Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is most likely a hoax

The U.S. Air Force has never built any humongous triangular aircraft or boomerang-shaped craft  (such as three or four times the size of a football field)  that can hover absolutely silently or maneuver absolutely silently and as slow as 10 or 15 miles per hour in the sky.    Absolutely not.    It’s pure science fiction.

In fact there is not a single credible photo of any US-made humongous flying triangular craft so far.

IF THEY EXIST  (and there seem to have been many sighting reports)  THEY’RE NOT OURS.


Unfortunately, we do not have the answer.   It’s for you to speculate.

In the early 1980s when the U.S. was testing prototypes of stealth aircraft, there were many reports of humongous flying triangular craft over the East coast, which had nothing to do with prototypes being tested by the U.S. Air Force.  And these had nothing to do with the alleged TR-3B disinformation promoted by the late Edgar Fouche.

The staggering differences in sizes  (as well as absolute silence)  are what we are talking about.

What was so strange about those sightings was that there has never been any single, credible, clear photographs of those gigantic objects.

Was this phenomenon some type of a paraphysically induced, projected imagery aimed at a “pre-selected” observer or a group of observers?

And, who were behind such orchestrations?  And, for what reasons?



By the way,


The US Air Force, as far as I am aware, does not have such a thing as a TR-3B.

Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is most likely pure science fiction – – there has never been any single, credible photo of a TR-3B.



TR-3B is most likely a hoax   (we’re not talking about the conceptual design of a formerly alleged, aerodynamically sound TR-3A   Black Manta, “Aurora” here,  we are only talking about Fouche’s TR-3B)       

Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is most likely a hoax, based on his credibility.

Edgar Fouche claimed to have worked at Groom Lake (Area 51).  He has talked to the UFO community for over a decade about reverse-engineering of alien artifacts.  Fouche has also written about some of the other individuals that have also claimed to have worked at Area 51, including Bob Lazar.

To the question about Bob Lazar, “Are Lazar’s stories just plain fantastic and fictionist and nothing but LIES?”, Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

“Could Lazar have been a Disinformation Agent?”   Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

“Was Lazar another person making up stories to seek attention?”   Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

Fouche has similarly written about Dan Burish.  To the question, “Was Dan Burish, self-claimed Area 51 scientist a total fraud?”,  Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

It is very likely that Fouche himself was also a fraud and played to the gullibility and naivete of his audience.


(photo, courtesy of Butlin Cat)


(fake photo/video of TR-3B,  CGI induced)


(fake photo/video of TR-3B, CGI induced)


(fake photo of Petit-Rechain black triangle UFO of 1990 in Belgium – http://www.realityuncovered.net/blog/2011/07/famous-black-triangle-ufo-a-fake/)

On the Internet, JadeStar made a good comment:

“Most of these hoaxers tell a good story but get found out eventually.  The only people who pay them any attention are diehard crowd who have a “need to believe” in the “majority of UFOs as ETs” mythos.

They sell a lot of books and lies to a science illiterate public and go on their merry way while the field of Ufology takes hit after hit.  And you wonder why no one legitimately wants anything to do with it all?   It’s a briar patch of thorns buried under a surface excrement….which is on fire.  The one or two potential bits of gold at the bottom of it all are just not worth the time or risk to pursue when there are better avenues to get to the same place.”

Here is also a great comment by Peter Merlin who, in my opinion, is one of the foremost military aviation historians at the present moment, specializing in Black Budget Programs:


I have always been extremely skeptical of Fouche.  Many of his claims were questionable or misleading.

One such item was what he called the SAC-DARPA Letter.  Here is how he describes it:

“First DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) asked that I be available until 1987).  This was in regards to Area 51.  Notice the DoD, Department of Defense seal, and not the USAF or SAC seal.  Since I was assigned to SAC Hq., DARPA’s request went to them.  This letter is SAC’s (DoD office) response to the request.  The first blackened out part is a classified assignment SCI/SAP code.  The second blackened out part is my SSN.  AAR is After Action Request, refers to a classified program.  This was blackened out by me as the specific AAR is classified TS.  The last blackened area is because in has classification information and is also stamped Top Secret.  And also the name of the senior NCO is blackened out, but BigPappy, (Danny B), and Mark Hall, Jeremy (alienscientist.com), Eddie Curry, and Bill Handel and others saw this document before it was blackened out.  I’m on the thin grey line on this but am willing to post it.”  I thought I had destroyed all my classified documents.  This was a surprise discovery for me.  To most this will not prove or mean anything.  But it shows that DARPA thought I was special and wanted me to be available until my retirement date.”

Now, here are my comments:

This letter is UNCLASSIFIED.  

It was never marked as classified material (no classification markings, no control number, no Copy X of Y).

There is nothing unusual about the letterhead.  

Use of the DoD seal is standard.

The letter was signed by the NCO in Charge, Airman Aircraft Maintenance Assignments Section, Office of the Directorate of Assignments, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel.

The letter was sent to the Quality Control and Evaluation Division, office code LGMQ.

Where it says REPLY TO:  DARPA, this might be a five-letter office code (such as DPAQR, the Command Records Branch at SAC HQ).

This letter simply indicates that the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center (AFMPC) has approved an After Action Review (or Report), a professional discussion of an event, focused on performance standards, that enables soldiers/airmen to discover for themselves what happened, why it happened, and how to sustain strengths and improve on weaknesses.  

It is a tool that commanders and units can use to get maximum benefit from every mission or task.

Fouche showed a photo of a stealth fighter in a hangar at Area 51, with these comments:

“Early static prototype of a very Top Secret F-117 at the very classified Groom AB.  We called it ‘Have Blue’ back then.  This smaller proof-of-concept model of the F-117 first flew at Groom in December 1977.  Testing of a series of ultra-secret prototypes continued there until mid-1981. (Edgar Fouche was stationed at Nellis AFB from 76-80).  Groom was a short airplane or helicopter ride from Nellis AFB.  The guy to the left of Edgar Fouche is Bob Green, Avionics & Computer Engineer, and C*A employee.  The little guy to the right of Edgar Fouche is CMSgt. Billy Snodgrass (A&E specialist) who has a niece who was a well-known actress.  Edgar Fouche worked with Bob at the Flight Operational Test & Evaluation (FOT&E) center at Edwards AFB (CA) where they did R&D on the F-111, F-15 & F-15 Streak Eagle, A-9, A-10, original B-1, and other still classified prototypes.  We also worked together at Nellis AFB & Groom AB (NV), and we both had offices at Kelly AFB (TX) in the mid 80s when I was the SAC Liaison.  Bob was in Saudi and Diego Garcia during both Iraqi wars.  Now retired.  No I can’t tell you where I got all of my photos.  It’s pretty obvious.  The guy who took this photo worked for Bob Green.”

Again, here are my comments:

This is not HAVE BLUE.  

It is the first YF-117A SENIOR TREND prototype.

Edwards AFB was home of the Air Force Flight Test Center.

Does he mean Snodgress? (as in Carrie Snodgress).  

A former Lockheed employee I spoke with identified this man as Roy Wilson.

A former Lockheed employee said, “Under the right wing, the person with the blue checkered shirt I think is Jimmy Yates, mechanic.  The person facing him with the light shirt I think is Bill Blackwood, crew chief, and the next person with the flight jacket on is Roy Wilson, structures mechanic, and under the left wing facing towards the camera I think is Randy Duffy, either an electrician or technician.  I don’t know the person on top of the A/C, or the two people under the left center of the A/C or the fireman.”

From another source: “The Agency was not cleared on the program in the early days, which that [photo] appears to be.  I heard that Ben Rich in his inimitable manner got in trouble when he went to Langley (not the AFB) without getting clearance to do so and talked about the program in an attempt to drum up business.”

A message Fouche posted on the Open Minds forum 17 OCT 10 included the following:

“The first time I worked for CEA, Steve Stenson (ex-AFFTC Edwards AFB Base Commander – Retired Colonel) was the Site Manager and I was Director of Engineering.  When I came back USAF Col. Ret. Barry Mackean was the site manager and the company had restructured.  Also when I came back the Site Manager (Barry) was the defacto ‘Director of Engineering.’”

Here is all I have to say on this one:

No such person as “Steve Stenson” was ever commander of AFFTC.

In one presentation Fouche showed some “KGB materials” and made these claims:

“All the Russian passport, flight cloth badge, KGB badge, the letter from Kiev Russia from the Station Chief, were mine and issued to me for a TS operation.”

I don’t think so:

The KGB passport is fake.  

The cloth badge and the metal badge are also fake, and both are widely available at many Army-Navy surplus stores.


BY THE WAY, NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CONCEPTUAL DESIGN OF FORMERLY ALLEGED TR-3A  (streamlined, aerodynamically sound Black Manta, “Aurora“) and Fouche’s aerodynamically unsound TR-3B, pure science fiction:

TR-3A Black Manta

(courtesy of Foxtrot Alpha)


(another rendition of TR-3A Black Manta)



Unfortunately, we do not know.

Moreover, who is to say that they are not temporarily manifested, paraphysically induced and temporarily materialized phenomenon created by some unknown sentient entities from another dimension?

David Marler’s book TRIANGULAR UFOs makes a good reading – – but there is not even one photo of the alleged triangular craft (such as three times the size of a football field).

(And we are not talking here about the U.S. Air Force’s Stealth Blimps….which is a totally different topic of discussion)

All we need is one, credible photo of a humongous (I mean humongous) flying triangle…… Yes,we all heard about the Hudson Valley sightings before….etc. etc., ad infinitum (including the Phoenix sightings of 1997)……..but all we need is one credible photo………I haven’t come across any…….in all these 34 years or more in regards to reports of humongous flying triangles.

Even footages in the following doesn’t conclusively prove anything.

(Only the “V”-shaped object in this video were admitted to be light planes flying in formation – – 6 pilots at a local airport did about 18 night-time “missions” and flew in formation, sometimes without lights – – this hoax fooled at least some of the witnesses – – however, the other formation in this video still remains unsolved):


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Famous Belgian black triangle UFO photo a fake


Famous 1990 Belgian black triangle UFO photo a fake

(we’re not discussing here about the entire 1990 Belgian triangular “UFO” flap;  we are only here talking about this particular photo)

(Stephen Broadbent, July 27, 2011:  http://www.realityuncovered.net/blog/2011/07/famous-black-triangle-ufo-a-fake/)


The mystery of the iconic Petit-Rechain black triangle UFO photo has finally been solved.  The photographer, a man named only as Patrick, has admitted making the UFO out of polystyrene in an interview with mainstream Belgian TV channel RTLTVI:  http://www.rtl.be/info/belgique/faits-divers/le-mystere-du-celebre-ovni-des-annees-90-elucide-une-supercherie–240323.aspx

The photograph was taken 21 years ago in 1990 at the height of the Belgian UFO flap and was an instant hit around the world, with many publications using the photo as a kind of banner for the UFO phenomenon.

It was known as the Petit-Rechain photo after the Belgian town where it was photographed, but Patrick revealed he and some friends made the model in a short space of time before photographing it some hours later that evening.

Patrick said “You can do a lot with a little, we managed to trick everyone with a piece of polystyrene” and he is right.  The photograph has kept “experts” busy for years, with many of a ufological persuasion using this as proof of alien visitation.

“We made the model with polystyrene, we painted it and then we started sticking things to it, then we suspended it in the air … then we took the photo,”

The prank was originally meant to fool some work colleagues at the small business where Patrick worked as a fitter, but quickly went global soon after leaving the walls of the factory.

Patrick assumed their deception would be discovered, and takes pride in the fact that it never was.   He apologised for fooling so many believers, but clearly got a lot of laughs out of the whole thing after admitting he wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

In actual fact, Patrick is incorrect when he thinks the deception was never discovered, because the exact method of how he did it was revealed as recently as March of 2011 in Tim Printy’s (excellent) SUNlite magazine, Volume 3 Number 2:   http://www.astronomyufo.com/UFO/SUNlite3_2.pdf

On pages 19-22 there is an in-depth analysis by Roger Paquay which deconstructs various arguments presented by experts on the believer side of the fence, while presenting readers with the most likely explanation of what the image actually is.

“The various analyses cannot exclude effects based on a cardboard triangle suspended by a thin thread, giving the rotation effect seen on the picture.”

“This behavior doesn’t agree with an observation of an exotic object. The more likely conclusion is in favor of a fake made to illustrate the observation of a plane or to match with the description of the “Triangular UFO” found in the media for the previous four months.”

“It is very curious that, in a such a highly populated area, with people looking for UFOs, nobody else reported seeing this large object at low altitude.  Only the photographer could explain what is really on his picture but his desire to remain anonymous will prevent any further resolution on the issue.”



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Area 51, Wackenhut and the National Atomic Testing Museum

National Atomic Testing Museum Wackenhut

By now everybody knows that the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas has practically become the “public liaison” organization on behalf of Area 51 in Nevada.  It is also common knowledge that they have changed their telephone number a few years ago to reflect their close ties to Area 51.   The museum’s telephone number is now (702) 794-5151.

(This is similar to the long-lasting, close relationship of Lincoln County Sheriff Department with Area 51.  Lincoln County Sheriff Department is practically the outlet that handles outward security problems on behalf of Area 51.  The Sheriff Department’s phone number also reflects this.  Their telephone number has always been (775) 962-5151.)

Area 51 Exhibit


Here is a recent announcement (March 10, 2016) made by the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, reflecting the Museum’s close ties to another organization, the Wackenhut Security Services:

“The NTSHF is proud to announce that Centerra-Nevada, prime security force and system services contractor at the Nevada National Security Site (formerly the Nevada Test Site), has renewed its long-standing corporate membership in support of the Foundation’s National Atomic Testing Museum at the platinum level ($5,000 – $9,999).  The check was presented to the Foundation on Friday, March 4, by Centerra’s General Manager, Martin Glasser.

Centerra’s predecessor organizations, G4S Government Solutions and Wackenhut Services, Inc., have been our longest and most loyal corporate partners since the inception of the Foundation.


Centerra-Nevada provides a wide range of security services to the NNSS and for Nevada Field Office facilities in North Las Vegas and at Nellis Air Force Base.  These include facility protection patrol services, and protection of nuclear materials associated with national stockpile experiments and criticality safety training conducted at the NNSS.  Centerra is teamed with Lockeed Martin Corporation for electronic secuity systems support; Pro2Serve for security systems engineering; and Longenecker & Associates for contractor assurance support services.

Centerra Group LLC, parent corporation to Centerra-Nevada, was founded in 1960 by George Wackenhut as Wackenhut Services, Incorporated (WSI) which became the prime security services contractor at the Nevada Test Site in the late 1960’s.  In addition to the company support provided to the Foundation and Museum, the George Wackenhut family is among the NATM’s largest donors.


Paul Donahue, President and CEO of Centerra Group, is a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.”



Richard Mingus, former Security Guard at Area 51 (one of the first Security Guards on the base during the Cold War years) and here-to-fore Security Guard at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, is retiring.
Richard Mingus announced his retirement after more than 10 years at the Museum.
Monday, March 14, starting at 6:00 pm, there will be a special appreciation get-together at the Museum for all co-workers and friends to thank him for his years of service both at Area 51 and at the National Atomic Testing Museum.
Richard Mingus

(photo of Richard Mingus taken by Norio Hayakawa in 2011 at the Museum)



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Yucca Lake airstrip (Area 6) in Nevada, facility of utmost importance


The Area 6 runway stretches for about 5000 feet in this remote location of the Nevada National Security Site

March 5, 2016…..A special report from Keith Rogers of LVRV at: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nevada/you-know-area-51-just-what-the-world-area-6



The asphalt runway stretches for a mile on Yucca Flat, deep in the Nevada National Security Site about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Built in 2005, the runway covers a dirt landing strip from the 1950s, when the wide, flat valley was used for atomic bomb test shots.  A small complex of buildings dominated by a large hangar with unusual clamshell doors dominates the southern end of the asphalt strip.

The complex has no official name.  Not many people even know it’s there.

As secret airbases go, the single runway in the test site’s Area 6 is easily overshadowed by the world’s most famous secret military base, Area 51, a dozen miles northeast.  Area 51’s existence was only recently acknowledged, even after decades of speculation by UFO enthusiasts that the aircraft development and test facility also houses space aliens and extraterrestrial technology.

Unlike Area 51, which is protected by shoot-to-kill security and shielded from outside view by mountain ranges, Area 6 has only fences and visitor checkpoints.  It can be seen at a distance from tour buses on the highway to historic bomb craters at the northern end of Yucca Flat.

But exactly what goes on at the much smaller and much newer Area 6 is still top-secret defense research-and-development work.  It’s so hush-hush that the security site’s spokesman can say little about it.

Darwin Morgan, a spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration, said the low-key Area 6 facilities have been used by the Defense and Homeland Security departments.

“They come here to test their own sensors,” he recently said after spending months fending off questions about the Area 6 runway from the Review-Journal.


Other than a few “Above Top Secret” forum posts from 2009, and a Wikipedia blurb that cites a 2011 Flightglobal story saying the runway is part of an unmanned aerial vehicle test facility, little has been written about the Area 6 runway.

Flightglobal, an aviation industry website, noted a five-sentence description of the Area 6 “aerial operations facility” found in a 7,500-page safety report on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project.

“The purpose of this facility is to construct, operate, and test a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles.  Tests include, but are not limited to, airframe modifications, sensor operation, and onboard computer development.  A small, manned chase plane is used to track the unmanned aerial vehicles,” reads the report Energy Department contractor Bechtel SAIC prepared in 2008 for the Yucca Mountain repository license application.

The National Nuclear Security Administration is a semi-autonomous branch of the Energy Department.  Its Nevada field office, based in North Las Vegas, runs the security site.

What it costs to operate Area 6 is difficult to determine.  Funding is buried in the Nevada field office’s Strategic Partnership Program, which was part of the $84 million budgeted for the entire security site in fiscal year 2015.  Program funding was about 13.5 percent of the field office’s $622 million total budget that year.

The program’s activities include research and development of sensors for detecting explosive materials, deadly gases and chemicals, and radioactive sources that could be used in “dirty bombs.”

Biological weapon sources aren’t allowed at the security site, according to its environmental impact statement.

Portable radiation monitors and some sensors used in airports and at ports of entry have evolved from the program.

Morgan said agencies in the Strategic Partnership Program take advantage of the security site’s restricted airspace to test sensor-equipped aircraft work without public interference or spying from space.

“We have controlled airspace and that gives them opportunities to test various types of platforms,” he said.

Most of the strategic partnership money comes from Defense Department branches: the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

“We do a wide variety of work for others … supporting people with sensor development activities,” Morgan said. “It evolved from the nuclear testing program. We had to have very good sensors to collect data in a split second before they were obliterated.”

Morgan said the Area 6 runway and its apron were built by Bechtel Nevada, the site’s management and operations contractor at the time, at a cost of $9.6 million.  The buildings were constructed over several years, and cost figures aren’t immediately available.

As seen from above on Google Earth, the complex is dominated by the clamshell-door hangar and four smaller outbuildings connected by what appear to be covered walkways. Two smaller modern hangars and an older one used during atomic test days round out the facility. Morgan said antennas were installed to allow ground operators to control the flight of unmanned aerial system aircraft.


The National Nuclear Security Administration has kept Area 6 so low profile that even defense industry experts were unaware of it.

“I had not heard about it,” said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va.-based defense information website.

But Pike’s associate, imagery analyst Tim Brown, has estimated the hangar complex could hold about 15 MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted spy planes.

Pike said the length of the runway suggests Area 6 is used for small planes or remotely piloted aircraft such as Predator and Reaper reconnaissance drones.

Bigger spy planes, such as the jet-powered RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aircraft system, are flown from the Tonopah Test Range by the 30th Reconnaissance Squadron assigned to a Creech Air Force Base wing.  It’s unclear if the Sentinel or smaller versions would be flown from Area 6, but Pike said the runway is too small for large jets and bombers.  Takeoffs and landings would be tight for an F-16, for example, and an F-15 would need an even longer strip for safe maneuvers.

Pike said aircraft likely in use at Area 6 are best suited for surveillance of hidden targets, weapons or personnel on the ground, particularly in sparsely populated areas. The security site’s high-desert terrain is similar to what might be found in the “boondocks” of Libya, he noted.

“There is a well-founded fear that evildoers are stalking around out there — ISIS and al-Qaida,” he said of Libya.  “You have to imagine that trying to develop targeting signatures in this type of mountainous desert terrain.  That’s got to be a really high priority … not constrained by funding.”

“I can’t think about a better place to do it where you wouldn’t have civilians stumbling on what you’re doing,” he said in reference to the security site.

So what would stray civilians see if they could stumble in?

Pike offers an educated guess: Sensor arrays made up of more than 350 smartphone cameras mounted on an MQ-9 Reaper that can record and archive movements of people and vehicles over an area of about 40 square miles.

It is known in the unmanned aerial vehicle community as the “Gorgon Stare,” derived from Gorgon monsters of Greek mythology whose gaze was so dreadful it was said to turn a person into stone.  While the sensors can’t do that, they can keep terrorist targets from evading the sights of U.S. weapons.

According to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency website, sensor development has soared to new heights under ARGUS, or the Autonomous Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance program.

The goal is to “provide at least 130 independently steerable video streams to enable real-time tracking of individual targets throughout the field of view. The ARGUS-IR system will also provide continuous updates of the entire field of view for enhanced situational awareness,” the defense tech agency website says.

Pike said improving ARGUS and similar sensor capabilities might be among the activities taking place at Area 6.

“The thing you get with ARGUS is time-lapse photography. If there’s a rock out there that’s moving, maybe that’s a rock you ought to be paying attention to. Maybe it has to do with evildoers,” he said.

“I would assume they have airplanes and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) they’re flying around out there to see what they can see,” Pike said.

“If they would let me run the thing, I’d tell (special operation troops) to go out and do the best in terms of infiltration,” he said. “Then turn loose the sensors and see if we could find them, play hide-and-seek.”


Also please read this 2011 item:

Are these satellite images exposing America’s secrets?



Recruitment for UAV operators in Nevada, possibly for Area 6, “A-51” and Creech Air Force Base:


(Creech AFB)


Area 6

(Yucca Lake airstrip – – Area 6)


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Coyote Canyon area still off-limits to Kirtland Air Force Base personnel in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Coyote Canyon area, adjacent to the alleged “disinformation” staging area for the 1980 “UFO” landing incident….(a possible cover story created on behalf of Project Starfire as well as other possible clandestine military projects in the area).


(Courtesy of Phantom of Monsters – Pulse of the Paranormal)

A 2011 memorandum from Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico still indicates that Coyote Canyon areas are still off-limits to Air Force personnel:

by DJ Babbitt
377th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

9/16/2011 – KIRTLAND AFB, N.M. — Service members, cyclists, runners and hikers often take advantage of the sunshine, mild weather and the vast open spaces on Kirtland Air Force Base.

With the proximity of the mountains and openness at Kirtland, it may be easy to forget that you’re actually on a military installation.  However some areas are off-limits.

Tech. Sgt Shawn Hardesty, Combat Arms Instructor for the 377th Security Forces Squadron, said “All who work and play on base need to be aware of off-limit areas.  Off-limit areas are marked with warning signs along entrances and boundaries.”

Unless coordinated through the 377th Security Forces Group Combat Arms section or the 377th Air Base Wing Ground Safety office, these areas are off-limits to all personnel at all times.
Off-limits areas include:
· The Combat Arms facility (including an 850-meter surface danger zone) at Building 706, South Gate Road, near the south gate of Kirtland AFB.
· The security forces special weapons range in Frustration Canyon, approximately two miles southeast of the Starfire Optical Range in the COYOTE CANYON AREA, including the 6,700-meter surface danger zone around the impact area of Mount Washington (including the Manzano Fire Lookout Tower).


(photo taken by Norio Hayakawa in September, 2013)



“People illegally entering these areas will be held liable for their actions, said Hardesty.

Violating off-limit areas, for military members will result in charges of failure to obey, a lawful order or regulation.
The underlying purpose is to protect the safety of all personnel.
Hardesty points out, “Please do not enter any of the surface danger zones on base, even if you think no one is around“.


((CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – Northeast end of the Manzano underground base with 3 tiers of electric fences, almost right next to the Four Hills area of Albuquerque – – photo by Norio Hayakawa)


More on the alleged 1980 “staged” UFO landing incident at Kirtland AFB Manzano Underground Storage Area, adjacent to the Coyote Canyon:


SOM 1-01

Fake document:  MJ-12-related SOM 1-01, most likely originated by Richard C. Doty, then with Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Part of fake document:  MJ-12-related SOM 1-01, most likely originated by Richard C. Doty, then with Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico…….notice the mention of Kirtland AFB on left top

It’s of utmost importance to read the following article:

Did Richard C. Doty ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz?



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