Dulce Base, New Mexico…..Fact?, Fiction? or Disinformation?

Archuleta Mesa

(An ominous rotating storm in Dulce, New Mexico, taken from the River Rd. and looking south, with the Mundo Ridge mountains in the background….Archuleta Mesa is not seen in this photo since it is behind the person who took this photo, i.e. Clyde L. in September, 2013….KOB-TV Eyewitness News Channel 4 of Albuquerque, New Mexico…..CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)

Archuleta Mesa 2

(CLICK AND ENLARGE ABOVE – – the bridge at the Navajo River in Dulce, with the Archuleta Mesa in the background)

(CLICK AND ENLARGE ABOVE – – Top of the Archuleta Peak by Dulce, New Mexico. There is nothing there except some FM radio tower, other communication tower and a few shacks – – from Google Earth.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that the Archuleta Peak is simply a small portion of the entire Archuleta Mesa (which also includes Mount Archuleta on the northwest portion, right by the Colorado State line).

However, reported UFO sightings by residents of Dulce, New Mexico, headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in northern New Mexico, seem to continue to attract media attention:

Residents of Dulce claim UFOs, Bigfoot spotted in area – – May 24, 2016, KOAT-TV Channel 7, Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Residents of Dulce have claimed multiple UFO sightings believed to be linked to an alleged top-secret underground alien base located under the Archuleta Mesa near the town.
There is a hardcore group of UFO and alien enthusiasts who believe that Dulce is the location of the U.S. government’s major top-secret bio-genetics research facility.
There have also been reports of black military helicopters linked with UFO sightings.
The mysterious helicopters with roving bright lights reportedly hover in the night sky over the mountain plateau.
But are these reported claims real?
Are these folks been mind-controlled into this type of beliefs?
Or, is there an alternatereality” lurking and interacting with the human psyche behind the physical facade of Dulce and its surroundings?

(Please refer to my article at the very bottom of this page:  PARAPHYSICAL PHENOMENON DOES SEEM TO EXIST IN DULCE, NEW MEXICO)

For Conspiracy-oriented folks only……..in 2011, William J. Birnes claimed that after the Dulce Base episode aired on March 25, 2009, the “UFO HUNTERS” program was inexplicably cancelled by top level executives at History Channel, i.e., all further productions of “UFO HUNTERS” were cancelled since then…..was it because of poor ratings?….or, is there more to that story?

Portions of the Dulce Base episode that aired in March of 2009 on the HISTORY CHANNEL:

Please also watch the following very important and rare interview with the late Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of the entire Dulce area for many years:…..courtesy of filmmaker John Gomez…..(I am not in total agreement with Gabe Valdez when he insisted that all “UFOs” are man-made, even though I lean towards skepticism when it comes to “UFOs” as conclusive evidence for physical extraterrestrial visitations):

Interview with Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of Dulce area for many years, courtesy of filmmaker John Gomez:


Here is my hypothesis regarding Dulce:
(however, my hypothesis could be totally wrong…in the following video piece I should have placed more emphasis on the 1967 Project Gasbuggy which took place 22 miles southwest of Dulce…which may have caused some radiation leaks beginning nearly a decade later and may have affected some animals in the area, such as cattle…and that the government may have begun to monitor the radiation levels of certain pre-selected cows of some ranches in the area):

Hypothesis on Dulce, New Mexico

Cattle mutilations in Dulce, New Mexico in the mid 1970s to the early 1990s…..some important points

April 7, 2014 

Here are some very important points noted by Greg Valdez, author of  ‘DULCE BASE‘  in regards to the cattle mutilations in Dulce, New Mexico, from the mid 1970s to the early 1990s:

“If the government went to local ranchers and purchased cattle to use for testing purposes, the first question any rancher would ask is, “Why are you testing my cattle?”.  And more importantly, “Who contaminated them?”  The government has a long history of incompetent decision making, but they are smart enough to avoid a lawsuit, especially when the evidence shows that they created the contamination in the first place (in this case in Dulce, New Mexico), i.e. Project Gasbuggy  (the Atomic Energy Commission’s experiment involving underground detonation of nuclear device 22 miles southwest of Dulce on December 10, 1967, ostensibly to ease the flow of natural gas in the region but which later apparently caused radiation leaks in the surrounding environment, affecting animals and even some residents, including the Dulce area)…..Please watch the following video:

Underground nuclear explosion near Dulce, New Mexico in 1967

“Evidence at the first Gomez ranch mutilation indicated that whoever killed the animal went back the next day to its location.  Based on the way these dead animals would decompose in the manner much different than normal corpses, they were probably still conducting research on the animals as they decomposed; there is evidence they returned to the ‘crime scene’.  They could not simply take the cattle, keep them, and destroy the evidence after the animal was dead because this would cause panic amongst the ranchers, who would condense their herds and keep them in corrals to protect them, making the experiments nearly impossible.”

The following observation by Greg Valdez, may have wider applications (in other ‘remote areas’):

“Remember that these ranches cover a large geographic are in remote locations.  The worse thing a rancher could do was corral and babysit the animals at night if you were in the business of mutilating cattle. Leaving the carcasses behind actually helps push the alien cover-up portion of this story. This is a highly orchestrated, well-funded operation; it could simply be explained that the animals were intentionally left behind to mislead investigators into thinking aliens were involved, since strange UFO and helicopter activity was routinely viewed around the mutilation sites.”

I urge everyone to read Greg Valdez’s excellent book, ‘DUCE BASE‘.



By the way, as far as the allegation that there is a joint U.S./alien underground base under Archuleta Mesa is concerned, there is absolutely no credible evidence for it.  Phil Schneider‘s story, no matter how fascinating it is, is simply his own personal account, with no credible documentary evidence whatsoever.  It’s a brilliant fiction that has always captivated a gullible segment of the so-called ‘UFO’ community.  It would make a great Hollywood movie:


Please click and read the following article:




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A suspicious ranch northwest of Dulce, New Mexico, adjacent to Mt. Archuleta…..a former CIA operation?

Redding Ranch 1

(Courtesy of Greg Valdez)


The National Institute For Discovery Sciences  (NIDS headed by Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow, who also owns Bigelow Aerospace) reportedly had made an investigation earlier (ca. 1998) regarding this suspicious ranch.

However, the following report itself by NIDS regarding this ranch seems to be more suspicious now:

(QUOTE, from the original NIDS report)

“It has been reported in the media and on the internet that the Redding War Ranch, located at 37° 2.91′ north latitude and 107° 1.44′ west longitude (GPS) next to Mt. Archuleta (straddling New Mexico – Colorado border), is rumored to be an undercover facility engaged in secret activity connected with Mt. Archuleta.

These rumors further state that the ranch has eight armed guard watch towers scattered along the property.

In addition, there is an unusual round steel (and air conditioned) building located behind a ranch entrance gate on the opposite side of the property (37° 6.02′ north latitude and 107°2.85′ west longitude – GPS).

A metal plaque prominently posted on a watch tower door identified the manufacturer as Houston Blow Pipe & Steel Plate Works (P.O. BOX 1692, Houston, TX 77251-1692, phone: 713-675-2273, FAX: 713-675-5038).

Having seen the towers and being interested in their origin and purpose, a simple phone call was made to the phone number above.

It was learned during the phone conversation that the President and CEO of the company is Mr. W. A. Redding.

Contrary to the myths that have been perpetuated, a simple explanation was provided by Mr. Redding.

1) Mr. Redding stated that the watch towers are actually hunting stands with the brand name “The Ultimate Hunting Stand.”

The hunting stands on the ranch are weather proof-heavy gauge steel construction (5 feet diameter, 850 pounds est. total weight) equipped with 10 feet high steel angle frame supports, steel ladder or a steel walk-up type stairway with steel pipe hand railing, propane heater and tank, five large one way mirror-pane plate glass (hinged and latched) windows (hunters can see out, but game cannot see inside), swivel chair, and indoor-outdoor carpet on floor and side wall.

Further, the stands are used for photographing game and birds, and hunting of game (deer, elk, javelina,moose, sheep and turkeys).

According to published literature, the stands have been in production since 1963 and employ 75 years of hunting and 60 years of steel fabrication experience in their design for all-weatherhunting.

2) The round steel building is a bunk house for ranch hands designed and manufactured by Mr. Redding’s Houston steel company.

The bunk house design employs the same all-weather heavy gauge steel construction as the hunting stands along with air conditioning and fuel-oil heater.

It is not currently being used.

3) The owner of the Redding War Ranch is Mr. Redding himself.

He can becontacted at the phone number given above.

4) The Redding War Ranch is used to raise small herds of Beefalo”.



Yes, I think so.

Here is what Edmund Gomez from Dulce said about this.

And I agree with him.


“Based on the source of research by NIDS, yes, this was their take on the ranch years after the ranch let its defense down and allowed folks to travel through it.

From early 1960’s to late 1980’s, you could not trespass on the Redding Ranch, not even to retrieve a cow.


That is the million dollar question.

And, why are all the structures including the towers, doors and windows in bunkhouse constructed of a very heavy gage steel (making them bulletproof)?

NIDS continues to provide information  (or is it disinformation?)  to keep us off track, in my opinion.

In the fall of 1997, I led Gabe Valdez (former New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of the Dulce area) and two other scientists from NIDS on the expedition and continued through up to Mt. Archuleta.

We were able to go directly to the towers, enter, photograph and see the tags with the manufacturer.

I told them that the glass, doors, shutters and structures were bullet-proof and was going to show them, but inexplicably, Gabe Valdez stopped me.

I could not get them to go to the “bunkhouse and hangar” to investigate further.

Also, I noticed that the airstrip had been plowed and planted with oats.

But again, no interest was shown by the NIDS folks”.


I could not agree more with the above quote from Edmund Gomez.

I also do not trust NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Sciences).

By the way, Greg Valdez, in his excellent book DULCE BASE  http://vimeo.com/75113578

mentions that (the late) “Mr. Redding owned Houston Blow Pipe and Steel and was a military contractor providing manufacturing of heavy-duty plate rolling, which was commonly used at the Nevada Test Site for construction of underground tunnels during the testing of nuclear bombs in Nevada.

Mr. Redding’s company also provided air circulation systems (that’s one of the services a blowpipe company usually provides, in case you’re curious), which would be convenient technology to have for constructing an underground base or tunnel”.

Redding Ranch is currently owned by the Southern Ute tribe which purchased it from W.A. Redding on August 16, 2005.

Redding passed away in 2009 in Texas. Redding acquired the property in 1976.

According to Greg Valdez, in his book DULCE BASE, “the land directly south of the Redding Ranch did not indicate a previous owner.

The key to this is the fact that the United States government owned all the property prior to 1965 and it wasn’t the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management.

When Edmund Gomez looked into the property records during the 1980s, he found ficticious companies listed (a common tactic of agencies such as the CIA) as the owner on record of the Redding Ranch.

After Edmund’s finding of the fictitious companies became public, the ownership records changed back to Mr. Redding.”


How to get right next to this suspicious ranch, northwest of Dulce, New Mexico



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A classic case from 1964…..the Lonnie Zamora incident of April 24, 1964, outside of Socorro, New Mexico

Lonnie Zamora 1

This is definitely one case that still fascinates me, even after all these years !!

It happened on April 24, 1964, just outside a small town called Socorro in the State of New Mexico, USA:

Was it a US made experimental craft?    I doubt it.

Was it NASA’s Lunar Module?    I highly doubt it.

(NASA would never mistakenly or even intentionally test fly its Lunar Module way beyond its test range and land on a populated area)

Was it a prank orchestrated by some college students of nearby NEW MEXICO TECH, as some researchers such as Anthony Bragalia and Frank Stalter later started claiming?

I am quite skeptical that it was a college students’ prank, even after reading such theories as posted in:


“If it was a college students’ prank, how such a hoax might be pulled off has never been fully explained.  Some claim that a rear projection device was stolen from the college on the day of the Zamora UFO incident.  However, it is not likely that a rear projection device would have been of any use in creating an illusion in the desert in full sunlight.  While we might suppose that two students wearing white coveralls may have made some marks in the ground and released a helium balloon when Zamora arrived, it is difficult to see how they removed themselves from the scene before Officer Chavez arrived minutes later.”

Could a bunch of students develop a shiny, polished metallic oval object that could take off into the distant sky at an incredible rate of speed as was described by experienced law enforcement officer, Lonnie Zamora?

Or, was this a ‘mischievous’ but purposefully staged event orchestrated not by some college students but by some unknown paraphysical entities who, for some inexplicable reason, suddenly materialized themselves, temporarily breaking through the barrier of dimension and presented to a “pre-selected” observer  – i.e., officer Zamora – – a staged scenario,   as if he were watching an extraordinary extraterrestrial type of visitation?

It is not an exaggeration to say that this case was exactly what attracted to me to New Mexico and became my secondary reason for coming to New Mexico all the way from Japan.

(By an unbelievable coincidence, I had been offered a partial scholarship to attend a college the following year here in New Mexico.)

After arriving at Albuquerque in 1965, unfortunately my college studies began to continuously preoccupy me until 1973 when I had to move to Arizona to become a high school teacher and I regretted the fact that I had never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Zamora in person in Socorro.

However, in 2008 when my wife and I moved backed to New Mexico to retire, after living and working in California, I decided to call him on the telephone from Rio Rancho, our new residence.

I had a very pleasant conversation with him on the telephone, even though it was only for a few minutes or so.

He was such a friendly-sounding person, a very polite and pleasant-sounding gentleman.  He was already a 75-year old senior citizen by that time, but his mind still seemed to be very sharp and he verified to me on the phone his unforgettable sighting just as it had been reported in the newspapers 45 years ago.

He told me “Come on over” but I never had a chance to meet him.

He passed away the following year, in 2009, I was told later.

I firmly believe the Lonnie Zamora case was a legitimate case in every sense of the word.

As to what the object was, that is a separate question.

It is still unsolved.   It is still a mystery.

What impressed me was that Lonnie described the two persons  (of rather short stature)  as wearing some type of white cover-alls.

Lonnie initially described them as more or less “normal” people.

Above is just an artist’s illustration, not an actual photo

In any case, this is definitely a noteworthy case.

The best short video on the Socorro incident

Capt. Richard T. Holder’s comment on the Socorro incident

Here is an interesting letter from C.B. Moore, Professor, Atmospheric Physics and Chairman, Langmuir Laboratory at NEW MEXICO TECH   (courtesy of Ben Moss and Tony Angiola)


Here is the main portion of this 1981 letter:

“In regards to the unidentified sighting by Officer Zamora in 1964, I have investigated this on my own and can assure you that there is little probability that it had anything do with with students of the Institute.

If we can believe Officer Zamora (and there is no reason except for the strangeness of the observation that we should not)  then it appears that he saw a Luna Landing Module but his observation was at least 12 months before the module was first tested here.   We have no further information nor conclusion about this report.


C.B. Moore

Professor, Atmospheric Physics and

Chairman, Langmuir Laboratory


By the way, here is an interesting comment by Nippa Downey on the INSIGNIA controversy, mainly because someone claimed that the insignia seen on the outside of the craft was not the one shown on illustrations:



“I think that the so-called ‘Inverted V’ with 3 horizontal lines through it, is the decoy insignia.

It is a much easier symbol to remember and describe, when compared to the genuine one.

Plus it has lines through it, which to me suggests a kind of crossing out”, like – it’s NOT THE RIGHT ONE, cross it out three times.

Just so Lonnie and Hynek could remember it without getting confused.

It is so much easier to remember for a decoy, rather than the curved arch with the arrow and lines underneath.

That would be too overly complicated to have as a decoy.

Decoys are usually always simpler in definition and execution.

This would also tie in nicely with why I don’t think you would describe the three lines across shape as an inverted V.

You would say it is an A with three lines across it, or through it – so hence why it seemed a little odd, and why I believe it is the decoy.

So let’s analyze the insignia.

This is a possibility of what the GENUINE insignia could represent in my opinion.

I design icons and symbols and fonts everyday, and if this was on the side of a rocket or spacecraft I would easily understand why it had been designed that way. Can you?

Let’s examine the construction of it.

I used a very common font from 1964 called Franklin Gothic to create it. This font would have been widely available in all sizes in 1964.

What I noticed about Zamora’s insignia sketch (as I am also a font designer), was – and here comes my ‘NEW INSIGHT’ – is that the symbols used in it are all available on a typewriter keyboard.

It uses the left bracket ‘(‘ , the less than character ‘<‘ , the minus character ‘-‘ , and the vertical line separator ‘|’ or upper case ‘I’ when a sans serif font is selected on some IBM electric typewriters (which were used extensively by the scientific community in 1964).

When it is written like this (<-| and when turned 90 degrees clockwise it matches exactly.

How crazy is that?

Of all the billions upon billions of shapes, characters, letterforms, symbols and glyphs that we know, this set of four shapes (although very simplistic), when combined, can be written sideways using a typewriter from 1964! Most likely the IBM electric one.  (Although I am still awaiting confirmation from a US typewriter expert)



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My views on UFOs, Aliens and Global Conspiracies


My views on UFOs, Aliens and Global Conspiracies:


It seems that the majority of the world’s astronomers and scientists do not discount the possibility that we are not alone in the universe, even though we still have no definite evidence for it.

Here is my favorite quote from Arthur C. Clarke:

“Two possibilities exist…….either we are alone in the universe or we are not.  Both are equally terrifying“.

Arthur C. Clarke

2. On UFOs  (as physical alien spacecraft)  and Aliens  (as physical extraterrestrial biological entities having visited or are visiting our Earth) :

Like the overwhelming majority of the world’s astronomers and scientists, I have been skeptical about it since around 1978, when I first began to devour books by John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee.


Until then I was a strong supporter of physical, nuts-and-bolts Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.


Just like Col. John Alexander, I am skeptical about the government having intentionally covered up UFO information.


I totally agree with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy that:

“The U.S. government has no evidence that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.

In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.

Many scientists and mathematicians have looked with a statistical mindset at the question of whether life likely exists beyond Earth and have come to the conclusion that the odds are pretty high that somewhere among the trillions and trillions of stars in the universe there is a planet other than ours that is home to life.

Many have also noted, however, that the odds of us making contact with any of them – especially any intelligent ones – are extremely small, given the distances involved.

But that’s all statistics and speculation.

The fact is:



I am highly skeptical about it.

Over the years, Area 51 has become a social, cultural and psychological phenomenon.

It has become an integral part of the UFO subculture in America and the world.

I am one of the original Team Members of the world’s largest reality-based online resource on Area 51:  http://www.dreamlandresort.com

Area 51 Trevor Paglen

(Photo by Trevor Paglen)


I am highly skeptical about it.

Dulce, New Mexico

However, I am open to a speculation that at one time, there may have been some type of a small, remote off-site CIA-operated light aircraft (or drones) test facility on the northern slope of Mount Archuleta close to the Colorado stateline (possibly Redding Ranch).


(Courtesy of Greg Valdez)

But I also remain open to the possibility that there could be some type of paraphysical phenomena existing in the Dulce region.  I cannot debunk any claims of locals who seem to report such activities in that area.


I remain skeptical about major, large-scale Globally-orchestrated conspiracies.

(911 was definitely a conspiracy, a criminal conspiracy committed by terrorists, but not a Global Conspiracy such as orchestrated by an alleged Global Government – – a Global Government may come in the future, but I don’t see it now.)

To some folks, belief in Global Conspiracies seems to be more comforting than reality (as we understand reality to be).

Alan Moore


The phenomenon  “seems”  to be real, just as Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee have stated.

However, I still do not know for sure and I will keep on searching.

I do not know the true nature of this phenomenon.

I would like to meet anyone who knows the true nature of this phenomenon.



Yes, in a way, religion is part of pseudoscience because it involves belief.

Religion is not science.  Religion is religion. Science is science.


I believe there is a God and that he has given to each of us his plan in this life and the life to come.


Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and countless number of others.

They gave us an understanding of what science is.

My favorite quote is from Stephen Hawking:  “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge”.

(By the way, my heroes in “Ufology” include J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, John A. Keel and others.)


I do not agree with some of them when it comes to religion.

To believe is human.

Carl Sagan said “I don’t want to believe…..I want to know”.

(By the way, Carl Sagan was not an atheist.  He was an agnostic.)


However, I say “I want to believe until I know for sure…..and I also want to know more”.


Although I try my best to remain open-minded, I am a UFO skeptic in the sense that I am skeptical that UFOs represent actual physical extraterrestrial visitations in physical extraterrestrial spacecraft piloted by physical extraterrestrial entities.

But that does not mean that I am not interested in Ufology and UFO culture.

In fact, in my opinion, this is one of the most fascinating study topics in terms of Human Psychology and beliefs.

By the way, the term “UFO (a confusing term perhaps haphazzardly coined by the Air Force)  is totally ambiguous, meaningless and divisive.

Unidentified” is only relevant to the observer.

(An aerial phenomenon that cannot be identified? “Cannot be identified” by whom?)

Likewise, “flying” is only relevant to the observer.

Many reported descriptions fall more into the category of “disappearing” or “dematerializing” rather than “flying” as we know it.

Some say that reality is only relevant to each perceiver.

Even though I remain skeptical about physical aliens ever having physically visited our Earth, I must admit the possibility that reality may not be what it seems.

(I like Dr. Jacques Vallee’s description: “the things we call ‘unidentified flying objects’ may neither be objects nor flying”).

This is why I came to believe that the entire phenomena could even be some form of “psycho-spiritual” manifestations or such by a power which we cannot comprehend simply by physical pursuit, a power which apparently is capable of presenting an “instant” (but only “temporary”) “appearance” or “illusion” of being a physical phenomenon to the observer.

Some suggest that it could even be a momentary, holographic intrusion from some “parallel intelligence”.

Some others even suggest that it could perhaps be some form of temporary “time-slip” or an interdimensional “accident”. We just don’t have the answer.

It seems to me that as a possible projection from “another” reality, the phenomenon appears to be able to materialize and de-materialize at will.

But more significant is its apparent inability to stay in our dimensional realm except for a few moments at a time, or only for a short period of time.

As Dr. Jacques Vallee suggested above, “UFOs” may not necessarily be objects nor are they “flying” as we understand “flying” by the use of any propulsion system. Yet they are even said to be able to affect our physical parameters (such as radar, etc.)

Although my highest respect goes to men of science, such as the late Carl SaganStephen HawkingSeth Shostak, etc., etc., ad infinitum, I have never regretted the fact that throughout all these years I have somehow gotten myself involved in the weird field of “Ufology” because I still say that this is a strange world we’re living in and that there are still so many things we don’t really know about our world and our vast universe, including the question:  What is reality?

I still do not know for sure.


(Motomachi Street in Yokohama, Japan, where my mother’s ‘flying saucer’ sighting took place in 1975…photo, courtesy of Ambassadors Japan…..Please read the following report):

My mother’s ‘flying saucer’ sighting in 1975….Do I believe her?…Yes, without doubt

Please also read this item:


– – – – – –


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UFOs and “End-time” beliefs of Apocalyptic Christians


One of the main characteristics of America’s Bible-believing, Evangelical Christians, is their total support of Israel through the belief that contemporary Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies and that the U.S. must continue to support the State of Israel, no matter what.

A large number of these American Bible-believing, Evangelical Christians, therefore, believe that we are living the the “End-time” period of God’s prophetic calendar.

It is of utmost importance to point out some of the “End-time” scenarios as believed by the supporters of this view.

Here is the typical order of the prophetic events to come, as outlined by many of those Christians who seem to hold on to the so-called Pre-millenial, Dispensationalist, Pre-Tribulation viewpoints.


They seem to believe that this could easily begin with the escalation of the Middle East conflict, involving Israel. They seem to believe that Iran and Syria will play a major initial role in this scenario.

They say that the Ezekiel 38 scenario includes the attempted invasion into Israel by all Islamic forces (led and orchestrated by the northern-most power, i.e., Russia) and will conclude with a miraculous Israeli victory.

They believe that it is suggested in the Bible that it will take 7 years to bury the dead from this unprecedented conflagration. (The U.S. will be involved, directly or indirectly in this conflagration, they explain).


According to their belief, the Ezekiel 38 scenario will conclude with the mysterious appearance of the Anti-Christ who will create a Peace Treaty between Israel and the Palestinians (and all Islamic confederation).


They say that the Ezekiel 38 scenario could also conclude with a simultaneous, mysterious disappearance of millions of people from this earth, which will result in total chaos, confusion and fear among the global populace.
This, they say, is the “Rapture“.
It will be a mysterious, mass “evacuation” of the believers to meet the Lord in “mid-air“.
(The physical bodies will be mysteriously and instantaneously converted to celestial bodies).

In other words, “born-again” believers will be translated from one side to the other, i.e., from the earthly plane to the heavenly dimension and will meet Jesus in “mid-air“.

They say that the “Rapture” (from Latin “raptare“, to “snatch” away, as in the eagle “snatching” away her baby when danger comes and taking it away to a safer location, etc.), is a supernatural event clearly suggested in the Bible that has not happened yet in the history of mankind, but will be certain to happen, according to most of these pre-tribulationist, dispensationalist believers.

It will be an inexplicable, instantaneous disintegration of all atomic particles of each of our cells of our tissues, i.e., the instant conversion of our physical body into a spiritual, celestial “body” which will be swooshed up into “mid-air”.

In other words, they believe that “in the twinkling of an eye“, our physical bodies will go through a mysterious, sudden transmogrification (a favorite word used by John Keel) and will be lifted up to meet the Lord in “mid-air“. Our entire physical bodies (the tissues, the cells will go through a sudden, inexplicable atomic fission-type transformation, they say.)

They believe that the “Rapture” is a conduit prepared by God for us to escape the coming global wrath known as the Tribulation (comparable to the days of Noah, when God safely place a few faithful believers in the ark first and then caused the rain to pour down thereafter).
Pre-tribulationist, dispensationalists believe that this unprecedented event will take place simultaneously with the appearance (the revealing) of the Anti-Christ.

The Anti-Christ, according to these believers, will not be able to come to power until the “body of believers” (together with the presence of the Holy Spirit) is removed from this earth.
Only then, at that moment, can the Anti-Christ come into power.

According to these Christians, the “Rapture” will literally be a celestial wedding, the union of the bride (the “church” or “the body of believers”) and the Groom (Jesus Christ).
This “wedding” celebration in the air will last for 7 days, which could symbolically be equivalent to 7 earthly years, according to some interpretations.


When the Anti-Christ appears on global emergency TV news conference, many of these Fundamentalist Christians say that he would calm down the frightened people of the earth with his ingenious, well-calculated explanation regarding the sudden disappearance of millions of people from the earth; this could be when “UFOs” are brought up; the Anti-Christ could use some type of “extraterrestrial” intervention explanation.


(By the way, in the U.S., the majority of the Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians hold on to the viewpoint that somehow the “UFO” phenomenon is “Satanic” or “diabolical“.
These groups seem to believe that “UFOs” will play a major role in these future biblical prophecies.

However, some of these Fundamentalists seem to emphasize that only one-third of the entire angelic entities of the universe are demonic or malevolent or “fallen” and that the rest, i.e., the remaining two-thirds are benelovent or “good” angels.

There are some Fundamentalist ministers who state that the malevolent one-third are the ones posing as “extraterrestrial aliens” and are deceiving a segment of the population in the time period they describe as these “End-time” period of history.)

Some theorists even believe that if a global government of some sort is to be set up intentionally (by force) in the future, there are several ways to accomplish it. Creating wars is one example, they say.

Creating other series of “crises” is another, such as manipulating natural global catastrophes, or even creating artificial ones. Some researchers call this the “ORDO AB CHAOS” theory.

They also point out that Henry Kissinger at one time suggested that should the world suddenly face an external threat (i.e., from “outer space“) whether REAL or PROMULGATED, it would accelerate a cry for a global unified government. They say that Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev also had allegedly made such similar remarks, that if the world is faced with such an extraterrestrial threat, we will all forget our differences and be united as one to defend this earth from such threats.

Some conspiracy theorists seem to pose this question:
Can the “world governmentstage a deceptive, “alien contact/landing” scenario?
If the secret government were to stage such a fake, “extraterrestrial” type of event, it would definitely be beneficial to them if there remains an adamant element of society who have always believed in “UFOs” and “aliens“).

In any case, Bible-believing Evangelical Christians seem to believe that somehow the Anti-Christ will come up with a brilliant, convincing explanation for the “Rapture” event and that somehow (supernaturally) the world will have a sigh of relief by his explanation.


According to these believers, this event will be the beginning of the 7 -year Tribulation Period  (i.e., the “New World Order” of the Anti-Christ, the first half of which will be relatively and deceptively peaceful, and the second half of which will be an iron-fisted rule of the Anti-Christ, who will declare himself to be God at mid-point).


Towards the end of the 7th year, nations such as Red China (and the rest of the “Kings of the East“) will challenge the dictatorship of Anti-Christ’s Europe-based New World Order and will begin to cross the Euphrates and make a move towards the valley of Megiddo.

This battle, the battle of Armageddon, will be the final global battle.
During the climax of this battle, celestial forces led by Jesus Christ (and accompanied by those who had been “raptured“) will descend and will destroyall earthly forces.


Jesus Christ, according to these believers, will rule from Israel for a 1,000 years.
This is the Millenial Kingdom.


At the end of the 1000 years, there will be a minor rebellion by the descendants of those who may have survived the Armageddon and continued to procreate, thus having physical bodies.
That minor rebellion will be crushed by God, these believers say.


This is the gist of the events to occur in the near future, according to many of the so-called Fundamentalist, Dispensationalist, Evangelical, Pre-Millenial, Pre-Tribulationist Christians.
Is this all wild, “science fiction“?
Maybe.  But again, no one knows.
Does it hurt to believe in this “unbelievable” scenario?
These Evangelical Christians seem to say that it won’t hurt at all to believe that if such scenarios could come true.
They say that they have nothing to lose by believing in it even if it doesn’t come true, but everything to gain if it indeed takes place, if one is a believer.

Yes, I am the one who wrote this article (in the style of a “third person”) because I also believe in it.



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Manzano-Sandia Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico’s military test base since 1947

Click and watch the YouTube video:  

Manzano-Sandia Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico’s military test base since 1947

The original Manzano underground nuclear storage facility, located in the northeastern portion of Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico, began its construction in 1947, the very same year that the Sandia Laboratories were established.
It was also a coincidence that the Air Force was established in 1947, together with the CIA and NSA.
The best panoramic view of this entire complex is from Mesa Del Sol, not too far from Albuquerque’s airport (Sunport).
Direction….go south on I-25, exit at Rio Bravo, make a left.
Go right on University all the way to Mesa Del Sol. Park your vehicle in the back of the Community Building (Glass Building).
Walk eastward for about 200 feet.
You will already have a great panoramic view of the whole Manzano/Sandia Base.

In 2013, I had a unique opportunity to explain to Anthony Bourdain (CNN’s Anthony Bourdain PARTS UNKNOWN, New Mexico Episode) the importance of the Sandia/Manzano Base of Albuquerque – even though we did not have a chance to take him to Mesa del Sol to view the entire panoramic view of the base from a distance

Anthony Bourdain 2

013 (1)

013 (2)

Going back to the original location:


(Click above photo for enlargement – – excellent, distant panoramic view of the entire Manzano-Sandia Base inside Kirtland Air Force Base, taken from Mesa del Sol by Carl Willis)

This spot above is exactly right next to Ground Zero where on May 22, 1957, an Air Force plane accidentally dropped a Hydrogen Bomb while trying to land at Kirtland Air Force Base.
This exact spot is about 4 miles south of Kirtland Air Force Base’s control tower. Fortunately the mechanism to explode the nuclear bomb was not connected at that time.
The Air Force completely covered this incident up, until 1986 when L.A. Times obtained this information through the Freedom of Information act.
Watch this YouTube video:

A near-doomsday in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1957


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