UFO expert debunks U.S. Navy footage of pyramid-shaped objects

by Steven Greenstreet and Jackie Salo, NEW YORK POST – – April 21, 2021:



A renowned UFO investigator claims to have debunked the US Navy footage of pyramid-shaped objects flying off the coast of California — saying it “in every way matches a plane.”

Mick West, the author of “Escaping the Rabbit Hole,” said there are plausible explanations for the three flashing UFOs seen hovering over the USS Russell in July 2019.

“What we’ve got to go with here is the simplest explanation and really the simplest explanation is that it’s just a plane.  It moves like a plane, it acts like a plane,” West told The Post.

He said the flashing lights seen coming from the object are similar to FAA-compliant lights on all normal airplanes.

“If you look at the video, you see it’s kind of flashing and it’s not flashing at a regular rate,” West said.

“It’s kind of like irregular, but it really reminds me of the flashing lights of a plane, and I looked into that and I found there are actually some planes that have a sequence of lights that like that there’s a long sequence overlaid a short sequence.”

(Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell touted footage showing pyramid-shaped UFOs flying off the coast of California as the best “the world has ever seen.”   However, that footage has been debunked:

Click the following link and watch the footage:

U.S. Navy’s “pyramid-shaped UFO’ video footage debunked:

The supposed UFOs were also moving at the same speed as planes in the area, West said.

“If you assume it’s a plane at 33,000 feet, you can calculate his angular velocity, from the information that’s available with the positions of stars,” West said.

“You can see it’s a bit less than 1 degree per second, which translates to about 400 to 450 knots, which is the exact same speed that the planes in that region were flying.  At that time, that’s the speed that they fly over that area going towards Los Angeles. So, in every way, it matches a plane.”

As for the object’s peculiar pyramid-like shape, West said that can also be explained.

“It was immediately leapt out to me there was that there are other things in the video that are also triangular towards the end of the video,” he said.

“There’s two lights, which are triangle-shaped. So I thought, you know, you see this type of thing, when a video is out of focus, you often see the lights in the background take on the shape of the aperture of the camera, like the shape of the iris and the camera, and some cameras have a triangular iris.  And so if that happens if you have a camera that’s a bit out of focus, it’s got a triangular iris, then you’re going to get these triangular shapes.”

The Pentagon had previously confirmed that the 18-second video was taken by Navy personnel.

Mick West says the object’s peculiar pyramid-like shape can be explained.





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Thomas E. Castello never existed, admitted the late Tal Levesque, originator of the Dulce Base myths

(ABOVE – – the only photo available anywhere of Tal Levesque, a.k.a., TAL, a.k.a., Jason Bishop III – – this blacked-out photo was taken in Gardena, California in 1990, when he was interviewed by the crew of Nippon Television Network for a two-hour documentary program on Area 51 in Nevada and the alleged Dulce Base in New Mexico)

Thomas E. Castello never existed, admitted the late Tal Levesque, originator of the Dulce Base myths.

According to the author of a new, highly recommended, fascinating and thought-provoking book SAUCERS, SPOOKS AND KOOKS – – UFO disinformation in the Age of Aquarius, Adam Gorightly stated that just a few months before finishing the first draft of his book, he was informed that Tal passed away on December 21, 2018, “to his final resting place in the Inner Earth where he’ll no doubt be reunited with friends and lovers like Richard Shaver and Mary Martin.  As it is above, so it is below”.

Gorightly continues:


“During our multi-year correspondence, Tal repeatedly claimed that Thomas Castello was a real person and that the Dulce Base material was authentic.  Nonetheless, I continued to press him during our email exchanges, never directly calling him out on what I suspected his role was in the creation of the Dulce Base mythos, but just asking the questions again and again in different ways until at last the dam broke and Tal shared the truth, or at least something close to that.

The question I posed, that elicited Tal’s final e-mail to me, concerned an alleged interview of Thomas Edwin Castello (TEC) that surfaced in the 1980s, an artifact which I always assumed originated with Tal.

My question:  “When did this interview with Castello take place…..I thought he was in hiding after ’89?”.

Tal’s e-mail response was a follows:

You still do not get it.    TEC (Thomas Edwin Castello) is a creationA MYTH.

(ABOVE – – alleged photo of Thomas E. Castello who claimed that he was a security guard at the alleged underground base in Dulce, New Mexico – – but there hundreds of people with the same name in the world, and this photo happens to be a photo of one of those hundreds of Thomas Castello or Thomas E. Castello)


“I took rantings from a heavily drugged woman Ann West (a.k.a., Cherry Hinkle), made corrections to stuff that was really wrong, added my own real research, mixed it together.   That was the basis of the two original DULCE BASE articles.

Literally, I made 100 large envelope packets with supporting material about Underground bases, genetic research, hidden science (R & D), etc.

And sent the material to authors and lecturers, who then mixed it into their talks, articles and books.  This made it look like it was coming from more than one source.

You see, I had a copy of the 1959 RAND Project on Deep Construction; my friend’s father designed improvements on the Tube Shuttle System, he worked with Werner Von Braun.

I would go on vacations with them to Edwards (Air Force Base)….VIP stuff; my father worked for MAJIC;  I worked in Advanced Project Development, later as counter-Intelligence and as a security supervisor.

I mixed stuff I was not supposed to make public into the DULCE MYTH.

The goal was to manipulate Ufology into another direction.

Away from the boring lights in the sky stuff.

To effect the ‘public imagination’.

So…Norio Hayakawa was right.

I was behind a mind game.

When it caught on, I could not reveal what was true and what was not.

I had to protect that Cherry Hinkle was out of her mind and keep it going.

Later, Cherry and I had a falling out when she went public on Facebook saying SHE was the secret source.

But, source of what?

Have you ever read any of her porno DULCE revelations?

The INTERVIEW never happened.

It was creative writing!!   I asked several people to submit questions for TEC.  Then sent them to Cherry (this was done twice).   She answered the questions, as IF she was TEC.

I do not think he ever existed.

But….I’m not going pubic with that opinion.    Are you kidding?

Look at how the DULCE MYTH has changed Ufology and Sci-Fi.”




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The entire universe was specifically fine tuned for human life !! – – then what about UFOs?

“More and more discoveries suggest design, intelligence, and purpose in this amazing universe.

As we discover more of these truths, though, we have a paradox because another mystery only increases – – that is, the UFO phenomenon.

Why is it that, when the search of space is decreasing the likelihood of extraterrestrial visitors, the circumstantial evidence for UFO sightings and alien abductions seems to be constant?

Could Dr. Jacques Vallee be right?

Are these creatures not from physical outer space but from another reality  (or dimension)  that co-exists with us?”

(Gary Bates, ALIEN INTRUSION, 2004, Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs, GA)


First, let’s talk about the uniqueness of our Earth:


The Anthropic Principle states that the universe was especially suited for the well-being of mankind!!

“As just one of hundreds of examples, consider the tides that the moon causes on earth.

If the moon was closer to the earth, tides would be greatly increased.

Ocean waves could sweep across the continents.

The seas themselves might heat to the boiling point from the resulting friction.

On the other hand, a more distant moon would reduce the tides.

Marine life would be endangered by the resulting preponderance of stagnant water.

Mankind would also be in trouble because the oxygen in the air we breathe is replenished by marine plants.

We can conclude that the moon is in the “correct” position for man’s well-being.

Even such details as the mass of protons and the strength of gravity have values that give stability to the universe and thus reinforce the Anthropic Principle.

The Anthropic Principle is a powerful argument that the universe was designed“.

(Donald B. DeYoung, ASTRONOMY AND THE BIBLE, 1992….page 123….Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI)

“There are hundreds of examples where this is shown to be true, and without going into extreme detail, here are just a few that lend themselves to the idea that the universe is especially designed for life on earth

(Gary Bates, ALIEN INTRUSION, p. 111 – – 2004, Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs, GA):

“*Stars and their distance from the earth:

Our neighboring stars in our Milky Way galaxy are nicely spaced apart so that they produce just enough light to be seen, but are not so close that they overwhelm us with dangerous radiation or gravitational forces.  On the other hand, if they were farther away, the night sky would be considerably darker, and the stars would not be so useful as navigational aids and markers for the seasons, which mankind has used for many centuries.

*The solar system’s position in the galaxy:

The solar system is located about two-thirds of the way from the center of the Milky Way.  If it were closer to the center, where there is a concentration of other stars known as the galactic bulge, we would be overpowered by their brightness, and nothing else in the universe would be observable.  If we were too close to the outer edge of the galaxy, the night sky would be too dark.

*Perfect daylight:

Our sun does not oscillate significantly in size the way many other stars appear to do.  This would make conditions unlivable on the earth.  The sun provides just the right amount of brightness to the earth and it is the perfect color  (its wavelengths)  for the job.  It has a yellow-white color, unlike many other stars of differing colors.  The peak intensity of its light is in the infrared spectrum, which provides warmth to all inhabitants of Earth.

*The earth spins at the correct speed:

The spin of the earth is ideal for producing day and night.  Longer days would cause a greater warming-up effect and, conversely, longer nights – – more cold.  A faster rate of spin would produce constant violent weather conditions.

*The right tilt:

The axis of the earth is tilted to an angle of 23.5 degrees.  This tilt allows the northern hemisphere to receive more sun from April to September, and the southern hemisphere from October to March, thus spreading the sun’s warmth over a greater part of the globe than if there were no tilt.  This seasonal change is absolutely vital for triggering the blossoming of plants and fruits, and to the courtship of some creatures.  If the tilt were any greater, the ice caps would melt in summer and flood the landmasses.  Any less tilt and the seasons would be less marked due to the reduced variation in temperatures.

*Perfect distance from the sun:

If we were 10 percent closer to the sun, the earth would have furnace-like temperatures, and 10 percent farther away would produce icy deserts.  Also, the oceans would boil off or freeze solid respectively, so there could be no life as we know it.

*The right size:

We are aware of the effects of reduced or increased gravity on the other planets in our solar system.  There is either too much or too little.  The earth is just the right size for its inhabitants.  Because of this, water remains in a liquid state.   Lesser gravity and the water would be lost to space due to the greater evaporation of cold water cause by lower atmospheric pressure.

*The water cycle:

Water covers 70 percent of the earth, via its oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams.  This arrangement  (evaporation from oceans to form clouds that eventually cause rain to fall on the land)  is unique within our solar system, and provides a convenient supply of fresh water for the earth’s life forms.

*Right construction:

Earth offers a vast supply of resources, such as wood, metals, animals, plants, and a host of others that are useful for mankind.  In addition, Earth has the right conditions to permit the formation and maintenance of the ozone layer in the atmosphere to protect us.  It has a magnetic field which helps deflect harmful radiation from the sun.  The magnetic field also aids navigation for man and beast.  Our atmosphere is composed of just the right gases, unlike some of the noxious combinations found elsewhere in our solar system.”

(Stuart Burgess, HE MADE THE STARS ALSO, p. 62-78…..2001 – – Day One Publications, Epson, UK)


(Dr. Jacques Vallee with John A. Keel – – “Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception” – Dr. Jacques Vallee)

As far as “UFOs” are concerned, Dr. Jacques Vallee may be right.

Please CLICK and READ the following important item:


And, in connection to this topic, please watch:

An excellent documentary film, THE ALIEN INTRUSION, which was released in January, 2018:



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The beautiful riverside “North Beach” in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, U.S.A.


This is definitely my favorite spot here in the city of Rio Rancho in New Mexico, U.S.A.   

Spending time here brings me such joy and peace every time.   It’s without doubt a great location for meditation and self-reflection, at least for me.


And, a place for fun, too!


It’s located right near the beautiful River’s Edge area of the city of Rio Rancho:


Click the following link and watch this short video:


Click the following link and watch one more short video:


How to get to this “North Beach” in Rio Rancho.  

There are several ways to get there (and there are only two public parking lots and they are not inter-connected)

Take 528 in Rio Rancho towards River’s Edge I, passing Corrales Rd. Make a right at Sandia Vista Rd.  Then a left at Roadrunner Loop (there is a sign with an arrow pointing to the Trailhead Park).  Park on the street (Roadrunner Loop) closest to where it says Trailhead Park.  This is not an official parking lot for the North Beach.  Start walking down towards the beach (you can go through the Trailhead Park and then to the Siphon Rd.. from where you can already see the beach.)

The second way is to take 528.  Make a right at Corrales Rd.   Then right before you get to Corrales, make a left at a gravel/dirt Rd. called Siphon Rd. and go towards the parking lot.   This place is located right next to the northernmost area of Corrales.   This is why some folks in Corrales call this place “Siphon Beach“:


The third way is from Rio Rancho, take 528 towards the River’s Edge community.  Make a right at Riverside Dr., then just after passing the Rio Vista park to the right, make an immediate right turn at the first dirt road after passing the park and go straight to the parking lot.  You can see the beach already.  Start walking towards the beach.  The disadvantage here is that you can only see just a small portion of the beach, unless from there you start walking towards the right (through the bosque) towards the hill and then go down the hill to the actual beach.

Here is a reference map:

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – just remember that there are only two “official” parking lots for the North Beach, and they are not inter-connected)

I hope you will have a chance to visit this great area.


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Saucers, Spooks and Kooks – – UFO disinformation in the Age of Aquarius

A fascinating, thought-provoking new book, now available at AMAZON.

Saucers, Spooks and Kooks – – UFO disinformation in the Age of Aquarius, written by Adam Gorightly.

“From flying saucer crashes to underground alien bases, a number of modern mythologies have come into being since the advent of the UFO era in the 1940s.  But how much of these myths is real, versus being the invention of either government agencies or deluded conspiracy theorists?

Saucers, Spooks and Kooks provides an eye-opening survey of the history behind these stories, and the individuals promoting them.

It’s a brilliantly original way of explaining the massive rise in conspiracy theories in today’s age of hyper-individualism.  Adam Gorightly tells a fascinating story not just about the rise of conspiracy theories and the people involved, but also how their emotional drives and inner psychologies shaped the strange stories – making them ever more complicated and bizarre.  It’s a very modern kind of history that properly explains our time.  Because it shows how the forces that have led us into today’s strange world lie as much inside peoples’ head as in the world outside of them”  – – Adam Curtis, film-maker.


Here is a review by Jack Brewer:

“A thorough and well-sourced account of tall tales that arose (and persisted) out of the Bennewitz Affair and surrounding circumstances.  Those interested in the overlapping of the intelligence community with such events, as well as social dynamics of the UFO genre, should particularly appreciate this book.  A worthy and appreciated work.”


Here is a review by PoeD:

“Gorightly nailed it with this book. 

An exciting, entertaining, and thought-provoking journey to the edge and back when it comes to the UFO subculture and community.

The staunch beliefs that often cloud our judgment is our front and center as it should. 

And so is the possibility that the US Government may use those beliefs to weave their own myths for their own purposes.

This is an essential read for anyone who calls themselves a UFO researcher, enthusiast, believer, or skeptic.  Definitely worth the read and then some!”


Here is one more review, by Robert Guffey:

“Not only is Adam Gorightly’s SAUCERS, SPOOKS AND KOOKS one of the most illuminating and entertaining books about UFOs ever written, but — more importantly — it’s also one of the best books about psychological warfare, disinformation, and all around mindfuckery perpetuated against the general population.  If you want to understand how a conspiracy-benighted world came to be so dazed and confused, then this is a good place to start.”



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French scientist’s diary of the 1988 Mount Archuleta expedition, northwest of Dulce, New Mexico

By Dr. John GilleJean-François G. Gille, former theoretical physicist, University of Marseilles, France


Thursday, October 6th, 1988, 0645 a.m.:

We arrive, my female companion Elaine A. and I, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, after eighteen hours on the Grey Hound.

Elaine A. is a registered nurse from Paris, France.

She had worked in New York, New York during her twenties, enough time to acquire U.S. citizenship.

I am merely holder of a Green Card since 1986.


Friday, October 7:

I have a short phone conversation with Gabriel Valdez*.

Gabriel Valdez, or rather ‘Gabe’ is a policeman of the State of New Mexico.

At this time he is in charge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the little town (I’d call it a village) of Dulce, a community in the most northern part of the State, quite close to the New Mexico/Colorado State line.

Mr. Valdez invites me to go there and see him without delay.

I had previously obtained Valdez phone number through William Steinman* (he wrote UFO Crash at Aztec, a book I had read a number of times.

Some ufologists did not take that book seriously – and I personally would not vouch for the reality of the ‘Aztec Crash’ itself – but I was interested and moved by the story about Paul F. Bennewitz*, of whom I heard for the first time in Steinman’s book).

I had recently received in France, where I lived, a few pages called ‘The Dulce papers’. I had translated into French the John Lear Statement [1].

Trying to know more and, if possible, beginning to understand not only the How but also the Who and, above all, the Why of the ‘Mutes’ – the animal mutilations, the paranormal cattle mutilations should we say – were the prime motivation of the whole trip to New Mexico.


Tuesday, October 11:

Driving to Dulce from Albuquerque is a three hours trip.

It’s a beautiful landscape, especially for people who love the deserts.

However, as one goes further to the northern part of the State, closer to the Colorado border, the hills and mesas look greener.

Around noon, we meet Gabriel Valdez and his wife, Marge*, for the first, at their home in Dulce.

Mrs. Valdez is a teacher in the village, which is at the limit of the Jicarilla’s [2] Indian Reservation.

The Valdez, and their kids, are quite friendly and straightforwardly/outspoken [See: ‘The Dulce Book’, by Branton*, chap. 2, available on the Internet with no charge].

Of course Marge sounds a little bit least interested than her husband by the whole UFO stuff.

Some very religious Christians believe that UFOs and their so-called occupants belong rather to negative (i.e. demonic/hellish) spiritual forces than to the natural/material universe/cosmos.


Friday, October 14:

I am living now at 1501 Indian School Road, NE, apartment E‑309.

The momentous broadcast of “UFO Cover Up ‑ Live” is tonight.

We heard about Falcon* and Condor* [3].

We also saw William Moore* on the TV set that night.


Wednesday, October 19:

I call Bob Girard*, a bookseller specialized in ufology and related domains, who has a Pop’ and Mom’ business called Arcturus, and sells his books through the mail.

He is at that time located near Atlanta, Georgia.


Friday, October 21:

Sometimes after noon, I call Marge Valdez* to arrange details for the trip scheduled to Dulce.

About 7 pm I call at John Lear*’s place.

Somebody, a polite gentleman, tell me that Mr. Lear will call back in less than two hours.

And he did!

John Lear is very friendly, and he invites me at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Unfortunately, at that moment I have not the money necessary for such a trip from New Mexico to Nevada.


Saturday, October 22:

At 9:35 am I receive a call from Gabriel Valdez.

We set up, my companion Elaine and I, for a trip to the town of Dulce, in the north of the State.

The planning is to reckon an area a few miles west of Dulce, an area near Mount Archuleta (8136’) where Gabriel and his two sons had been, a number of times, the witnesses of strange phenomenon.


Sunday, October 23:

Our party is composed of eight persons: Elaine A., a registered nurse working at Albuquerque Veteran Hospital;  Gabriel Valdez*, New Mexico State Police; Edmund Gomez*, rancher and a friend of Mr. Valdez (he had lost cattle from animal mutilations); “Jack”*, (not his real name), PhD, a research scientist for a major lab in the US [4]; Manuel Gomez, Jr., younger brother of Edmund Gomez; Greg, son of Gabriel Valdez; Jeff (or rather Geoff), younger son of Gabriel Valdez; John Gille (the author of the present notes).

(ABOVE PHOTO, courtesy of Edmund Gomez – – getting ready for the expedition)

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – From left to right: Elaine A., Edmund Gomez, Gabe Valdez and William T. McGarity – – not in this photo: Greg and Jeff Valdez, Manuel Gomez, Jr. and French scientist, Dr. John Gille.  By the way William T. McGarity, far right in this photo, courtesy of Edmund Gomez,  was a Los Alamos scientist…..he went by the name of “Jack”)


We left about 2:30 pm in the four wheel drive pick-up of Gabe Valdez.

At about 5:30 pm we arrived at the proposed campsite.

It was on a relatively flat area about 435 yards south‑east from the peak of Mt. Archuleta.

At 7:51 pm all eight of us spotted a very bright light coming from the south at a very high rate of speed.

I personally was not able to make out any structure inside that light.

The trajectory was flat, straight, rectilinear and horizontal.

Through the persistence of luminous impression, a standard physiological reaction, it looked like a perfectly straight luminous line, yellowish, and of some thickness, like one which would have resulted from a plane’s landing light.

However, it was definitely not a plane.

I used this comparison to give an idea of the luminosity of the trajectory.

We had seen already a number of shooting stars that night.

The path of the trajectory of our phenomenon was maybe hundreds or thousands of times more luminous than theirs.

There was not any sound coming from the phenomenon.

That fast moving forward light stopped dead on its tracks.

Its trajectory’s final spot was very close to the top of Mt. Archuleta, as we saw it from where we were.

At the same time, it became extremely luminous, lighting at least half the sky up.

It looked literally like the blossoming of a flower of light.

There was a “display of gorgeous lights of pure color” [5]: yellow, pink, green – enhanced by the center of that luminous phenomenon, giving out a shower of sparks (not unlike portable fireworks mounted on a stick, seen on the 4th of July).

There was kind of a mist, too, around the object’s center, at this same moment.

It then sort of “folded on itself”, and disappeared, vanished.

There was not anymore anything to be seen.

The duration of the whole phenomenon was no more than 5 or 6 seconds.


Monday, October 24:

After the sighting of yesterday, I tried to sleep under the same small tent than my girlfriend.

I was exhausted, and filled with joy at the same time.

As Mr. Valdez has told me the day before: “You look terrible, but you’re not out of shape”.

So it was in plain daylight that we climbed to the peak of Mt. Archuleta.

A large landscape filled up our eyes, not with breath-taking high mountains with steep slopes, but a rather monotonous infinity of rolling hills, with vegetation and no human establishment in sight.

We did not see anything out of the ordinary, but for the famous clipped off pine tree that Paul Bennewitz signaled to Gabriel Valdez during their trip together on the same mesa a couple of years ago.

That unfortunate tree was supposedly clipped off by a crashing UFO, a ‘real-thing’, alien UFO, or a poor human-made copy of the same.

We were back, Elaine and I, in Albuquerque the same evening.


[1] See attachments: John Lear Statement (by John Lear), The Secret Government (by Milton William Cooper), UFO Sighting over Mt Archuleta, Oct. 23, 1988 (by John F. Gille)

[2] An Indian tribe belonging to the great Apache Nation.

[3] They belong to the so-called Aviary, a group of people rumored to be lead by a Colonel John Alexander.

[4] This gentleman, who hiked with us, was not Mr. ‘Jason Bishop*’ (a.k.a. Tal Levesque), as ‘Branton*’ has erroneously supposed in a note of chapter 2 of his Dulce Book.

So Bishop and Levesque are the same man. Branton – a separate individual – is a pseudonym for Alan DeWalton, who obtained most of his information from ‘Bishop’ (private communication).

“Jack” told me his real name [Thomas W. “Bill” McGarity] and asked for an indefinite anonymity. At one point “Jack/Bill” asked me (JFG) how come I knew about the secret SR-71 plane, and stared at me, looking very suspicious. I simply answered that all that I knew was in a book about military planes, currently displayed, and ready to be sold to anyone who would want it, in the main bookshops of Albuquerque! – A precise reference for one of those books is: An Illustrated Guide to USAF, The Modern US Air Force, by Bill Gunston, Arco Pub. New York (1982), ISBN: 0-668-05497-2. On pages 88-93 the Lockheed SR-71 is described, with photographs included. I bought my own copy on December 27, 1983, in a Houston, Texas, bookstore.

[5] To quote the John Lear Statement.



I, Norio Hayakawa, had a great pleasure of meeting Dr. Gille at Aix-en-Provence, France, on April 28, 2016.

Dr. Gille was one of the 8 members of the 1988 Mount Archuleta expedition in Dulce, New Mexico that included the late Gabe Valdez, Edmund Gomez, Greg Valdez, Jeff Valdez, Elaine A., Manuel Gomez, Jr. and Los Alamos scientist William T. McGarity.


Here is the information on “Jack(his real name, Bill T. McGarity, Los Alamos scientist) who was the other scientist in the expedition:




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