Luis Elizondo, former DIA employee and another “supposed” government authority on UFOs

by Robert Sheaffer, March 15, 2019:


Good old Luis Elizondo, supposed government authority on UFOs  (as claimed by Tom DeLonge’s TO THE STARS ACADEMY OF SCIENCE),  made numerous major boo-boos when talking about the famous Washington, DC UFO flap of 1952.

Well, Elizondo has done it again.

His article “Enter The Quantum World: What The Mechanics Of Subatomic Particles Mean For The Study Of UAP, Our Universe, And Beyond” was posted on March 5.

It dramatically reveals how little TTSA’s go-to UFO expert, Luis Elizondo, knows about the UFO subject.  In it he makes the usual sort of weird science claims like “Quantum physics helps us explain the behavior of UAP”.

But what is really revealing are his huge blunders concerning UFO history.

Elizondo informs us:

“With Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force compiled reports of tens of thousands of UFO sightings over 17 years.  But in 1966, another Air Force committee published the Condon Report, which concluded that most of the sightings examined were explainable.

Then the 2017 DoD disclosure occurred, directly contradicting the findings in the Condon Report.”

Let’s see:

While it’s true that Project Blue Book operated for seventeen years, earlier U.S. Air Force projects  (Project Sign and Project Grudge)  began in 1947, so the Air Force actually investigated UFOs for a total of 22 years.  But more significantly, Elizondo writes, “in 1966, another Air Force committee published the Condon Report.”

First, the Condon Report was prepared and published by the University of Colorado, under contract to the Air Force, not by an “Air Force committee.”  Dr. Edward U. Condon was a physicist at that university.  The report was published in 1968, not 1966.  These were not extemporaneous comments by Elizondo, but from a published article, which he obviously did not properly research.

But the most absurd is his claim that “DoD disclosurehappened in 2017.  The Defense Department did not “disclose” anything in 2017.

All that happened in such matters in 2017 was that Elizondo and a few others who were knowledgeable about the AAWSAP began to talk about it publicly.  The program does not appear to have actually been classified, although its existence was not announced to the public.  TO THE STARS ACADEMY claims to have chain-of-custody documentation for the DoD’s supposed release of those three blurry infrared UFO videos they are so proud of, but nobody has ever seen such documentation, and the DoD denies ever having released any such thing.

As for the AAWSAP, it’s not even clear if its purpose ever had much to do with UFOs.  The only deliverable that AAWSAP is known at this time to have produced are thirty-eight papers on weird physics, none of which have to do with UFO investigations.  So nothing has actually been “disclosed,” except by TTSA itself, and by now we have all seen how credible their information isn’t.




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