America’s growing conspiracy culture that is dividing the nation

by Norio Hayakawa, June 27, 2022

In the 1990s I was one of those who were propagating “New World Order” paranoid conspiracy theories all over the U.S.   Beside various locations in California which was my home state at that time, I travelled to such states as Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska, participated in many conferences and also appeared on many fringe radio talk shows.

That was nearly 30 years ago.


There is no doubt in my mind that what we did back then planted the seeds of today’s popular paranoid conspiracy theories.

Now I feel guilty about it.

During those years, in the 1990s, I aligned myself with such personalities as:

William “Bill” Cooper, author of  BEHOLD A PALE HORSE – – It is believed by many that  William “Bill” Cooper, had already in the 1990s, planted the seeds of today’s controversial  (and largely discredited)  QAnon Conspiracy

Anthony J. Hilder, promoter of Illuminati conspiracies

Jordan Maxwell, who was revered by many conspiracy and “occult” study enthusiasts

Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief Agent-in-charge of Los Angeles who became a total conspiracy believer after his retirement

I also shared stage back then with people like Col. Bo Gritz, former right-wing paramilitary activist, in a Conspiracy Con event.

Even a British author of conspiracy theories David Icke mentioned me in his book  THE BIGGEST SECRET. 

I also began to associate with the Militia Movement (a.k.a., the Patriot movement), especially after the Oklahoma Bombing incident of 1995.

Back then, my pet theory was that in the future, a New World Order system will be established by a secret elitist cabal which would create global panic by staging a fake extraterrestrial event  (manipulating  the people’s gullible belief in UFOs and Aliens – – by this I mean people’s gullible, conclusive belief that without any doubt we have been visited by sentient, physical extraterrestrial biological entities in their physical extraterrestrial spacecraft.)

I thought at that time that the people of the world then would certainly clamor for the world to be united and to fight against this “external threat”, thus the need for a united global government and the military to fight this threat.   Bill Cooper also shared this view in his lectures.

In the 1990s, quite a number of folks bought my video on this, under the title  “SECRETS OF DREAMLAND

(I am not saying that this will never happen in the future.   I am simply saying that if it happens, it will happen in the far, far future.    The world today is simply too disorganized and is in a total state of disarray.   I doubt very much that this scenario will happen during our lifetime.)


So here are my final thoughts on


Why Americans are affected by belief in conspiracy theories  (many of which are not based on reality, lacking factual proof)  and how this is impacting and dividing our nation.


Presented by Norio Hayakawa.

Criminal conspiracies have existed since time immemorial.  The Latin verb “conspirare” simply means “to breathe together”.   Whenever two or more persons  (like-minded persons)  plan to cause detriment to another person or a group of persons, whether small or large, there is conspiracy. 

However, I also say that it is so important to make a distinction between real conspiracies and conspiracy theories. 

They are two entirely different subject matters.  I do not consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist, but a conspiratologist who simply studies how belief in conspiracy theories can affect society.

To some people, a belief in conspiracy theories is “comforting” when faced with harsh realities and facts.  To some people it is an easy way out solution to understanding complex events and problems in our society.  Suspicion has always been part of a human trait.   

However, excessive and constant suspicions about everything often leads to paranoia.

There is even a thriving PARANOIA INDUSTRY – – businesses benefitting from gullible folks’ indiscriminate beliefs in all things conspiratorial.

Here are references to some of the significant post World War II events which added fuel to the rise of conspiracy theories, such as:


Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of “flying saucers” on June 24, 1947 that ushered in the modern-day era of the public’s fascination with UFOs

The establishment of the CIA and the passing of the National Security Act and the subsequent creation of NSA in 1947

The birth of the State of Israel in 1948 – – – many Evangelical Christians became convinced that this was the sign of the end-time period, a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and that the Antichrist will soon establish a one world government…….Evangelical Christian churches even today have considerable amount of power in American politics


The Kennedy Assassination of 1963 – – – this is one of the very few conspiracy theories that still remain popular even among mainstream folks… is still unsolved

The 3rd Middle East war involving Israel in 1967 – – – the capture of Jerusalem by the Israelis was further evidence that the end-time Bible prophecy was coming true

The moon landing of 1969 – – – there are some people even today that believe that we never went to the moon, that it was all staged in a desert in Nevada, right near Area 51

The Randy Weaver incident of 1992 – – – a tragic hostage situation surrounding Randy Weaver, a survivalist who didn’t believe in paying taxes and was an anti-government promoter

6Media members and federal agents tour the outside of Randy Weaver’s home Sept.1,1992, near Naples, Idaho. Confiscated guns and ammunition are displayed on the ground following the end of the 11-day standoff which ended with the surrender of Randy Weaver to federal authorities. (AP photo/Gary Stewart)

The Waco siege of 1993 – – – which added fuel to the rise of the anti-government movement

The Oklahoma bombing of 1995 – – – this incident added further fuel to the militia (and Patriot) movement, who were convinced that the government was behind this incident

The 9-11 incident of 2001 – – – many started to believe that the government was behind this


Here are also some references to such as:

The rise of the John Birch Society in the 1960s and 1970s – – this group was a far right-wing group that pushed the idea that America is being overtaken by communists, socialists and one-world government supporters

Gary Allen’s 1971 book “NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY” – – a best seller among far right wing conservative groups

Hal Lindsey’s 1971 book “THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH”, a best-seller among America’s Evangelical Christian community at that time

The NEW WORLD ORDER conspiracies (seeds that were planted by fundamentalist Christianity concerned with the end-time emergence of the Antichrist and rightwing populist conspiratorial beliefs, including the promotion of a fabricated “document” “THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION” (published in 1903, based on paranoia and hatred about alleged Jewish world domination)  – – as I stated in the beginning, Evangelical Christian churches even today have considerable amount of power in American politics

Freemansonry, the Illuminati and the occult – – – nothing sinister about Freemasonry…..just folks who are into occultic symbols……most of these groups engage in charitable works


The popularity of the weekly SPOTLIGHT newspaper published by the Liberty Lobby in the 1980s – – – I used to subscribe to this weekly newspaper

The rise of the militia movement (a.k.a., the “Patriot” movement (Linda Thompson, Mark Koernke, the Michigan Militia), Ted Gunderson, Bo Gritz, William “Bill” Cooper (author of “BEHOLD A PALE HORSE”), David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, etc., etc.

By the way, William “Bill” Cooper, in this best selling book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, included parts of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION  (which was a fabricated “document” published in 1903, based on paranoia and hatred of the Jewish people, accusing the Jews of planning world domination)

Area 51/UFO alien conspiracies in the early 1990s – – – I was partially responsible for propagating Area 51 conspiracies, except for the “alien” part)

The Dulce base conspiracy – – – there is no credible, tangible, physical evidence whatsoever that a physical underground base exists there…….however, there seems to be plenty of personal accounts of folks there experiencing some type of “paraphysical” phenomena

Underground bases and tunnels conspiracies – – – there are no military bases in the U.S. that have 40 underground levels, much less even 15,  there is no credible evidence whatsoever that there is a network of subterranean tube shuttle systems connecting Los Alamos Laboratory, NORAD, Edwards AFB, Area 51, etc. etc. 

Denver International Airport conspiracy – – – there is no credible evidence that a huge, secret underground complex exists below Denver International Airport

HAARP and AIDS conspiracies – – – HAARP was never constructed in order to conduct mind-control experiments nor to cause climate changes,  the government did not create AIDS to reduce the population of blacks and gays, etc. etc., ad nauseum

Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg conspiracies – – – there is nothing sinister about the Bilderberg group, it’s just a private social group of elitists who have nothing better to do than to chit-chat and waste time doing nothing nefarious

Chemtrails” conspiracy – – – simply and honestly stated, there is no such a thing as “chemtrails”, contrails yes, but no “chemtrails”


FOX News versus CNN – – – some folks call FOX News “Faux News”, some people call CNN a “communist news network”….. they’re no different from other businesses – – they’re there to make money

Science versus pseudoscience – – – forewarned by the late great Carl Sagan…….America is becoming more and more a nation of pseudoscience believers

Alex Jones – – – influenced by conspiracy propagators such as William “Bill” Cooper…….Alex Jones is only interested in making money and even selling questionable “alternative medicines”

The QAnon conspiracy of 2020 – – – seeds of which were also planted by William “Bill” Cooper in the 1990s……. unfortunately many even among Evangelical Christian churches seem to support this type of ludicrous conspiracy theories

David Reinert holds up a large “Q” sign while waiting in line to see President Donald J. Trump at his rally on August 2, 2018 at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

Once again, I must reiterate the fact that America’s Evangelical Christian communities still wield a significant power in American politics.


Here is one fascinating item that I have posted before.  This also is not based on factual evidence but simply my favorite speculation.  Please click and read:





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My kind of a UFO researcher – – Richard H. Ruhl (1931 – 2022)

Richard (Dick) H. Ruhl Passes at Age 91

February 26, 1931 – April 6, 2022

By Bernard O’Connor, THE OBSERVER:


At age 8, Richard knew he wanted to be an artist.  He attended the School of Industrial Arts, Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts.  He went on to become an award-winning photo-retouching specialist who ran his own studio and worked for some of the biggest agencies on Madison Avenue.

His nature photography hobby led to many Art Gallery showings and awards as well.  Utilizing his life-drawing, and illustration skills, he worked closely with the Nassau/Suffolk County Police Department as a volunteer Police artist.  The infamous “Son of Sam” terror spree was one of the many cases he worked on with police.

Then one night, in the early 1960’s, upon returning late to his home in Massapequa, Long Island, Dick saw something in the sky that would change his life forever.  A huge black object swooped down over his house and continued slowly moving down the street away from him.

Having not given any attention to the “Flying Saucer frenzy” that was in all the newspapers at the time, Dick was shocked and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  At that moment he became determined to find out everything he could about UFOs.

With that, he became a field investigator for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (A.P.R.O.) and his caseload took him from one end of Long Island to the other.  His no-nonsense approach to investigating UFO reports quickly made him one of A.P.R.O.’s most trusted team members and a consultant to Jim and Coral Lorenzen, the founders of A.P.R.O.  With his background in art, photography and retouching, he was often called upon to evaluate UFO photo cases for them.

Not afraid to pound the pavement in search of answers, UFO researcher Richard Ruhl is seen interviewing an officer involved in the Long Island Sightings.  As an artist with a keen eye for design, Ruhl created an official card for A.P.R.O. investigators to place in their car windows, similar to a press pass.

Dick’s most famous investigation was the Freeport Long Island sighting that involved multiple police officers observing and following a huge, pulsating lighted object in the sky.

As they watched the large object suddenly stood still and a smaller, glowing object appeared and merged with the larger one.  At that point, the object shot away at incredible speed and disappeared.

The next day, a 30-foot circle of flattened grass laying in a clockwise position was discovered by a police helicopter while paroling the same area.  His close working relationship with the local police department allowed him to interview all the key witnesses within 24 hours of their sighting and later explore the possible landing zone.

Dick worked tirelessly promoting Ufology with his many slide-show talks and lectures at libraries, civic organizations, schools and colleges.  He was a regular UFO guest expert on WBAB FM radio, hosted by Joel Martin.  Ruhl also scheduled guests for Martin such as John Keel and local UFO witnesses.

Many of Dick’s articles appeared in Official UFO Magazine and the A.P.R.O. Bulletin.  He also served as an advisor to Harry Lebelson, who wrote the UFO column for OMNI magazine.  Dick’s “A History of A.P.R.O.” article was adapted by the Lorenzens and used to recruit new investigators to A.P.R.O.

Ruhl wrote articles about various UFO-related topics in the 1970s.

As to what UFOs are, Dick was very open-minded to different theories.  He believed that a great number of sightings could be secret government devices.  But, in cases that had paranormal overtones, he felt that there might be a demonic component involved.  He was a very religious person and had extensively studied Biblical prophecy with his father.

To people who knew Dick, he was a warm and kind person who always had time to help you out any way he could.  He was deeply devoted to his family.  He is survived by his daughter Kim and his son Glenn.  Dick was predeceased by his wife Lois, who he shared many happy years with.  They also, consequently, shared four UFO sightings together.

-Remembered by Bernard O’Connor




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Popular Japanese TV programs on UFOs – – produced and shown in Japan in 1990 and 1991


This one, directed by Charles Lee for Nippon TV’s THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL was shown on prime time in Japan in March of 1990, featuring the South African case of 1989, Area 51, Bob Lazar, the Billy Goodman show, the Medlin Ranch, Joe Travis, the Dulce base, Archuleta Mesa, cattle mutilations, MJ-12, aliens abductions and implants, Don Ecker, the mysterious “Tal Levesque“, John Grace, etc. etc., ad nauseum.    I had the privilege of accompanying the crew on this one.


Here is another one, produced and shown in Japan in 1990:
This one, directed by Junichi Yaoi for Nippon TV’s THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL, featured Robert Dean, MJ-12, UFO abductions, Christa Tilton and her daughter Monica, the Dulce base, William (Bill) Cooper, John Grace, etc.,.etc. ad nauseum.
This one, directed by Junichi Yaoi, for Nippon TV’s THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL, featured Ed Walters and the Gulf Breeze controversy, alien abductions and implants, Christa Tilton  (who flew over the Archuleta Mesa and Soldier Canyon in Dulce with Junichi Yaoi),  the Dulce base, Hoyt Velarde, Richard C. Doty and William Moore at Kirtland Air Force Base, Paul Bennewitz, Thunder Scientific Laboratory, Manzano underground base in Albuquerque, Val Valerian (John Grace), Bob Lazar, Area 51, etc., etc., ad nauseum.    This video of that TV program has deleted all commercials.
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