Photographer Trevor Paglen talks about the Surveillance State

NSA GCHQ Surveillance base, Bud, Cornwall, UK, 2014

(NSA GCHQ Surveillance base, Bude, Cornwall, UK  – 2014,  photo by Trevor Paglen)

Area 51

(Area 51, Nevada… by Trevor Paglen)


(U.S. Air Force Cyber Command patch)

Photographer Trevor Paglen presents the Surveillance State:  The iconography and language of secret programs and landscapes of listening posts:

Paglen has been documenting what he terms the “black” world—where projects and even their budgets are classified from public scrutiny—for quite some time. His 2007 book, I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me, consisted largely of embroidered, real-life patches from secretive aerospace and intelligence-gathering projects, often having to do with the missions or statements of morale. Paglen became interested in the iconography of this secret culture while visiting the Antelope Valley in California, part of the empty Southwestern US that the secret world has chosen for its own.

Often unofficial, the patches are often nonetheless revealing. Projects based out of Groom Lake in Nevada—better known to some as Area 51—will often have a group of five stars kept company by another single star, for instance. A more obvious example is the Boeing Bird of Prey, a classified experimental aircraft built in the mid-1990s. When the project was declassified in 2002, it was suddenly apparent the plane’s unconventional shape had been hiding in plain sight on the mission patch all along.

See his fascinating video presentation:

Trevor Paglen:  the artist visualizing the surveillance state



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Sign of new construction at Area 51?


new construction 2

A special report from Where’sJanet (of Dreamland Resort):

“This image was taken on June 1, 2015.

This is at the south end of the base near the former A-12 Hangars.

If you notice just south of the Fire Station you will see that the dirt to the left of the taxi way has been graded.

Usually this is a sign of construction so I am wondering if it will be the location of a new Administration facility or possibly an extension to one of the existing buildings.

Just thought I would point out if no one noticed it already”.



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Dulce Base, New Mexico…..Fact?, Fiction? or Disinformation?

Archuleta Mesa

(An ominous rotating storm in Dulce, New Mexico, taken from the River Rd. and looking south, with the Mundo Ridge mountains in the background….Archuleta Mesa is not seen in this photo since it is behind the person who took this photo, i.e. Clyde L. in September, 2013….KOB-TV Eyewitness News Channel 4 of Albuquerque, New Mexico…..CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)

Archuleta Mesa 2

(CLICK AND ENLARGE ABOVE – – the bridge at the Navajo River in Dulce, with the Archuleta Mesa in the background)

(CLICK AND ENLARGE ABOVE – – Top of the Archuleta Peak by Dulce, New Mexico. There is nothing there except some FM radio tower, other communication tower and a few shacks – – from Google Earth.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that the Archuleta Peak is simply a small portion of the entire Archuleta Mesa (which also includes Mount Archuleta on the northwest portion, right by the Colorado State line).

However, reported UFO sightings by residents of Dulce, New Mexico, headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in northern New Mexico, seem to continue to attract media attention:

Residents of Dulce claim UFOs, Bigfoot spotted in area – – May 24, 2016, KOAT-TV Channel 7, Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Residents of Dulce have claimed multiple UFO sightings believed to be linked to an alleged top-secret underground alien base located under the Archuleta Mesa near the town.
There is a hardcore group of UFO and alien enthusiasts who believe that Dulce is the location of the U.S. government’s major top-secret bio-genetics research facility.
There have also been reports of black military helicopters linked with UFO sightings.
The mysterious helicopters with roving bright lights reportedly hover in the night sky over the mountain plateau.
But are these reported claims real?
Are these folks been mind-controlled into this type of beliefs?
Or, is there an alternatereality” lurking and interacting with the human psyche behind the physical facade of Dulce and its surroundings?

For Conspiracy-oriented folks only…… 2011, William J. Birnes claimed that after the Dulce Base episode aired on March 25, 2009, the “UFO HUNTERS” program was inexplicably cancelled by top level executives at History Channel, i.e., all further productions of “UFO HUNTERS” were cancelled since then…..was it because of poor ratings?….or, is there more to that story?

Portions of the Dulce Base episode that aired in March of 2009 on the HISTORY CHANNEL:

Please also watch the following very important and rare interview with the late Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of the entire Dulce area for many years:…..courtesy of filmmaker John Gomez…..(I am not in total agreement with Gabe Valdez when he insisted that all “UFOs” are man-made, even though I lean towards skepticism when it comes to “UFOs” as conclusive evidence for physical extraterrestrial visitations):

Interview with Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of Dulce area for many years, courtesy of filmmaker John Gomez:


Here is my hypothesis regarding Dulce:
(however, my hypothesis could be totally wrong…in the following video piece I should have placed more emphasis on the 1967 Project Gasbuggy which took place 22 miles southwest of Dulce…which may have caused some radiation leaks beginning nearly a decade later and may have affected some animals in the area, such as cattle…and that the government may have begun to monitor the radiation levels of certain pre-selected cows of some ranches in the area):

Hypothesis on Dulce, New Mexico

Cattle mutilations in Dulce, New Mexico in the mid 1970s to the early 1990s…..some important points

April 7, 2014 

Here are some very important points noted by Greg Valdez, author of  ‘DULCE BASE‘  in regards to the cattle mutilations in Dulce, New Mexico, from the mid 1970s to the early 1990s:

“If the government went to local ranchers and purchased cattle to use for testing purposes, the first question any rancher would ask is, “Why are you testing my cattle?”.  And more importantly, “Who contaminated them?”  The government has a long history of incompetent decision making, but they are smart enough to avoid a lawsuit, especially when the evidence shows that they created the contamination in the first place (in this case in Dulce, New Mexico), i.e. Project Gasbuggy  (the Atomic Energy Commission’s experiment involving underground detonation of nuclear device 22 miles southwest of Dulce on December 10, 1967, ostensibly to ease the flow of natural gas in the region but which later apparently caused radiation leaks in the surrounding environment, affecting animals and even some residents, including the Dulce area)…..Please watch the following video:

Underground nuclear explosion near Dulce, New Mexico in 1967

“Evidence at the first Gomez ranch mutilation indicated that whoever killed the animal went back the next day to its location.  Based on the way these dead animals would decompose in the manner much different than normal corpses, they were probably still conducting research on the animals as they decomposed; there is evidence they returned to the ‘crime scene’.  They could not simply take the cattle, keep them, and destroy the evidence after the animal was dead because this would cause panic amongst the ranchers, who would condense their herds and keep them in corrals to protect them, making the experiments nearly impossible.”

The following observation by Greg Valdez, may have wider applications (in other ‘remote areas’):

“Remember that these ranches cover a large geographic are in remote locations.  The worse thing a rancher could do was corral and babysit the animals at night if you were in the business of mutilating cattle. Leaving the carcasses behind actually helps push the alien cover-up portion of this story. This is a highly orchestrated, well-funded operation; it could simply be explained that the animals were intentionally left behind to mislead investigators into thinking aliens were involved, since strange UFO and helicopter activity was routinely viewed around the mutilation sites.”

I urge everyone to read Greg Valdez’s excellent book, ‘DUCE BASE‘.


By the way, as far as the allegation that there is a joint U.S./alien underground base under Archuleta Mesa is concerned, there is absolutely no credible evidence for it.  Phil Schneider‘s story, no matter how fascinating it is, is simply his own personal account, with no credible documentary evidence whatsoever.  It’s a brilliant fiction that has always captivated a gullible segment of the so-called ‘UFO’ community.  It would make a great Hollywood movie:


Here are my final comments:




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Cloaking technologies: electrochromatic panels tested in the mid-1990s at Area 51

daytime stealth 2

ELECTROCHOMATIC PANELS being tested at Area 51 in the mid-1990s.
(a 1997 item by Steve Douglas and Bill Sweetman in Popular Science)
How far have they come along with daytime, visual stealth by now?







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Does the military already possess some prototypes of cloaking technologies?


Does the military already possess some prototypes of cloaking technologies?

Military application of this type of technologies, of course, is top priority, as everyone knows. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are already some prototypes of this type of cloaking technologies in the military.

INVISIBILITY CLOAK can match any background


daytime stealth 2

(courtesy of Steve Douglas and Bill Sweetman, POPULAR SCIENCE, 1997)

Although slightly outdated, here is a 1999 item regarding electrochromatic panels possibly being tested at Area 51:




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Area 51 ultimatum…..deadline already passed on September 10…..but the family will go on fighting to save their property

Area 51 (Groom Lake) and Groom Mine


Family says feds resorting to ‘criminality’ in low bid for Nevada land near Area 51.

(See the the video and the interview in this FOX NEWS report)

FOX NEWS report:



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