Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is a hoax


The U.S. Air Force has never built any humongous triangular aircraft or boomerang-shaped craft  (such as three or four times the size of a football field)  that can hover absolutely silently or maneuver absolutely silently and as slow as 10 or 15 miles per hour in the sky.    Absolutely not.    It’s pure science fiction.

In fact there is not a single credible photo of any US-made humongous flying triangular craft so far.

IF THEY EXIST  (and there seem to have been many sighting reports)  THEY’RE NOT OURS.


Unfortunately, we do not have the answer.   It’s for you to speculate.



The US Air Force does not have such a thing as a TR-3B.

Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is pure science fiction – – there has never been any single, credible photo of a TR-3B.



TR-3B is a hoax   (we’re not talking about the conceptual design of a formerly alleged, aerodynamically sound TR-3A   Black Manta, “Aurora” here,  we are only talking about Fouche’s TR-3B)       

Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is a hoax, based on his credibility.

Edgar Fouche claimed to have worked at Groom Lake (Area 51).  He has talked to the UFO community for over a decade about reverse-engineering of alien artifacts.  Fouche has also written about some of the other individuals that have also claimed to have worked at Area 51, including Bob Lazar.

To the question about Bob Lazar, “Are Lazar’s stories just plain fantastic and fictionist and nothing but LIES?”, Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

“Could Lazar have been a Disinformation Agent?”   Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

“Was Lazar another person making up stories to seek attention?”   Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

Fouche has similarly written about Dan Burish.  To the question, “Was Dan Burish, self-claimed Area 51 scientist a total fraud?”,  Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

There is no doubt that Fouche himself was also a fraud and played to the gullibility and naivete of his audience.


(photo, courtesy of Butlin Cat)


(fake photo/video of TR-3B,  CGI induced)


(fake photo/video of TR-3B, CGI induced)


(fake photo of Petit-Rechain black triangle UFO of 1990 in Belgium – http://www.realityuncovered.net/blog/2011/07/famous-black-triangle-ufo-a-fake/)

On the Internet, JadeStar made a good comment:

“Most of these hoaxers tell a good story but get found out eventually.  The only people who pay them any attention are diehard crowd who have a “need to believe” in the “majority of UFOs as ETs” mythos.

They sell a lot of books and lies to a science illiterate public and go on their merry way while the field of Ufology takes hit after hit.  And you wonder why no one legitimately wants anything to do with it all?   It’s a briar patch of thorns buried under a surface excrement….which is on fire.  The one or two potential bits of gold at the bottom of it all are just not worth the time or risk to pursue when there are better avenues to get to the same place.”

Here is also a great comment by Peter Merlin who, in my opinion, is one of the foremost military aviation historians at the present moment, specializing in Black Budget Programs:


I have always been extremely skeptical of Fouche.  Many of his claims were questionable or misleading.

One such item was what he called the SAC-DARPA Letter.  Here is how he describes it:

“First DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) asked that I be available until 1987).  This was in regards to Area 51.  Notice the DoD, Department of Defense seal, and not the USAF or SAC seal.  Since I was assigned to SAC Hq., DARPA’s request went to them.  This letter is SAC’s (DoD office) response to the request.  The first blackened out part is a classified assignment SCI/SAP code.  The second blackened out part is my SSN.  AAR is After Action Request, refers to a classified program.  This was blackened out by me as the specific AAR is classified TS.  The last blackened area is because in has classification information and is also stamped Top Secret.  And also the name of the senior NCO is blackened out, but BigPappy, (Danny B), and Mark Hall, Jeremy (alienscientist.com), Eddie Curry, and Bill Handel and others saw this document before it was blackened out.  I’m on the thin grey line on this but am willing to post it.”  I thought I had destroyed all my classified documents.  This was a surprise discovery for me.  To most this will not prove or mean anything.  But it shows that DARPA thought I was special and wanted me to be available until my retirement date.”

Now, here are my comments:

This letter is UNCLASSIFIED.  

It was never marked as classified material (no classification markings, no control number, no Copy X of Y).

There is nothing unusual about the letterhead.  

Use of the DoD seal is standard.

The letter was signed by the NCO in Charge, Airman Aircraft Maintenance Assignments Section, Office of the Directorate of Assignments, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel.

The letter was sent to the Quality Control and Evaluation Division, office code LGMQ.

Where it says REPLY TO:  DARPA, this might be a five-letter office code (such as DPAQR, the Command Records Branch at SAC HQ).

This letter simply indicates that the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center (AFMPC) has approved an After Action Review (or Report), a professional discussion of an event, focused on performance standards, that enables soldiers/airmen to discover for themselves what happened, why it happened, and how to sustain strengths and improve on weaknesses.  

It is a tool that commanders and units can use to get maximum benefit from every mission or task.

Fouche showed a photo of a stealth fighter in a hangar at Area 51, with these comments:

“Early static prototype of a very Top Secret F-117 at the very classified Groom AB.  We called it ‘Have Blue’ back then.  This smaller proof-of-concept model of the F-117 first flew at Groom in December 1977.  Testing of a series of ultra-secret prototypes continued there until mid-1981. (Edgar Fouche was stationed at Nellis AFB from 76-80).  Groom was a short airplane or helicopter ride from Nellis AFB.  The guy to the left of Edgar Fouche is Bob Green, Avionics & Computer Engineer, and C*A employee.  The little guy to the right of Edgar Fouche is CMSgt. Billy Snodgrass (A&E specialist) who has a niece who was a well-known actress.  Edgar Fouche worked with Bob at the Flight Operational Test & Evaluation (FOT&E) center at Edwards AFB (CA) where they did R&D on the F-111, F-15 & F-15 Streak Eagle, A-9, A-10, original B-1, and other still classified prototypes.  We also worked together at Nellis AFB & Groom AB (NV), and we both had offices at Kelly AFB (TX) in the mid 80s when I was the SAC Liaison.  Bob was in Saudi and Diego Garcia during both Iraqi wars.  Now retired.  No I can’t tell you where I got all of my photos.  It’s pretty obvious.  The guy who took this photo worked for Bob Green.”

Again, here are my comments:

This is not HAVE BLUE.  

It is the first YF-117A SENIOR TREND prototype.

Edwards AFB was home of the Air Force Flight Test Center.

Does he mean Snodgress? (as in Carrie Snodgress).  

A former Lockheed employee I spoke with identified this man as Roy Wilson.

A former Lockheed employee said, “Under the right wing, the person with the blue checkered shirt I think is Jimmy Yates, mechanic.  The person facing him with the light shirt I think is Bill Blackwood, crew chief, and the next person with the flight jacket on is Roy Wilson, structures mechanic, and under the left wing facing towards the camera I think is Randy Duffy, either an electrician or technician.  I don’t know the person on top of the A/C, or the two people under the left center of the A/C or the fireman.”

From another source: “The Agency was not cleared on the program in the early days, which that [photo] appears to be.  I heard that Ben Rich in his inimitable manner got in trouble when he went to Langley (not the AFB) without getting clearance to do so and talked about the program in an attempt to drum up business.”

A message Fouche posted on the Open Minds forum 17 OCT 10 included the following:

“The first time I worked for CEA, Steve Stenson (ex-AFFTC Edwards AFB Base Commander – Retired Colonel) was the Site Manager and I was Director of Engineering.  When I came back USAF Col. Ret. Barry Mackean was the site manager and the company had restructured.  Also when I came back the Site Manager (Barry) was the defacto ‘Director of Engineering.’”

Here is all I have to say on this one:

No such person as “Steve Stenson” was ever commander of AFFTC.

In one presentation Fouche showed some “KGB materials” and made these claims:

“All the Russian passport, flight cloth badge, KGB badge, the letter from Kiev Russia from the Station Chief, were mine and issued to me for a TS operation.”

I don’t think so:

The KGB passport is fake.  

The cloth badge and the metal badge are also fake, and both are widely available at many Army-Navy surplus stores.


BY THE WAY, NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CONCEPTUAL DESIGN OF FORMERLY ALLEGED TR-3A  (streamlined, aerodynamically sound Black Manta, “Aurora“) and Fouche’s aerodynamically unsound TR-3B, pure science fiction:

TR-3A Black Manta

(courtesy of Foxtrot Alpha)


(another rendition of TR-3A Black Manta)



Unfortunately, we do not know.

Moreover, who is to say that they are not temporarily manifested, paraphysically induced and temporarily materialized phenomenon created by some unknown sentient entities from another dimension?

David Marler’s book TRIANGULAR UFOs makes a good reading – – but there is not even one photo of the alleged triangular craft (such as three times the size of a football field).

(And we are not talking here about the U.S. Air Force’s Stealth Blimps….which is a totally different topic of discussion)

All we need is one, credible photo of a humongous (I mean humongous) flying triangle…… Yes,we all heard about the Hudson Valley sightings before….etc. etc., ad infinitum (including the Phoenix sightings of 1997)……..but all we need is one credible photo………I haven’t come across any…….in all these 34 years or more in regards to reports of humongous flying triangles.

Even footages in the following doesn’t conclusively prove anything.

(Only the “V”-shaped object in this video were admitted to be light planes flying in formation – – 6 pilots at a local airport did about 18 night-time “missions” and flew in formation, sometimes without lights – – this hoax fooled at least some of the witnesses – – however, the other formation in this video still remains unsolved):


E-mail = noriohayakawa@gmail.com

Facebook = http://www.facebook.com/fernandon.hayakawa

Also watch Norio Hayakawa’s YouTube Channel

18 thoughts on “Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is a hoax

  1. A Foia request should tesolve the issue to some degree. I understand researchers in England did just that and did verify fouche’s credentials.


  2. There has been a FOIA done on Edgar Fouche I know him very well he happens to be one 9f my best freinds. The FOIA is online it shows 20 years Air Force service. I know and have met people Fouche was in The USAF with and subsequent Govt Co tractors who Ed worked with after retiring from The USAF. Ed is the real deal and that’s a fact.


      • And Norio you would know because you were in the USAF CIA NSA ?? No you just think you know it all ever talk to Ed Norio ?? No but I gave you the chance. Ed Passed away May 11th this year he was my best friend and the most intelligent and amazing person I ever knew. You have no clue what Eds career as a whole was and I am not talking USAF I have been in contact over the years with a number of people who worked with Ed and were also in the USAF with Ed. One was very terrified to even talk but one thing is for sure I have had 5 people verify the existence of the TR3B to me in person. What is the explanation Mr Norio for all the Massive Triangular shaped craft that are reported every year if its not us then who is it and what is their intentions ?? How is it the the Police Officers who chased a massive flying triangle over the State of Illinois all drew a craft that looked almost identical to Eds CAD drawings ? Heres the video link to “”UFOs over Illinois” https://youtu.be/6AMKm2yU9zM Here are drawings from the officers Eds book was written in the mid 1990s they saw the TR3B in the year 2000 are they all lying hallucinating ? http://www.noufors.com/Illinois_triangle_ufo_sighting_by_many_police_officers.html
        By the way Ed never supported the fraud Bob lazar but you did for a long time and probably still do you have no clue what the truth is and Merlin is nothing more then a historian he is not going to know everything thats BLACK not even close. There are many things in your poor investigation you got wrong about Ed thats for Damn sure.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I have never ever supported the claims of Bob Lazar. I have always felt that he had a special role in the disinformation.
    How can I support the claims of Bob Lazar when there is not a single, credible, conclusive evidence whatsoever that we have ever been (or are being) visited by physical extraterrestrials in physical extraterrestrial spacecraft?
    No, this whole thing about UFOs is meaningless without any solid evidence of their physical presence.
    Peter Merlin knows more about the inner workings of Black Programs.
    I trust him more than anyone else when it comes to Black Programs.
    By the way, I hope you are not Dan Burisch.


    • First off as far as Lazar I co authored the Lazar report with Michael Schratt a good portion of the information was my research. Michael Schratt came to me. I know years ago you were involved with the Japanese TV Program that Lazar took for $5,000 and at that point I would had thought you would had realized this guys all about the money. When you have time take a look at What Michael and I wrote you will enjoy this you will see my name listed on Page 39 heres a Link: http://www.topsecretbases.com/TheLazarReport.pdf

      Norio I have spoken with you before and gave you the chance to speak with Ed while he was alive. I want to point out one simple fact neither you nor Peter Merlin have ever been on the inside. There are so many programs Peter Merlin will never hear about in his lifetime. The fact is The Secret Space Program is real and Aliens have always been an easy cover for CIAs own clandestine programs and people just eat the whole BS alien stories up.

      When David Hilton attempted to get Ed Fouches FOIA was blocked by The Pentagon. David has done many FOIAs and never has one been blocked by The Pentagon. Here’s a video with myself David Hilton and Edgar Fouche talking about the FOIA and a specific crash that Peter Merlin helped us investigate and found parts of the F15 crash near Area51 Dec. 1977. Eds FOIA being blocked by The Pentagon. and The Balls85 .where Col. Doc Walters was killed a great friend of Eds heres a link: https://youtu.be/LEjwiLU95h0

      Ed and another guy Ed was at Nellis with told me at the time the rumor at Nellis was they Balls85 F15 hit a UFO that was very large and a cover-up of massive proportions was taking place. The USAF maintained the F-15 went out of control and hit the ground (Pilot Error) well if that’s the case there is no way there would be debris all over the top of the mountains. We spotted debris on Google Earth at the crash site and Merlin was able to determine where he needed to go to find crash debris and he really came through you can see all the photos of debris he collected some sent to David Hilton. Here’s a link to the excellent research David Hilton “The Final Flight of Balls 85” http://www.david-hilton.net/

      And last The TR3B Norio I respect you I wish you had taken the time to speak to Ed when I offered Ed wanted to talk to you because of your skepticism which I understand. I am not going to try to make you believe something you don’t believe. The TR3B Ed knew of and seen was 250 feet per side not the proposed 600 Foot version. The TR3B is a Space Platform that’s self contained craft which can go underwater as well. Here’s a video I want you to take a close look at and you can see a craft that absolutely fits the description of the TR3B in the silhouette of the moon filmed by Crrow777 the craft exists I know for a fact it does and the bottom line is you guys can no way explain all these sightings . https://youtu.be/R8Gt4crkqWk

      I would like to point out I lived this you have no idea what I went through knowing Ed the insane things that have happened to me and the people who have approached me. If Ed were a fake none of the things that has happened to me would have ever taken place. I’m not going to say what all has taken place on this platform. Here’s an amazing video Andrew Johnson did with Ed it was 17 parts someone condensed them in to one watch and learn who Ed was. https://youtu.be/RdY0jczxUHs

      Let me throw something your way Ed passed away on May, 11th and 2 days after he died FAKE TR3B patents popped up all over youtube and have flooded YouTube and they have nothing to do with how the real TR3B works at all nothing even close. Heres an example its as if someone was waiting for Ed to die and pout this Garbage out Norio think about this just Google TR3B Patent and you will find garbage like this all over:
      Fake TR3B Patents right after Edgar Fouches Death on May 11th

      -May 14th https://youtu.be/nZ90xojxrfk
      -May 15th https://youtu.be/u8RO75Qjy7M
      -May 20th https://youtu.be/kJA8Ml-UMIM
      -May 17th https://youtu.be/KLVRXIR3oj8

      They are spammed everywhere all over YouTube now if that is not a case of Govt Disinformation I don’t know what is the evidence is there you need to read between the lines. Ed was the real deal I know this as absolute fact.

      Norio I thank you for being fair and allowing me to speak anytime you want to talk let me know I noticed you are a guitar player I am myself and have been for years. Theres so much disinformation about Ed its unreal and its because he has told the truth.

      Thank You

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  4. Since this article is set up specifically to debunk the TR-3B as a hoax, I doubt I’ll be believed, but that’s ok by me because I know what I saw. In 2016, I witnessed the exact same craft as is shown in the rendering at the top of this article showing the top and bottom views (not the artist representation at the very top, but the drawing below). I have no idea who Edgar Fouche is, and I have never seen any of these images before, but I was interested enough (and frankly freaked out enough) to research what I had seen. What I witnessed was completely silent and I am quite sure the corners of the triangle were rounded, not pointed. It had three bright lights in the corners and a larger, dimmer, almost “opalescent” light in the center. It wan’t travelling at extraordinarily high speed, maybe as fast as a business jet, but at a good clip and below 10,000 feet. What surprised me most was that it was slowly rotating as it flew. There was no discernable front or back. Another thing was the way that it flew. I’ve been intensely interested in aircraft from a young age, I’ve flown in everything from Bell Jet Ranger helicopters to commercial airliners to Cessna 172s. I know aerodynamic theory, and this thing flew – or I should say “floated” – in a manner I have never seen. It was weird. It didn’t appear to be affected by any aerodynamic forces. It moved as if it was in a bubble, levitating would probably be the best description I can come up with. This craft flew over the Myrtle Grove area of Wilmington, NC, moving north to south. It may be worth noting that aircraft from MCAS New River, MCAS Cherry Point frequently fly over my house to conduct maneuvers off Cape Fear, and Seymour Johnson AFB is roughly 100 miles north of us in Goldsboro. Just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

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  5. Are you even a real writer? In the beginning of the article I was assured that Edgar F was “without doubt” a hoax. In the article you have entirely failed to prove this… the only speculation you put forth is because the airforce has never declassified an aircraft similar to this, that it is impossible. This article is heavier on speculation than Edgar Fouche’s claims! LOL. If this wasn’t written so badly id say this was disinfo


  6. I can confirm 100% I have seen real TR-3B flying over Northern Canada on MULTIPLE Occasions…. These are REAL vehicles. DEAD SILENT. This article is simply disinformation campaign designed to throw off the masses with bad info into staying asleep and thinking it’s just a hoax…. THIS IS REAL. The author of this article is engaging in PURPOSEFUL DISINFORMATION.


  7. I honestly have no idea why you even bothered to write this article. The craft has been seen hundreds of times all over the world over the last 30 plus years. I suggest the next time you try to debunked something or call someone a fake you do a little more research before you waste your time again.


  8. I can’t stand people like the one “witness” that sits there and says, “It wasn’t an ultra-light, it wasn’t a blimp, it wasn’t gas, it wasn’t flairs, it wasn’t airplanes,etc, etc. HELLO!… You said it yourself. You don’t know what it was. If you don’t know what it was, then how can you sit there and say that you know it wasn’t this thing or that? If you don’t know what it was, your sentence should stop there. Without you saying, “It wasn’t “anything”. If you don’t know what it was,then it could have been anything…


  9. Look I get this site is trying to explain away a very sensitive project and it’s understandable . But even with the mountains of physical proof from metals that have been analyzed and contain elements not found on earth to say there’s no evidence is ignoring a large chunk and focusing on a small section of data and info. You know the thing about skeptics is it’s not the subject of argument but the argument that keeps them from saying “I was wrong” I’ve not yet come across a former skeptic on this topic. We can sit here and debate the various topics of this subject but all we have to do is 1 truly keep an opened mind as you can’t accept any proof no matter how credible it is without it. 2. Keep your argument about the subject and don’t make it about just the argument. 3 if you think any evidence is fake from video to physical you too as skeptic need to prove your claims they are not what is claimed the same as the person making claims. Too many skeptics feel they don’t need to show evidence to their explanation of the truth and that is wrong. If you can’t prove it then doesn’t that make it as credible as what you are calling fake? 4 we need to get rid of the if it’s too grainy or staticky it’s not what’s claimed because the quality of picture or video or if it’s too clear it’s cgi because because that takes away a large portions of video because of speculation.saying it’s CGI without showing it’s been analyzed is not acceptable. 5 simply explaining away all abductions as hoax, dreaming, etc. is saying every person that’s been abducted is lying or too stupid to know what a dream was and what they think happened. This one hits close to home since I fall under abductee and can tell you I’ve not sought fame nor told many people the entire story. Nor was I dreaming and yes was left with the physical evidence to prove my claims. So simply keep an open mind and if you can’t explain it or prove your skepticism then at least admit to the possibility instead of arguing for the argument


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