Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is most likely a hoax


(Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B – – pure science fiction – – there has never been any single, credible photo of a TR-3B)


TR-3B is mostly like a hoax   (we’re not talking about the alleged, aerodynamically sound TR-3A   Black Manta, “Aurora” here,  we are only talking about Fouche’s TR-3B)       

Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is most likely a hoax, based on his credibility.

Edgar Fouche claimed to have worked at Groom Lake (Area 51).  He has talked to the UFO community for over a decade about reverse-engineering of alien artifacts.  Fouche has also written about some of the other individuals that have also claimed to have worked at Area 51, including Bob Lazar.

To the question about Bob Lazar, “Are Lazar’s stories just plain fantastic and fictionist and nothing but LIES?”, Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

“Could Lazar have been a Disinformation Agent?”   Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

“Was Lazar another person making up stories to seek attention?”   Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

Fouche has similarly written about Dan Burish.  To the question, “Was Dan Burish, self-claimed Area 51 scientist a total fraud?”,  Fouche’s answer was “YES“.

There is no doubt that Fouche himself was also a fraud and played to the gullibility and naivete of his audience.


(photo, courtesy of Butlin Cat)


(fake photo/video of TR-3B,  CGI induced)


(fake photo/video of TR-3B, CGI induced)


(fake photo of Petit-Rechain black triangle UFO of 1990 in Belgium)

On the Internet, JadeStar made a good comment:

“Most of these hoaxers tell a good story but get found out eventually.  The only people who pay them any attention are diehard crowd who have a “need to believe” in the “majority of UFOs as ETs” mythos.  They sell a lot of books and lies to a science illiterate public and go on their merry way while the field of Ufology takes hit after hit.  And you wonder why no one legitimately wants anything to do with it all?   It’s a briar patch of thorns buried under a surface excrement….which is on fire.  The one or two potential bits of gold at the bottom of it all are just not worth the time or risk to pursue when there are better avenues to get to the same place.”

Here is also a great comment by Peter Merlin who, in my opinion, is one of the foremost military aviation historians at the present moment, specializing in Black Budget Programs:


I have always been extremely skeptical of Fouche.  Many of his claims were questionable or misleading.

One such item was what he called the SAC-DARPA Letter.  Here is how he describes it:

“First DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) asked that I be available until 1987).  This was in regards to Area 51.  Notice the DoD, Department of Defense seal, and not the USAF or SAC seal.  Since I was assigned to SAC Hq., DARPA’s request went to them.  This letter is SAC’s (DoD office) response to the request.  The first blackened out part is a classified assignment SCI/SAP code.  The second blackened out part is my SSN.  AAR is After Action Request, refers to a classified program.  This was blackened out by me as the specific AAR is classified TS.  The last blackened area is because in has classification information and is also stamped Top Secret.  And also the name of the senior NCO is blackened out, but BigPappy, (Danny B), and Mark Hall, Jeremy (alienscientist.com), Eddie Curry, and Bill Handel and others saw this document before it was blackened out.  I’m on the thin grey line on this but am willing to post it.”  I thought I had destroyed all my classified documents.  This was a surprise discovery for me.  To most this will not prove or mean anything.  But it shows that DARPA thought I was special and wanted me to be available until my retirement date.”

Now, here are my comments:

This letter is UNCLASSIFIED.  It was never marked as classified material (no classification markings, no control number, no Copy X of Y).

There is nothing unusual about the letterhead.  Use of the DoD seal is standard.

The letter was signed by the NCO in Charge, Airman Aircraft Maintenance Assignments Section, Office of the Directorate of Assignments, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel.

The letter was sent to the Quality Control and Evaluation Division, office code LGMQ.

Where it says REPLY TO:  DARPA, this might be a five-letter office code (such as DPAQR, the Command Records Branch at SAC HQ).

This letter simply indicates that the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center (AFMPC) has approved an After Action Review (or Report), a professional discussion of an event, focused on performance standards, that enables soldiers/airmen to discover for themselves what happened, why it happened, and how to sustain strengths and improve on weaknesses.  It is a tool that commanders and units can use to get maximum benefit from every mission or task.

Fouche showed a photo of a stealth fighter in a hangar at Area 51, with these comments:

“Early static prototype of a very Top Secret F-117 at the very classified Groom AB. We called it ‘Have Blue’ back then.  This smaller proof-of-concept model of the F-117 first flew at Groom in December 1977.  Testing of a series of ultra-secret prototypes continued there until mid-1981. (Edgar Fouche was stationed at Nellis AFB from 76-80).  Groom was a short airplane or helicopter ride from Nellis AFB. The guy to the left of Edgar Fouche is Bob Green, Avionics & Computer Engineer, and C*A employee. The little guy to the right of Edgar Fouche is CMSgt. Billy Snodgrass (A&E specialist) who has a niece who was a well-known actress.  Edgar Fouche worked with Bob at the Flight Operational Test & Evaluation (FOT&E) center at Edwards AFB (CA) where they did R&D on the F-111, F-15 & F-15 Streak Eagle, A-9, A-10, original B-1, and other still classified prototypes.  We also worked together at Nellis AFB & Groom AB (NV), and we both had offices at Kelly AFB (TX) in the mid 80s when I was the SAC Liaison.  Bob was in Saudi and Diego Garcia during both Iraqi wars.  Now retired.  No I can’t tell you where I got all of my photos.  It’s pretty obvious.  The guy who took this photo worked for Bob Green.”

Again, here are my comments:

This is not HAVE BLUE.  It is the first YF-117A SENIOR TREND prototype.

Edwards AFB was home of the Air Force Flight Test Center.

Does he mean Snodgress? (as in Carrie Snodgress).  A former Lockheed employee I spoke with identified this man as Roy Wilson.

A former Lockheed employee said, “Under the right wing, the person with the blue checkered shirt I think is Jimmy Yates, mechanic.  The person facing him with the light shirt I think is Bill Blackwood, crew chief, and the next person with the flight jacket on is Roy Wilson, structures mechanic, and under the left wing facing towards the camera I think is Randy Duffy, either an electrician or technician.  I don’t know the person on top of the A/C, or the two people under the left center of the A/C or the fireman.”

From another source: “The Agency was not cleared on the program in the early days, which that [photo] appears to be.  I heard that Ben Rich in his inimitable manner got in trouble when he went to Langley (not the AFB) without getting clearance to do so and talked about the program in an attempt to drum up business.”

A message Fouche posted on the Open Minds forum 17 OCT 10 included the following:

“The first time I worked for CEA, Steve Stenson (ex-AFFTC Edwards AFB Base Commander – Retired Colonel) was the Site Manager and I was Director of Engineering.  When I came back USAF Col. Ret. Barry Mackean was the site manager and the company had restructured.  Also when I came back the Site Manager (Barry) was the defacto ‘Director of Engineering.’”

Here is all I have to say on this one:

No such person as “Steve Stenson” was ever commander of AFFTC.

In one presentation Fouche showed some “KGB materials” and made these claims:

“All the Russian passport, flight cloth badge, KGB badge, the letter from Kiev Russia from the Station Chief, were mine and issued to me for a TS operation.”

I don’t think so:

The KGB passport is fake.  The cloth badge and the metal badge are also fake, and both are widely available at many Army-Navy surplus stores.


BY THE WAY, NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ALLEGED TR-3A  (streamlined, aerodynamically sound Black Manta, “Aurora“) and Fouche’s aerodynamically unsound TR-3B, pure science fiction:

TR-3A Black Manta

(courtesy of Foxtrot Alpha)


(another rendition of TR-3A Black Manta)

The U.S. Air Force has never built any humongous triangular aircraft or boomerang-shaped craft  (such as three times the size of a football field)  that can hover absolutely silently or maneuver as slow as 15 miles per hour in the sky.  Absolutely not.  It’s pure science fiction.
In fact there is not a single credible photo of any humongous flying triangular craft
(whether ours or from elsewhere) so far.

David Marler’s book TRIANGULAR UFOs makes a good reading – – but there is not even one photo of the alleged triangular craft (such as three times the size of a football field).

(And we are not talking here about the U.S. Air Force’s Stealth Blimps….which is a totally different topic of discussion)

All we need is one, credible photo of a humongous (I mean humongous) flying triangle…… Yes,we all heard about the Hudson Valley sightings before….etc. etc., ad infinitum (including the Phoenix sightings of 1997)……..but all we need is one credible photo………I haven’t come across any…….in all these 34 years or more in regards to reports of humongous flying triangles.

Even footages in the following doesn’t conclusively prove anything.

(In fact, the “V”-shaped object in this video were admitted to be light planes flying in formation – – 6 pilots at a local airport did about 18 night-time “missions” and flew in formation, sometimes without lights – – this hoax fooled at least some of the witnesses):




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4 thoughts on “Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is most likely a hoax

  1. A Foia request should tesolve the issue to some degree. I understand researchers in England did just that and did verify fouche’s credentials.


  2. There has been a FOIA done on Edgar Fouche I know him very well he happens to be one 9f my best freinds. The FOIA is online it shows 20 years Air Force service. I know and have met people Fouche was in The USAF with and subsequent Govt Co tractors who Ed worked with after retiring from The USAF. Ed is the real deal and that’s a fact.


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