen.   And, as I stated earlier, it shouldn’t have to happen!!

By the way, the greatest crisis Japan is facing now is the growing labor shortage.

By 2030 or perhaps even earlier, 60% to 65% of the population of Japan will be 65 years or older.   In order to alleviate this dire situation, Japan will have no choice other than to hire foreign workers, the vast majority of which would come from other Asian nations.

Today’s younger generation of Japan does not seem to be interested that much in procreation.  Japan must therefore show more tolerance and acceptance of those from these Asian nations that it needs.  That’s the only way Japan can even become a true leader of Asia.

Japan is a great nation, some say.  But if it is, it will even be greater if Japan can change its “island” mentality.  I am a firm supporter of immigration reform in Japan.  (I am not talking about indiscriminate mass immigration.  I am talking about selective but compassionate immigration policies).

I also believe that eventually Japan should abolish the Imperial household.

Ordinary citizens’ hard earned tax dollars  (i.e. the yen)  should not go into many of the so-called imperial household’s sometimes lavish and unnecessary expenditures.



(ABOVE – – Anti-Japanese demonstrations in South Korea, August 10, 2019)



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The strange nature and origin of the UFO phenomena

A fascinating letter from a reader:

Hello Norio:


I do not want to pester you nor is what I am about to pose in any way intended to challenge your cosmology, world view or faith.

I want to ask you a couple of questions with the utmost respect and consideration for your work and opinions.

Allow me to preface this by saying I have listened to the theory promulgated by the late welsh-born Pastor Dr. IDE Thomas, who was featured in the 1990’s documentary “The Omega Conspiracy” in which he essentially insists that the Nephilim mentioned in the book of Genesis were not giants, but in fact “strange creatures that appeared from space” meaning fallen angels – – who worshipped Lucifer, and procreated with pre-flood era women.  His explanations can easily be found by searching his name on YouTube.

Thomas cites noted ancient scholars who held this belief up until the past 500 years, but because of how difficult it was for modern scholars to accept the bizarreness of the space-humanoid hypothesis, it was eventually abandoned.

I believe that God created the universe and “all things in it” as stated in Genesis, but has sent his Son Jesus to fulfill a plan exclusive for mankind – – and not all living things in the universe — of which may or may not possess the ability to present themselves in our physical, consensus reality.

Having said this, I believe there are demonic spirits in our realm apart from any potential living biological entity elsewhere outside our planet.

In my own life I pray for protection from such malevolent spirits or persons who may have such nefarious spirits inhabiting them.

My questions :

(1)  With all the aforementioned points in mind, do you believe that the absence of physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitations  (despite wild claims of bodies and materials, etc.)  thus far strengthens the case for “aliens” as deceptive, malevolent spiritual manifestations?  By this I mean visible intrusions  (however temporary)  of what amounts to as merely a mirage or holographic like projection;  in other words something that can not be captured and is incapable of leaving physical traces of its visitation.

(2)  If ever a strange piece of “craft” material or some biological entity could be substantiated as not being of earthly origin, do you believe it could still qualify as “Demonic”, for lack of a better word, or is that realm restricted by an inability to present physical evidence, as I alluded to?

Citing the Zimbabwe UFO case, I unquestionably believe one thing:  One, the children saw exactly what they reported.

What I ponder are the reports of telepathic messages warning of environmental Armageddon  (a false prophetic delusion?)  Were the children intentionally chosen over adults, and if so why?

(An amazing UFO incident – – what took place at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994)

Finally, the fact that the children report being within 3-5 feet of said creature(s), both parties stayed with in their “boundaries”.  The no-go zone logs divided them physically from the wild botanical elements outside the playground – and metaphorically, it seems – all which for me personally raises a series of spiritual, conclusionary questions:

Could this “visitation” be a paranormal, grand delusion episode manifesting as physical hardware and biological entities, all the while there was nothing solid there?

If one of the children had reached out to touch the being would the event have disappeared instantly?  Was the innocence of the children protected by “good” angels?

I suppose this can never be fully learned.

I realize you are not a theologian but again, I respect your work and your subtle but seemingly  (forgive me if I am wrong)  more public declaration of your Christian faith in recent years.  Do not feel obligated to reply, I just wanted to get these ponderings off my conscious.


I am retired from 28 years of probation work, work part time and practice and teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Outside of media, there’s no one in my familial or social circles who give much if any thought to what I believe is the greatest mystery of our time:

The nature and origin of the UFO phenomena.

I greatly appreciated your blog, the time you took to read this long-winded letter (!)  and I continue to look forward to new entries you post.

Best wishes,

David L.




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Paraphysical phenomena in Dulce, New Mexico – – fact or fiction?

by Norio Hayakawa:

There is no doubt in my mind that this region of New Mexico has had strange paranormal activity associated with it.

Although there has never been any credible, solid, physical evidence whatsoever that there is a US/Alien collaborative underground biological facility or base there, reports of sightings of strange objects  (as well as occasional sightings of military helicopters over the community)  seem to continue in the Dulce area.

But before we take a look at them, here is a very short background information about Dulce, New Mexico.

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – all photos on this site can be enlarged)

Dulce is located in a beautiful environment:

(Dulce has many pretty lakes such as Stone Lake and several others, including a small lake such as the Dulce Lake above)

(The Dulce Rock)


Dulce was founded by the Gomez family as a ranching operation.  The original name was “Agua Dulce“, Spanish for “sweet water”, because of the presence of natural springs that provided good drinking water for the people and their animals.

The original homestead was founded in 1877 by Jose Eugenio Gomez.  The Jicarilla Apache reservation was established in 1887 when the Apache people were forced into a reservation

The Gomez Ranch is currently kept under Manuel Gomez ownership, though surrounded by reservation land.

Now let’s take a look at:


The late 1960s:

According to a testimony given by former Dulce, New Mexico resident Darren Vigil Gray, it was in the late 1960s that this amazing incident took place on Hwy 64 between Dulce and Lumberton.

At that time Darren was a fourth grader on the Jicarilla Apache reservation in northern Rio Arriba County.

At around 6:30 a.m. that particular morning, he claims he saw a flying saucer on his way to a parochial school which was located in nearby Lumberton.

A “dirty metallic colored” disk about 20 feet in diameter passed about 50 feet in the air over his school bus between Dulce and Lumberton, he said:

“It created all this chaos on the bus,” Gray said.

He said his brother, then a sixth-grader, yelled, “It’s a flying saucer!”

But the priest driving the van didn’t stop to investigate the phenomenon and instead stepped on the gas!!

Gray said the disk appeared to come from Archuleta Mesa and continued for several miles over the low hills south of the highway.

He said cattle mutilations soon began to be reported in the same area, and the mesa was said to be a sort of UFO base.

“The experience really changed my whole scope,” said Gray, now a well-known artist in Santa Fe:

This incident was also confirmed by a former Dulce rancher Edmund Gomez, who was also among more than a dozen students in that school bus:

This incident was mentioned in Albuquerque Journal by Tom Sharp on April 5, 1996:


(By the way, the Gomez family had the largest ranch in the Dulce area at that time.  Beginning around 1975, the Gomez family began to report many incidents of cattle mutilations in their ranch, which were soon investigated by State Patrol Officer Gabe Valdez, who was assigned by the State of New Mexico to find out what was actually happening.

To this date, the cattle mutilation incidents in the Dulce area of those years still remain unsolved. – – both Edmund Gomez and the late Gabe Valdez have expressed their belief that it was the government, and not the aliens, that were perpetrating these incidents.

And that it may have had something to do with the government’s attempt to covertly investigate the radiation effects on local cattle resulting from the 1967 underground nuclear experimentProject Gasbuggy, December 10, 1967 – which took place about 22 miles southwest of Dulce):


Dulce resident Lorene Willis says “We often get reports of sightings of military helicopters over Dulce.”

The following footage was taken on June 5, 2017, by Lorene Willis from her home in Dulce which faces the Archuleta Peak – – a flight of 4 military helicopters one after another:

But, why?, some folks question.

There are no known military bases anywhere near Dulce, New Mexico.

The big question is what are military helicopters doing, specifically over Dulce, New Mexico?

Some folks say the the most logical known base from where these helicopters originate may be Ft. Carson in Colorado, more than 200 miles northeast.

Mark Parra says:

“Ft. Carson is where they originate. It’s the spearhead of the First Infantry Division and various Special Operations forces. It’s the headquarters of North America Central Command and the entire Four Corners is their playground, training grounds.”

But my personal question persists even to this day:

“Why were two military helicopters hovering early in the morning over the Best Western Hotel in Dulce on March 29, 2009 the day of the first-time ever DULCE BASE CONFERENCE?”:

On Sunday morning  (March 29, 2009)  when it was still dark outside, many guests at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn were awakened shortly before 6 a.m. by a thunderous roar of blades of helicopters above.

Local residents nearby reported that there was a rare low flight of two military helicopters above Dulce.

In the afternoon session of the conference, two local residents also testified that they witnessed the military helicopters circling above Dulce and that they passed slowly above the hotel!!

Please click and read:



If they exist, they’re not ours.

The U.S. Air Force has never built any humongous triangular aircraft or boomerang-shaped craft  (such as three or four times the size of a football field)  that can hover absolutely silently or maneuver silently and as slow as 10 to 15 miles per hour in the sky.

Absolutely not.

It’s pure science fiction.

In fact there is not a single credible photo of any US-made humongous flying triangular craft so far.



We do not know for sure.

Here is the YouTube version of the above article:

The UFO phenomenon appears to me as a temporary, paraphysical intrusion into our physical dimension by an unknown intelligence or unknown sentient entitities, paraphysically materializing themselves to a “pre-selected” observer  (or a group of observers, whether small or large)  and presenting to the observer as a physical extraterrestrial phenomenon and visitation for reasons yet unknown.

On this line of thought, here are my two greatest heroes in Ufology, Dr. Jacques Vallee and the late John A. Keel.

I highly recommend you to check their work because I am totally in agreement with their ideas on this whole subject matter:

(ABOVE – – Dr. Jacques Vallee and the late John A. Keel



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