An interesting letter from a former Special Education instructor, Dulce Independent School District, New Mexico – – – fact?, or fiction?

Most people, including myself, believe that so far there is not a single, credible, solid, physical, tangible  (as well as documentary)  evidence whatsoever that the Dulce underground base exists.

However, I am a firm believer in the possibility that some forms of paraphysical phenomena have existed in that region for many, many years and I believe in the veracity of testimonies of many folks in the Dulce area.

(For this, please go to the very bottom of this page and see the article:  PARAPHYSICAL PHENOMENON SEEMS TO EXIST IN DULCE, NEW MEXICO)

Despite the proliferation of rumors about the base itself  (i.e., the alleged the existence of a U.S./alien-jointly operated underground bio-lab base under the Archuleta Mesa or under Mount Archuleta),  I believe that Dulce is a very beautiful small community located in a picturesque surrounding, with a great and proud people of the Jicarilla Apache Nation.

But yet I still occasionally receive some interesting but disturbing letters, such as the following – –  this time, from an individual who claims to have been a Special Education instructor at Dulce Independent School District, New Mexico:

August 7, 2017:


Hello Mr. Hayakawa,

I am familiar with your work on Dulce and was able to find your email online.

I worked at Dulce Schools last winter and had some interesting experiences.

Those experiences included a teacher that I replaced that I do not believe was actually a teacher.

(To me, he seemed to act more like a military person than a school teacher.)

I also spoke with many people,  especially with a brother and sister who worked at the school.

Their family had been in Dulce for a long time.

They were also elders, indigenous and deeply caring about the little ones growing up in Dulce and attending the schools there.

I am still curious about Dulce and based on what I observed and experienced with students and the school,  I believe there is a military presence that is weird, convoluted and motivated to create confusion in the school, much more than is typical in New Mexico schools in general.

I live in Albuquerque and would love to share my observations and also ask a few questions.

I know that radiation is a huge issue in the area:  radiation and chemicals in the water, low fertility rates, thinning hair, health problems in very young people and also stuff with the kids that may be related to – – well I am not sure what, really.

I know that what I am saying may sound a bit out there but there are really strange things still going on in Dulce.

I saw lights with weird  movements in back of my school housing and also while driving between Pagosa Springs and Dulce.

What is most strange or weird to me is how many elements or disparate factors seem to work together to create a narrative that can be dismissed because it simply is too crazy.

I realize this sounds paranoid, conspiratorial especially because I have read and explored about the subject of Dulce and think there are a few in the schools and in the Tribal government who are complicit in covering up – – well I am not sure of what exactly.

But radiation impact on the Jicarilla Reservation is definitely part of it.

Thank you for reading this.

Thank you for the work you do.

-from  (name withheld),  Special Education Consultant


I also received the following testimony just last year from a member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation:


I am a member of The Jicarilla Apache Nation.
My father passed from a brain tumor in 06.
My Mother was just diagnosed on 1-13-17 with a brain tumor.
I honestly believe there are no coincidences here.
The radiation lingering effects are making my people sick with cancer.
I myself can’t have any children.
Please help.
I have contacted several attorneys who are Native American and specialize in Federal Indian Law.
No replies yet.”



Although this 1967 experiment was intended to ease the flow of natural gas in the surrounding areas, the after-effect of this test was not all positive.

Radiation slowly began to leak in the surrounding areas.

Hidden behind the veil of outlandish rumors about the so-called “alien” base, the reality of could be that Dulce is pre-eminently about the lingering health issues affecting the community, i.e., the ongoing effects of radiation that leaked out in the neighboring areas from the 1967 Project Gasbuggy that took place just about 22 miles southwest of Dulce.

This may be the reason why the Dulce area has had a high rate of cancer and a high rate of infertility.

Is it also likely that the government conducted tests on radiation by selectively choosing particular cows in the Dulce area, beginning in the mid 1970s?

Did this type of research involve analyses of certain organs and tissues and did it also involve clandestine operations utilizing unmarked helicopters?

We just don’t know.

There is no conclusive evidence for it.

But the health-related issue, if it still exists today, must come out in the open.

(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE – – Project Gasbuggy, conducted on December 10, 1967, 22 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico)




(Recent film footage of military helicopters flying over Dulce, in front of the Archuleta Mesa filmed by Dulce resident Lorene Willis on June 15, 2017 from her house)




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